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Prescribe en una oración (en ingles)

  1. You write what they prescribe and you supply the.
  2. Doctors prescribe two types of migraine medications.
  3. Hyman Engelberg, also refused to prescribe it to her.
  4. For this, your doctor can prescribe a muscle relaxant.
  5. Because I already know what he will prescribe, dear.
  6. Of doctors who prescribe betaine HCl, the amount used.
  7. He will prescribe the proper medicine in the proper time.
  8. I can prescribe some mild sleeping pills, I told her.
  9. Many doctors will prescribe pain relief for a herniated disc.
  10. Part of his treatment was to prescribe this medicine for her.
  11. It’s not a drug I would be quick to prescribe, Sir Richard.
  12. There were no inhibitions to prescribe to, for I knew I was all.
  13. He prays a lot and believes in what his doctors prescribe for him.
  14. At prescribe times the Church gathers in common prayer and worship.
  15. Asking questions that lead to prescribe answer (Don't you want to.
  16. We need the Holy Spirit to prescribe what He has already put inside us.
  17. Proper diet is the easiest and safest thing a physician can prescribe.
  18. I decided to prescribe her the same liquid nitrogen spray and medicine.
  19. I shall prescribe the same two drugs that seemed to help her best in the past.
  20. We hesitate to suggest such a rule, nor do we know what new figure to prescribe.
  21. Then you are not a medical doctor and therefore unable to prescribe medication.
  22. For this infection, the doctor will often prescribe an anti-yeast medicated cream.
  23. Doctors began to prescribe water treatment for virtually any ailment or infirmity.
  24. We hesitate to prescribe our own diet for any large number of intelligent investors.
  25. Take her in hand and prescribe for her, but let her get well before I send her back.
  26. Our interest or duty may coincide with the line of conduct another presumes to prescribe.
  27. If a woman does not have progesterone irregularity, her doctor may prescribe this type of.
  28. Saeed and helped prescribe the medication she needed to cope with the loss of her husband.
  29. The pharmacopoeias prescribe or limit the permitted final water purification stage in the.
  30. The officer has to learn his lesson first, before he can prescribe the task of the soldier.
  31. But we must not think in our prayers to prescribe to Him, or by our importunity to move Him.
  32. One lovely young woman replied, Oh, yes, I’ve heard that, but I would never prescribe it.
  33. Even if the cause is not medical, doctors can prescribe medication that can control bedwetting.
  34. In his daily preachings also the revered Maharaj Ji used to prescribe the practice of Pranayam.
  35. As with any private law case the action must be taken within three years or the claim will prescribe.
  36. Your doctor may prescribe a dermatologist lotion for acne prone patients that requires a prescription.
  37. Endocrinologists basically prescribe insulin and advise patients to adjust their dosage as necessary.
  38. I found it shocking, just shocking, that any doctor would prescribe that much Nembutal for insomnia.
  39. The compacts of civilization—for instance, the Magna Carta and the Constitution—all prescribe such.
  40. Instead of barbiturates, your doctor may prescribe any of the benzodiazepine drugs as sleeping medication.
  41. And as a medical doctor, are you able to prescribe medications and evaluate their effect on patients?
  42. Without knowing the cause of the hair loss, no doctor is in a position to prescribe any form of treatment.
  43. There are loads of products, medications and treatments that a physician can prescribe to treat the problem.
  44. She'd signed on with another doctor, but he wouldn't prescribe anything like the strength of tablets she needed.
  45. For example, let’s say TOMIC position sizing guidelines prescribe a maximum portfolio exposure of 2% per position.
  46. They cannot prescribe a medication that will solve all your problems within two days because it simply doesn’t exist.
  47. Of course Georgia had power to prescribe for the territory what form of government she pleased, provided it was republican.
  48. Exactly at what point the question of price fluctuation becomes material rather than minor is naturally impossible to prescribe.
  49. Do you really think that God would prescribe a burial that would cause sickness and epidemics? No, not if we follow his statutes.
  50. The delay was caused by the VA’s inability to locate an endocrinologist with the experience to prescribe and monitor my regimen.
