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Pains en una oración (en ingles)

  1. All his pains went away.
  2. His heart pains left him.
  3. It pains me to think about.
  4. What to do with body pains.
  5. Old dogs get aches and pains.
  6. He had taken great pains to.
  7. Bad French I got for my pains.
  8. Her pains became more violent.
  9. My pains had begun in earnest.
  10. All these pains have jolted me.
  11. They came to me with pains and.
  12. But all their pains seemed naught.
  13. He says he’s having chest pains.
  14. Melanie’s pains were harder now.
  15. I felt his inner wounds and pains.
  16. Now, though it pains me to admit.
  17. The pains came quicker and quicker.
  18. And that was all I got for my pains.
  19. In the meantime spare no pains, Mr.
  20. Everyone took pains to keep me calm.
  21. O the pains His soul sustained!.
  22. It pains me that I’m part of this.
  23. The pains and aches were washed away.
  24. Lots of aches and pains this morning.
  25. She has strong pains still, of course.
  26. With endless pains and sorrows there;.
  27. It pains me to see you in such a state.
  28. The drug gave his pains a warmth that.
  29. Don't say that again, dear, it pains me.
  30. Besides, their pains and pleasures are.
  31. Suddenly, intense pains began in earnest.
  32. It pains me to see my son so unhappy.
  33. Those aches and pains are really taking.
  34. Are you having those pains again?
  35. When the pains of death encircled me –.
  36. Lisa had two pains, just finished one.
  37. The aches and pains were in every muscle.
  38. It pains me to write, I will rest a while.
  39. And the pains in my head, Karyl said.
  40. I took some pains in carrying out my idea.
  41. There could even be tolerable muscle pains.
  42. Piercing chest pains came with each breath.
  43. Patient complained of severe chest pains.
  44. Stephen lit a cigarette with elaborate pains.
  45. Of which all shall suffer the pains of death.
  46. I remember the pains I went through as well.
  47. She screamed fiercely under the fierce pains.
  48. One day don Ramon complained of stomach pains.
  49. Then shooting pains moving up and down my legs.
  50. Dont get excited, but the pains have begun.
  51. All these pains can’t be treated by medicine.
  52. It felt good to run, despite pains in her chest.
  53. Little pains that were over before they started.
  54. Hunger pains stabbed him in his stomach and he.
  55. Our birth also gives rise to the pains of ageing.
  56. Joey made pained groans at the pains in his ribs.
  57. Shooting pains went through her elbows and shins.
  58. Lisa ain’t had but two pains, she whined.
  59. This without reckoning in the pains of the heart.
  60. We feel the stretching and growing pains of the.
  61. Her growing pains at night, calling, wakening me.
  62. Who has given it feelings of pleasures and pains?
  63. It lessened some of the normal aches and pains of.
  64. My pains had begun and we must find a place to rest.
  65. The pains were coming faster now, and she counted.
  66. He felt the intense hunger pains gripping His body.
  67. On the second day, Mama started having chest pains.
  68. Anti-inflammatory, sedative and eases griping pains.
  69. As consciousness returns so do the aches and pains.
  70. Their life does not multiply the pains and sorrows.
  71. M: Obviously, the memory of past pains and pleasures.
  72. The pains were coming constantly but I had to dance.
  73. Then Diane woke up with terrible pains this morning.
  74. Oh, the standard aches and pains, Paul explained.
  75. The labor pains began at four o'clock in the morning.
  76. After hours I started to feel the real labour pains.
  77. It pains me greatly to speak of it, but it is truth.
  78. The pains of all you’ve harmed now makes you bleed.
  79. Relief of its loved ones from the pains of purgatory.
  80. He would have taken no pains to be on terms with Mrs.
  81. I was in no great pains to keep in touch with England.
  82. The pains were coming close now, twenty minutes apart.
  83. It was evident that the pains had been contributing.
  84. And the pains of HELL (sheol-grave) gat hold upon me.
  85. And the pains of HELL [ sheol-grave] gat hold upon me.
  86. And the pains of HELL ( sheol-grave) gat hold upon me.
  87. Numbness sets in and is interspersed with sharp pains.
  88. Colleen was having severe contractions and labor pains.
  89. John’s Wort for any injury that causes sharp pains.
  90. I nearly got caught and put in a cage for my pains too.
  91. Well it pains me to have to say this - but I don't know.
  92. No pains had been spared by him to make me comfortable.
  93. He dozed a little, forgetting their problems and pains.
  94. No mortal can express the pains of hell! Really!.
  95. The Chinese authorities are taking pains to preserve the.
  96. Stabbing pains ricochet through his wrist and up his arm.
  97. He felt wet, and there were pains in his body that were.
  98. Shooting pains in every limb, tortured muscles, twitches.
  99. Wopsle, too, took pains to present me in the worst light.
  100. He took pains to find out all he could about the mind of.
  1. My hand was barely paining me, and the pain from my stomach was just a memory.
  2. She then paused in mid-kiss, narrowing her eyes on a certain paining part on his face.
  3. We should be able to make love without it paining her, and it will hurt her less when I have to, ah, hurt her.
  4. Fauchelevent told me to say to you, sir, that he was suffering, his injured hand was paining him somewhat, and that he could not dine with Monsieur le Baron and Madame la Baronne.
