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    1. On the other hand, pleasurable thoughts and feelings can lead to muscle relaxation and a sense of well being

    2. Not that he'd be a big muscle man, being an Elf boy

    3. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched

    4. His eye stalks should have bulged with muscle with all the exercise they got

    5. When they finally tramped down there, they found one of Taktor's men named Ilumvi, Estwig, and a large man who was probably half Elf, half Dwarf and a laboratory muscle pill

    6. The wood in the hall door was splintering and I hadn't moved a muscle since the first knock

    7. Both sides of the connection were synthetic materials, of course and on the inside, the bundles of fibers that had severed their connections in flat planes didn’t look like real muscle

    8. that the vintage red Fergie can muscle and lean to

    9. and on that hand a softly ticking pulse of vein, muscle and artery

    10. The warning not to jerk any movements is reiterated here as you should not try to swing your arms over violently as you may well injure a rigid muscle which would discourage you from ever attempting this valuable exercise again

    11. Nothing is more painful than a muscle spasm

    12. Every muscle, every tendon, every bit of Jake in his full majesty was shown; the fierceness of Daniel and the flames erupting from him was captured perfectly; it was so real that it felt as if the drawing itself was alive

    13. I take two and lie down again, every muscle in my head, neck and shoulders tensed against the pounding pain in my skull

    14. I muscle tested her to see if she had a trapped emotion,

    15. Through muscle testing I asked her body when this

    16. the skeleton, muscle testing is now widely accepted

    17. imbalances, the fact that muscle testing can be used to

    18. will learn other methods of muscle testing later on in

    19. body gave through muscle testing was “Yes

    20. Muscle testing showed that the trapped emotion of

    21. Muscle testing showed that

    22. This should give a strong muscle

    23. the 1940s to evaluate muscle strength and assess the

    24. that muscle testing has many more applications than

    25. Muscle testing can tell us about the overall health

    26. students for many years and uses muscle testing very

    27. By using muscle testing, she was able to ask the

    28. Muscle testing provides a real window into what is

    29. their heart while their partner tested their muscle

    30. They would make note of whether the muscle

    31. Muscle testing can also be used to find out what is

    32. use muscle testing to help their patients on a daily

    33. Remember that muscle

    34. Try setting the muscle tone on the resistance finger

    35. use a muscle strength setting that was barely enough

    36. changes in the leg-length instead of changes in muscle

    37. muscle strength and their electrical conductivity

    38. muscle strength, the difference between the muscle

    39. the future, as muscle testing is not for that purpose

    40. Use muscle testing to find trapped

    41. Muscle testing is the conduit that enables you

    42. muscle testing method that you are most comfortable

    43. muscle testing that I refer to as surrogate and proxy

    44. useful adjuncts to muscle testing that have ever been

    45. followed by a muscle test

    46. ” Muscle test the

    47. 4 Muscle test the surrogate

    48. Muscle testing should never be used in an emergency

    49. 1 As in any other type of muscle testing, you must

    50. weak muscle response at first

    1. Standing at more than six foot tall, with a broad expanse of muscled chest revealed beneath his snugly fitted black shirt, the creature epitomised vigour and action, an unstoppable force made flesh

    2. Her posthumous instructions were quite specific and Ken dug her ashes deep into the soft brown loam while his infant son sat wrapped in soft, white baby wools in his buggy, gurgling at the sky and staring out at the vaguely muscled shape of his perspiring father

    3. He is taller than most, quite muscled and can take any man

    4. Ken sticks out a thickly muscled arm and bars his way

    5. Seth had conducted many experiments in his Earthly travels and had concluded that, with a small amount of concentration, the human beings saw the Fair Folk as tall, well muscled, handsome and blond versions of themselves

    6. Her muscled arms were covered in skin as pale as alabaster and soft as satin

    7. Aspen, however, was as muscled as he

    8. Soldiers noticed a tall, heavily muscled man with skin almost black

    9. So she was a Viking! Taller than Jean by a head and shoulders, the woman was big boned and thick muscled

    10. Ardo Dulen was thick muscled with a dark moustache and blue eagle’s eyes

    11. She tried to ignore the large, muscled audience looking on

    12. He muscled his way in, pushing three fifty dollar notes across a green felt table, changing them for five dollar chips

    13. Slim Jim muscled his way into a conversation with her about how he liked her laugh, which he had heard over the rinks music, even though he had been ten feet away at the time

    14. I’ve never seen legs more heavily muscled

    15. The others leaned a bit closer, and the Flick crossed his heavily muscled arms, across his heavily padded girth, and flexing so the others could see the enormous strength he had, and in reserve, he sat back as far as his small chair would let him, and glared at the group

