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    1. You are seeing a photographic image of this android on live video, not the output of an Angel's personification rendering channel

    2. "What if I did?" Glenelle said in response and flashed into Morg's personification

    3. He had never stood with any personification on the surface of the planet

    4. He was on duty, his personification in a comfortable office chair, but hard at work behind the scenes

    5. He represented himself with the most secular personification of any of the officers

    6. His personification was in pinstriped robe and a large turban with a waist-length white beard, waist-length gray hair and a face carved by a century of deep desert wind and sun

    7. He idly relieved his personification on a couple of the houris and was unmoved

    8. This left the links to the control of the Linshere Paundrocop personification in his process, where he was able to see it was nothing but a standard houri with its pleasure controls hidden

    9. Bahkmar also had a few panels up in his view, but they had no view of each other's personification, with their suits immobilized in the bot

    10. He also knew it was possible for either of them to use the personification of any one of their houries on any setting they wanted

    11. He would be trapped in this personification until it died of dehydration at the end of this rope and he would not be restarted

    12. He wasn't sure his present personification even possessed the strength to bend up and get the rope off his feet

    13. When he did he was beat, this wasn't the way he kept his personification

    14. The insects were feasting on his personification, some eggs must have hatched because things wriggled in his skin

    15. I am in a virtual universe in Narrulla's Tear, up here with your starship and can adjust my personification at will

    16. "They won't expect much from me after this," Glenelle said, "I set up that big old cherub I had with my butterfly flipper personification and worked up all the nuances I could think of into it

    17. Alfred preferred a fairly representational universe where you actually had to move your personification to the instruments rather than just overlaying them on your personal space

    18. Two of the other three women who had visited here for more than a sightseeing tour since he first saw Ava were also under sentence to three-d reality when here, so they did him no good at all other than someone to practice conversation and personification with

    19. She and Alan hadn't been lovers then, Thom often played with her, in the personification of a crewman from the Presidente Lula

    20. He studied the rendition, the acolyte's visual rendition was not up to normal personification standards, as if it hadn't been properly installed in the scene

    21. "Have you been working on your personification again?" he asked

    22. Glayet was very unlikely to drive a cherub in a personification such as this, and Abigail McFerdie could not carry on this conversation, nor would she ever allow herself to swing big knockers like that with prominent points showing thru a thin jersey sheath

    23. The man was tall and slender with long hair and beard, someone in a personification from Alan's world

    24. Even though he never activated an alimentary canal in his personification, his brain definitely sent the upchuck command to his stomach and he would have done so if that part of his personification was rendered

    25. A personification could always be changed, but there was no one who's personality really interested him

    26. His personification is big and crew-cut, with a barrel chest and beefy forearms

    27. Her voice, but without the nasal overtones said, "I use a different personification off duty

    28. As soon as contact with her personification ceased, she reverted back to the repulsive Major Imogene Tengine he had known the whole voyage

    29. She was trying to look her best today, without altering the base mesh of her personification

    30. He was sure she had tuned up her personification

    31. “That was at the personification interface

    32. She could have taken over my personification and used it to manipulate my systems screens to encapsulate me and put her in my place

    33. "I don't have to keep my personification in the same render-space as yours, I just have to run from the verons in this auxiliary store

    34. The routine of getting his personification ready to present to others was comforting

    35. She never felt the need for irrelevant personal chatter, she never mentioned his personification, never said a word about hers

    36. She had a notepad as part of her personification, and consulted that rather than rely on her own memory

    37. ” Kelvin looked at his virtual paperwork again, thru the half-glasses he decorated his personification with today

    38. She had been exercising, though that did nothing for a personification, Glayet believed if did something for the soul

    39. Major Tendine was rumored to use an alternate personification frequently that was said to be as flamboyant as this one

    40. She was vaguely familiar, like one of his direct reports had used this personification as a cherub once or twice

    41. He didn't know his personification was sensitive enough to render the sensations he was getting from her flesh

    42. Once again he was amazed that this personification was able to do such a good job providing these sensations to his soul

    43. "How you adjusted your personification this way

    44. He didn't keep a personification that women lusted after

    45. "The way that personification acted, it had to be driven by a male

    46. Alan had not adjusted his personification much on her behalf

    47. “It could also come from the bogie that’s out there," Ava said, “but either way, Yellelle is its personification

    48. She hadn’t used any of those cherubs since Thom started playing the Herndon personification in that game, but she remembered them now

    49. Even though Ava (used to) have enough control of her personification rendering software to give herself those jugs, she couldn’t see herself with them

    50. “If it was perfect I would have my med panel and personification adjustments and we could blink out of here

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