  51. Your doctor can prescribe a medication that might be covered by your medical insurance, should you be required to take these long-term.
  52. In the first case which has been selected, express authority has been given to Congress, to prescribe the manner in which the records, &c.
  53. Thus, only practitioners who can monitor liver enzyme and function tests should recommend or prescribe Niacin for hyperlipidemic patients.
  54. They don't prescribe to General Patton's quote that the object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.
  55. He or she can recommend lifestyle changes such as an increased salt or water intake, or may be able to prescribe medications in extreme cases.
  56. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof.
  57. And the Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.
  58. We are brothers: but I make my brother pay for all my services, whether I write books for him, educate him, or prescribe for him as a physician.
  59. And such a pilot and ruler will provide and prescribe for the interest of the sailor who is under him, and not for his own or the ruler's interest?
  60. But now we know that these little pills of classical learning possess the medicinal property of antinihilism, and we boldly prescribe them to our patients.
  61. Honest in that it recognizes it does not know how to do this nor can it prescribe any formula, principle or law for how to achieve, institute, or enact it.
  62. We prescribe this mass produced ---- as a cure for your mass-identical ailment… or this identical operation for everyone with your ----identical condition.
  63. The third type of expert, often works for large multinationals such as the World Bank and bring a menu of solutions they wish to prescribe to the patient.
  64. If you have an acute attack of gouty arthritis, your doctor will prescribe anti inflammatory agents such as colchicines or NSAID to relieve the pain and swelling.
  65. With all this, none of my doctors have been able to figure out precisely what’s going on, so whenever they prescribe a new medicine, it’s always just a guess.
  66. You believe that doctors know what they are doing, and if you feel some relief as a result of what they prescribe, you aren’t likely to question the solution.
  67. One of these reforms was to act stoutly on the strength of a recent legal decision, and simply prescribe, without dispensing drugs or taking percentage from druggists.
  68. Monte would have liked nothing more than to claim he’d prescribed it to Calvin, but they’d found far more in Calvin’s inventory than Monte was allowed to prescribe.
  69. The ordinary physician of the wards reserved for the convicts was to make the diagnosis of my illness, to prescribe the fitting remedies, together with the necessary diet.
  70. Without the conviction that this is demanded by the whole nation, not one emperor, king, president, not one assembly would be able to prescribe these same tortures and murders.
  71. Once the typical suspects have been eliminated, your doctor can prescribe the essential medicines for this type of allergy which best suit the symptoms or the exact causes behind it.
  72. The main difference between this and other naturally occurring antibiotics and the antibiotics that our doctors prescribe is that they do not harm the good enzymes that our body needs.
  73. Urbino would always prescribe counterfeit medicines along with the correct ones in order to preserve the sacred right of the sick to die in peace along with the secret of their illness.
  74. A doctor may run tests to confirm the source of the allergic reactions and prescribe a medication solution, often consisting of a series of injections to progressively build up immunity.
  75. But who goes looking for information on the medications doctors prescribe? If you trust your doctor and feel better as a result of what he does, why would you go checking up behind him?
  76. By tempting Christ is meant disbelieving the providence and goodness of God; and presuming to prescribe to him how he should send them the necessary supplies, and of what kind they should be.
  77. Because of these repeated variations in relative behavior and popularity, security analysis must hesitate to prescribe any definitive rules for valuing one type of business as against another.
  78. If your doctor has diagnosed you as having high blood pressure then along with making changes to your lifestyle - the most effective way of dealing with it - they might also prescribe medication.
  79. Surely modesty is not incompatible with self-confidence; and there is logic in the thought that unless a man is qualified to advise others professionally, he should not, unaided, prescribe for himself.
  80. If the consciousness had been stronger still and the amount of interactions even greater, it is very likely that the minister would not have made up his mind to prescribe, and the emperor to confirm such a decree.
  81. Speaker, that of all the gentlemen who have spoken, no one has taken the precise terms of the resolution as the basis of his argument, and followed that course of investigation which those terms naturally prescribe.
