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    1. get the inspiration to write a poem for my sweet "beloved"

    2. The boy recites his poem emanated from the depths of her

    3. A Roman poet had proclaimed in his poem that Augustus was the one who is to come, the divine being to bring salvation to humanity

    4. Every poem, every story,

    5. Tinker about with poem,

    6. 1 refer to Ardha-Matsendrasana, called in English the SPINAL TWIST, not a very poetic name for what you will see is a Yogic poem of graceful movement

    7. He kept repeating the stupid poem, the woman at the store had told him and Mike Saturday

    8. A few hours later, after helping Beth prepare dinner, and another rousing conversation about the poem

    9. He stopped laughing immediately "Okay, wise guys if there's no ghost, just how are we going to solve the poem

    10. She may not have put the poem to rest, but she certainly gave them something else to ponder

    11. The silly little poem rattled about in her head

    12. He said the legend, not the poem

    13. was reciting some cheesy-ass poem he’d written about her—with the kissing and

    14. (Not all abusers are male as this poem denotes – there are plenty of women who abuse)

    15. This poem is dedicated to my son Matthew, who found it too hard to bear all the

    16. Have you not heard that’s what my poem describes? It’s gained great fame and accolades across the lands of Hellas

    17. “I’ve heard this poem recited elsewhere

    18. She returned to Somantics, pen in hand, And reflected on her research into the poem:

    19. She flipped the pages to a passage called, “A Living Poem” on Creating an autonomous poem that had a life of its own, With a quote by the master artist Katsushika Hokusai:

    20. Still, I’d give anything to know the rest of your poem

    21. If you’re having some difficulty with your poem, maybe the version told in

    22. Of all the heroes in the poem that Homer had recited to

    23. And now it seemed that Homer was writing a new poem

    24. I’m sure he would have, had he read your poem

    25. This Iliad in which he took such pride, she wished she could hear Homer recite the poem in its entirety

    26. betrothed soon after his poem The Iliad won some sort of prize in Athens

    27. And though she longed to see Homer, to hear the progress on his poem, to recite her own work for him, she couldn’t go there, either

    28. But he liked the poem that she’d composed those long years in the cave

    29. He’d seen Chloe unroll it like a scroll, so he told me that it must have been a poem

    30. Something about that poem charmed her

    31. She wished that the poem was depicting an exaggeration of Alataria's true current state, yet from everything she had learned so far, she tended to believe that the poem pictured the actual, grim reality of the country

    32. “Really? What is it? Has he finished his poem?”

    33. “So what’s this new poem about? More ancient wars?”

    34. She longed to ask about his poem

    35. [217] The Bhagavad Gita was written in about 500 BCE, and is part of the epic Hindu poem, the Mahabharata

    36. There was a poem

    37. The title of the poem is “The Cruise of the Milo as told by the Captain,” and is interesting but also humorous to read and is printed complete and unedited in appendix B

    38. ‘They created us, but we will not be their creations,’ a line he remembered from one poem

    39. I started searching for Irish names on Google and came across Keela which means “a beauty only poetry can capture” – and I thought of her and of how beautiful she is, just like a poem

    40. And while you are still contemplating, let me recite poem number two by Leo Marks, a SOE officer (Special Operations Executive) during the Second World War written as one-time code for SOE Agent Violet Szasbo, who would later die in a Nazi concentration camp

    41. But note, Chaplain, the poem was not originally written for her, but for his fiancée, who also died before her time:

    42. But note Chaplain, the poem was not originally written for her, but for his fiancée, who also died before her time:

    43. In one of those communications in March 2003, he sent me the following poem, which gratefully with his permission, I reproduce here in free verse translation: Wake up Europe!!

    44. Nevertheless, during my visit to Ponferrada for the Book Fair in April of that year, I left in the hands of the parish priest, Father Benedicto, mayor María and other residents, the following poem which I composed in December of 2002 when political discussion was most passionate

    45. In that poem, he evokes the “ancient way of choosing between shepherds, when they elected the Elder shepherd, or

    46. Juan Gelmán, an Argentinean poet wrote that “poetry is an act of love, a useless, but necessary glowing-red type of job…” As most of you know, poetry is one’s lyrical spirit highlighted, and coincides with the harmonized conditions of the heart… So, I decided to play for her, with a poem, the melody that today fills my heart: a ballad that I wrote to celebrate her birthday with a very special gift: A POETIC KISS

    47. “Wounds my soul with a monotonous languor,” came a voice in the background as someone patiently worked on a translation of a bad French poem by a bad French poet, writing in a particularly bad era of French literature, which was bad at the best of times, which weren’t many

    48. He remembered a poem he had learned at school in Northern Ireland

    49. It was a poem by Laurence Binyon

    50. At first he felt a silly regurgitating the poem but then it realised it was a fitting epitaph to his friend, who had simply fallen into this battle he had begun

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