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Moulding en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Greek vivacity of moulding, 134.
  2. Erechtheum, moulding from the, 138.
  3. Moulding can be done in several ways.
  4. Just a roll moulding at the angles.
  5. O'Molloy resumed, moulding his words:.

  6. But a spherical feeder has got moulding problems.
  7. At that time I was in charge of MELTING & MOULDING.
  8. The other Moulding processes which are popular are :.
  9. This is my 1st job which is moulding me in a very good.
  10. It seemed to be of solid stone, without joint or moulding.
  11. While moulding use 25 % to 30 % NEW SAND as FACING SAND &.
  12. Moulding material Solidification time of 150 mm dia STEEL sphere.
  13. Inside was a large room in which fifty workers were carving or moulding.
  14. Before coming to us Yulia Mihailovna worked hard at moulding her husband.
  15. Green sand mould made of sand, Bentonite &Water is the cheapest moulding.

  16. The State spewed out lies, tainting and moulding minds with its pollution.
  17. Solidification time is dependent on rate of heat extraction by the moulding.
  18. Buddah did not know, he became the God of Asians moulding them in his image.
  19. Imagination is a plastic power, moulding the things of sense into new forms and ideals.
  20. The vivacity and brilliancy of a Greek moulding makes a Roman work look heavy and dull.
  21. The facts of the past were moulding together, whirling in a strange all-consuming fire.
  22. Her voice struggled on through the heat, beating against it, moulding its senselessness into forms.
  23. For man is but earth which suffers; for from the face of the ground was made the moulding of Adam.
  24. The screw pipe can be moulded using clear plastic using the usual moulding machine for the purpose.
  25. Only now, as you learn your trade, will you have to concentrate on moulding your work into a recognisable form.

  26. Maybe I will, she said brazenly, taking a sip of iced tea through the straw, moulding her lips round it into a soft pink ‘o’.
  27. Youth is the seed-time of full age,�the moulding season in the little space of human life,�the turning-point in the history of man's mind.
  28. Remember that God is the one responsible of moulding and putting the soul in our mother’s womb, and he has a reason and a purpose of doing that.
  29. As she passed, she caught sight of a dry crust of bread on the commode, which was moulding there amid the dust; she flung herself upon it and bit into it, muttering:—.
  30. A fire had been lighted in the kitchen, and there they were engaged in moulding into bullets, pewter mugs, spoons, forks, and all the brass table-ware of the establishment.
  31. Groves, and his colleagues around Whitehall, would have a pivotal role to play in moulding public opinion, and especially the Ulster Unionists, in favour of the political solution once the operation started.
  32. The pupil reasserted itself quickly, this half- disclosed nature fell again under the reign of prudence, and her astrakhan jacket, moulding a bosom of a certain fullness, struck the note of defiance more definitely.
  33. Yet even without knowing his brilliant record one could not fail to be impressed by a mere glance at the man, the square, massive face, the brooding eyes under the thatched brows, and the granite moulding of the inflexible jaw.
  34. If a sculptor started out with a piece of marble and a chisel and changed his ideal every fifteen minutes, what result could he expect? And why should you expect any different result in moulding the greatest and most plastic of all substances — the only real substance?
  35. She had now wrapped her thighs around the skin-like plastic moulding of the steering column, and to his consternation Loofah noticed that wires and cable ties appeared to growing out of the column and were coiling, like the vigorous tendrils of some tropical creeper, around her legs.
  36. Having had a sculptor for a father, a knighted sculptor of the Victorian age, the old lady in her youth had heard great talk of moulding and of bones, and was able to recognize that the bones and moulding she now saw were undoubtedly what her father and his friends would have thought highly of.
  37. Nature, carving her out, moulding her body and her mind, putting in a dimple here and giving an eyelash an extra curl there, had a pleasant eye on a firelit future for Vicki, a cosy, sheltered future with a fender for her feet, a baby for each arm, and an adored husband coming in at the end of the day to be fed and kissed.
  38. The walls were paneled up to a white chair rail in a dark wood, not mahogany, to match the scarred floors that were partially covered by worn, hand-woven rugs from India, like cherry or walnut; the upper portions were papered to the wide crown moulding with a light yellow design of plumes that had the effect of giving vertigo if one looked at the pattern for any extended period of time and would to the casual observer seem quite unsuitable for a place of such intense work requiring concentration and stamina.
  39. When he succeeds in moulding his senses in tune with God,.
  40. God and along with them the moulding of the four faculties of mind,.
  41. The second of these great events is the moulding of the form of body,.

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