    16. muscled the back of my neck with her warm hands, my penis throbbed so hard that I

    17. So each month, they would deduct $100 off OUR rent for every tenant that I muscled into paying up

    18. Taking a step back Morgan folded his muscled arms over his chest

    19. It was healthily muscled and a dark shiny green, and the skin and bone had grown back over the brain injury

    20. his face at the beach by a big muscled guy in the Charles Atlas

    21. big muscled guy goes to kick sand in his face again--was he blind

    22. Batistuta muscled his way through the crowd to the doors that

    23. Limewater stiffened his long black hair, and serpent tattoos crawled up his muscled bare arms

    24. His naked, fully dyed blue body revealed a short but very well muscled warrior

    25. They were so well conditioned -- tall, slim-waisted, with muscled legs and shoulders -- that their stained blue bodies blended in with the men on the charge

    26. Arms, abdomen and legs well muscled, and the look of health emanated from him

    27. All were heavy, muscled types that in a few years would run to fat

    28. ‘I keep an eye on the computer games boys play, and as Cador pointed out there’s always an alpha-male hero, superbly, if unbelievably muscled, frequently wearing very little, who overcomes evil and saves his men

    29. ‘Easy,’ the short, well muscled lad said with a pompous smile

    30. Sexy in butt-hugging faded jeans, scuffed rope-soled boat shoes, no socks, denim sleeveless jacket hanging open to expose a tight, leanly muscled chest

    31. Conias Achilles was slightly shorter than Sebastian with heavily muscled shoulders and arms

    32. Robert caught the odour of fresh perspiration and felt hairs brushing against his neck as Ron draped a muscled arm across his shoulders

    33. and well muscled with washboard abs above a large erect penis

    34. A well-toned or muscled man is nothing more than a culmination of resistance

    35. This time it was not the Kushite who entered, but a Shemite, a heavily muscled man of medium height with a short, curled, blue-black beard

    36. Ehud was short and broad with muscled arms,3

    37. Conan turned to Yasmina, his red knife still in his hand, his blue eyes smoldering, blood oozing from wounds on his thickly muscled arms and thighs

    38. A big man walked out of the house and across the front yard and stared at Grant who was bigger then him and heavily muscled

    39. It floated hazily, then leaped into startling clarity—a tall man, mightily shouldered and deep of chest, with a massive corded neck and heavily muscled limbs

    40. But his master was shrieking with a note of hysteria in his voice, and the Shemite drove like a bull at the strangers, his thickly muscled arm drawing back for the disemboweling thrust

    41. A well muscled black Marine exactly Greg’s height, weight and build entered the room

    42. Karit was slim built but muscled

    43. His shiny, black tights reached just below his knees and exposed his smooth but muscled calves

    44. Even though the man was old and less muscled than a young yautgan, he was still taller and larger than Lezura

    45. Queen Palulan was Lalu orderran, slim built but muscled beneath her silky white rob with black trim

    46. and big muscled all over his body

    47. He was a singular looking individual, quite large, with broad, well muscled shoulders, but a head so small as to appear quite ludicrous

    48. He had a shotgun in the lanky and lithe muscled arm, and he raised it, firing it right into the face of one of them

    49. It was the following day that Espa came walking across the square and called my name, I walked towards him, he was a handsome man with a big barrelled chest and arms that were well muscled, looking at his face I could see that he was troubled

    50. that muscled body of the battle hardened and bold;

    1. Hundreds of calorie-burning muscles are utilized simply by walking

    2. The brain has to integrate sensory information from the inner ears, from vision, from proprioceptors (sensors in muscles, tendons and joints that tell the brain where the limbs are positioned) and from pressure sensors in the soles of the feet

    3. Once it has processed the information, the brain sends the commands to the muscles

    4. Then the muscles have to have enough strength and there has to be enough range of motion to generate the required action, whether it’s stepping or grasping

    5. Exercising to strengthen muscles around knees and hips helps prevent falls and serious injury

    6. She had a decent rack, but the muscles ruined it

    7. Big Petey strained all his muscles and then pulled

    8. The muscles are contracted in geometric shapes and the contracted muscle is stretched

    9. The muscles that are stretched are used in such a manner as to draw the flesh closer to the bone

    10. you have already learned, your faith will grow like the muscles of athletes

    11. The muscles underneath all went limp

    12. I lay there in a blissful stupor until the chill of the floor started to lock the muscles in my back

    13. He smiled, but there was something wrong with the way the muscles twitched across his jaw

    14. of his spent muscles with the tips

    15. Cracking stiff joints and loosing wasted muscles

    16. My muscles have seized up after yesterday’s exertions and I am taking the easy way out

    17. A DJ, his muscles flexing in a white string vest

    18. The benefits are many but principally the Half Somersault brings into play the muscles of the back, toning and stretching the whole of the spinal column

