Oraciones con la palabra "pick"

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Pick en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Pick up a new hobby.
  2. I pick up the phone.
  3. He came to pick me up.
  4. Pick a place to go to.
  5. You can pick the 13.

  6. He had to pick it up.
  7. Mythos to pick him up.
  8. Why would he pick me?
  9. Theo ran to pick it up.
  10. Or I'll pick you up.
  11. Pick up any flaws or.
  12. Pick up a heavier plate.
  13. I rushed to pick it up.
  14. We can pick up a used.
  15. Pick had a face card up.

  16. Please, pick a good car.
  17. You pick this up fast.
  18. She had her pick of.
  19. You can pick it up now.
  20. The wind seemed to pick.
  21. We pick up emotions and.
  22. We need to pick the pace.
  23. Pick it up, one demanded.
  24. Pick started for the door.
  25. Pick up a heavier object.

  26. But you didn’t pick up.
  27. You can pick who you want.
  28. Pick games that you enjoy.
  29. I had to pick Cynthia up.
  30. Maybe he could pick her up.
  31. We can pick him up too.
  32. Pick two days out of the.
  33. I pick it up and a voice.
  34. She wouldn’t pick at it.
  35. Someone pick up the paper.
  36. You can pick her up there.
  37. You can have your pick.
  38. Why didn't they pick an.
  39. He said he would pick one.
  40. Oft times she would pick.
  41. Im going to pick up a P.
  42. Sure, pick of the litter.
  43. Bowie knife and an ice pick.
  44. For example, pick a flower.
  45. We'll have to pick another.
  46. He didn’t pick up outside.
  47. Pick one out and follow me.
  48. I’ll pick up and take Ms.
  49. Mitch turned the lock pick.
  50. However, can you pick the.
  51. And help me pick things up.
  52. David turned to pick it up.
  53. John helped him pick Neil up.
  54. Pick any habit and change it.
  55. I pick it up and take a sip.
  56. Help me pick out an outfit.
  57. We'll pick it up at Verse 5.
  58. I could hardly pick worse.
  59. She helped pick up the body.
  60. He even called himself Pick.
  61. I pick up the card and look.
  62. You'll pick up the material.
  63. But maybe we can pick it up.
  64. We’ll have to pick one.
  65. I can pick it all up myself.
  66. Slingshot will pick them up.
  67. He starts to pick up the sign.
  68. I pick up the phone receiver.
  69. I pick him up and cradle him.
  70. We should pick up the pace.
  71. Pick up rocks, he said.
  72. This time she could pick up.
  73. Let’s pick the one that's.
  74. Aiden, you have to pick up.
  75. The waters began to pick up.
  76. Lauderdale to pick up Chance.
  77. I expected Pick to pull his.
  78. You'll have to pick me up--.
  79. We’ll pick up with this.
  80. He went to pick up his beauty.
  81. Vic walked over to pick it up.
  82. I sigh and pick up the dishes.
  83. To pick at, or the sun to burn.
  84. Was to pick it up in his arms.
  85. Pick up this Book (the Bible).
  86. I was a number one draft pick.
  87. Who’d you pick? I said.
  88. Final y we pick an attack type.
  89. I’ll pick you both up at six.
  90. Don rushed over to pick her up.
  91. He would pick her up at 8:00 PM.
  92. He had just begun to pick out.
  93. I'm not trying to pick on VCOs.
  94. We’ll pick you up in an hour.
  95. Pick any copy, said Ettil.
  96. I stopped to pick one and did.
  97. So this way, I got to pick my.
  98. Rick would pick the best one.
  99. He had ten minutes to pick up.
  100. Pick it up, the man said again.
  1. He was keen on picking.
  2. Was he picking on you?
  3. Thanks for picking me up.
  4. Instead of picking up my.
  5. He had taken to picking at.
  6. I found this out by picking.
  7. Chevalier said, picking her up.
  8. Parents picking up their kids.
  9. He stood, picking up his sword.
  10. Not picking anything up now.
  11. Patra responded by picking at.
  12. But picking up radio waves and.
  13. Picking the Best Cash Generator.
  14. I am quite good at picking locks.
  15. Even the horses were picking up.
  16. Picking up objects with the toes.
  17. It’s the best time for picking.
  18. Picking the Wings off Crane Flies.
  19. GPS is picking up a signal on the.
