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1. The nighttime dew had not burned off.
2. The few remaining hours of nighttime.
3. At nighttime in the moon’s fair glow.
4. It was nighttime, calm, and the sky was.
5. By the time I awakened, it was nighttime.
6. A nighttime encounter could be dangerous.
7. There is no nighttime when He shines less.
8. The fact that it was nighttime gave me a bit.
9. This was obviously more of a nighttime hang out.
10. In addition to her nighttime visions came another.
11. Still, she much preferred the nighttime to the days.
12. Perhaps that was why her nighttime visions had vanished.
13. Nighttime was more frightening than any other time, the.
14. Freezing cold I might add! Nighttime I usually spent in.
15. Daytime consciousness is kept insulated from nighttime dreams.
16. Shortly after he bought it, Dan ventured out to practice nighttime.
17. It's got a lot of Spanish charm and is super romantic at nighttime.
18. That is not something you want during the day so nighttime is ideal.
19. As the story wound its way into the nighttime Knighting, his father.
20. We came in at nighttime and lights glowed on in every home we passed.
21. Fire took over the social-structural center of their nighttime existence.
22. Even with the dogs, he loses car parts fairly often to nighttime thieves.
23. The child may also come to associate his or her bedroom with nighttime discomfort.
24. Nine refugees had died during the nighttime attack; another four were still missing.
25. Nuke and I were enjoying another of our nighttime walks when a couple of UFOs went by.
26. The nighttime temperatures in February 1854 had been in general below the freezing point.
27. The varying nighttime sky with twinkling stars and highlighted planets and patterned moon.
28. This seemed to boost her morale but I could sense her sadness during our nighttime lovemaking.
29. It was a little past nine and the nighttime traffic was heavy, but I was glad to be in DC again.
30. The subtle rattling of the wheels over the rocks and dry path lingered on the nighttime breeze.
31. During the nighttime when I could not sleep, he sent Klese or Faet warriors in to hone my skills.
32. She had learned the handholds and footholds of that wall over many years of nighttime escapades.
33. Anyway, this present escapade was a lot easier, since it was nighttime and the moon was almost full.
34. He knows when the lumberjacks work and when they are weakest, right before nighttime, they head in.
35. He was playing video games, his usual nighttime activity, so it was less likely he'd hear her over it.
36. The afternoon lingered and finally turned into nighttime, with ten thousand cicadas singing in the dark.
37. I had assumed, since they were a bit on the squinty side and it was nighttime, that they were dark brown.
38. They do not have much tallow in that region so these candlefish do provide most of their nighttime light.
39. However, these devices wake you up when you snore so your nighttime sleep is still going to be fragmented.
40. No one went outside at nighttime with the intent of traveling more than two blocks, or three at the very most.
41. It is daytime on the light side, and nighttime on the dark side, and it changes constantly with the real time.
42. She’s outside, on grass, trees all around, and above the trees in the nighttime sky tall buildings loom everywhere.
43. One of the things that can get you off track is eating snacks items that are unhealthy, especially during nighttime.
44. There was a defined break in the oncoming blackened sky, nighttime darkness and an oncoming deep blackness of a storm.
45. Even though nighttime had long fallen and the temperatures had cooled down noticeably, my shirt still stuck to my back.
46. But when you are alone in your room, when fear begins to set in, know that the nighttime melody of souls is your compass.
47. No? That’s not enough is it? It was almost nighttime, but her green eyes still shone at me in the gathering darkness.
48. It was nighttime and a waxen moon hung over the water and sprinkled a dim, cloudy light through the black masses of trees.
49. But if we ever succeed we will go insane from the inability to sleep peacefully in a darkened, blackened nighttime environment.
50. The pair of vampires relied on the darkness of the nighttime forest to conduct reconnaissance on the Stalactite Goblins and Orcs.
51. From the direction of the other pier, a woman’s scream shattered the nighttime silence, charging his movements with renewed urgency.
52. This was why he’d never told the reporter about those nighttime walks along the shoulders of blue highways, communing with his art.
53. When the doors had been swung wide he led the still blinded horse forward until it was outside of the barn and in the cold nighttime air.
54. The night was sultry and the full moon was nearly a permanent fixture in their nighttime sky, twinkling off the gentle swells in the lagoon.
55. He was halfway to becoming the badass doc, buoyed up by grainy nighttime videotape of gurneys coming out of the house, bathed in flashing red light.
56. Daylight wouldn’t help and he couldn’t wait out for the nighttime; he cursed under his breath for being so tied up with his thoughts the night before.
57. He insisted that there had been a lot of problems associated with the study those people were doing and a lot of nighttime activity following the shooting.
58. Then we would perceive moving things just like the time-lapse photos of a busy nighttime highway as a seamless flow of energy, as a flowing river of light.
59. It had been there for close on to one hundred years and everybody said that while it wasn’t haunted during the day, at nighttime strange things happened there.
60. Her husband saw no reason to curtail his daily nighttime forays of partying and card playing and the couple settled in an arrangement that seemed to suit them both.
61. I expected I’d only have a couple more nights in the mountains and they were shaping up to be interesting ones, especially if my nighttime visitor came once again.