  5. He was very worried, having sleepless nights and days due to general pains all over the body and worst of all, the tooth and the jaw were all paining in a way that, he could not eat.
  6. There was something suitable for each child that was coming, with the exception of Bert White; they had intended to include a sixpenny pocket knife for him in their purchases that evening, but as they had not been able to afford this Owen decided to give him an old set of steel paining combs which he knew the lad had often longed to possess.
  1. I am deeply pained, Mr.
  2. It pained my heart a lot.
  3. His eyes are dark, pained.
  4. It pained her as a friend.
  5. I was pained at the news.
  6. Trask gave her a pained look.
  7. And so he is pained at heart.
  8. He turned aside, as if pained.
  9. It jarred and pained the ears.
  10. He looked pained as he replied.
  11. The pained one may be in denial.
  12. It pained her to see her only.
  13. He fell silent, he looked pained.
  14. She gave me a pained smile and left.
  15. The half-lights of doubt pained him.
  16. She was wearing a pained expression.
  17. Even though it pained her to say so.
  18. His face twisted into a pained smile.
  19. Ingrid then gave Marilyn a pained look.
  20. Even though it pained him to see the.
  21. I could see Maggie pained by this too.
  22. The old man was gently pained by this.
  23. A pained look comes over Willie's face.
  24. I could see the pained look on his face.
  25. Seeing Richard so distant pained Tracey.
  26. All three pained hearts agreed in silence.
  27. And, it pained him to admit, it was great.
  28. It pained Bo to see his father reduced to.
  29. A smile that looked like it pained her to.
  30. She grimaced as though the memory pained her.
  31. She studied the pained expression on his face.
  32. With a pained expression, Andrew glared at her.
  33. Norah shifted back, as if his touch pained her.
  34. The family connection with Samantha pained me.
  35. Harry shook his head, but his face look pained.
  36. It pained me that I had to watch her pass away.
  37. Yet it pained him to think of Sunbeam starving.
  38. Another pained silence, another blow to the head.
  39. At least, he showed no sign it still pained him.
  40. He gave me a pained look and I broke into a grin.
  41. Joey made pained groans at the pains in his ribs.
  42. It pained her that she had been so cruel to him.
  43. It pained Serpent to hear the angel use that name.
  44. Your parents dying pained me but it had to be done.
  45. Libby screwed up her nose and gave a pained grimace.
  46. Lieutenant Rymson grimaced as though suddenly pained.
  47. Ahmed notices that Ricci is giving him a pained look.
  48. Anatole was not upset or pained by what she had said.
  49. Zoe looked at the pen, and her expression was pained.
  50. An even more pained expression became evident as he.
  51. Knowing why it had appeared, a pained look came over.
  52. His pained expression told me I was winning the debate.
  53. He gave me a pained look that said he couldn’t do it.
  54. Uncle John staggered a little, and his face was pained.
  55. A pained look crossed her face and she said, No!.
  56. As much as it pained her to admit it, Mike had a point.
  57. It pained her to see it so bare in the too-bright light.
  58. Her desperate pained voice is etched in my mind forever.
  59. The look in his eyes was almost pained, but he stepped.
  60. Roommate, Goodman corrected her, with a pained look.
  61. And stare blankly at the screen for a long, pained moment.
  62. He sat at the table watching me with a pained expression.
  63. When Sun Zhongyu saw that, he was very pained in his heart.
  64. He had slept on it during the night and it now pained him.
  65. The NCO scanned the battlefield and gave her a pained look.
  66. I can’t believe it, Bree said in a low pained voice.
  67. Just the same, the irony of the writers’ plight pained him.
  68. The pained look that Villamor suddenly showed alarmed Ingrid.
  69. Nancy gave him a gentle but pained smile as she answered him.
  70. Cristian’s shoulders slumped, pained by her stinging words.
  71. It pained me but I couldn’t bear to tear my focus from it.
  72. How it must have pained her to see what was left of the man.
  73. He gets a pained look on his face and then his cheeks redden.
  74. The Greyhound is easily pained by its master’s shouting or.
  75. I very near jumped off the bed as his pained voice startled me.
  76. A long, pained tone, like a tortured dog, howling with misery.
  77. The Elf looked pained, What she didn't know didn't hurt her.
  78. Meredith, I have heard something that has pained me very much.
