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    1. They did, however, refer to each other by interesting epithets, unused hitherto, but inserted at opportune moments ever afterwards to the enjoyment of their absent men

    2. freedom fighters during the Bay of Pigs invasion that not only failed to liberate the island at a most opportune time in history but subsequently engendered a domino effect of neighboring Marxist Dictatorships in our own hemisphere!

    3. Nonetheless, due to the Junta Vecinal’s opportune and determined pledge, under the leadership of Mayor María Concepción Crespo Marqués and her lieutenant Félix Barrio Fernández, and due, additionally, to the persistent and unselfish dedication of many of the local residents who contributed talent, time and treasure, the memorable Little Church was rebuilt

    4. As it turned out, his assignment to the division came at a most opportune time: Costa Rica had recently succumbed to US pressure insisting that it expand its efforts against cocaine

    5. Both localities, already described in my Odyssey to Opportunity, presented us with an opportune occasion of talking to Bobby and Danielle about the apparition of the Virgin Mary to the three little shepherds Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, and about the magnificent “Monasterio de Santa Maria de la Victoria later on in Batalha, which Juan I, first Portuguese king of the Avis Dynasty, ordered to be built to celebrate the defeat that his troops inflicted on the Spanish forces in 1385

    6. I will now formally state my predilections: one, that I wish to hang myself at the nearest opportune moment in order to escape further unneeded physical torment under these circumstances, and two, that I wish for my remains to be burned, as is customary under Law, even though I fail to see what a fat lot of good that would do

    7. At an opportune time, the General asked the Arch-minister:

    8. And what do we do then? Jump at it in the opportune moment?”

    9. When the opportune time arrived, they would then probably try to breach the walls in their weakest point, or storm them en masse, whichever would seem to offer the best chances of entering the city

    10. I would lead those who saw me most clearly to the “greener pastures” of acceptance when opportune, while seeking to curb the wildness of even their imaginations

    11. The following situations are examples of when it could be an opportune

    12. We are discovering that as the Alliance motherships were known to be approaching your galaxy, the Board Member thought it was an opportune point in time to undermine my credibility by making this petty charge

    13. She felt herself aging in spirit as well as flesh, her most opportune years wasted on a fraud of a lover—time badly invested

    14. What bighead I felt, then! And what bighead I feel now! Americus and Leonardo! The guards and Batam-Al-Bur! Heap of friends ready to fight until the end against the dark forces in order to gain me the salvation! I wished God could provide me the right to correspond in opportune occasion for the profusion of such affections

    15. off at the most opportune time

    16. Maybe when this case was over I’d kick the nasty habit or maybe at some other, more opportune time such as when I’d kicked the bucket

    17. Sarah, the mistress of tact, did try to tease information out of Bridget at an opportune time but as she told Matthew “I nearly had my nose bitten off”

    18. They are gifts of God and He knows the opportune times

    19. It provided an opportune time to abduct you and do some research

    20. Margie knew that Paul Pratt was in the VP’s office and decided this would be the most opportune time to resolve this issue

    21. The attorney had been waiting for the opportune moment

    22. At the most opportune time, the ship dispatched the courier to the Sisters of Mercy and it sped away unnoticed

    23. The travelers agreed that this would be the opportune time to record their reports on the events that lead up to the battle as well as their experiences during the battle itself

    24. and waited for the opportune moment to tell you about it

    25. Now is that opportune time!” he said sarcastically

    26. The fact that Mimi was not listening to J T was surprising, because the two of them had become close in the time they had been confined to the small ships on the moon waiting for the opportune moment for the team to do what Mimi was setting out to do on her own

    27. “Honey, Jiminy next time it would be a lot easier on me if you called at a more opportune time

    28. The gruesome images of the cruel and hateful sergeant appear at the least opportune times and haunt Henry, driving him further into lunacy

    29. V ‗take‘ them with force when opportune in the

    30. She did not wait for an opportune moment as she had the first time

    31. Undoubtedly, all he would now have to do is wait for the most opportune time to allow Charles to view the suspects and until then clear his mind as much as possible so that he was fully alert on the morrow

    32. Mother chose this as the most opportune time to order more refreshments and as soon as the servants put this in order she apologised and urged Jubec to continue

    33. He had been holding off for months waiting for an opportune moment

    34. When I described the battle with the two warriors, the children couldn’t get enough of the story, but a couple of warriors at the back, obviously thinking I was padding the story for the children’s benefit, began to shuffle their feet so I thought this an opportune moment to present my back pack, all heads craned forwards as I slowly and deliberately untied my treasures and spread the Mixtec weapons and regalia on the tables, not a sound escaped the crowd for an age, then they all started talking at the same time and everyone crowded around to look, feel, and wonder at such mighty trophies, Jodas stepped forward and took command, ordering lines to be formed to view the treasure, there was a respectful look in his eye as he bowed to Coatl, seeing him bow, all the village started to bow as they passed by Coatl, I could see Coatl was overcome with embarrassment, even so I detected that he enjoyed the notoriety, the warriors, as was right, kept an aloof air about them, they were not professional soldiers nevertheless they were quick and brave and were proud of the fighting skills needed in the defence of their village, when times were quiet they would be seen tending to their different trades, ready to fight when circumstances demanded, one of the warriors approached the priest and asked permission to see a demonstration of Coatl’s skill so that they may look and learn, I was horrified at this as I remembered the reaction that would be forthcoming from any implied threat to the white hairy man, I begged the priest to be cautious because Coatl did not yet know our language, the priest smiled and putting his arm about Coatl’s shoulder steered him through the crowd out into the square all the time talking to him in a low even voice, all the people turned to watch this strange man and their priest as they strolled to the centre of the plaza, both squatted and began making signs in the sandy floor, Wedon talked a moment longer, then returning to the table where the trophies were on display, he turned to the crowd of villagers and said

    35. few opportune occasions he was to discover valuable collectable

    36. During the loading process, Max chose an opportune moment to inject ether into two tires on the other truck; he knew that, within an hour or so, the rubber would perish and the tires would explode

    37. The sharks were circling and waiting for the most opportune moment to attack the wary victim

    38. opportune to have many of my juniors around me and I had many

    39. Where did the nightmare end and had it ended? Could it be that Alex Clegg’s death was part of the ever continuing story, or had his death in fact been untimely and inconvenient? Did he fall or was he pushed? Rudolph watched as Jazz posted a graphic display of the four suspects on the activity board, a full rogue’s gallery of colour prints taken at opportune moments during the inquiry

    40. By the end of August, we had moved the armories and most of our troops to other cells further west where we would make our presence known when the opportune time came

    41. instinct about a theory or developing their concept into a material reality at the opportune moment

    42. My husband was transferred to New York, so it was an opportune moment for Ernie and me to part company

    43. opportune moment he transformed the dollhouse back into a cabin

    44. most opportune moment! We are about to witness the fall of Tenochtitlan and the

    45. Many people of this nation were always spreading corrupting and they are still doing that whenever they have the chance and find the circumstances opportune

    46. He had bigger and better plans for his collection of poems, but was waiting for the opportune moment

    47. She chose this opportune moment to start firing at our adversaries

    48. How opportune to have his father and her father away at the same time

    49. I have chosen the most opportune moment to reveal these secrets in order that you might respond appropriately

    50. opportune time to invest his army

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