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Mortise en una oración (en ingles)

  1. The wooden frame around the female mortise was smashed and splintered.
  2. Iron rod threaded through three rusted loops, old mortise lock with a rusty cam.
  3. He turned it into the stout Chubb mortise lock, and heard the releasing click-click-click.
  4. Locating Williams at his post, he immediately saw the hard rigor mortise in the Boston Cream.
  5. Also, check how the item is built: Prior to the 1600s, furniture was produced using tenon and mortise joints.

  6. His intention was that all of the parts of the wheel would be tied together using bolts and nuts through mortise and tenon joints.
  7. Cedar Station is very proud to offer the Oak Outdoor Furniture with all pieces of Chinese Oak, using the industry standard tenon joinery and mortise.
  8. Rubin’s rigor mortise was reducing quicker than usual, because of the heat earlier in the day and the extreme physical exertion he had gone through prior to death.
  9. There were eight keys consisting of two Legges for mortise locks, three Yale keys, a master passkey, a safe key and a smaller key which looked as though it was meant for a post office mail box.

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