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    1. “Tomorrow morning I will let you know about our next outing!” she concluded smiling

    2. Bahkmar began to understand what a risk Enrico had taken by outing himself to Bahkmar

    3. Then my flight was called and I was like a schoolboy on an outing and couldn't wait to join the shuffling queue and be herded onto the compact turbo-prop of nineteen seats

    4. for occasional visits to the Other World as a family outing

    5. She heard his voice passing this on to the other members of the group, chivvying them along as though they were kids on a school outing and he the teacher

    6. I’d had a pretty hard job talking Sally into accepting this, but it meant a lot to me that they’d included me in this outing and I wanted to reciprocate a little

    7. This is actually my first social outing

    8. Pamela thought instantly about their last outing and hesitated

    9. For some golfers the ideal outing would be going to a major course and getting to play on it, knowing professional golfers had played over this same course

    10. For most golfers, though, the ideal golf outing is simply the chance to go to their favorite course with a few friends and chase golf balls all over the pasture, just having a good time and not taking the game too seriously

    11. Jean had not joined them on this outing; Adem suspected Terese had insisted she stay in the castle where it was safe

    12. They should be grateful for their outing on SAP expense

    13. “Hello, Thomas, how was your boat outing?” William heard himself say while he still studied his last page

    14. One thing that was odd on our outing with my family to this location was that we were headed elsewhere until I saw the image of this bridge in full color in a book I was reading

    15. On one outing, he started another brouhaha with the same cop as before, only this time he was found to be carrying an unregistered gun

    16. They looked perky though, and appeared to have enjoyed their little outing

    17. – We have planned a little outing for you so you did not have to lie in your beds being bored all day

    18. Question 5: You are an adult in a group outing consisting of 3 other adults and 20 teenage children

    19. The only problem was that after virtually all the main news agencies for years printed stories about the outing of Valeria Plame, the prosecutor in charge finally announced that no one would be charged with outing anyone

    20. not for outing, but for lying, not the kind of lying like “I had no sexual relations with that woman” (distinctly refuted by the blue dress), but the kind of lying that came from raking over reams of testimony in an attempt to find a failed recollection

    21. Some, among them Roger, were wearing shorts, which brought some discomfort the first hours of the outing

    22. consequences of outing my mom about the sexual abuse

    23. twins returned from another outing with Daveda

    24. outing was the most excitement they’d had in weeks

    25. When starting outing viral marketing one should have a well written out plan of how to promote the message they want to go viral

    26. Far, but not too far away, atop the Empire State Building, the witch was coordinating a family outing

    27. greeting when she was late for an outing with him

    28. outing, she would have to plan carefully every move

    29. on it, and planned an outing on the following day

    30. every outing, but today, they sounded insincere to her own ears

    31. the fact she probably got wind of his and Rochelle's outing at the

    32. Ever since their outing last night, he had one thing on his mind

    33. Sometimes, it was a casual outing, just to stay

    34. been on my last outing with a female that I had virtually forgotten the drill

    35. Getting over his immediate reaction, Chris managed to chat with Ruth and eventually arrange an outing for the evening, meeting about seven o’clock

    36. A Catholic boys' swimming outing in southern Quebec had almost ended in tragedy

    37. must have had Dan at some outing, wheeling her around in her

    38. David has become used to this sort of outing

    39. His Lego club friends, of which there are now five, cannot figure out how this man they thought they had come to know as overly cautious could have wound up being hit by a car during the course of a normal outing to do some errands in the city

    40. was a pretty expensive outing for not doing anything that

    41. He told about the father and son outing he went on with his dad

    42. have preauthorized an outing

    43. geek teeter-totter was his weekly outing with the folk-dance

    44. Outing can occur after calling the police, filing a

    45. I would “redefine” our agreements at our next beer outing when, out of habit, Ed would try to lead me into telling an intriguing war tale to cutie with a limited vocabulary

    46. Miss Lian Karosh will be at the door to provide you with local funds for your outing

    47. Rude had been allowed now to leave the Headquarters after his last destructive outing

    48. his life while fighting the corporatocracy and outing their cause, already

    49. Discouraged by his unsuccessful hunting outing during which he had failed to bag any of the number of quail that seemed to taunt him by narrowly escaping his shots, Terence returned to the hotel lobby promptly at seven minutes after five upon returning the hunting rifle and binoculars to the game keeper

    50. Rushing to find a durable outfit in case of inclement weather, he selected heavy wool slacks with a cotton shirt and his reliable tweed jacket that was still considerably damp from its last outing

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