  82. At the earliest opportunity he would drive in to Meuk, call on the doctor, and after explaining the effect of Zoppot, a place which was to have cured her, on his wife, request him now to prescribe a cure for the cure.
  83. We can run a blood test and a skin graph if you’re willing to let me cut into you—which you’re probably not, given the state of your hand—but until I have a definite answer about what this is, I can’t prescribe anything.
  84. If one can read questions from a symptom chart, perform simple indicated tests for infection or deficiency, and prescribe the recommended treatment for the indicated condition, then one can carry out the typical duties of physicians.
  85. But they didn’t prescribe a ‘powerful’ king as their political and religious saviour, or proclaim their writings were messages from God above, but they wrote about a baby, because perhaps this baby really was the Son of the Creator.
  86. A Nissen hut and battledress, that's what Ted would prescribe, although he forgets, as he hunches up his shoulders and completes the last hundred metres of his walk home under broken street lamps, that he was just too young for National Service.
  87. Holmes’s assistant, we stop off at a reception desk and are given a form to sign that lets us get the tetrabenazine, which, it turns out, isn’t usually legal to prescribe in the United States, except through a few special licenses, one of which Dr.
  88. Finally, based on the radical theory that we should try to do the opposite of everything we’d done before, the doctor wants to prescribe pergolide, a drug that would increase the chemical in my brain that we’ve always thought was one of the problems.
  89. What right has Britain to tyrannize on the ocean, and prescribe limits to our trade? She will not permit to us a trade which she cannot herself enjoy; she prohibits to us a trade which our Government permits, because it is her interest to monopolize it.
  90. But Russia cannot permit Germany to prescribe laws to it and to deprive it of its historic destiny in the East,—it cannot tolerate the chance of having its provinces, the Baltic provinces, Poland, the Caucasus, taken from it, as was done in the case of France.
  91. The effect of a record ought to depend upon the laws of the State of which it is a record, and, therefore, the power to prescribe the effect of a record was wholly unnecessary, and has been so held by Congress—no law having been passed to prescribe the effect of a record.
  92. Would it not be better to prescribe a few really important criteria, which must be followed in every instance, and then give the Banking Board discretionary power to exclude issues that meet these minimum requirements but still are not sound enough in its conservative judgment?
  93. The Christian teaching does not prescribe any laws for all men; it does not say, "Follow such and such rules under fear of punishment, and you will all be happy," but explains to each separate man his position in the world and shows him what for him personally results from this position.
  94. The legislators did not approach their task from the viewpoint of establishing criteria of sound investments for universal use; consequently they felt free to impose arbitrary restrictions on savings-bank and trust funds, which they would have hesitated to prescribe for investors generally.
  95. On the lowest stage of the social ladder, soldiers with guns, pistols, swords, torture and kill men, and with the same tortures and murders compel men to enter the army, and are fully convinced that the responsibility for these acts is taken from them by those authorities who prescribe these acts to them.
  96. Among the followers of the reformation, dispersed in all the different countries of Europe, there was no general tribunal, which, like that of the court of Rome, or an oecumenical council, could settle all disputes among them, and, with irresistible authority, prescribe to all of them the precise limits of orthodoxy.
  97. The princes who have dared in this manner to rebel against the church, over and above this crime of rebellion, have generally been charged, too, with the additional crime of heresy, notwithstanding their solemn protestations of their faith, and humble submission to every tenet which she thought proper to prescribe to them.
  98. But there are innumerable small accidents, and little ailments to which humanity is liable, which quite legitimately come within the province of pharmacy to treat, and the pharmacist, if he is wise, is a much safer man to treat these than the clergy and the laity, who are ever ready to prescribe for each other upon any and all occasions.
  99. But the aspect of things in this respect is changed, and a war would produce an incurable alienation of the Eastern States, and bring the whole country in subordination to the interests of England, whose navy would prescribe and enforce the terms upon which the commercial States should carry, and the agricultural States export, their surplus produce.
