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Frasi con peer (in inglese)

  1. To peer into the future tries.
  2. He opened one eye to peer at.
  3. Curiously, we peer into the pen.
  4. He went out to peer into the sky.
  5. Peer pressure put an end to that.

  6. He looks at me like I’m a peer.
  7. And peer through the hazy clearing.
  8. He eases the door open to peer out.
  9. He speaks to me like I’m a peer.
  10. Derek ran to the window to peer out.
  11. Cass opens it part way to peer out.
  12. I crack open an eye and peer at him.
  13. He was also immune to peer pressure.
  14. Out of the window of the soul I peer.
  15. Tis a wonderful thing, peer pressure.

  16. I wasn’t a peer, as LD and ZJ were.
  17. Daniel leaned over Jake to peer below.
  18. I peer over the fallen guard’s back.
  19. She tried to peer through the bushes.
  20. I peer out the barred window in my room.
  21. I could not peer into the future, the.
  22. Year after year, they would peer over.
  23. And thy sage author stand without a peer.
  24. Figures wander, lurk, peer from warrens.
  25. I peer at the crates—they hold apples.

  26. But what peer reviews? Tammas asked.
  27. They peer off towards the north, as Alec.
  28. Maybe the peer group thing isn’t such a.
  29. I peer round trying to see out of the window.
  30. Using the rich robber barons to peer through.
  31. He went over to peer in the sink, which upon.
  32. One example I know about, is of a peer (in a.
  33. He climbed a rock to peer into the water for.
  34. Reed came to peer over her shoulder and groaned.
  35. Then the boy jerked his head to peer inland—.
  36. Kevin stopped to peer inside one of the cubicles.
  37. Baby began to peer at Tom with greater intensity.
  38. As a force of pure evil he had no peer in Europe.
  39. Black rose as if to move under the tree and peer up.
  40. Correct, and Peer Pressure was rampant--I mean, how.
  41. Abruptly, he swung his head to peer down the hallway.
  42. Thankfully, he cloistered himself from the peer and.
  43. Peer reviews of a paper I wrote a few years back.
  44. Connie turned around to peer out the rear window, to.
  45. As a publisher—and an editor—she is without peer.
  46. It was easy to spot, and he swam closer to peer at it.
  47. At first, I conjured up the courage to peer out of my.
  48. Peer evaluations and prestige are related to physical.
  49. I crossed the living room area to peer into the bedroom.
  50. He was a mathematician and physicist without peer and.
  51. Penn laughed lightly, and lifted his head to peer over.
  52. I peer at him with pain-blurred eyes and whisper, No.
  53. With no privacy whatsoever, the peer pressure would be.
  54. Tammas told her the story as he led the way down the peer.
  55. Only Books had the sense to peer uncertainly at Amaranthe.
  56. They were copying the highest peer examples they could see.
  57. Regan made only a token attempt to peer over his shoulder.
  58. Who’s that? I asked, turning to peer into the gloom.
  59. I forced myself to turn my head and to peer into the black.
  60. Mandy, I want you to peer through that window over there.
  61. Great heads with green, multi-faceted eyes peer down at her.
  62. As I peer up at him, I commit his beautiful profile to memory.
  63. Peer - Learning is one of the techniques that is frequently.
  64. Peer approval had never meant much of anything to the Big Man.
  65. Hillary? Hillary is that you? Something seemed to peer.
  66. What the hell? I made my way to the window to peer outside.
  67. He stopped for a moment to peer closely at the concave surfaces.
  68. I have never understood what peer pressure does to oth-er people.
  69. I hear a yell, and peer around the crowd to see where it came from.
  70. Whittinghill says they have a peer group at the high school that.
  71. Steve thanked his peer one last time and shut the door behind him.
  72. They simply started smoking due to peer pressure and just can't quit.
  73. Lorna heard a rustling close by and tried to peer through the gloom.
  74. Amaranthe paused at a window to peer both directions down the street.
  75. Expanded peer review would be by medically trained professionals who.
  76. Did our ancestors take the last peer example of the cheetah to heart.
  77. Expanded peer review committees would be in every area in the country.
  78. Knowing that today would require the ability to peer into the future.
  79. The best way to avoid peer pressure is to pick your peers with care.
  80. I peer through the binoculars and watch the helicopters circling afar.
  81. Hundreds of people came into the lab to ask questions and peer around.
  82. He took my shoulders and moved me out of the way in order to peer down.
