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Opportune in a sentence

But there never seemed an opportune moment.
This is an opportune time for such position.
And finally used at the most opportune moment.
She waited for a more opportune spot to interrupt.
V ‗take‘ them with force when opportune in the.
Now is that opportune time! he said sarcastically.
The attorney had been waiting for the opportune moment.

They are gifts of God and He knows the opportune times.
At an opportune time, the General asked the Arch-minister:.
And what do we do then? Jump at it in the opportune moment?
It provided an opportune time to abduct you and do some research.
He had been holding off for months waiting for an opportune moment.
She did not wait for an opportune moment as she had the first time.
She chose this opportune moment to start firing at our adversaries.
In it she informed Alyosha of a strange and very opportune incident.
The bedroom had turned into a hiding-place at a very opportune moment.
How opportune to have his father and her father away at the same time.
The following situations are examples of when it could be an opportune.
And since the latter did not want money, Lambert thought his help very opportune.
The sharks were circling and waiting for the most opportune moment to attack the wary victim.
Such efforts are similar to making an investment that you hope will grow at the opportune time.
Honey, Jiminy next time it would be a lot easier on me if you called at a more opportune time.
Power's good offices during domestic quarrels, as well as many small, but opportune loans, said:.
He had bigger and better plans for his collection of poems, but was waiting for the opportune moment.
My husband was transferred to New York, so it was an opportune moment for Ernie and me to part company.
I have chosen the most opportune moment to reveal these secrets in order that you might respond appropriately.
At the most opportune time, the ship dispatched the courier to the Sisters of Mercy and it sped away unnoticed.
It would be difficult and even impossible to imagine any result more opportune than the actual outcome of this battle.
You may take weeks or months to establish this position, staggering or layering options at what you feel are opportune times.
Margie knew that Paul Pratt was in the VP’s office and decided this would be the most opportune time to resolve this issue.
She felt herself aging in spirit as well as flesh, her most opportune years wasted on a fraud of a lover—time badly invested.
It made you wish you had just shushed the naysayers and brought three hot little sliders in your clutch to nibble at opportune moments.
Maybe when this case was over I’d kick the nasty habit or maybe at some other, more opportune time such as when I’d kicked the bucket.
The gruesome images of the cruel and hateful sergeant appear at the least opportune times and haunt Henry, driving him further into lunacy.
Sarah, the mistress of tact, did try to tease information out of Bridget at an opportune time but as she told Matthew I nearly had my nose bitten off.
Many people of this nation were always spreading corrupting and they are still doing that whenever they have the chance and find the circumstances opportune.
Mother chose this as the most opportune time to order more refreshments and as soon as the servants put this in order she apologised and urged Jubec to continue.
Remember when I said my greatest fear is that I might not experience true love again? Well, this might be an opportune moment to confess another pretty big fear.
Something always drew him toward those richer and more powerful than himself and he had rare skill in seizing the most opportune moment for making use of people.
I would lead those who saw me most clearly to the greener pastures of acceptance when opportune, while seeking to curb the wildness of even their imaginations.

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