  100. When the prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was born, he had sore eyes, they told his grandfather that there was a Jewish monk knew medicines at the mountain of Arafa to go to him to prescribe medicine for him, he took him and went to the monk, when the monk saw him, he said: His medicine is with him, take from his saliva and put on his eyes, he will recover at once.
  1. So, rather than prescribing here what you should buy and.
  2. Perhaps there was a rigid local custom prescribing only one.
  3. But this estimate was based on current prescribing practices.
  4. Prior requirements by the FDA had only met prior prescribing habits.
  5. But I say no more, madame; it is really as if I were prescribing for you.
  6. Every Mahapurush have been prescribing to his followers the typical modes of.
  7. Constitutional prescribing by a qualified homeopath may be helpful in treating.
  8. Well, the attorney stumbled, the drug companies don’t do the prescribing.
  9. This is based on traditional herbal prescribing and has not been evaluated in clinical.
  10. We are outraged at the doctors that kept prescribing the poison to us month after month.
  11. On the Monday following (July 29), I phoned the prescribing physician and told him what I.
  12. At Johnny’s behest, studio doctors began prescribing drugs to Marilyn on a regular basis.
  13. However, note that the physician is not prescribing green tea per se, but rather calling it.
  14. And by the way… doctors make the rest of their money by prescribing the most expensive drugs possible.
  15. Wisconsin, and Wyoming) have already taken some action against physicians prescribing drugs over the Internet.
  16. The social commandments are for the most part positive, prescribing certain acts, justifying men, giving them righteousness.
  17. These thoughts bullied their way into his mind as if some ethereal healer was prescribing them as an unguent for fraying nerves.
  18. There is, however, I am sorry to say, a great deal too much prescribing by chemists, and some of it is of a most reprehensible kind.
  19. Call it what you will, but people always seemed to think the absolute worst of him and had been prescribing a beastly nature to him for years.
  20. Max stopped in with a question about his old pony’s wheezes, and after prescribing for her a diet of warm gruel I challenged him to a chicken fight.
  21. Therefore, I will be immediately prescribing you our most potent therapy today and I would highly recommend getting on those medications, right away.
  22. When the doctor returned I showed him my phone accusingly and asked him why he was prescribing medication that treated malaria, anthrax, and cholera.
  23. And what would you say of the physician? In prescribing meats and drinks would he wish to go beyond another physician or beyond the practice of medicine?
  24. Bullivant had foreseen her husband's probable desire for conversation, and the doctor, a well-trained man, was in the act of prescribing complete silence.
  25. Too often, the health care profession forgets about prevention and only offers solutions to cancer and other sicknesses by prescribing drugs and operating.
  26. Ordinarily, he would have simply required the drug company to adhere to stricter prescribing guidelines and print the appropriate warnings about long-term use.
  27. I told her numerous times that the stuff was addictive, but she just brushed me off, saying that her doctor wouldn’t keep prescribing it if it wasn’t good for her.
  28. Overpaid doctors are raking in small fortunes labeling kids bi-polar and ADHD, and then prescribing a variety of powerful drugs; as if parenting now comes in pill bottles.
  29. The scientific explanation of the drug’s prescribing information was way over her head, but she was able to surmise that the drug was primarily used as an anti-inflammatory.
  30. According to his friend and former producer Ben Ammar Taraclia, the doctors treating Jacko, have always benefited from his illness by prescribing him expensive drugs without any reason.
  31. Policy, and that conciliatory spirit which ought to guide our deliberations, unite in prescribing a different course, and I do trust that prescription will not be disregarded on the present occasion.
  32. Williams the said rules were amended by striking out the word "five," in the paragraph prescribing the manner in which the previous question shall be taken, and inserting the words "one-fifth of the.
  33. Instead of being patient, he hardly lets you speak; instead of prescribing, he denounces; instead of helping, he passionately scolds; and so you do not go to him again, but fight through your later miseries alone.
  34. Create a budget! is the sort of worthless advice that personal-finance pundits feel good prescribing, yet when real people read about making a budget, their eyes glaze over faster than John Goodman’s lips at Krispy Kreme.