  83. He rubbed the skin there, and raised his hand to peer at his fingertips.
  84. I no longer had to peer longingly at the bungalow through a broken slat.
  85. Pay the salaries and staff of the expanded peer review committees (see.
  86. At 1143 Allan began to lean forward and peer out of the nose of the ship.
  87. He doesn’t peer into your mouth—it’s your mind he’s interested in.
  88. She tried to peer around me to spot the bus with its forty-two passengers.
  89. Peer assessment feedback includes quantitative and qualitative information.
  90. Those of us who still were able climbed the masts to peer across the waves.
  91. I rejected my desire to peer up and study the possible outcomes of his room.
  92. Chat with a peer advocate who is trained and ready to answer your questions.
  93. She raised her head to peer over the table’s edge, and scanned the street.
  94. From his peer group, he learnt that a man has to be man and avoid emotions.
  95. The Mechanic rushed to the window to peer out through a slit between posters.
  96. After passing the multi-car garage, Paul proceeded to peer inside the bedrooms.
  97. On accepting the position my peer and colleague Dan van Onselen said to me 'I.
  98. The Patriarch replied in a candid way, as if exchanging opinions with a peer:.
  99. However, the peer groups used are often in completely unrelated business lines.
  100. Carolyn was unable to peer through the mirror and so carefully pushed her head.
  1. Peering into the Duat, I.
  2. Peering ahead and to their.
  3. Wade, peering from mighty sob.
  4. Peering out from the edge of.
  5. Peering over the counter, she.
  6. Peering ahead, cold fear returned.
  7. So he waited, peering into empty sky.
  8. He could see Ben peering over the edge.
  9. He was peering into Johnny's limp face.
  10. We all crowded about him peering at it.
  11. Winterbottom, peering over the counter.
  12. Peering at all living things below them.
  13. He was peering intently at the boat as we.
  14. Uh oh, she said, peering at the chart.
  15. Werner lifts the flaps of boxes, peering in.
  16. This is so wrong, he said, peering in.
  17. Peering through the hordes of onto his back.
  18. Ashi had been peering out from under the bed.
  19. But then, peering through the cracks of my.
  20. He squinted closer, peering at the curious.
  21. He shrugged without so much as peering at her.
  22. Peering after him, Hazel could at first see.
  23. Gaspar looked around, peering into the shadows.
  24. Peering out the cabin window I could see into.
  25. There was a face peering out every port on the.
  26. The what? Gazzy asked, peering at the menu.
  27. Little Miss Precious saw me peering into her crib.
  28. Peering out the window, she searched for a way out.
  29. But continued peering the closed book, distracted.
  30. They stood peering up the stairs into the darkness.
  31. Peering round the doorframe she glanced at the bed.
  32. Peering outside, Darek saw his pursuers in the hall.
  33. Hallen, he beckoned, peering into the greyness.
  34. I turned around suddenly, peering into Levi’s eyes.
  35. He stood up, peering about the cave in bewilderment.
  36. I was resting on a thick branch peering down at my.
  37. Robbie appeared, peering around his mom’s shoulder.
  38. He stopped, peering around in all directions intently.
  39. He pointed to two faces peering in round the doorframe.
  40. Deon stopped, peering around the hull of the next boat.
  41. Still peering through the knothole, Edwin clucked again.
  42. Peering into the pit, Casey threw a hand over her mouth.
  43. Who is it? Sierra said, peering around the corner.
  44. Undecided, he went back to the central point, peering.
  45. Peering across at Coreema, feelings for her were strong.
  46. Peering into the forest, we can see it less than 15 ft.
  47. Peering around a rack of old crates I took in the scene.
  48. He stopped and looked up, peering at me with steady eyes.
  49. I was now on the roof of a mansion peering down at the.
  50. Peering in the same direction as him Hadarah saw nothing.
  51. He grinned as he caught her peering at some of the dials.
  52. Uhhhh! Great, peering behind I stubbed a toe and tripped.
  53. Peering into the dark liquid she saw her reflection there.
  54. He adjusted the zoom, peering backwards into the digital.
  55. Peering through the binoculars, Mick could see the shaped.
  56. I’m not so sure of that, Penn said, peering at the.
  57. Doug paused, peering at Murphy’s rigid back and shoulders.
  58. Peering into the blackness, I called out, "Where are you?".
  59. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, peering out of the window.
