Oraciones con "nauseous"

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Nauseous en una oración (en ingles)

He felt nauseous.
I became nauseous.
Nauseous, the lack.
I feel a bit nauseous.
It was a nauseous process.
She was nauseous, she said.
I felt nauseous as I stood.

I felt nauseous with jealousy.
It made me so nauseous I could.
My knees shook and I was nauseous.
suddenly light-headed and nauseous.
He could not help feeling nauseous.
stop shaking, and she was very nauseous.
He felt nauseous and his head hurt him.
Then she suddenly felt nauseous as well.
She’d looked appalled, almost nauseous.
She felt nauseous every time she saw him.
I still feel nauseous after all that wine.
His stomach felt empty but he felt nauseous.
The illusion made him feel slightly nauseous.
Corey was still a bit nauseous therefore, a.
Nancy’s body suddenly felt faint and nauseous.
He felt nauseous and started to sweat profusely.
Having her arm round him made him feel nauseous.
Looking at the grisly images made Danny nauseous.
There was a queasy, nauseous feeling in the guts.
started to smell something that made me nauseous.
Nic told you I was nauseous during the trip?.
The alcohol smell on his breath made me nauseous.
She was easily tired and, at times, nauseous and.

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Sinónimos para nauseous

nauseated nauseous queasy sick sickish loathsome nauseating noisome offensive sickening vile