  35. Learned jurists, whose duty it is to justify the violence of authority, deny more and more frequently the right of punishment, and in its place introduce theories of irresponsibility, often prescribing, not punishment, but medical treatment for so-called criminals.
  36. The gentleman will find laws and decisions in abundance, regulating the effect of endorsements and other collateral circumstances, and prescribing the manner of enforcing the payment of promissory notes, but he will never find a law giving the right to execute the promissory note.
  37. Chemist’s prescribing is quite as loudly complained of by the doctors, and when I read some of the letters and comments which appear in the medical journals I am almost tempted to fear that for once medicine is thinking more of its share of the pecuniary reward, than caring for suffering humanity.
  38. Smilie observed that there was no fear of the privileges of this body being encroached upon by any other, for there was a written constitution, prescribing the powers of each body; and, at the same time that it was proper to be careful of their own rights, he said the House should be careful not to infringe on the rights of the other body.
  39. And because no doctor has the slightest understanding of your own specific organic-cellular-muscular-mental-emotional-environmental-biological condition: their blind prescribing some pharmaceutically advertised pill or new, more expensive kind of treatment has nothing to do with what you actually need to heal your countless, complex, subtle imbalances.
  40. Theoretically it is undoubtedly better that dispensing shall be done by the pharmacist, and prescribing by the medical man, but when we pharmacists claim this as a right, and accuse medicine of unjustly usurping our functions, it is well for us to remind ourselves that medical men, although they may not now as frequently as of old take the degree of L.
  41. It was expected that all would unite in it and prove to the world that the Representatives of every portion of the American people were determined to maintain their rights, for the belligerent powers really seemed to suppose that the American people had forgotten them, and had therefore assumed the right of prescribing the course of conduct which we should pursue.
  42. So, why are our medical universities giving students the impression that they should not be prescribing Tai Chi, since we know it can help lower high blood pressure for many, who if it is successful with them, can enjoy a lifetime free of chronic and costly medications? And not only do that, but offer a plethora of GOOD SIDE EFFECTS including a stronger immune system and healthier respiratory system.
  43. The great advantage of our system of government over all others is, that we have a written constitution defining its limits and prescribing its authorities; and that, however for a time faction may convulse the nation, and passion and party prejudice sway its functionaries, the season of reflection will recur, when calmly retracing their deeds, and all aberrations from fundamental principle will be corrected.
  44. However, because, as I said, I took up the matter of popular education without any preconceived notions, or because I took up the matter without prescribing laws from a distance about how I ought to teach, but became a schoolmaster in a village popular school in the backwoods,—I could not reject the idea that there must of necessity exist a criterion by means of which the question could be solved: What to teach and how to teach it.
  45. I have encountered a number of practicing Christians over the years who are (seemingly) unable to resolve religious ―questions‖ such as the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption or Transubstantiation, for example; considering such (doctrinal) propositions set forth by the church as operating outside the prescribing (rational) limits otherwise informed by Reason, who are unwilling to contest, however, the Incarnation, Resurrection and the Holy Trinity as matters of Faith.
