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    1. The only part of Jorma that continued that thread of the conversation was his eyebrow, his voice asked, "Do you miss your beach?"

    2. "I don't, but I believe the 'vacated' part of it

    3. Deut: 10:9: Wherefore Levi hath neither part nor

    4. Have you noticed that those two part dramas beginning on Sunday

    5. the decision to write a character out, it will usual y be because of the fact that the actor wishes to depart or because the part has run its full course

    6. "The vine is the easiest part of the native civilization to adapt to

    7. Accept That Change Is a Part of Living

    8. God, on His part of the covenant promised to give them

    9. 'Too good to be true' was the cliche wasn't it? An easy enough part to act out when you have an audience as gullible as he was

    10. The courtyard was shaded by the trees above, many people were out on their balconies now that they were getting into the warm part of the week

    11. DE is totally harmless to mammals if eaten and is recommended to be given to your animals as part of their diet

    12.  Ordinances: This part has all to do with the

    13. At the end, when Hansel and Gretel threw the witch into the oven, he’d say “now here’s a scary part coming up…” Pap Pap had told them that story a hundred times but didn’t always remember he had

    14. Ye have no part in the LORD

    15. The best time to apply is in the early part of a good hot day

    16. As damage to the brain increases, people with Alzheimer's lose coordination and part or all of their ability to attend to everyday needs

    17. “Oh, the head’s the best part!” she beamed

    18. "There are twenty of you remaining, only seven were female, you still number less than a thousand even part Brazilian, there is no chance you won't disappear into the general population in another century

    19. "I wasn't part of that movement

    20. Part of him must have been acting subconsciously, trying to provoke them into responding

    21. Depending on how much mixture you need, use a cup for the part

    22. This was still the inhabited part, this cove was a small area of wilds in a thickly settled region at least as large as Asia

    23. It’s really great to be a part of this team,” Nancy replied

    24. Decoction: This is made by simmering the part of the plant (usually roots, twigs and bark) in a nonmetal container, in boiling water, for 1/2 hr or more depending on the material(s) and its use

    25. “I guess the stealth part of this operation is over,” Nancy said

    26. But the stealth part will be officially over when Big Petey starts breaking things,” Johnny answered

    27. Here is a list of some spiders and how to control them on your plants and in the house: part of our eco-system

    28. I provide a feeding station for them on another part of the property that I do not mind them being in

    29. The only part of the computer that was physical was the small, rectangular case he held up in his left hand

    30. To know that part of you will live on, after you are gone, is truly an awesome thing

    31. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this

    32. In case you are a doctor then counseling your patients is in any case part of your profession

    33. The only part that still looks human is the blackened shape of a person

    34. This high side of the lake is considered to be part of the Highlands by many

    35. They were locked in a neutral expression, and couldn’t move their mouths or any other part of their head besides their neck and eyes

    36. But that was part of her cruelty, part of the fear she instilled in others

    37. The Widow Black understood that the anticipation was almost always worse than the punishment, and she did her best to make it as much a part of the punishment as it could become

    38. So, while you should continue to shift your portfolio towards bonds you should still keep a part of investment in the stock market, which have in recent decades generated real returns

    39. I suggest 1 part DE to ••• part Boric acid, added to water or to paint until a thick paint like texture, then painted on the wood

    40. She was glad she had those decades in the rural part of this society

    41. The recirculation of dead matter into life is a part of nature’s program of soil rejuvenation

    42. She hadn't come with him even in that had she? When we are one in a billion, what chance do we have? She had just tried to gravitate towards the part of the local civilization that she liked the best

    43. The laws in France and Japan, for instance, make it mandatory for certain relatives to receive a part of the possessions of the deceased

    44. In the end, this was all just part of being a super spy

    45. " She knew her sister was deeply involved with the Heavenly Mother, she wondered if it was politically possible to have a conversation with her about any hostile intentions on their part

    46. part of the

    47. If we do have a center within a reasonable distance then we should take part in all its programmes and contribute for its proper management

    48. This knowledge was in part the power

    49. Negative thoughts are also part of the aging process

    50. Now he laid down an iron and spent a good part of the day in one every year or two

    1. She had wanted him still, when they parted, but he was going to the wilds of Gengee and try to keep something of Earth and Brazil alive