  79. With a pained jerk, he pushed himself up and swung his feet to.
  80. Evans covered it with her own hand, looking at his pained face.
  81. Schacter's smooth face was still pained with hurting innocence.
  82. Joey spun around with a pained face and said, Cut it out!.
  83. It pained me to climb back into the rover, but it had to be done.
  84. It obviously pained him to talk, his voice was ragged and hoarse.
  85. It pained me to see you in so much turmoil, the figure said.
  86. Grose on her feet, united, as it were, in pained opposition to me.
  87. I think he was too hurt and too pained by their broken friendship.
  88. His arms were twisted so badly that his shoulder bones pained him.
  89. Ben gave her a pained expression but nodded his head in agreement.
  90. Pained, however, as I was, with his efforts of gaining a complete.
  91. He saw Jean looking at the infected women with a pained expression.
  92. Hearing about how Tiden had lost his parents had pained him deeply.
  93. He had to be kidding me, but his face was serious, his eyes pained.
  94. She hstened to him with a despondent and pained expression of face.
  95. I was quickly running out of air and my throat was terribly pained.
  96. The creature howled the strangled, pained sound of an injured beast.
  97. Neither ran to their dad, she was relieved to note, and also pained.
  98. But this time the lieutenant had a puzzled, pained look on his face.
  99. Sam was pained to notice how little honour he had in his own country.
  100. He stands still, but this time with a pained expression on his face.

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1. A pain in the ass.
2. A Pain in the Back.
3. And he was in pain.
4. The pain in his hand.
5. A shield to the pain.
6. Pain shot up his arm.
7. Q: It is full of pain.
8. It is fear, not pain.
9. I have seen your pain.
10. The pain and fear of.
11. He winced at the pain.
12. The pain is within me.
13. He gave a yell of pain.
14. A pain in the stomach.
15. I was crying in pain.
16. The pain came in waves.
17. Pain he may know, but.
18. Pain was cast down too.
19. What a pain in the arse.
20. The pain made him winch.
21. Faces screw up in pain.
22. The pain had gone away.
23. He said that the pain.
24. This pain was far worse.
25. This type of pain will.
26. There still was no pain.
27. If I knew the pain and.
28. I am stuck and in pain.
29. The pain alone was real.
30. The pain is too intense.
31. The pain is still there.
33. Not only of pain i sing.
34. Pain is a land of bliss.
35. M: Pain has to be endured.
36. Even in the pain and toil.
37. Siblings were a pain in.
38. Her pain flowed into us.
39. I have memory of the pain.
40. And oh my god - what pain.
41. If there is pain in the.
42. The fear before the pain.
43. Derek yelped at the pain.
44. Not that pain, not again.
45. It'll help heal the pain.
46. What a pain that'll be!.
47. His head throbbed in pain.
48. And the pain of losing her.
49. The pain began to increase.
50. Heat and despair and pain.
51. When the heart is in pain.
52. Jesus was in so much pain.
53. It’s a pain that never.
54. It will avoid the pain of.
55. She would grimace in pain.
56. There will be pain in the.
57. I lived with too much pain.
58. That took care of the pain.
59. A knot of pain pushed its.
60. So much love, so much pain.
61. For those who inflict pain.
62. Be Indifferent to Pain and.
63. He was still in great pain.
64. Sergeant Pain had an opinion.
65. Pain is the constant factor.
66. Pleasure and pain are mere.
67. He felt a pain in his head.
68. The splendour and the pain;.
69. Loosey held his eye in pain.
70. She had put that pain there.
71. Physical pain allows us to.
72. Pain is not a common feature.
73. She was suffering from pain.
74. This can cause a lot of pain.
75. I didn't care about his pain.
76. The pain caused her to moan.
77. You don’t need this pain.
78. Pain in the pit of your soul.
79. Pain began to leave his body.
80. You'll be blinded by the pain.
81. I howled in pain and anguish.
82. The pain subsided, but bits.
83. There will be no pain here.
84. And the pain feels different.
85. The pain may be relieved by.
86. But he did not feel any pain.
87. The pain in his abdomen was.
88. Ish screamed in pain and fell.
89. I was in so much mental pain.
90. Sharon’s Mother was a Pain.
91. The pain in Rory's hand was.
92. It is a source of great pain.
93. He rocked to and fro in pain.
94. Pain in the back of the neck.
95. Pain and agony is what I feel.
96. Life may have its pain,.
97. I heard a yelp of pain,.
98. He was in so much pain,.
99. But why the pain on earth,.
100. Phantom pain, they call it,.

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