  1. We did what we were prescribed.
  2. God’s prescribed time in history.
  3. Realize I have not prescribed any.
  4. He not only prescribed the cures but.
  5. Hes the doctor that prescribed this stuff.
  6. If too little is prescribed, they will be.
  7. Non-adherence to prescribed working hours;.
  8. God knows which doctor had prescribed this.
  9. Our role is prescribed in the Sacred Writings.
  10. Performance of the prescribed task and the rap-.
  11. However, there is no prescribed formula for the.
  12. The oath prescribed by law was administered to Mr.
  13. Prior Godwyn has prescribed this, she said.
  14. The Doctor had prescribed fresh air and change of.
  15. The same methods are prescribed in Christian lands.
  16. SAM: I prescribed a small dose of a sedative for her.
  17. Terry’s doctor prescribed it for his depression.
  18. As for the wife, the Divine Doctor prescribed DEVOTION.
  19. By mollifying God through the services prescribed in.
  20. Methods prescribed by those who understand the matter.
  21. The doctor prescribed it because I have grazed my foot.
  22. Anyway, that is what her Master had prescribed for her.
  23. He stopped the prescribed three meters from the throne.
  24. The role Paul prescribed for elders and teachers was no.
  25. She went to the doctor and was prescribed tranquilizers.
  26. This drug is only prescribed for a brief period of time.
  27. Alcohol and/or substance abuse; if mixed with prescribed.
  28. Different doctors prescribed different medication for him.
  29. She prescribed me a round of ciprofloxacin over the phone.
  30. All this was prescribed by the ceremonies of his religion.
  31. Action is a prescribed undertaking-the performance of yagya.
  32. Can you see who they were prescribed to? Whitton asked.
  33. Lama approves of the expulsions prescribed by the abbots in.
  34. I thought of the tablets prescribed for pain after my surgery.
  35. Some have felt that the study and meditation prescribed for.
  36. Don't provide higher size fuse wire than the prescribed size.
  37. For others too there is the prescribed way by which they can.
  38. Once prescribed there is nothing in law which can resurrect it.
  39. The doctors prescribed rest, and Juliette took him to Guernsey.
  40. TIP! If you are prescribed allergy medication, take it regularly.
  41. Fred is prescribed Lyrica by his primary care physician because.
  42. Prayer became a conscious act, along consciously prescribed lines.
  43. Asking that invites a search without a prescribed end, asking for.
  44. She might already have given him more than Lydgate had prescribed.
  45. Lecithin to her diet, as prescribed, the patches began to disappear.
  46. In the Vedic Age in India it was prescribed that a couple have at.
  47. The bloody new hair product his doctor had prescribed had not helped.
  48. Greenson had prescribed it to her, said one of the psychiatrists.
  49. In Chapter 2, the Yogeshwar told Arjun that the prescribed action in.
  50. This action didn’t fit the low profile prescribed by Clegg earlier.
  51. They are often prescribed without consideration of lifestyle changes.
  52. Ralph Greenson prescribed 300 milligrams of the barbiturate Nembutal.
  53. Arjun is prompted to do the prescribed action-the ordained task-which.
  54. Presently she woke, and I gave her food, as Van Helsing had prescribed.
  55. The doctor had been to see her once or twice and had prescribed - rest.
  56. The issue is that I am addicted to a medication that you prescribed.
  57. This is what the medications that are commonly prescribed are meant for.
  58. Patients have confidence in drugs and devices when prescribed by their.
  59. When that did not work, he prescribed another newer, more expensive one.
  60. I went to several doctors, who prescribed a variety of creams and pills.
  61. This woman is being accused of creating porn under the prescribed weight.
  62. This young Canadian Forces female member was prescribed an antibiotic for.
  63. Only the action prescribed by scripture is auspicious and all that is op-.
  64. Estrogen supplementation may be prescribed by your doctor to stimulate the.
  65. This types of medication are prescribed for women with ovation disorder to.
  66. Make a list of any problems you're having taking the medicines as prescribed.
  67. I was prescribed Paxil on that day when I entered my doctors office, and to.
  68. The rate of interest as prescribed for general category of borrowers may be.
  69. She did not receive much relief from medications prescribed by a cardiologist.
  70. There are no prescribed methods for the production of PW in the pharmacopoeias.
  71. The big gap between animals and humans is assigned and prescribed in the Bible.
  72. They can help you gather everything that you need, as prescribed by the doctor.
  73. Rite: A prescribed form or manner governing the words or actions for a ceremony.
  74. But the new concept of life cannot be prescribed; it can only be freely adopted.
  75. Each health care professional should know what the other has prescribed for you.
  76. To achieve this union or Yog with the supreme , four major paths are prescribed.