    2. He looked at her, she could read him as well as she could sixty Earth years ago when they had parted

    3. And they parted his raiment, and cast

    4. They parted here and now and she felt very different from Nlara about letting her pink out in public

    5. Alan watched a long stick with a shattered-off piece of trunk on the end of it came out of the brush first, and then the leaves parted to reveal Luray

    6. A slight smile appeared as her lips parted; and then alarm spread across her face, she stopped suddenly as tho she was caught doing something she shouldn’t

    7. As they parted he exclaimed, “Woman, there is nothing wrong with you!”

    8. "We should be watching," she said when their faces parted, but her eyes were still looking into his

    9. The rest of the people started to come out of the cave, and they parted for a man, “I heard what you said

    10. The crowd suddenly parted and a red headed bear of a man stood in the middle of the path

    11. The grass parted and closed again as if something

    12. The grass parted, and

    13. parted as though something had emerged, but there

    14. as Petr, stubbornly refusing to be parted from his

    15. The leaves parted and Petr could feel the little man-

    16. That he could not bear to be parted

    17. To be parted from

    18. Her son was soon to be parted from the only world he had known and in the company of a man he knew only by reputation, carried away to a faraway place

    19. But before they made arrangements to meet, he was at the top of that shaft and they parted

    20. Lunchtime is difficult as we are both emotionally charged, but this is not the first time we have parted and we are getting better at it

    21. Without clear direction and no spine of their own as individuals, they parted and let him pass

    22. So the ladies parted having a fresher and clearer view of the road immediately ahead of them, for the Autumn at least

    23. “Chloe!” Kaitlyn cried and fell on her neck with a great hug as if they had been parted longer than the twenty-four hours it had been

    24. “So how was that?” She asked when their lips parted again

    25. on the waves of the parted sea playing a tambourine

    26. Even when his forceful tongue, parted her trembling lips and explored her mouth, she didn't pull away

    27. ” Belle said as they parted for the evening

    28. As the man looked up, the knotted mess of hair on his face parted, allowing Brice to see his eyes -- a pair of black and empty sockets

    29. They parted and she smiled and looked back at him often as she moved away

    30. Klowa and Luray parted where a small streetcar tunnel crossed Betakka, she to go up toward the castle, he to go down in search of Ylippa or Tuggots

    31. the clouds parted and the sun shone for the first time in

    32. They all parted with promises to return the

    33. They parted on the road skirting the amphitheatre - the

    34. water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and

    35. The man who bought it must have parted with the command of a

    36. For a yard of this cloth the poor servant must have parted with the power of purchasing a quantity of subsistence equal to what eight shillings and ninepence would purchase in the present times

    37. Like the Red Sea: parted for passage and a

    38. The naked man rinses his hair as some swirls down the drain, turns off the water, and steps out of the tub through parted shower curtains

    39. Lips parted and my body swayed in a secret rhythm

    40. ” Reluctantly, the crowd parted and Savannah dashed through

    41. They parted much later, having a better understanding of each other and the road ahead

    42. She pressed it there as her moist cleft parted

    43. Since they had parted the previous day after that horrible incident, Helez had given her relationship with Zarko a lot of thought

    44. The crowd before him parted like a river rapid around a rock as he urged Koyo on

    45. The lift doors parted and two giggling women stepped out

    46. Elenir and Ravena, in the center of the line stepped forward and away; the others parted likewise until the Elf saw what was on the table behind them

    47. She parted her lips to reply, though she knew not what she would say in response

    48. But as his eyes glided over the text, they widened and his lips parted

    49. The man sitting on the wall, facing her still with the same broad smirk, never parted his lips to speak

    50. “I…how…” The Nord looked almost flustered, her thin mouth parted as she shook her head slightly

    1. Their parting had not been easy, as stormy as their pairing

    2. fingers gently to ease the pain of the parting

    3. Kate and Jeffrey left the chamber quietly, their parting not being noticed by the others

    4. ’ Drens said huskily – clearly he is finding the parting as difficult as we are

    5. That was the end of the incident in the log she had playing so Ava commented on Yellelle's parting words, "What a bitch!"