  60. Mattie? Is that you? she said, peering across the room.
  61. He flicked on the switch while peering in with the flashlight.
  62. His second body stood atop that same formation, peering down.
  63. Darcy, peering down from her perch, called back to the others.
  64. We stood around and chatted, peering through binoculars, the.
  65. As we stood there, peering down at an attending police car, a.
  66. Darek! Slade was outside the house, peering through the.
  67. Peering down at her, he wondered about her power, her strength.
  68. What else would I mean? she said, peering into the scope.
  69. Red XIII, peering thoughtfully into the distance, but I have.
  70. I’m jammed, she called, peering into the gloom before her.
  71. Up ahead, there’s an old man peering into the window of a shop.
  72. At the doorway he halted, Natala peering fearfully from behind him.
  73. Koreans staring at him through the door and the other two peering.
  74. He catches a glimpse of someone peering in through the bay window.
  75. Clara said peering off into the rolling waves of grain toward her.
  76. They stopped, peering in a half-frightened way through the darkness.
  77. He stooped and squinted, peering into the shadows amongst the brush.
  78. A soldier was peering into the gatehouse and tried the locked door.
  79. Peering through the blades of grass round his head, big as himself.
  80. Ed Vance was peering quietly through cigarette smoke and tall brush.
  81. As I suspected, he announced, after peering inside the Machine.
  82. Peering into the dimly lit room, he saw Midge standing near the bed.
  83. She just shrugged her shoulders and continued peering into my chest.
  84. He moved his right hand and was quickly peering into the front room.
  85. She scrambled back to the center of the room, peering every which way.
  86. This is more like it! said Catrin, peering ahead into the gloom.
  87. Are they gone? she said peering uncertainly around the shelving.
  88. Stone I have to find anyway? Peering round, And where is it?
  89. Peering at Franklin's X-rays, the orthopedic doc expressed skepticism.
  90. Near dark, a ceorlisc woman crept into their encampment, peering round.
  91. Peering through the hallway, he peeked into the large room on the main.
  92. His face twisted, and I knew his thoughts without peering into his head.
  93. The miller's wee Cassie stood there, peering at him out of the darkness.
  94. Peering down at Amori his brow knitted, he had woken her up on purpose.
  95. Peering over the edge, Ravan could not make out the bottom of the cliff.
  96. Ingrid looked over her shoulder to find him peering in through the hole.
  97. Peering again, around the corner, a little farther, leaning out an inch.
  98. Peering through thick leaves, Hanor could see the sizeable bush on the.
  99. She took a deep breath and edged the door open a crack, peering through.
  100. After a few further seconds of peering, Bryony realised it was a chicken.
  1. Hal peered into the fog.
  2. He peered down at the.
  3. The woman peered at her.
  4. He peered into her eyes.
  5. Donna peered over to Mrs.
  6. He peered into the cell.
  7. He peered hard at Travis.
  8. As soon as I peered at.
  9. Faces peered down at him.
  10. I peered at him intently.
  11. Hrun peered up at the sky.
  12. A blood shot eye peered.
  13. He peered down the hatch.
  14. He peered into the next.
  15. He peered over the panel.
  16. Sandy peered out at them.
  17. He peered up at Lil’ B.
  18. I peered in at the batter.
  19. They peered at the screen.
  20. Timulty peered close at me.
  21. He peered but saw nothing.
  22. I peered at the caller ID.
  23. Hubris peered into the box.
  24. The judge peered at Harald.
  25. He peered for the islands.
  26. I peered deep into the gap.
  27. Ailia peered into the stew.
  28. I peered at him, surprised.
  29. I peered around the corner.
  30. Zach peered over the hedge.
  31. At noon, Mr Terle peered in.
  32. Bradshaw peered at the card.
  33. Pío peered intently at her.
  34. Moshe peered into the now.
  35. He peered over to look too.
  36. From the balcony I peered.
  37. Smitty peered into the room.
  38. He had peered out from the.
  39. She peered into a classroom.
  40. McCoy peered at the markers.
  41. It peered at the lighthouse.
  42. Lily peered over the railing.
  43. Suzy peered in the eyepieces.
  44. He peered through the smoke.