  77. Costa diagnosed Dixie with bronchitis and prescribed a state-of-the-art antibiotic.
  78. Every conceivable and inconceivable matter was regulated, rearranged, and prescribed.
  79. The congregation would do nothing that was outside the customary and the prescribed.
  80. I had been prescribed Valipene for anxiety and difficulty sleeping four years ago.
  81. Sati rose to find the mouth rinse Ayurvati had prescribed for Ganesh before he could.
  82. The tablets the doctor prescribed as substitute for the injections offered no relief.
  83. In this year he served in the Tver military as a volunteer (before the prescribed age).
  84. It results from the limitations of our political system, prescribed in the constitution.
  85. A person should keep a record of any bad reaction he has had to a drug prescribed to him.
  86. Celebrex has been controversial as it pertains to heart issues but is still prescribed.
  87. Every car in the field had a display of lights in a configuration prescribed by the rules.
  88. I still meditate about the things I’ve done wrong, as Father Jean-Jacques had prescribed.
  89. Over the course of one year, she visited doctors and tried different treatments prescribed.
  90. The advertisement read: THE #1 TUMMY TICKLER takes the #1 prescribed Alzheimer’s drug.
  91. Prescribed drugs contain chemicals that at one point of time provide pleasurable reactions.
  92. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that many doctors prescribed a stiff course of leaches.
  93. Prayed, sang hymns, took blood, prescribed their favourite nostrums and charged a fortune.
  94. Usually eye drops are prescribed to patients who are in early stages of allergy development.
  95. The dear man first of all prescribed anti-depressants, although he knew they would do nothing.
  96. Class 1 and 2 topical corticosteroids should never be prescribed on the face of body folds or.
  97. He cause of death has been given as prescribed drugs, but other events contributed to that day.
  98. I relied on sleeping pills prescribed by the neurosurgeon to help me sleep and coffee to keep.
  99. The doctor opined that the indisposition arose from fatigue and excitement, and prescribed rest.
  100. Whitney at the public expense—to convert the mean prescribed by the constitution into the end.
  1. The contract prescribes.
  2. Pseudo-Christianity alone prescribes nothing.
  3. Like the deity he, too, prescribes a course of meditation.
  4. What he prescribes to me emanates from the insecurity that.
  5. This religion prescribes specific practices regarding the dead.
  6. If she has an adulterous affair, the Koran prescribes death by stoning.
  7. Yogeshwar (Lord of Yog) prescribes His own form as the object of meditation.
  8. The next belief is that what a doctor prescribes is exactly what the patient needs.
  9. The Bhagavad Gita prescribes certain dietary practices (Chapter 17, Verses 8–10).
  10. Under the conditions Marx prescribes, there is no way to consider the Jew as separate or different.
  11. It keeps the records of individuals, it issues the orders, it recommends promotion, and prescribes punishment.
  12. Arbnor Jasari, the good doctor, is aware of her movement and he prescribes for himself his favourite pick-me-up.
  13. A vision of the future that is not set in tablets of stone, but one that his charges can escape from by doing as he prescribes.
  14. It is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions, to bind those whom we are obliged to trust with power.
  15. Until they succumb to their own fears, to their fear of dying… and finally resign themselves to whatever the doctor prescribes.
  16. Religion requires people to commit themselves to rules, rituals and tradition and to do exactly as a specific religion prescribes.
  17. I can see Isaiah Fomitch wandering about on Saturday throughout the prison, endeavouring to do nothing, as the law prescribes to every Jew.
  18. You brush your teeth, you take the meds your doctor prescribes, you eat healthfully—and if you don’t, you probably feel guilty about it.
  19. As distinct from reorganization procedure proper, the Trust Indenture Act prescribes a number of requirements for trustees acting under bond indentures.
  20. Mohammedanism prescribes circumcision, prayer five times a day, the giving of tithes to the poor, pilgrimage to the tomb of the Prophet, and many other things.
  21. For when we stumble, we should not, like children, make an uproar; we should take the measures which reason prescribes, not raising a lament, but finding a cure.
  22. The 3d article defines the tenure by which the persons in whom the judicial power may be vested shall hold their offices, and prescribes the extent of their power and jurisdiction.
  23. But, sir, the question is, shall we stretch the instrument to embrace cases not fairly within its scope, or shall we resort to that remedy, by amendment, which the constitution prescribes?
  24. The first article provides for the organization of Congress; defines its powers; prescribes limitations upon the powers previously granted; and sets metes and bounds to the authority of the State Governments.