    6. She remembered the parting

    7. she smiled, “K’nada gave him a parting gift

    8. “Not only is this poorly crafted---note how the threads of the wraps bulge over the burrs left on the guide feet, and the gaps between reel seat, grip and hardware---now listen:” and he pulled on the rod to separate the two pieces which made not a sound at the parting

    9. Harry looked away as the gentlemen approached the door to exit the shop, but heard clearly, and remembered ever after as long as he lived, the parting words the Sportsman left with all in earshot, “Mr

    10. She smiled without parting her lips and sat back,

    11. She asked one parting question of Kulai as she climbed inside

    12. Kaitlyn's father left on his own errands when they reached Normandy, with the parting words that he would see them in Paris in six days time

    13. I am unused to resorting to such arguments as I was perforce required to employ, yet all was well and from our initial introduction to our parting of ways was but the duration of a good stretch and yawn first exercised upon a chilly winter's morning

    14. He makes a profit of the one by keeping it in his own possession, and of the other by parting with it

    15. The farmer makes his profit by keeping the labouring cattle, and by parting with their maintenance

    16. The farmer makes his profit by parting with them

    17. The profit is made by parting with it; and it comes back with both its own profit and the profit upon the whole price of the cattle, in the price of the wool, the milk, and the increase

    18. When the ewe collapsed, Tragus added three vicious kicks in parting

    19. and then the sentimental parting

    20. After finishing their customary rounds at the tavern, they stopped outside before parting ways for the evening

    21. With a loud cry, just as she had done in the bathroom, she threw herself on him, and parting her lips frantically, took in his raging cock and swallowed his torrent of spunk as quickly as he could release the exciting fluid

    22. By thus parting good friends, the natural affection of the colonies to the mother country, which, perhaps, our late dissensions have well nigh extinguished, would quickly revive

    23. It might dispose them not only to respect, for whole centuries together, that treaty of commerce which they had concluded with us at parting, but to favour us in war as well as in trade, and instead of turbulent and factious subjects, to become our most faithful, affectionate, and generous allies; and the same sort of parental affection on the one side, and filial respect on the other, might revive between Great Britain and her colonies, which used to subsist between those of ancient Greece and the mother city from which they descended

    24. He lowered his head, exhaling as he tried to conjure up his parting words to Alex

    25. “The only rest you are guaranteed Pte Woods is when your toes have curled up and you are thrown with the rest of the corpses until then you will get on with the fatigues you are given and carry them out quite cheerfully”, and with this parting remark he proceeded to hand out the working parties and assignments

    26. I had to prise her off and she and Mabel clung to each other like survivors on a life raft the parting almost too much to bear for all of us

    27. The pilot left them with a farewell and good wishes, but it was not the kind of parting one would have with

    28. “Remember he is a sly bastard he might not try to give you a kicking in fact he wont because he’s a fucking coward but he will try to get you back another way”, and with these parting words he went on his way

    29. “Try not to let all this get you down too much hopefully I can find someone else who can help”, and with this parting comment he left

    30. Rabbis H’s police interview was interspersed by interruptions from his mother, her parting shot

    31. “I’ll be back in the morning,” the surgeon said in parting

    32. Between thoughts of Coal and the idea that he was parting with the ransom money, Bosco was feeling more apprehensive by the second

    33. “Puh-lease,” Cruzel pleaded as he faced where Latrandura had lain, ready to send her a parting gift, only to see he pull herself through her own small catflap of a rent in time, and disappear from the cave

    34. That evening the adventurers spent the night in a small cave before parting and the large man and half-Elf set of or their journey toward Taron and the rest of their lives

    35. “Depends on whether Books is snoring again,” Maldynado muttered, but he lifted a gloved hand in parting and tramped indoors

    36. With that parting remark Terry was gone and they watched him through the lounge window as he ran to Sheena’s car, slamming the door closed just in time to stop a cat slipping in behind him

    37. Together they turned toward the priest, their hands never parting, their souls forever joined

    38. You know, I can still remember our final parting

    39. Contenders for the one million dollars for charity Scow is pledging as a parting gift to the city have been reduced to a list of five finalists

