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    1. Recent Memory Loss that Affects Job Performance

    2. While the above advantages are bound to result in better average performance of the investments, it must be clearly understood that this can neither compete with abnormal appreciation of a few shares nor escape the effect of a bearish market when share prices are lower than their purchase price

    3. You should exit a fund when you need money or the funds performance does not satisfy you or when you want to modify the portfolio distribution

    4. The most important thing is the long-term performance record

    5. You should look for funds that have a good performance record over the long-term

    6. They’ve been given complimentaries for this performance

    7. ‘I’ll be along to sit with you for the performance though, Kate

    8. The ache in my guts still rankled but I had no desire for a repeat performance

    9. "Where's the lawn ornaments?" he asked, pointing with his chin at the performance pad

    10. There is also a budding industry making musical instruments growing up in the area around the Performance Hall

    11. and after the second performance of the Cobra relax before you

    12. ' He sighed a sad smile, indicating his remarkable performance was complete, and I watched the lady disappear inside the windmill

    13. ’ He replied as I nearly burst with pride at my gg’s performance

    14. ‘Yes, she was, wasn’t she?’ Alastair interposed, waving his fork for emphasis, ‘That aria at the end of the first act, you know … the one when you finished in tears … it got me every bloody performance! How you coped with the emotional blast I do not know

    15. That stops me dead in my tracks, Alastair has never, but never, told me how my performance affects him – technically, yes, personally, never

    16. All across the land hopeful suitors practiced their funniest party turns and their most amazing performance art works in the hope of winning the princess’ hand in marriage

    17. The men of the countryside bring tribute and watch a little performance, but mainly they offer tribute in exchange for an encounter with the temple girls in the holy sacrament of sexual union

    18. ‘The standard of performance was pretty high – we had some really talented girls

    19. She stood before the mirror for a moment and tried to psyche herself up to performance level

    20. He had watched, months before, as the boy and his father spent weeks rowing around the lake, which had culminated in the amazing display of gymnastic prowess before his own eyes as sole witness to the performance down on the little boat dock

    21. ” The Sportsman defended himself, “While on holiday in Scotland, I was offered a go with one rod of Livingson's construction, by a British gentleman who boasted of its unparalleled performance

    22. and encouragement according to some internal performance scale that

    23. They had wandered by a performance after dinner, some of the men in both the troops were quite built, although he thought the women on the losing team were actually prettier

    24. Billy is drawn back from the performance starting in his head by the sound of Carol's voice

    25. This was well, as the Spelman's were to attend a theater performance at the Madison Square Theater that evening, but Mr

    26. In a moment's pause, during which they might hope for the performance to continue, it was finally recognized for the end it was, and a wave of applause and genuine pleasure sounded through the room like a clap of thunder as it washed back upon Kaitlyn and her father

    27. Spelman simply, still delighted in his daughter's performance

    28. “As you can see, Kaitlyn was quite convincing when she insisted that she pursue public performance

    29. Roman would help me, but even he was surprised at my recent performance

    30. “Nonsense, I wasn't even the most vocal in praise of your performance on the Britainic

    31. Harry simply said, “Tada!” and they all laughed at their impressive performance

    32. She’d actually measured performance by holes in the sole of shoes

    33. Miss Sarah Bunker volunteered to sponsor the Theater Society on the condition that her students would be instrumental in any productions set for performance

    34. While thousands of miles away, Harry was finishing his penultimate term at Malvern, the Village Players readied for their opening night performance

    35. For everyone who later recalled the pleasure of being in the audience upon that first performance was ever after given the respect afforded a minor celebrity; to recollect for their listeners the excitement and the thrill of being present at the very beginning of what became a beloved tradition of the little village on the Tahoe

    36. At the following rehearsal, before the next weekly performance, Kaitlyn broached the subject to the Players, of how to dispose of the receipts from each engagement

    37. Kaitlyn reminded them of last minute changes for the next performance and walked home

    38. Roman was moved into the starting rotation because of his performance in

    39. What was the meaning behind the message on the screen ‘Engine performance within normal parameters?’ It had been on since he took over the aeroplane

    40. As the performance progressed, I felt more and more

    41. The performance of this horrid office is even said to be the avowed business by which some people earn their subsistence

    42. When the law does not enforce the performance of contracts, it puts all borrowers nearly upon the same footing with bankrupts, or people of doubtful credit, in better regulated countries

    43. Among the barbarous nations who overran the western provinces of the Roman empire, the performance of contracts was left for many ages to the faith of the contracting parties

    44. Inwardly Brice could sense she was bursting with glee not only because of the trick she played on Tetloan, but also from anticipation, fully expecting to awe the crowd and her instructors with her performance

    45. A few good books and advice can guide them in their quest for more happiness and better performance

    46. Are you satisfied or not with your performance? Make the point and face the reality without undue emotion

    47. To them, success, happiness and performance are synonyms

    48. The ultimate measure used to rate your performance refers essentially to the efforts devoted to complete your task and takes into account the talents you were afforded when you were born

    49. The customs of merchants, which were established when the barbarous laws of Europe did not enforce the performance of their contracts, and which, during the course of the two last centuries, have been adopted into the laws of all European nations, have given such extraordinary privileges to bills of exchange, that money is more readily advanced upon them than upon any other species of obligation; especially when they are made payable within so short a period as two or three months after their date

    50. We both bowed after the performance while Shreya looked on

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    performance carrying into action carrying out execution public presentation functioning operation act appearance exhibition production presentation offering entertainment achievement attainment completion realisation realization fulfilment fruition