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    1. He noticed that he was still clutching the door knob with a straining hand

    2. straining under the covers

    3. amid a wail of ebrased rubber and straining chassis bolts, until, with the hills and the

    4. The feeling of exhilaration after a good thirty minutes straining and sweating and driving your body beyond its customary lethargy becomes addictive

    5. I knelt, tethered, at the end of my chain, straining to hear the sound of a carbine loosing its deathly payload

    6. straining to see the swans as they merge into the melting air

    7. Wiesse would certainly not be amused by that sort of inattentiveness … as a result I find myself watching the path carefully, straining my eyes for any such rut

    8. The Princess began screeching and straining and banging against the quayside

    9. until you can see the flame without straining and without any

    10. Onlookers clung to the rooftops, on window ledges and every available vantage point straining for a better view

    1. But in the long term insects develop resistance to the super-tomatoes, leaving farmers scrambling to find ever newer strains of protective bacteria

    2. Over the public address system there came the first strains of a waltz,

    3. I hold the tureens as he strains the veg over the sink and then carry them through to the lounge as we fill them

    4. Listening to the night-dead creaking of the building and to the faint strains of a television playing further down the hall in the room where the guards brewed our tea and relaxed when not on duty, I wondered again about this friendship

    5. Fifteen is a dangerous time to come into contact with a new set of bacteria either on Earth or here on Errd, and you had no defences against the strains which are common here

    6. and you hear faint strains of music,

    7. On the road down to the harbour with its lights and the village life, the faint strains of bouzouki floated through the air from a shop nearby

    8. It is a long drag out of the town and the gg pulling the wagon strains as it hauls us up the hill

    9. In fact, under the strains of the moment and the inevitable riot of questions and counselling in the immediate aftermath of the alleged attack, they had never even spoken with one another

    10. Across from where I sat one of them flopped onto the bench, breathless, sipping a fizzy diet drink from a can, panting beneath the weight of her robes and fighting in vain to keep her eyes open and to keep her mouth from drooping but her personal enthusiasm cowed before the pressures and the stresses and the strains

    1. " Most women today are juggling a lot of obligations, with few breaks, and feeling the strain

    2. · Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which places added strain on the kidneys and can impair mental function

    3. Strain before use

    4. Strain before use

    5. Strain if you need to

    6. Strain into container

    7. Strain thru gardener’s cheesecloth

    8. However, Yoga practice can be maintained at the same intensity as the nature of exercise is without strain

    9. Bark: Allow bark to dry on sun tray, then grind bark to powder, place in panty hose, tie into ball and add to container of water and allow to soak for 24 hrs, strain through filter

    10. Detaching the tongue is a heavy job by itself, carrying it along while the kedas turn around was a strain for the three of them

    1. Most of these can be made into a decoction, strained and added to water to be sprayed

    2. Big Petey strained all his muscles and then pulled

    3. thread strained and writhed as the inner plastic of the shop-window mannequin

    4. Their relationship became a little strained after that

    5. In profile he had a slightly aquiline nose, slightly ridged in the middle, and I couldn’t help noticing that his shirt strained a little around his mid-riff

    6. I strained at the chain, desperate to try and reach the door

    7. Although Menachem continued to laugh and joke, although he strained so hard to contrive new amusements, the sudden and utter futility of my life was all that I could comprehend

    8. His shoulders hunched a little, his arms strained thinner

    9. ,' her voice was strained, thin and shrill

    10. He strained hard to look at the bowler

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    twist sprain bruise wrench exertion force pressure species ancestry race descent stock extraction family hint trace streak tension stress tauten tighten strive labour try endeavour injure impair tear weaken over-exert refine purify sieve sift filtrate screen percolate

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    song strain straining nisus pains striving tenor air line melodic line melodic phrase melody tune breed stock form var. variant mental strain nervous strain stress tense tense up deform distort reach strive extend puree filter filter out filtrate separate out sieve sift try twist sprain bruise wrench exertion force pressure species ancestry race descent extraction family hint trace streak tension tauten tighten labour endeavour injure impair tear weaken over-exert refine purify screen percolate