  45. Jartis peered out the window.
  46. His face peered back at him.
  47. He peered at the store names.
  48. He peered with one eye down.
  49. She peered around the corner.
  50. Conan peered behind the couch.
  51. She peered closely at the map.
  52. Alistair peered into her eyes.
  53. Father peered into the truck.
  54. John peered through the door.
  55. Guy peered over his shoulder.
  56. They peered into the harbor.
  57. He peered confusedly at the.
  58. They peered into the darkness.
  59. Both peered in that direction.
  60. Matthew peered at him intently.
  61. Jason peered into the darkness.
  62. I peered up into his dark eyes.
  63. I peered into the sarcophagus.
  64. They both peered at the screen.
  65. The mate peered into the gloom.
  66. His tiny eyes peered into the.
  67. He eased back and peered into.
  68. She peered into the cave, but.
  69. A man peered out into the night.
  70. He peered to look at the wound.
  71. Stan peered out of the window.
  72. The Cuban peered at the picture.
  73. Randy peered down the corridor.
  74. He peered through a hole in it.
  75. Ingrid peered at her reflection.
  76. She only peered at him, waiting.
  77. He peered into the dark opening.
  78. She squatted down and peered in.
  79. He then peered into the windows.
  80. She peered out of the cab window.
  81. He peered over the edge of the.
  82. Janet peered at the butcher paper.
  83. Venkat peered at the blurry image.
  84. She peered at me over her glasses.
  85. The three young men peered inside.
  86. She peered intently into his face.
  87. Then I peered closer and exhaled.
  88. He peered out to where Sound stood.
  89. Painfully he peered into the hall.
  90. Kandras peered down into the scope.
  91. He peered warily around the corner.
  92. He peered at me, and peered again.
  93. Rincewind peered over his shoulder.
  94. Rose peered out into the darkness.
  95. He peered at the sparkling liquid.
  96. He peered around through the night.
  97. Nyla peered through the thick trees.
  98. He opened the hatch and peered out.
  99. He peered over the canyon and was.
  100. Swallowing hard, I peered around me.
  1. One of my homeless peers, T.
  2. She Peers Into The Branches.
  3. Few of her peers have met Mr.
  4. How do I go back? Face my peers.
  5. Peers out of the window to watch.
  6. The prosecutor peers over at John.
  7. Then he peers at me more closely.
  8. Peers into the old clothes inside.
  9. For most of his Vulcan peers, his.
  10. Dave peers at the distant mountains.
  11. The examiner peers at his stopwatch.
  12. Whittinghill peers over his glasses.
  13. Dr JJ Russoo peers suspiciously at me.
  14. The nocturnal rat peers from his hole.
  15. The assistant director peers into his tea.
  16. Her peers helped accelerate her learning.
  17. He slowly lowers the shield and peers out.
  18. Werner unscrews the backing and peers inside.
  19. A jury of her peers might’ve heard enough.
  20. Engage with industry peers and thought leaders.
  21. Even his own peers were famous: but he was not.
  22. He can negotiate expertly on behalf of his peers.
  23. Peers: History of the Romantic Movement in Spain.
  24. He edges forward slowly and peers into the gloom.
  25. And years passed and Lorila’s other peers grew.
  26. The beast pivots its head and peers down at Raiden.
  27. I speak with my peers from all regions of the.
  28. Able to communicate online, ofline and with peers.
  29. She pushes the bullet chamber open and peers inside.
  30. Young people care more about what their peers think.
  31. She slightly peers over from her seated position and.
  32. They are influenced by peers more than they are brands.
  33. Women became mothers and wives and daughters and peers.
  34. This is what counts: material equality among one's peers.
  35. Picking it up, he peers inside and the scowl intensifies.
  36. Drens appears at my side, he peers over the side with us.
  37. But his peers would be informed by his reporting as well.
  38. Much as same-sex peers enforce the emphasis on physical.
  40. One coughed a couple times as she followed with her peers.
  41. Outranked by many of his peers in the inner circle, Dieter.
  42. He leans forward and peers at me through his reading glasses.
  43. The beekeeper opens the lower part of the hive and peers in.
  44. She’d always considered herself more mature than her peers.