  20. Picking up the receiver he dialled.
  21. By knowing your moves, by picking.
  22. The key is picking the best stocks.
  23. Ant who had been picking at his meal.
  24. Kurt started off, picking up the pace.
  25. Thoughts about picking up my family.
  26. They're picking the package up here.
  27. More men picking, quicker to the gin.
  28. Investing Is Not About Picking Stocks.
  29. Just as I was picking it up I was.
  30. I walked around the house picking up.
  31. Terry ran over, picking up the pistol.
  32. Fluttering his eyes and then picking.
  33. Thanks for picking them up, by the way.
  34. You’re picking that up by GPS?
  35. Thanks for picking that up for me, Dan.
  36. Picking up a fork, he mixed it through.
  37. One of the teachers is picking his nose.
  38. He was picking at a bleeding sore with.
  39. You started picking your cotton?
  40. Picking up the bike, she climbed back on.
  41. I was ripe for the picking, as they say.
  42. Began picking the sequins off the frame.
  43. I don’t want him picking up any ideas.
  44. Wait, Mark said, picking up his glass.
  45. Picking his steps, he moved up to the dog.
  46. She was picking the cuticle on her thumb.
  47. This society here is ripe for the picking.
  48. The rest is mine for the picking, though.
  49. Garcia nodded approval, picking up a Banjo.
  50. Cupping the hand while picking up a plate.
  51. Hag Abdullah was nit picking at his plate.
  52. Picking up his cell phone, he called Steve.
  53. Picking up on the fear, Hanor was confused.
  54. This sweater, I stated, picking it up.
  55. Picking The Ideal Location For Your Garden.
  56. He says you’re not picking up your phone.
  57. The picking of food indicates two things: 1.
  58. Picking up coins and placing them in a jar.
  59. She found herself outside, picking flowers.
  60. It was as if he was picking scabs, or acne.
  61. Picking up the leaflets, he started reading.
  62. And there he is, picking up the briefcase.
  63. Picking it up, he looked inside the chassis.
  64. Picking up the phone he called the precinct.
  65. He paused before picking it up cuz he had a.
  66. He would’ve had difficulty picking up his.
  67. Lee Bailey weren’t picking up their phones.
  68. She ran for shelter, picking up some cherries.
  69. Now the Lord had a special reason for picking.
  70. Then stooping down, I began picking mushrooms.
  71. In the wall, Allen said, picking up a pen.
  72. Anyway there was something I was picking up on.
  73. He’d resumed picking out notes on his guitar.
  74. Ahh – said Morgan, picking it up again.
  75. Practice picking up the objects with your toes.
  76. It’s picking up more moisture over Lake Erie.
  77. Picking a fight with her would achieve nothing.
  78. He bent down and started picking up the pieces.
  79. Standing and picking up an object off the floor.
  80. Emily spun as the horse kept picking at her hair.
  81. She was picking up her merry-go-round and sang-.
  82. Picking it up, Erik saw that it was Ian calling.
  83. I was out picking up some stuff for the party.
  84. Manager picking can be as hard as stock picking.
  85. That wind is picking up, it’s almost as if….
  86. Picking up her bag, they left the house in quiet.
  87. It was my turn to stop picking and look surprised.
  88. He bounded after the pack, picking up new scents.
  89. No where, said the father, picking up Erica.
  90. Instead he had found himself picking out caskets.
  91. Quit picking your teeth you gross jack ass ….
  92. Daniel was very good at picking out clients.
  93. He floored the accelerator, picking up more speed.
  94. But picking up the funeral urn did not help at all.
  95. The captain stopped picking his nails and shrugged.
  96. I didn’t have the luxury of picking and choosing.
  97. I can do that, she said, picking up the brush.
  98. You’re picking out countries which don’t have.
  99. Here he was picking his teeth in an inn at Olympia.
  100. I tried to call her, but she was not picking it up.
  1. I picked up my AK.
  2. So he picked it up.
  3. Ish picked up a bat.
  4. He picked up his cup.
  5. I picked up our plate.
