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    1. The rest of the body attached to the head appears, followed immediately by another body, of medium height and build, heading for that middle aged paunch induced by a liking for pubs and real ales

    2. Somehow she had expected this Zarko to be older – a plain-looking man with a paunch

    3. paunch had grown another three inches so his pants no longer fit

    4. The coming of the middling years added a slight paunch, which denoted a peaceful and contented life

    5. His complexion has paled, grey hairs and lines have started to appear, and he has developed a paunch

    6. the sixty years I new him to be, his frame trim with only a slight paunch and his features striking

    7. Despite his gaunt and thin face and limbs he had an unnatural paunch to him that spoke of a prolonged affair with drink, and under the skin of his face wove a network of purple and red blood vessels

    8. With his legs crossed and his right arm resting across his paunch while his left hand balled in a fist covered his mouth, Feltus maintained his position without so much as a blink as the affront was delivered and secretly congratulated himself for having ruffled the feathers of this virtuous man who was evidently concerned about this matter coming into the open

    9. Looked to be in pretty good shape, but with a slight paunch

    10. small paunch that was forming

    11. The policeman, a big man with a paunch, immediately walked to Sarah while taking out his baton

    12. Bissell, a man in his fifties with a balding head and a slight paunch, shook hands with the members of the senatorial group before sitting down at the table

    13. his father resting his hands on his paunch

    14. on the priest's paunch

    15. holding his stubby hand over his paunch as if having a heart

    16. His paunch was pressed up against her abdomen and she could feel his breath on her face

    17. a good-size middle-aged paunch now and was losing his hair

    18. Across the aisle, appears to be a man in his mid-forties: bald with glasses, paunch hanging over his seat belt, blue button up the front shirt and dark slacks

    19. A burly customs official with the beginning of a paunch and a heroic moustache climbed on board and flashed a torch around

    20. It was Gerald Fife, dressed in his usual relaxed-fit jeans and silk shirt that did nothing to hide his middle-aged paunch or create the desired effect of borrowed youth

    21. Euclid’s paunch shook with his activity

    22. as active as a terrier despite his paunch

    23. At the end of three years I had become more proficient in all these areas and had also grown to two hundred and fifteen pound with a paunch that I had to haul back over my belt and jowls which Marlon Brando would have died for in his role as the Mafia Don

    24. My paunch attests to this

    25. conscious of his paunch

    26. Nor had Sancho any other care (now that he fancied he was travelling in a safe quarter) than to satisfy his appetite with such remains as were left of the clerical spoils, and so he marched behind his master laden with what Dapple used to carry, emptying the sack and packing his paunch, and so long as he could go that way, he would not have given a farthing to meet with another adventure

    27. Seeing, however, that, absorbed in thought, he was forgetting to carry the bread to his mouth, he said never a word, and trampling every sort of good breeding under foot, began to stow away in his paunch the bread and cheese that came to his hand

    28. He’s lost his satisfied-asshole paunch over the last month: His belly is gone, the fleshiness of his face has vanished, his chin is less clefty

    29. As my paunch grew, it became the source of nearly as much angst as the recession of my hairline

    30. The man’s hair had receded to a thin fringe at the back of his skull, and though the life of a soldier wasn’t one of ease, he still had a comfortable paunch on him

    31. Kutuzov sat up with one leg hanging down from the bed and his big paunch resting against the other which was doubled under him

    32. Then it came into my mind how, when a child, I used to look at the common people who formed a compact mass at the door, and how they would step back in a servile way before some important epauletted fellow, or some nobleman with a big paunch, some lady splendidly dressed and of high devotion who, in a hurry to get at the front benches, and ready for a row if there was any difficulty as to their being honoured with the best of places

    33. Tarás the Paunch, too, earned much money,—and married a merchant woman

    34. Tarás the Paunch had not calculated right, and so he ran away from his debts and came to his father's

    35. So Tarás the Paunch said:

    36. No sooner had Semén the Warrior left, than Tarás the Paunch came

    37. Tarás the Paunch gathered a whole wagon-load of money, and went away to trade with it

    38. And Tarás the Paunch said:

    39. The old devil changed into a clean-looking gentleman, and went to live in Iván's kingdom: he wished to get at him by means of money, as he had done with Tarás the Paunch

    40. Kutúzov sat up with one leg hanging down from the bed and his big paunch resting against the other which was doubled under him

    41. He was a shriveled little object, slight, bony, crooked and hideous, with a monstrous head and round eyes, a bald skull, a flat nose, a mouth from ear to ear, and a little jutting paunch that looked like a sack

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