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Beef en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Wow! Beef to the heel.
  2. If they want to eat beef.
  3. The price of beef was $.
  4. Queue up for boiled beef.
  5. It did not look like beef.

  6. Chipped beef and egg white.
  7. Saut the beef in the pan and.
  8. Add pizza sauce to ground beef.
  9. That means you carve the beef.
  10. I have some beef jerky here.
  11. Hey, I want that corned beef.
  12. What the hell is the beef?
  13. The beef jerky was still there.
  14. Beef broth with brandy, Janess.
  15. Beef with Chinese Rice Noodles.

  16. Beer, beef, trample the bibles.
  17. Their addiction to beef and ale.
  18. What’s the beef? he asked.
  19. Have you seen the price of beef?
  20. There's also a Roast Beef Island.
  21. Beef with Chinese Rice Noodles 71.
  22. Try the beef, second from the top.
  23. The beef keeps calling me back.
  24. Place the slice with corned beef.
  25. All the beef to the heels were in.

  26. That roast beef was mine for the.
  27. Method: Slice beef into thin, 1 in.
  28. I prefer beef, chicken, fish, and.
  29. Freeze beef tenderloin for 2 hours.
  30. Add beef and juices, heat to simmer.
  31. Is this beef, because I don….
  32. Stir in the beef, coating thoroughly.
  33. But, off his feed, refused roast beef.
  34. Top with equal amounts of sliced beef.
  35. The roast beef was well-trimmed of fat.
  36. He smiled as he grabbed some beef jerky.
  37. Brown the beef, drain and add seasoning.
  38. Some guy he had beef with a while back.
  39. In a skillet, brown the Lean Ground Beef.
  40. Honestly, the bully beef is much better.
  41. Thursdays, it was the roast beef special.
  42. And the beef as salt as Lot's wife's arse.
  43. The following day one could beef up the.
  44. The motel might have been their only beef.
  45. Esther equalled it with roast beef and sex.
  46. Dredge the beef in the flour and the pepper.
  47. Dan took another bite of the salty beef jerky.
  48. Marinate in Beef Marinade 1 hour; drain well.
  49. He found some dried beef jerky in a clay jar.
  50. Here, sit down and try this Beef Consommé;.
  51. They had roast beef and strong ale for supper.
  52. Marinate the beef in the lime juice overnight.
  53. The beef was fine—tough, but with body in it.
  54. It can’t buy me what I want! Have some beef.
  55. Beef is generally not eaten by Hindus in India.
  56. Barbara returned with a bowl full of roast beef.
  57. The Finest Relish with Beef as well as Poultry.
  58. It is loaded with beef stew and chocolate cake.
  59. Shred any beef that hasn't shredded on it's own.
  61. She said it wasn’t the roast beef that did it.
  62. The dish was a mixture of chicken, beef and pork.
  63. The scent of beef and potatoes assaulted my nose.
  64. This beef hasn’t been resolved for a year now.
  65. Additionally, she is no longer intolerant to beef.
  66. Heat oil in a wok over high heat and add the beef.
  67. The convalescents received a piece of boiled beef.
  68. No, we got no beef with you, Keys reiterated.
  69. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy his beef bourguignon.
  70. What do you know about corned beef and rye bread?
  71. There’s beans and beef enough for one more meal.
  72. It's Belgian and it’s beef with onions and beer.
  73. While I was eating my roast beef, Barbara placed a.
  74. When oil is hot, brown the beef, stirring constantly.
  76. Season the beef with salt and freshly ground pepper.
  77. It was, in effect, that the cook had mislaid the beef.
  78. We fitted him up with an empty beef tin and he is off.
  79. Not by beef or by bread, are giants made or nourished.
  80. I've prepared some beef stew that's simmering on low.
  81. What do you say to bacon and tea! Or would tinned beef.
  82. Tom dove into the beef stew and took a seat at the table.
  83. Perhaps a better question might be, where’s the beef?
  84. I found it excellent, even better than veal if not beef.
  85. A rare beef strogonoff or fried chicken really makes a.
  86. These cuts of beef would be given to the Hispanic ranc.
  87. He warned that unless something was done to beef up the.
  88. Carroll selected a second, thick roast beef sandwich half.
  89. Where’s the beef? And that’s the bottom line here.
  90. There was barbecued beef, lamb, steaks, chicken and duck.
  91. Susan began to fry the beef and I dove into the hot wings.
  92. With his knife, Bo pushed the rubbery pieces of beef and.
  93. I could smell the roast beef inside the restaurant kitchen.
  94. As soon as I heard the words roast beef I felt a gigantic.
  95. Then a little more boiled mutton with a little roast beef.
  96. There was a selection of cold meats, such as ham and beef.
  97. It is much higher than sources such as beef, pork and lamb.
  98. The cost of corn was hurting the beef and chicken farmers.
  99. Add onion and marinated beef, and stir-fry about 1 minute.
  100. There’s a roast beef sandwich, if you’re interested.
  1. So, telling a worker that they'd quoted a bit low and beefing it up a bit.
  2. At the same time, I would invest a lot more in terms of beefing up the number of people in the armed forces.
  1. They’ve beefed up security since then, Mitch.
  2. He beefed up a bit at that, sat up straighter in his chair.
  3. Following incident of Fugonton city one night before, the security of PM House had been beefed up.
  4. Security up beefed up around the parliamentary buildings, and all major police head quarters in Greece.
  5. He had beefed up over the years, as had his brother; they weren’t just barrel-chested but barrel-everythinged.
  6. He also, incidentally, got regulation off our backs, reduced taxes, and beefed up national defense and gave us renewed reasons to again believe in our country.
  7. There were several variations of bar type games, board games, video games, and even some virtual reality machines that the local programmers had beefed up with new.
  8. Those casualties included airmen as well as marines, since she had beefed up the close defenses of the aircraft revetments and hangars with ground support personnel.
  9. They turned and watched the man move ponderously, in fiery darkness, one step at a time, up into the tenement house, a creature with the ribs of a mastodon and the head of an unshorn lion, with great beefed arms, irritably hairy, painfully sunburnt.
  1. Twenty years old, the guy had a job and a girlfriend, and no previous beefs.

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