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    1. can see how the sales and the production lines work and I know everything there is to know about your business

    2. As women age, hormonal production diminishes and this can indirectly contribute to discomfort

    3. A significant drop in the production of the hormone estrogen brings on menopause

    4. With menopause, ovulation (the production and release of eggs), menstruation and fertility end

    5. Chewing food well in the mouth is vital to generate saliva, which in turn stimulates the production of digestive enzymes in the stomach

    6. Saliva production also reduces causing dry mouth and difficult mastication and swallowing

    7. · Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly to increase saliva production

    8. 'When was it last used for a production, Doreen?'

    9. Furthermore, consider the environmental pollution associated with their production, transport and consumer use

    10. They used the ocean’s largesse to increase their production along with using animal manure (of which they had a lot), which formed the basis for their agricultural production up until the chemical revolution in the early 1900’s

    11. Compost Production: Using rock dust in compost production increases its energy level by adding minerals, and increasing the activity of bacteria

    12. production with this new

    13. We were shown all the production processes of their exclusive lamps:

    14. The full scale fabricator was now in production and the panic over switching that in was over

    15. Once the bussard drive was only a matter of time, no one launched anything for thirty years while they waited for a reliable bussard to go into production

    16. Talstan, and all Angels everywhere, could not allow that virus to go into production

    17. All the while Brazil marched doggedly ahead putting genetic formulas from the Kassikan into production for use on human beings

    18. Al-Harron was launched in 2374 as soon as Brasil began production of Satan's virus

    19. Our operatives in Brazil say they the Kassikan sent the code to that virus also during the period of radio contact and Brazil was close to putting that into production

    20. that the spy circuit was doing something that fixed a fundamental bug in the mask that was used in the production of the fabrication machinery

    21. As we munch our way through our slices of cake, Nick explains that the Troubadours won’t be meeting again until the New Year when we’ll start looking at the Easter production

    22. ‘We’ve got half a dozen local companies who’ve funded the production in one way or another

    23. When I tell her I earn no more than 160,000 drachmas per month, she looks at me scornfully and says: “You work in the production department, I work in the sales department -that's the difference! There is only one kind of work that's worth the while today, and this is sales!” she concludes triumphantly

    24. that fires the engines of production, commanding

    25. For proper growth and production of new skin cel s, proteins are the best sources in

    26. The production of collagen is affected when the skin is exposed to reactive oxygen

    27. Increases collagen production in the skin

    28. Helps in the production of anti bodies

    29. Help in the production of col agen

    30. They stand in small groups, laughing and talking like extras waiting to take part in some theatrical costume production, glittering eyes beneath their scarves, laughing at the Yamaha, laughing at our bumbling stumblings across the pebbled beach towards the bike

    31. In this febrile atmosphere of ratings wars and popular novelty, an executive producer at a small independent production company came up with a marvellous new idea

    32. This audio encourages the production of

    33. “You shouldn’t second guess yourself, and how were you to know this war would happen? Yes we might have guessed that Alan’s hack would take over the Brazilian expedition when it got there, but how were we to know they would convince the Brazilian establishment to put a viral complex transmitted from that hack into production?”

    34. Sao Luis had begun its second voyage in 2361, well before the war started and before the Brazilians put the Kassikan’s virus into production

    35. necessary for production of the card

    36. It began to affect the production and morale of the entire shop

    37. “Since he’s been here to work so hard on getting the roof into production

    38. Jorma had thought that in this day and age with Yingolian crystals in production there would certainly be no more manual record keeping in the Kassikan of all places

    39. It gives me a modest living for as long as they are still in production

    40. In this city’s factories there was precision machinery still in production use, that was manufactured before the birth of Christ

    41. Most of the production equipment has been stacked on a couple of tables at the far end of the upper barn room

    42. ‘So how’s life with you, Jo? Have you started a new production yet?’

    43. He could tell this was used as production space during the day, but with the grilles down it was just a pass thru, meaning they had sold right-of-way to this dock

    44. She was looking forward to telling him about her role in the training company's first production of Twelfth Night

    45. half as much wine, but you’d save money in production

    46. The 'Village Players,' the name used for them by the rest of the town to refer to the Village Theatrical Society membership, began deciding in earnest what their first production should be and when they should expect to offer performances

    47. “Please use the provided slips of paper and write down your own personal choice for our inaugural production, as well as what role you would envision yourself playing in that endeavor

    48. Therefore the inaugural production of the Village Theatrical Society shall be that same play which Shakespeare himself crafted to demand the best of his own company and elicit the greatest imagination from his audience

    49. Kaitlyn was still the one they each looked to for final decisions about all phases of the production, and she couldn't escape that, yet

    50. It is my privilege to introduce for your entertainment: The Village Theatrical Society's production of Shakespeare's beloved, A Mid-summer Night's Dream

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