  25. At the present time every act of our lives is under the supervision of the State, and in accordance with its dictates a man marries and is divorced, rears his children, and in some countries accepts the religion it prescribes.
  26. John Condit, appointed a Senator by the Executive of the State of New Jersey, in the place of Aaron Kitchel, resigned, took his seat, and his credentials were read; and the President administered the oath to him as the law prescribes.
  27. If he means that this House ought, at this stage of the proceeding, or any other, to enumerate such violations of our rights as we are willing to contend for, he prescribes a course which neither good sense nor the usage of nations warrants.
  28. What an irony, the custom that prescribes alliances between blood relations proscribes sagothra marriages! What’s a gothram, after all? If anything, isn’t it a vague concept at its very best, based as it were on the precept of lineage of all.
  29. He dares not do anything which would disgrace or discredit him in it; and he is obliged to a very strict observation of that species of morals, whether liberal or austere, which the general consent of this society prescribes to persons of his rank and fortune.
  30. Then, I continued, no physician, in so far as he is a physician, considers his own good in what he prescribes, but the good of his patient; for the true physician is also a ruler having the human body as a subject, and is not a mere money-maker; that has been admitted?
  31. Jenkin Whiteside, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Tennessee, for two years, commencing on the fourth of March last, in place of Daniel Smith, resigned, took his seat, and his credentials were read; and the President administered the oath to him as the law prescribes.
  32. If his employer is attentive and parsimonious, the workman is very likely to be so too; but if the master is dissolute and disorderly, the servant, who shapes his work according to the pattern which his master prescribes to him, will shape his life, too, according to the example which he sets him.
  33. So given these facts and not forgetting that the Koran prescribes in startling detail the minutiae of daily life you get the following: a very religious and conservative population in which the sheikh, the Moslem priest, has considerable sway over the community and it is not unusual for people in a moral dilemma to seek his advice.
  34. Sir: I beg leave, through you, to inform the honorable the Senate of the United States, that I propose to take the oath which the constitution prescribes to the President of the United States, before he enters on the execution of his office, on Saturday the 4th instant, at twelve o'clock, in the Chamber of the House of Representatives.
  35. But when you see that an author prescribes emotion at what is not touching, but only laughable or disgusting, and when you see, moreover, that the author is fully assured that he has captivated you, a painfully tormenting feeling results, similar to what one would feel if an old, deformed woman put on a ball-dress, and smilingly coquetted before you, confident of your approbation.
  36. With regard to the fifth commandment, "Honor thy father and thy mother," the catechism prescribes honor to the sovereign, the country, spiritual fathers, all persons in authority, and of these last gives an enumeration in three pages, including college authorities, civil, judicial, and military authorities, and owners of serfs, with instructions as to the manner of honoring each of these classes (pp.
  37. Wonderful delusion! The being that breathes to-day and disappears to-morrow, that has one definite, incontestable law given to him, as to how he is to pass his short term of life, imagines that he knows what is necessary and useful and appropriate for all men, for the whole world, for that world which moves without cessation, and goes on developing, and in the name of this usefulness, which is differently understood by each of them, he prescribes to himself and to others for a time to depart from the unquestionable law, which is given to him and to all men, and not to act toward all men as he wants others to act toward him, not to bring love into the world, but to practise violence, to deprive of freedom, to punish, to kill, to introduce malice into the world, when it is found that this is necessary.
  38. Don Quixote was amazed to hear Roque utter such excellent and just sentiments, for he did not think that among those who followed such trades as robbing, murdering, and waylaying, there could be anyone capable of a virtuous thought, and he said in reply, Senor Roque, the beginning of health lies in knowing the disease and in the sick man's willingness to take the medicines which the physician prescribes; you are sick, you know what ails you, and heaven, or more properly speaking God, who is our physician, will administer medicines that will cure you, and cure gradually, and not of a sudden or by a miracle; besides, sinners of discernment are nearer amendment than those who are fools; and as your worship has shown good sense in your remarks, all you have to do is to keep up a good heart and trust that the weakness of your conscience will be strengthened.

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