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Offense in a sentence

As An Offense Weapon And.
I guess they took offense.
There was no offense given.
Never do we go on the offense.
I meant no offense, Lord Rafe.
Murder’s not a minor offense.
The Best Defense is a Good Offense.

Is that an arrestable offense?
Ravena shrugged, No offense meant.
Never use your shield as an offense.
Offense in a bull, defence in a bear.
No offense, she added belatedly.
No, it’s no offense meant at all.
Thus, by avoiding the offense of the.
The young man immediately took offense.
They drove with a ball control offense.
That was bound to be a federal offense.
It’s a very serious criminal offense.
Love can never be an offense to Christ.
Waddell took to the offense immediately.
She is not charged with any offense yet.
No offense implied, he assured her.
He took great offense at the accusation.
Atlantis! she mumbled, taking offense.
I meant no offense, Samara interjected.
They were found guilty of a capital offense.
His murder of millions causes great offense.
I certainly didn’t intend to give offense.
No offense, Tan, but that’s the problem.
No offense to Waffle House, I loved that job.
The second offense would call for counseling.
Did you, or did you not commit this offense?
No offense, Alex said as if backtracking.
The punishment for any such offense was death.
I smiled, not taking offense in the slightest.
He stepped back behind his guard, No offense.
He would have to let this latest offense slide.
But no offense intended, right, Simone?

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