    40. His head came forward then, his lips parting, and for one interminable moment, I thought he was going to kiss me

    41. I tipped my head back, my lips parting, as his other hand found the small of my back

    42. My blood roared in my ears, my lips already parting in anticipation of his kiss

    43. And as a parting gift, he had left Albert Gray with a broken nose

    44. The crew around the plane simmered down in the presence of authority, parting like the Red Sea for Moses

    45. With another coarse chuckle, he gave me a parting shot, “The

    46. open hatch above showed a parting of the hull’s timbers, but

    47. And with that parting reminder, Langdon was up and out of Crabby Bill"s

    48. I remembered her, her body, her soft embrace, her tears at our parting, and the music carried me and I drifted in it

    49. ” With those parting words,

    50. He was glad when they came to the parting of the ways

    1. Travis liked this stage of construction, when you could see the parts that kept everything from falling apart, before it got all dressed up

    2. Now I feel like I could identify some of the parts

    3. All of those parts of the picture are affected by aging

    4. They were well down into the central parts of the main canals now, close to the Kassikan, though she could not see even a shadow of the pyramid from here

    5. "Waiting for parts," the man said, rubbing his hands on an old rag

    6. Waiting for parts

    7. All parts of the plant can be used

    8. As her eye followed it she saw there had been many improvements there also, stones put in for steps in the steepest parts

    9. I wish to retain some of the good parts of our culture alongside the native culture

    10. Why was this happening now when the parts had been lost decades ago?

    11. Mix with equal parts DE for an excellent dust

    12. Limitations: cannot reach all parts of the house, best combined with another type of treatment such as electricity

    13. Limitations: Cannot reach all parts of the house, best combined with either liquid nitrogen or heat or micro wave

    14. Limitations: Cannot reach all parts of the house, best combined with another system such as heat or electricity

    15. Remember: without Listen, you won’t be able to use the other parts properly

    16. Wilderness camping is not one of the parts of the native experience that she liked the best

    17. "You've always had it in for him, Frank, but he's really not a bad guy! My parts just wear out sometimes

    18. The good news is that the later years of a relationship offer a chance to rediscover each other and to rebuild any parts of the relationship that may need working on

    19. Give Caesar his Due: Feeding the ants will reduce their activity in other parts of their kingdom(our yard and house)

    20. Day 12: Check on bin #3, how does the compost look? are there any parts that don’t look decomposed? remove that and place in bin #1

    21. Collocation (matching of different parts of speech)

    22. What if it was structural parts of the ship that might be high in titanium? "You see my point

    23. It was a little sad that parts of one's life were lost in that way

    24. The sale of human body parts, particularly human skin

    25. He had seen worse cases where traders had very specific orders to fulfill and would come back for more, either from a surviving victim, which was rare, or from their genetically comparable family, much more common, if they still needed more parts

    26. There's some parts they can't fabricate yet, they're condensing metals from the plasma stream but it's slow

    27. A shattered airplane wheel lies nearby, aircraft parts are everywhere, as are broken bottles of moonshine and flaming boxes

    28. "The one certainty we have here is the ongoing lucrative trade in skin and body parts and the occasional interception of goods in transit

    29. It was, he gave her a long explanation of missing parts and political disputes and lost paperwork and why it was important

    30. The brothers both smiled, being equal and opposite parts of each other, the

    31. Did you know that it is becoming quite common to lose these things in other parts of the world?"

    32. The geosynchronous had to be kept on an optical link, the ions were still raging out there and the twenty third century practice of shielding the working parts of the starship inside a few dozen feet of metallic asteroid paid off handsomely in preserving their working electronics

    33. "Tipperary’s spare parts were packed aboard Luxor

    34. If those those NS191s were in standard Staas Company containers, then there’s a chance the parts are intact

    35. "To find the parts we wanted back on Staten Island

    36. parts have no need: but God hath tempered the body together, having given more abundant

    37. After all the business of the ranch was complete, he stayed up late going over all his old documentation on the shuttlecraft parts one more time and came up empty, as always

    38. There were parts of life in this society he did enjoy

    39. "Of the mortal lifetime I've spent on this planet, you were one of the best parts

    40. In the Body, we have many parts that come together

    41. The statue was made of five parts

    42. I can't remember my past, but I wrote parts of it down and can remember it that way

    43. The late 34th century in these parts was literate, peaceful and prosperous actually, compared to the centuries that lead up to it

    44. Let weak) that predicates the survival of all parts involved

    45. greater than the sum of parts,

    46. and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession

    47. made better by the sum of their parts, telling you

    48. and the parts having rusted, decayed in the earth,

    49. which forms the positive sum of parts,

    50. the parts that form the sum of all that we are

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