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Offense en una oración (en ingles)

1. As An Offense Weapon And.
2. I guess they took offense.
3. There was no offense given.
4. Never do we go on the offense.
5. I meant no offense, Lord Rafe.
6. Murder’s not a minor offense.
7. Is that an arrestable offense?

8. The Best Defense is a Good Offense.
9. Never use your shield as an offense.
10. Ravena shrugged, No offense meant.
11. No, it’s no offense meant at all.
12. Offense in a bull, defence in a bear.
13. No offense, she added belatedly.
14. The young man immediately took offense.
15. Thus, by avoiding the offense of the.
16. Love can never be an offense to Christ.
17. That was bound to be a federal offense.
18. It’s a very serious criminal offense.
20. Waddell took to the offense immediately.
21. They drove with a ball control offense.
22. No offense implied, he assured her.
23. He took great offense at the accusation.
24. She is not charged with any offense yet.
26. Atlantis! she mumbled, taking offense.
27. His murder of millions causes great offense.
28. I certainly didn’t intend to give offense.
29. They were found guilty of a capital offense.
30. I meant no offense, Samara interjected.
31. The second offense would call for counseling.
32. No offense to Waffle House, I loved that job.
33. No offense, Tan, but that’s the problem.
34. Did you, or did you not commit this offense?
35. The punishment for any such offense was death.
36. I smiled, not taking offense in the slightest.
37. No offense, Alex said as if backtracking.
38. But no offense intended, right, Simone?
39. He would have to let this latest offense slide.
40. Only if they remembered the previous offense.
41. He stepped back behind his guard, No offense.
42. Adultery is made to be almost a capital offense.
43. And here we live, thank heaven, without offense.
44. The police take offense at this and shoot at Mr.
45. While one is on offense the other is on defense.
46. An incredible offense is the second best defense.
47. No offense, bub, he said, smiling politely.
48. And not to take offense at what the mirror showed.
49. What offense am I to have committed? I asked.
50. He humbly states, No offense I intend to you Mr.
51. Any serious offense would have been appropriately.
52. A report of this new offense was sent to the town.
53. And it was an offense that would not go unanswered.
54. He hadn’t taken offense at Stacey’s impatience.
55. No, offense, Mort, Van Thorn said defensively.
56. I had always heard a good defense was a good offense.
57. Make the failing of any business a criminal offense.
58. There is room for offense on both sides of this story.
59. I mean, no offense, I’ve heard worse, he said.
60. Harper took mild offense to it, but knew he was joking.
61. Although, no offense, I hope I never have to use this.
62. I never took offense or grew angry over constructive.
63. Probably hoping for something he could take offense to.
64. Now, he had the first team offense to react against it.
65. He was like you guys, no offense, but I hardly knew him.
66. They ended up shadowing each other, offense and defense.
67. I don’t believe that love conquers all—no offense.
68. Up till then, the team wasn’t using that offense often.
69. In Eisenbaum, lying is considered a very serious offense.
70. If it is a first offense, you ground them and have a talk.
71. Alerts of offense and defense icons show up on his screen.
72. Do you understand that treason is a capital offense?
73. Carol, no offense, but your mother's a total bitch! That's.
74. If an offense pops up, the controller calls a scheduler.
75. He never relented once he seethed at some perceived offense.
76. She had indeed committed the very worst offense, the very.
77. Its a criminal offense now to tune into a foreign broadcast.
78. That's a capital offense over there, still is in some sects.
79. Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound.
80. I apologize if our ways have caused any offense to your gods.
81. I totally sucked out there! It’s not fair! I’m offense.
82. A better illusionist than you, no offense, he adds hastily.
83. For that offense, you must be tried, and judged, and punished.
84. Let us give these men no occasion for offense at our attitude.
85. Of course, the offense is also stored in the System’s memory.
86. Don't take offense to that, because that's not how I see you now.
87. He readied another offense, his previously-tested paralysis spell.
88. What other motive would they have? No offense, Dad, but while.
89. When God enters a place there wil be shaking and sometimes offense.
90. Really? His expression showed amusement rather than offense.
91. He was impudent, Alyosha, Ivan said, with a shudder of offense.
92. No offense, but most of the women back home look better than you.
93. However, the basic concepts underlying the offense remain the same.
94. He liked the compliment unlike his brother, who took offense to it.
95. No offense, he said, but sandals aren’t really my style.
96. Minnesota went 3 and out the first time they got the ball on offense.
97. We weren't supposed to let this happen! Gabe took offense at that.
98. ESPN: Your offense and defense has gotten better throughout the season.
99. In some places, any shoplifting offense may result in a jail sentence.
100. No offense, but touching you means nothing to me, he said seriously.

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