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    1. “I’m just curious,” said the little ant, peering out from below a piece of what was once a caterpillar

    2. Onidas sunk to his knees, peering over the gorge Vald had carved out with his blade and was now bleeding into

    3. We don’t know what to expect down there,” Johnny said as he held out his hand protectively while peering into the darkness of the descending stairs

    4. The Garda took the small laminated card and held it far away from his eyes, peering, as though at a mystery

    5. recognised you as soon as I saw you peering in at the front gate

    6. He grinned as he caught her peering at some of the dials

    7. At peace for the first time in days, she sat watching the land slowly passing by; ducks dabbled in and out of the reed beds bordering the river and here and there she spotted the long legged herons, poised like statues peering at the water intently as though hypnotising their prey

    8. Peering through the bushes,

    9. peering out of primary coloured plastic Wendy Houses,

    10. She was sitting on one of the big chairs peering thru the shutters at the storm outside when he returned

    1. “That’s no fun,” he replied as he peered into the building

    2. Scar peered intently at the gibberish on the monitor, trying to make sense of the words and numbers appearing and disappearing in rapid procession

    3. They stopped at the edge and peered out

    4. Ackers turned away from the paper boy and peered into the house

    5. " Her large eyes peered over the wide brim of her coffee cup

    6. I peered in at the batter

    7. How do you get rid of those? She peered at the keyboard frantically reading the, to her, incomprehensible words

    8. ‘Hmmm …’ the Inspector peered at the notebook in his hand as if looking for inspiration there

    9. The diabolic driver of the Aston Martin pulled up alongside the Metro and peered through the passenger window at the wreck of a car parked on the hard shoulder

    10. We perched on purple plastic chairs and peered through the spaces in the flooring at the shags and ravens flying through the air below us

    1. It takes a moment before Seamus peers over the upstairs balcony

    2. Dave peers at the distant mountains

    3. A bit shocked, Al Snafu peers with concern at John, trying to remember where they might have met

    4. Ricci peers in at John, glances at the moonshine in the backseat

    5. The prosecutor peers over at John

    6. encourage their male peers when they are preparing and participating in various services of the church

    7. Apollo immediately peers into the other room looking for the girl, but there is no sign of anyone

    8. Apollo immediately peers into the other room looking for the girl, but there is no sign of anyone

    9. Drens appears at my side, he peers over the side with us

    10. Ken found company difficult, preferring the routines of parenthood, work and horticulture to the efforts and strains inherent in the pursuit of conviviality and social exchange with his peers

    1. I peer round trying to see out of the window

    2. As he got closer, he had to be even more silent or they would hear him and peer intently in his direction again

    3. Images spring up in my memory: the face of the woman at the wayhouse mourning her grandchild … that sad mound beside the wasteg … too many have died already … the sigh that accompanies those thoughts is so heavy that Sefir turns her head to peer at me

    4. of a slowly moving car, we peer out,

    5. Standing between Betta and Gilla, I peer around the building, taking in the ornately robed High Guild members, including Wiesse looking splendid in his robes as Speaker

    6. I'd act like a kid and ask for things and giggle or try to peer into her soul through intense eye contact, with a look that said you are the reason I am like this

    7. Daniel leaned over Jake to peer below

    8. We don’t often get cars up here … I peer out of the window to see who it is

    9. They simply started smoking due to peer pressure and just can't quit

    10. as he was about to peer around the door frame to see what or who

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