    19. Any exercise which tones and stretches the leg muscles and the sciatic nerve will bring relief from aching legs and so do not omit from your daily practice schedule the exercises described in the following chapter on lumbago and sciatica

    20. The antidote was based on limbering up the spine and keeping it supple, bending it this way and that to relieve tired muscles, and putting the feet up above the head to combat the pull and downward drag of gravity

    21. The antidote in this chapter is based on toning up the sciatic nerve and the muscles of the lower back to relieve the pain of sciatica and lumbago

    22. asana only once or twice at first and do not under any circumstances try to force your muscles in any way

    23. Your muscles in the lower half of the back will be strengthened so sufferers from lumbago will also find the Bull Posture of great value

    24. It has the added benefit of toning and strengthening the muscles and organs of the abdomen as well as bringing relief from our two antagonists of this chapter

    25. This tones and stretches the muscles of the thighs and legs and helps to relieve varicose veins

    26. defying the muscles in her neck to twitch,

    27. This increases the stretch of the dorsal muscles while you are performing the deep breathing

    28. To the adventurous among you who attempt it I would say please go carefully and do not strain any of your muscles

    29. You will achieve nothing by forcing your unwilling muscles where they would rather not go

    30. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    31. One of the basic Yoga asanas, it stretches the vertebrae to the maximum, and subjects the abdomen and its organs and muscles to a powerful massage

    32. You want to reduce that abdomen don’t you ? Then do please remember that there is no hurry at all in this exercise, and the slow s-l-o-w lowering of the legs is precisely what strengthens, tones, exercises, and reduces those flabby abdominal muscles and helps to reduce fat in this area

    33. In addition to toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles and reducing excess fat this exercise also helps to relieve constipation so it is doubly beneficial to the would-be-slimmer

    34. I must warn beginners to this, and the previous exercise that they might find their abdominal muscles a little sore the day after starting as you are using muscles which may never have been used in that way before

    35. This vitamin is stored in the muscles and fat and as it is rapidly depleted it must be renewed regularly

    36. This tones the deep and the superficial muscles of the back, and also relieves backache, helping to keep the spine young and supple

    37. For the busy housewife and mother who has little time to spare, these movements act as a time-saving beauty treatment, a toning up of nerves and muscles, and above all a means of relieving her internal disorders

    38. This exercise strengthens the eye muscles and increases the powers of concentration by fixing all the attention on one point and through that to the central nervous system, which will be soothed and relaxed

    39. Because it calls into play the deep muscles of the dorsal and lumbar region, the spine is strengthened and made more flexible

    40. The muscles which were stiff this morning are now complaining at the usage they are getting and I think my hosen are rubbing

    41. We stride off down the path – it’s nice to be on foot for a change, though my leg muscles complain initially from the different form of exercise

    42. In the meantime she spent a great deal of her time at the country club and gymnasium, toning her muscles, keeping her figure in trim and joining a number of other upwardly mobile wives for coffee mornings, hair appointments and tennis lessons

    43. I force myself to relax the muscles one by one but although it at least makes me feel I am doing something positive, it does not help much

    44. It had thick wiry fur, and she could feel the taut muscles beneath

    45. Even in battle she was ethereal, as he remembered, her muscles about her face showing the intensity of her thrusts

    46. Both men struggled to remove it; Tarak’s muscles rippled in his arms and upper shoulders as he pulled and tugged the massive root free

    47. Where once he could dig for hours on end and spend time out of doors on the coldest or wettest of days without complaint, he now found that his bones and his muscles, complained ever more loudly

    48. Then, start deliberately calming these reactions by breathing slowly and deeply, relaxing your muscles and mentally staying in the present moment

    49. His muscles were still toned and powerful, albeit shaped

    50. muscles constrict and his stomach started to scream at him from

    1. muscling highly skil ed humans out of institutions such as the

    2. After many minutes of security guards muscling their way into authority and even longer trying to get Tiffany and Michael Garrett to stop crying and even still longer before Michael Garrett can speak coherently again, is it finally ascertained that there was no harm done

    3. But Maiorescu would have to do something about this Georgian mob muscling in

    4. The dolphins rushed at the rafts and were soon muscling all around them

    5. Impulsive thoughts of suicide came at her with speed and brawn, outmaneuvering and muscling out all other ideas, trapping her in a dark and desperate corner for days

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