  45. She peers around the corner; all the candles are extinguished.
  46. Kurt, if you want to sit with your peers, then be my guest.
  47. I was not allowed to interact with my peers past school hours.
  48. After all, this situation was not new to her: Simon’s peers.
  49. It takes a moment before Seamus peers over the upstairs balcony.
  50. Here is the code that fires up a connection to several peers:.
  51. THERE THEY SAT, three White Raiders facing a jury of their peers.
  52. All the very best to all my peers who are celebrating this an-.
  53. Ricci peers in at John, glances at the moonshine in the backseat.
  54. I’m not sure I would want to share my troubles with peers in a.
  55. But you can see your colleagues and peers climbing the ladder of.
  56. The connoisseur peers along the exhibition-gallery with half-shut.
  57. Such conduct would simply not be tolerated by her peers back home.
  58. Near the end of our time together, I asked her who her peers were.
  59. For females, the judgments of peers are clearly organized around.
  60. He hurries downstairs and peers out the kitchen door into the alley.
  61. Love peers into the world mirror and sees not itself, but the other.
  62. Emotionally and socially his peers already seemed like old men –.
  63. The Gooch stomps to the windows and peers through a gap between signs.
  64. He now calls himself the Count of Morcerf, and ranks among the peers.
  65. The best way to avoid peer pressure is to pick your peers with care.
  66. Billy walks over to the doors and peers in through one of the windows.
  67. Lotte peered into the Witch Door as one peers down a deep, lonely well.
  68. They may enjoy dancing and spending time with peers in their hometown.
  69. I was blessed to have peers that I fondly called friends and totally.
  70. In the Americasthat speak Castilian, Olmedo has only two peers among.
  71. The writers of the gospels are our peers rather than our ‘fathers’.
  72. So was that a jab at me or your peers? Nicole asked embarrassedly.
  73. Many of my peers had failed a fundamental human task over our years at.
  74. Being put down in front of your peers leaves a deep, hard-to-heal wound.
  75. They wanted to melt into the background and become one with their peers.
  76. Cass’ head peers over-top the crowd and sees where he’ll set his trap.
  77. Gavin's peers Nicole hurried to correct her mistake; Oh no, not at all.
  78. Bella peers at me over Luke's shoulder as we head out of the living room.
  79. And trust me, everyone of your peers on Cardassia knows what I have taken.
  80. The judge said, Now you have been listening to your peers, on both teams.
  81. It must be very early … she peers at her watch … yes, it’s not yet six.
  82. I jest not! I grew up always being towered head and shoulders by my peers.
  83. He had been convicted by a panel of his peers and been transferred to the DB.
  84. Your husband was found guilty on the evidence offered to a jury of his peers.
  85. I have spoken with peers who find sexual restriction unbelievably antiquated.
  86. Following the example of our peers: because aristocrats ate whitewashed food.
  87. But he was betrayed, envied, and hated for it; by all of his peers in Athens.
  88. But the Americans were not as stupid as their English Peers were 150 yeas ago.
  89. She waits until the Necro finally peers down into the hole and fires one shot.
  90. Their performance will look puny when compared to their growth-oriented peers.
  91. No one wants to be shunned by his or her peers, and as a means of prevention, I.
  92. Most impressive of all was how speedily he’d achieved notoriety among his peers.
  93. Lord Southerton! One of the richest peers in England! I could not believe my ears.
  94. Overspending while with a group of friends or peers are all too common these days.
  95. He has overperformed since his start at SMB relative to his experience and peers.
  96. It was all about boosting her status in front of her peers, and massaging her ego.
  97. They will not be ruled by their peers: the freedom of the individual is paramount.
  98. Never in heaven’s extended history had any Devata been put to death by his peers.
  99. We have scientists conducting advanced research who are years ahead of their peers.
  100. When a person is a great friend with a large circle of industry peers, it helps to.

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