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The nighttime dew had not burned off.
The few remaining hours of nighttime.
At nighttime in the moon’s fair glow.
By the time I awakened, it was nighttime.
It was nighttime, calm, and the sky was.
A nighttime encounter could be dangerous.
There is no nighttime when He shines less.

The fact that it was nighttime gave me a bit.
This was obviously more of a nighttime hang out.
In addition to her nighttime visions came another.
Still, she much preferred the nighttime to the days.
Perhaps that was why her nighttime visions had vanished.
Nighttime was more frightening than any other time, the.
Freezing cold I might add! Nighttime I usually spent in.
Daytime consciousness is kept insulated from nighttime dreams.
It's got a lot of Spanish charm and is super romantic at nighttime.
Shortly after he bought it, Dan ventured out to practice nighttime.
That is not something you want during the day so nighttime is ideal.
As the story wound its way into the nighttime Knighting, his father.
We came in at nighttime and lights glowed on in every home we passed.
Fire took over the social-structural center of their nighttime existence.
Even with the dogs, he loses car parts fairly often to nighttime thieves.
The child may also come to associate his or her bedroom with nighttime discomfort.
Nine refugees had died during the nighttime attack; another four were still missing.
Nuke and I were enjoying another of our nighttime walks when a couple of UFOs went by.
The nighttime temperatures in February 1854 had been in general below the freezing point.
The varying nighttime sky with twinkling stars and highlighted planets and patterned moon.
This seemed to boost her morale but I could sense her sadness during our nighttime lovemaking.
It was a little past nine and the nighttime traffic was heavy, but I was glad to be in DC again.
The subtle rattling of the wheels over the rocks and dry path lingered on the nighttime breeze.
During the nighttime when I could not sleep, he sent Klese or Faet warriors in to hone my skills.
She had learned the handholds and footholds of that wall over many years of nighttime escapades.
Anyway, this present escapade was a lot easier, since it was nighttime and the moon was almost full.
He knows when the lumberjacks work and when they are weakest, right before nighttime, they head in.
He was playing video games, his usual nighttime activity, so it was less likely he'd hear her over it.
The afternoon lingered and finally turned into nighttime, with ten thousand cicadas singing in the dark.
I had assumed, since they were a bit on the squinty side and it was nighttime, that they were dark brown.
They do not have much tallow in that region so these candlefish do provide most of their nighttime light.
However, these devices wake you up when you snore so your nighttime sleep is still going to be fragmented.
It is daytime on the light side, and nighttime on the dark side, and it changes constantly with the real time.

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