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    1. Jorma took the cook pot she'd mixed the batter in to the lake to wash out

    2. Pour boiling water on to the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds and place in a cooking pot or container with a lid

    3. You can spray the solution directly on the spiders or you can bathe (place) the entire plant, pot and all into warm water with a dash of Dr

    4. On top of this place either a pretty rock or a nice clay pot to cover it, or simply mulch over, remembering where it is

    5. Dacreea is the cook on Morningdays and she usually does a variety of zhlindu rolls and a pot of a pretty good diddle

    6. ‘Have you lived here long, Stephen?’ I asked, dipping my brush carefully into the pot so that I don’t do what my father always said was the worst crime of all – coating the entirety of the bristles in paint

    7. door, and a very bald and tattered grey felt mouse lying by a pot rack next to the

    8. ‘I can’t compete … I’ve got saggy rings under my eyes, my figure has gone to pot and my hair is going grey

    9. After a thoroughly enjoyable half hour, debating the relative merits of the various plants on offer, I decide to buy a rather nice little Areca palm … small and neat … just right for the middle of the table; I splash out on a pretty pot to stand it in – my reward for having made a good start at The Laurels

    10. Something else I remember is him making glue … he had a little metal pot which he heated and melted the stuff in, no idea what went into it

    1. As soon as they were out onto the plaza atop that building, Yorthops turned east toward the basin and went to the far end and found a table among the lush pots of mushroom ferns they had in the corner

    2. Dead plants stand, dry and brown, in pots near a window

    3. All the stuff has been packed up in boxes now – thank you, off licence! The pots in the garden will have to wait for the man with the van

    4. She set candles and pots of potpourri about upstairs to put some scent into the air

    5. collections of burned out pots and pans

    6. As he made his way through the darkness he kicked various buckets, pots and pans that had been left strategically placed to deal with the many leaks that the roof had sprung during so many years of neglect

    7. stood on a kitchen chair and washed all of the pots

    8. notice that you were looking at the pots, and

    9. ’ Billy said, surveying the room as though seeing it freshly, measuring it in terms of pots of paint and man hours wielding a paintbrush

    10. He had five little pots, she got hers with orange spiced flaked whitefish, while Althart the White took the black darter in purple lon shreds

    1. any harm in a little potted history

    2. There couldn’t be any harm in a little potted history

    3. potted plants placed on the window sill of your

    4. Several potted plastic plants filled in the gaps amongst fresh jasmine trailing round the room from every hook and pin

    5. Karen’s sitting in the shade of a potted palm, leafing through one of the multi-coloured brochures which litter the low tables in our reception area

    6. The little dog cocked his leg and urinated against a large potted aspidistra before turning to the old man and saying, "That's five thousand Bonios you owe me

    7. I give him a potted version of the conversation I just had with Katie

    8. A phone number and contact details scrolled along the bottom of the screen as the presenter went on to describe the bird sanctuary, giving a potted history of the Arlosh Warbler and interviewing the obviously irate chairman of the sanctuary committee who waffled on about desecration of protected sites and the like

    9. potted dandelion and shows it to the Fixer, “Is it a weed or

    10. In the corner of the front lobby, Aspen exhaled as she came from behind a potted fig tree in the corner

    1. Shelagh continued with her potting

    2. And he came out of his potting shed to find Minty Pinter, the tinker, running up his pathway

    3. I patted down the soil on top, like a little old lady potting her magnolias, then I drove home and had a shower

    4. three foot wide hole and fill it with your potting soil and ash

    5. Robert was entranced by the seed collection, the clutter of the shade-house and potting shed, the creative disorder of the painting studio - a light-filled room attached to the workshop, the huge python draped in somnolent loops under the supports of the shed’s rainwater tank, and the overflowing garden

    6. The gardener was in the potting shed

    7. ‘I was potting plants in the greenhouse,’ said Mr Tower, with his distinctive West Country burr

    8. How many loony English speaking people chose to holiday in a place like this and just happened across his threshold in the hope that they could spend the night in a rotting potting shed

    9. Add some potting soil in the end of the hosiery on top of the seeds

    10. Denis Hood made another, rather desultory attempt at potting a ball, which hit several cushions before finally coming to rest on the green baize as far from a pocket as it had started

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