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    1. He patted one of his smaller kin on the back, nearly toppling him over as he sought to pull his pickaxe from the skull of an undead corpse

    2. Just to even out the weapon’s weight, he found another corpse, and buried the other end of his pickaxe into its head

    3. In its tenets there is no question of doing good here and being rewarded in the next world, and in this respect, it differs greatly from the lowest forms of Hindoo idolatry, for even the Thugs professed to think they would reap a rich posthumous reward for every victim they secured with the sacred noose and pickaxe of Kali

    4. He raised his pickaxe once more and brought it down heavily

    5. He lifted up his pickaxe for the umpteenth time to

    6. although wielding a pickaxe for ten hours a day couldn’t be called anything like that

    7. Mick had brought a pickaxe and a small chisel and the two

    8. with a pickaxe, shame the

    9. Pete had made his way as far as the driveway to the farm; somewhere on his drunken journey he had found a pickaxe that was now slung over his shoulder in a business-like fashion

    10. After a few clumsy strokes, the tip of the pickaxe pierced the box accompanied by a loud bang and a flash

    1. miners came bursting onto the scene with their pickaxes and attitudes,

    2. With the bricks removed, Mick issued tools - pickaxes and

    3. " They therefore made haste to reach the spot, and did so by the time those who came had laid the bier upon the ground, and four of them with sharp pickaxes were digging a grave by the side of a hard rock

    4. ' Carlini fetched two pickaxes; and the father and the lover began to dig at the foot of a huge oak, beneath which the young girl was to repose

    5. " He was silent for a while, then added reflectively, "That was the first Sunday after I brought down the white-whiskered English rico all the way down the mountains from the Paramo on the top of the Entrada Pass— and in the coach, too! No coach had gone up or down that mountain road within the memory of man, senor, till I brought this one down in charge of fifty peons working like one man with ropes, pickaxes, and poles under my direction

    6. ' Carlini fetched two pickaxes; and the father and the lover began to dig at the foot of a huge oak, beneath which the young girl was to repose

    7. The workers were bent over in the extreme heat, laboring with pickaxes and sieves

    8. , permitting a glimpse of the trees of an orchard; beside this door, a manure-hole, some pickaxes, some shovels, some carts, an old well, with its flagstone and its iron reel, a chicken jumping, and a turkey spreading its tail, a chapel surmounted by a small bell-tower, a blossoming pear-tree trained in espalier against the wall of the chapel—behold the court, the conquest of which was one of Napoleon's dreams

    9. Pickaxes are the only tools used in working the coal, as it breaks very readily, in the direction of the strata

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