  6. I picked up his call.
  7. The man picked it up.
  8. We had her picked up.
  9. He picked up the big.
  10. He picked up an old.
  11. He slowly picked it up.
  12. He picked up his bed.
  13. Then Sue picked up a.
  14. He picked up his phone.
  15. The king picked up a.
  16. He picked up the item.
  17. The wind picked up a.
  18. She picked it up and.
  19. The mayor picked it up.
  20. It waits to be picked.
  21. He picked up the phone.
  22. He picked it up anyway.
  23. The boy picked up his.
  24. She bent and picked a.
  25. Dar picked up his rifle.
  26. He picked up a Navy hat.
  27. Sue picked them up and.
  28. Drew picked up his shirt.
  29. Paul picked up the coin.
  30. She picked the child up.
  31. Katie picked at her food.
  32. Joe picked up the phone.
  33. She picked up the phone.
  34. We soon picked up speed.
  35. I liked what she picked.
  36. She picked her own name.
  37. Jai picked up his knife.
  38. The phone was picked up.
  39. It picked up more speed.
  40. Walt picked it up again.
  41. The wind picked up and.
  42. The prince picked it up.
  43. He picked out a problem.
  44. He picked up the receiver.
  45. He picked it up and saw.
  46. The raft picked up speed.
  47. He picked out a 12 inch.
  48. He picked it out himself.
  49. Petr picked up a nearby.
  50. Curious, he picked it up.
  51. One of them picked up a.
  52. Avery picked up the paper.
  53. It picked up in one ring.
  54. But as soon as I picked.
  55. He picked it up and left.
  56. Josh and I picked him up.
  57. Alan picked up his knife.
  58. He picked up a dried weed.
  59. He carefully picked it up.
  60. He picked it up from there.
  61. Norah picked up the thread.
  62. Gary picked his way over.
  63. I picked up another stone.
  64. No scent could be picked.
  65. He picked it up carefully.
  66. He picked up the iron pan.
  67. Harry picked up his cur-.
  68. Tammas picked the other up.
  69. He picked a fight with me.
  70. When Helga picked up the.
  71. Garcia picked a leaf and.
  72. She came and picked me up.
  73. Dan gingerly picked it up.
  74. Laura picked up her pillow.
  75. No one picked up his story.
  76. The clever girl picked up.
  77. I had not picked up a bat.
  78. Wren picked up the narrative.
  79. Paul picked me up around 7pm.
  80. One of his men picked it up.
  81. The wind picked up and the.
  82. Her heart picked up its pace.
  83. Ish picked up the ball slowly.
  84. Tregis picked up another tool.
  85. Walter picked up his mug of.
  86. They picked up another four.
  87. Annie picked up the receiver.
  88. Toby and I picked up our pace.
  89. I picked one out and started.
  90. He picked up women for money.
  91. Two giant hands picked it up.
  92. I picked out one of the best.
  93. Her radar picked up something.
  94. But he picked up in a moment.
  95. He picked up his shorts and.
  96. I picked it up and it purred.
  97. I picked the baby up and said.
  98. Tim picked it up and read it.
  99. He picked me up as if a child.
  100. Trini picked up a tambourine.
  1. If he picks the $200.
  2. Dan picks up the phone.
  3. Jay picks up on his cue.
  4. He picks up a piece of.
  5. This time, Ford picks up.
  6. John picks it up, opens it.
  7. He picks up his desk phone.
  8. The train picks up its speed.
  9. Mary picks up the two by four.
  10. Crass then picks them up at.
  11. Jes picks nervously at a nail.
  12. Bloom follows and picks it up.
  13. He picks one out of the ether.
  14. She picks up the bag of "blood".
  15. This is another of my top picks.
  16. Even his selection of picks and.
  17. Dave picks me up just after eight.
  18. He picks it up when it goes stale.
  19. Laughter pricks and picks its way.
  20. Tobias picks up one of the bullets.
  21. She eyes it a beat then picks it up.
  22. He picks it up and says, "Hello?".
  23. If he picks up his coon dogs by the.
  24. She bends over and picks something.
  25. He picks at the strap on my camisole.
  26. She picks up the telephone receiver.
  27. He picks up a dented and scarred 35mm.
  28. Picks up the phone and starts to dial.
