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Outing in a sentence

I could use some outing.
have preauthorized an outing.
This is actually my first social outing.
Schnottblower’s outing as a troublemaker.
David has become used to this sort of outing.
twins returned from another outing with Daveda.
On a previous outing in the Forest, he had got.

greeting when she was late for an outing with him.
that Liam's outing was going to continue, though.
He recalled his first outing in the Great Forest.
on it, and planned an outing on the following day.
Sometimes, it was a casual outing, just to stay.
Mitali was busy outing with her boyfriend as usual.
knowing how much she looked forward to this outing.
A riverside outing can provide not only recreation.
outing, she would have to plan carefully every move.
outing was the most excitement they’d had in weeks.
Outing can occur after calling the police, filing a.
consequences of outing my mom about the sexual abuse.
Raf must have heard about Simon outing me in the hallway.
chance of God having a bit of a sledging outing in Hedes.
They should be grateful for their outing on SAP expense.
Emeka enjoyed the outing with you, continued Chinedu.
was a pretty expensive outing for not doing anything that.
I didn’t ask her out on a date-date – just an outing.
before long the outing began to resemble an Easter egg hunt.
for occasional visits to the Other World as a family outing.
Emeka talked about his outing, and that made everyone relax.
geek teeter-totter was his weekly outing with the folk-dance.
must have had Dan at some outing, wheeling her around in her.
Pamela thought instantly about their last outing and hesitated.
good if Robert knew that I outed the man.
Anger that Simon had outed me as a changeling.
Grey was afraid he was going to be outed by the secretary.
He loved it so much, he stayed on when he outed the military.
If they were outed as criminals then Caesar could bail up the Inn directly.
Clearly, this was a case of trial by press, except in this case, the person who supposedly outed Ms.
Next, the public was treated to a riveting story about how an undercover (covert) agent of the CIA had been outed.
"It has been touch and go for our lives," said Lord John, gravely, "and I could not think of a more rotten sort of death than to be outed by such filthy vermin.
When the tenant sued his lord for having unjustly outed him of his lease, the damages which he recovered were by no means equivalent to the possession of the land.
So, Jason had questions for Prosecutor Fitzgerald: Why did he sit mum for two years on the fact that it wasn’t anyone from the Bush administration who outed Plame.
But, because the story had been concocted that the Bush administration had outed her in retaliation supposedly for her husband’s attempts to discredit it (the administration), someone had to pay.
Nor is this about whether they want to go home – Abu Qatada certainly doesn’t and the Prince probably does (although being an outed homosexual in Saudi will not be a pleasant experience), but anyway it isn’t their decision.
So I would probably have done it a little bit differently than that, but in this particular situation, the guy came into a meeting where this was happening, and he came in with a sin hidden in his heart, so it was outed in the meeting.
Now we had two outs.
We’re on the outs.
with other down and outs.
She handed him the print outs.
outs at the back of the manual.
movies where they do stake outs.
outs, fishing, and duck hunting.
‘They’ve only got two outs.
The Ins and Outs of Online Dating.
outs аnd odds! Yоu'll hаvе a 19.
Hold outs, Richter said flatly.
The Ins and Outs of Income Investing.
We know the ins and outs of being an.
towards plastic sheets and hand outs,.
lawns which are often used as sit outs.
After showing him the ins and outs of.
lying in dug outs and craters, watching.
and outs of starting a successful business.
A doctor entered and checked the read outs.
ins and outs of the above ad on the next page.
understands the ins and outs of this business.
can lose more weight in a couple of work outs.
There were two outs and the bases were loaded.
Rosalie and Vanessa hashed out the ins and outs.
Whoever did it knew the ins and outs of this hotel.
To know the ins and outs, of the golf course site.
Examining the ins and outs of the copper industry.
when spent getting to know the ins and the outs of.
Maybe I can find another job when this UEC runs outs.
The ins and outs of life of years that have gone past.
bottom of the ninth, with two outs, bases loaded, be-.
No way out.
Out of hope.
Out with it.
Ish came out.
out of my mind.
To find out,.
out of the day.
out of her cage.
Walk out on a.
she acted out.
I figured out.
‘No, I was out.
fuck out of here.
Out with it son.
It wears me out.
out into the room.
out and sped away.
’ I pointed out.
He pulled out a.
He took out his.
I could slip out.
find out his name.
He asked me out.
I had to get out.
I was marked out.
‘No TV out here.
check this kid out.
it freaks them out.
Now come out here.
out with you today.

Synonyms for outing

excursion expedition jaunt junket outing sashay picnic