62. They paid each of these twenty men a sum of money and instructed them to say to all: While we slept during the nighttime, his disciples came upon us and took away the body.
63. They can easily ask questions about your exercise, your food journal, your progress in cutting out nighttime snacks, and how close you are to achieving your weight-loss goal.
64. Last but not least, alcohol can interfere with the nighttime release of growth hormone that occurs soon after you fall asleep and as you know, most people drink late at night.
65. What he sees is me in nothing but the black lacy underwear from the Victoria’s Secret naughty nighttime collection I bought yesterday, and a Christmas bow tied around my neck.
66. As per Julian's orders, they had stripped him of his armor as well as his sword, leaving him only in his tunic and sandals, which were not much protection against the nighttime chill.
67. Marjie and I normally took nighttime walks and it was very common for various entities to channel as we strolled along, causing Marjie to complain at times that she couldn’t remember them.
68. The houses sat in absolute shadow, and as they walked past, a couple of dogs stirred and barked, but no one came out to see two men armed with guns and knives walking down the nighttime street.
69. I let Relentless fly towards the mountains eating away at the stretched out desert as I was eager to get away from these dead plains and back into the presence of my alluring nighttime visitor.
70. That first date was followed by other cinema dates and dinners and nighttime drives in the still leisurely roads of Cairo and its suburbs and a steady, mutually satisfying relationship was born.
71. I knew very little of him outside of what I garnered from our following nighttime rendezvouses but was aware that some scandal swirled around him and that a few considered him to be a Clown in a Gown.
72. They came in parallel to the L tracks, and saw the great city huge and high and implacable in front of them, by that time a purely nighttime vista, with a million lit windows against an inky eastern sky.
73. We are the crew members of the two Obotron ships that have until recently been missing, replied Ralph, one of the nighttime janitors who suddenly took it upon himself to be spokesman for the group.
74. Nona yawned as the frogs began to sing their nighttime songs outside, leaning her head upon her hand as she looked over at Tacitus who was in the middle of a diatribe about the healing properties of Willow Bark.
75. Why had the slick gunmen we’d seen on surveillance footage changed their MO from nighttime robberies to morning, when there would be less money in the safe and more possibility that customers would enter the store?
76. From this secluded vantage, she seldom missed the nighttime adventure of observing the multitude of human interactions playing out in the bar, the adjoining lounge and, by peering over the plastic foliage, the casino – three simultaneous stages of live performance.
77. At nighttime in the moon's fair glow How sweet, as fancies wander free, To feel that in this world there's one Who still is thinking but of thee! That while her fingers Wafting sweet music It is for thee thus touch music swells the the her harp lea, heart, Sighing its message out to thee.
78. I suggested that perhaps it would be less lonely with me sitting next to her in her drives and she smiled and our illicit nighttime promenades commenced, both of us hiding the fact from our families and our milieu and accepting the relationship as a partial deliverance from loneliness with no past and no future.
79. If Marie-Laure has brought anyone comfort by broadcasting the story, if her great-uncle, crouched in some dank cellar with a hundred men, tuned her in—if some trio of Americans reclined in the nighttime fields as they cleaned their weapons and traveled the dark gangways of the Nautilus with her—she cannot say.
80. Without their poisoning us every day and especially during the nighttime: human males would not wake up in the morning with a filthy mindless blind physical erection, and the blind stupid urge… to fuck> to waste the majority of all the energy they gained during the night while their bodies were busy repairing themselves and healing themselves from all of the unhealthy things they had done during the previous day and all the unhealthy things they ate and drank.
81. Having given ample time to answer the door, even if Terence had been in the bath, he clenched his hands nervously, fearing that the suspect may have eluded even the very watchful eyes of his constables sometime during the night while they both inadvertently caught forty winks, but eventually assured himself that even if this was the case he would not be able to go far given that this was a small town where most inhabitants questioned the nighttime escapades of strangers.
82. Was her compassion for Tahiras condition a spur that jerked her out of her self-centeredness? Of her cat-oriented world? Did my own concern and the time I spent almost exclusively with Tahira cause her to stake a more substantial claim on me? Was I, after all, so essential in her life? The fact remained that, even if communication was still lacking and incomplete, we now started sharing a bed and a nighttime tenderness that made me feel it would be ingratitude to fate to ask for more.
83. In the first ones, with his customary good humor, he spoke about the difficulties of the crossing, the urge he had to throw the cargo officer overboard when he would not let him keep the three boxes in his cabin, the clear imbecility of a lady who was terrified at the number thirteen, not out of superstition but because she thought it was a number that had no end, and the bet that he had won during the first dinner because he had recognized in the drink-ing water on board the taste of the nighttime beets by the springs of Lérida.
84. Could it be that, when their man was arrested in Boston that Caroline had decided they should switch their delivery method from mules to horses, and that was why when he made the arrest at the airport nothing had been found? How he craved a look around those stables, but it was out of the question: almost the entire length of the switchback entrance was clearly visible from the hotel, and any nighttime attempt without lights was an invitation to be dashed to bits at the base of a cliff; besides, if he was so much as seen on the property, he would likely lose his badge.

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