  29. Willie drops to his knees, picks the.
  30. The chill bit his skin like ice picks.
  31. Gracy picks it up and says, "Hello?".
  32. McSpadden goes over and picks up Patches.
  33. Spades, garden forks, picks and shovels.
  34. Marcus picks up Reese’s body with care.
  35. One student picks a card and reads out.
  36. As the tide picks up again it travels on.
  37. Mom stands up too, and picks up her purse.
  38. Her brother reaches down and picks it up.
  39. Marcus picks up War and hurls him at Chaos.
  40. Diane D picks up her belongings off the bed.
  41. She picks it up, folds it and hands it to me.
  42. She picks up the mail, examines it carefully.
  43. Best Sports Betting Picks in The Industry.
  44. Your peripheral vision picks up something odd.
  45. The last two that had to do the picks!.
  46. She picks up the receiver and dials a number.
  47. She picks up the telephone and says, Hi Mom.
  48. He picks up his glass and takes a long drink.
  49. The headmaster only picks around 150 students.
  50. She picks up on the cue her husband is sending.
  51. He picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  52. The autistic child never picks up the problem.
  53. So now he picks fights with both cats and dogs.
  54. She picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  55. The chronicle then picks up the family of Seth.
  56. After that, call until your 485 party picks up.
  57. He picks up the pace, heading toward the garage.
  58. She picks up the heart chain with her and Razor.
  59. She opens the letter then picks up a microphone.
  60. Glacia picks up Earth as It Was and Unity at Last.
  61. Gracy picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  62. Diane picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  63. He picks up the child and throws it into the air.
  64. David picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  65. He picks me up then and carries me to bed to rest.
  66. Now this Owens guy picks up where she leaves off.
  67. The CO creates the court and picks the jurors.
  68. Joseph picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  69. Teresa picks up Dana’s beige army looking outfit.
  70. McSpadden picks up Patches and carries her outside.
  71. She shrugs and picks at the corner of her notebook.
  72. Teresa picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  73. He picks up his drink and quickly finishes it off.
  74. He usually picks people whose view of Him is more.
  75. It simply picks the one that has the most blocks (i.
  76. Thinksandthings sets down his shears, picks up the.
  77. Raymond picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  78. The beat picks up and the base is really pumpin’.
  79. She takes Londa out of Dana's arms and picks her up.
  80. The Mayor picks it up and has a short and whispered.
  81. He picks up the telephone receiver and says, "Mom?".
  82. Let's try this again, Thinksandthings picks up.
  83. Christine picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  84. She picks up the telephone and says, "Yeah Grandma!".
  85. Had you followed Hill’s contest picks on ValueForum.
  86. Mary took out her lock picks and within minutes they.
  87. One of my hands reaches for the saucer and picks it up.
  88. Rich, when someone picks up the sugar, it will all.
  89. Teresa goes to the telephone and picks up the receiver.
  90. As a love-affair with the first stray girl he picks up.
  91. David picks up the phone receiver and dials the number.
  92. Ain't them old crippled picks and things in there good.
  93. Uncle Willie picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  94. John picks up a book lying nearby, throws it at the wall.
  95. Tony quickly picks up the telephone and says, "Hello?".
  96. Ethan!! She yells as Ethan picks up another receiver.
  97. On a whim, Devon picks it up and glances at the caller ID.
  98. She goes to her desk and picks up the telephone receiver.
  99. As the mother picks up the baby and the baby stops crying.
  100. Dad said that only a weird, sad man picks up prostitutes.

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