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Mould en una oración (en ingles)

  1. That resteth in the mould.
  2. D = Density of mould material.
  3. Mould forms at around 220 degrees.
  4. That you wanted to mould it into.
  5. Break the mould! Break the mould!.

  6. They were taken from the same mould.
  7. Cp = Specific heat of mould material.
  8. Break the mould, Jess, break the mould.
  10. Of old Hungarian overgrown with mould;.
  11. The rest are all out of the same mould.
  12. The situation of WATER in mould is no.
  13. You take a bit of talent and mould it.
  14. Then using a mould, a half round hollow.
  15. She dropped and cracked its shining mould.

  16. Translucent mould of me it shall be you!.
  17. The whole place smelt of mould and disuse.
  18. This shows the jelly turned from the mould.
  19. K = Thermal conductivity of mould material.
  20. Delve! mould! pile the words of the earth!.
  21. I think I can mould a champion out of Corey.
  22. Pour through a hot strainer into a wet mould.
  23. And walnuts thudded ripe on soft black mould.
  24. Graveness of iron; moist black earthen mould;.
  25. The rest of the Psalm is cast in the same mould.

  26. And great kings turned to a little bitter mould.
  27. In whatever shape He wills does He mould you.
  28. I think it had to be difficult to mould in dust.
  29. Maybe, I could mould her into becoming like Jane.
  30. Move the mould from pouring bay to knock-out bay.
  31. It burped a dank stink of mould and rotting food.
  32. Pour into mould and set in a cold place to harden.
  33. But the anguish grew around us like mould each day.
  34. In a Green sand mould, I compare WATER with a COBRA.
  35. Of loftier mould these two were made: reverend and.
  36. It had a dull olive-green sheen, reminiscent of mould.
  37. Fur animals, especially the beaver helped mould a viable.
  38. Despite the obvious sea faring, mould breaking, exploring.
  39. Then coming to MOULD MATERIALS, we may know their Thermal.
  40. Pour into a low mould; place it in the deep-freeze for a.
  41. Ronan pondered the possibility of making a brand-new mould.
  42. The Wallachian pointed to a large heap of fresh-raised mould.
  43. Because the complainers all come out of the same jelly mould.
  44. Progress can tame nature and mould her into something benign.
  45. M—tski and B—ski were of a mould quite different from his.
  46. Clove oil (sold in chemists for toothaches) kills mould spores.
  47. Now children's minds are cast in much the same mould as our own.
  48. In this way, hundreds of cylinders could come out of one mould.
  49. Try and mould it yourself: you have seen me do it often enough.
  50. I have been fortunate to be trained in the mould of a journalist.
  51. On skin drying the mould becomes so HARD that YOU CAN STAND ON IT.
  52. As we know he was from a different mould but you know what I mean.
  53. You that, sometimes known, oftener unknown, really shape and mould.
  54. The thoughts of an observer easily mould the surrounding matter to.
  55. The hologram provides the mould in which astral matter clumps and is.
  56. Turn from mould and garnish with sliced pineapple, cherries or grapes.
  57. This establishment was trying to mould them into little Englishmen and.
  58. A bit of mould is a pleiad of flowers; a nebula is an ant-hill of stars.
  59. He simply does not fit into the normal mould and the mavericks did well.
  60. Never trust any body’s material ( such as sleeves, mould paints, metal.
  61. Green sand mould made of sand, Bentonite &Water is the cheapest moulding.
  62. Thaw snow sufficiently to mould into a ball before attempting to suck it.
  63. So in order to get a good as-cast finish we need to coat the mould with a.
  64. A pattern maker is only concerned with taking the pattern out of the mould.
  65. Wlodawer’s premise is that since both mould and feeder are made of same.
  66. This serial killer does not fit the mould of the normal serial killer.
  67. Mould finish that we can obtain in an uncoated mould would be like that of a.
  68. Now she felt he did love her and maybe he would mould her into another person.
  69. Our character takes the form of that mould into which our first years are cast.
  70. Now leave the mould to itself till the casting cools to a temperature of about.
  71. The grass had half taken possession of them, and a green mould covered the rest.
  72. Then preaching the silence in assurance of the whole – mould breaking liquid.
  73. When casting is solidifying in the mould, liquid metal is also getting solidified.
  74. The towel smells of mould because it’s been folded before it was thoroughly dried.
  75. Molten: Past tense of melt; made by melting and casting in a mould; as a molten image.
  76. We moved on to the front basement room where black mould had spread extensively over.
  77. If difficult to turn out, stand the mould in a basin of warm water for 2 or 3 seconds.
  78. This view will mould and govern the way in which the world around a scientist is observed.
  79. Five thousandths of a millimeter is the tolerance of accuracy at the LEGO mould factories.
  80. Mix three drops in one litre of water and then use to wipe down areas susceptible to mould.
  81. I tossed the moist mound of mould into the bin in case Edgar thought I wanted to celebrate.
  82. Brooke is a very good fellow, but pulpy; he will run into any mould, but he won't keep shape.
  83. He had inherited from his mother a fineness of mould, so that his hands were small and vigorous.
  84. And if they gave it time maybe they could mould their need of each other into something stronger.
  85. This makes for precarious ‘scatter reading’ between the holes and mould of the ancient papyrus.
  86. If you cannot find one you can easily make one out of wax and mould a pair of breasts in your hands.
  87. God is neither predictable nor controllable, and that was the offense of Christ: He broke the mould.
  88. And now had come a moment in which that mould seemed in danger of being broken and utterly cast away.
  89. Raiya tentatively lowered herself into the chair beside him; it seemed to perfectly mould to her form.
  90. Pu: The concept of wood that is unworked or uncut, ready and able to mould to the carpenter’s wishes.
  91. On the surface is seen a rich vegetable mould, made by the decay and putrefaction of vegetable substances.
  92. That was the kind of misfortune that afflicted everyone from time to time, like bad weather and barley mould.
  93. The memory of our leader, Mwalimu, has yet to find its solid form in the mould of our national consciousness.
  94. Vajpayee was seen as a statesman in the Nehruvian mould; Advani had been pigeonholed as a Hindutva ideologue.
  95. Their research claims that Occidental Union Public Nurseries mould 'better' children than parent-raised children.
  96. He shared an old one-bedroom sparsely decorated mould encrusted apartment with Sue, a 31-year old flight attendant.
  97. For some time there was no noise but the grating sound of the spades discharging their freight of mould and gravel.
  98. But if meaning were meaningless, then why would it mould matter in a meaningful manner? Meaning saturates the universe.
  99. It is by this time mere vegetable mould and undistinguishable pond shore, through which rushes and flags have pushed up.
  100. His whole high, broad form, seemed made of solid bronze, and shaped in an unalterable mould, like Cellini's cast Perseus.

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