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    1. Annie, knowing her brother from years of quiet observation, correctly suggested to her great-aunt that he would dedicate his new found personal freedom and financial independence to the pursuit of private digital excess, and it was this that great-aunt Edith was thinking about as she lay in bed after a very pleasant Saturday in the company of her poor, disappointed relative

    2. ‘It might be a sensible idea to select the same day every week and dedicate that to practising serious stuff

    3. correctly suggested to her great-aunt that he would dedicate his

    4. of their origin, and dedicate themselves solely to the protection of the

    5. At the congregation I attend we dedicate babies to God when they are newborns

    6. 3 Jewish scribes responsible for the preservation of the holy books would dedicate their entire lives to this process

    7. I will dedicate my spare hours to researching the Royal Libraries

    8. For more details on COIN training and operations please read my book Mean Streets - Life in the Apartheid Police where I dedicate a whole chapter to it

    9. In spite of the fact that the media refused to point out those mistakes, as they have also refused to examine closely the Senator’s history and weaknesses, at the moment of truth, the American voter is going to be thinking about who is going to dedicate greater persistence to the security of the country

    10. to cleanse and dedicate your chosen crystal for this purpose before using it

    11. ‘If you join them you dedicate your life to them

    12. 11 Which also king David did dedicate to the Lord, with the silver and gold that he had dedicated of all nations which he subdued;

    13. dedicate to maintain the house of the Lord

    14. dedicate it to him, and to burn before him sweet incense, and for the continual showbread, and for the burnt offerings morning and

    15. Finally, dedicate the merit of this meditation

    16. Then said Judas and his brothers, see, our enemies are discomfited: let us go up to cleanse and dedicate the sanctuary

    17. Tourists that wish to engage in sports will find a limitless number of land and sea activities to which they can dedicate their precious time

    18. In each locality that they visit, they will have available for their choice a great variety of activities to which they can dedicate their time, such as kayaking and salmon fishing

    19. In Haines, it becomes dark very late in summer due to the “midnight sun”, and there are many activities to which visitors can dedicate their time

    20. Now that Roger is retired, he has decided to dedicate some of his time, every now and then, to write poems about topics that penetrate his heart, for poetry possesses that special capacity to communicate passion and sadness, beauty and love, joy and nostalgia… Perhaps these poems, all originally written in Spanish, do not deserve prizes in modern poetic contests, but they reflect in the author an eagerness to mix the old cannons of rhyme and rhythm with the metric flexibility of the modern free verse

    21. To her you dedicate the best song of praise that a son can dedicate to the one who gave him life

    22. After he was made a member of the Religious Education Commission, as interested as he was in soccer and as active as all his children were in that sport, Roger decided to dedicate more time to the Cursillo and to the religious education of the Diocese of Orange

    23. to try harder at it than others, but if you dedicate yourself to getting the most out of each session, you

    24. 5 And the officers shall speak to the people, saying, What man is there that has built a new house, and has not dedicated it? let him go and return to his house, lest he die in the battle, and another man dedicate it

    25. To dedicate his loyalty to Judaism, he decided to rebuild the Temple

    26. It will have to be so inspiring that people would dedicate their lives to studying it and promoting it

    27. my brother thinks I dedicate to plotting evil things against him

    28. in the world, and archeological teams dedicate themselves to

    29. 36 Then said Judas and his brothers see our enemies are discomfited: let us go up to cleanse and dedicate the sanctuary

    30. dedicate himself exclusively to his business

    31. “It is with profound gratitude that I accept this award, and I will dedicate it to the memory of my dear friend Dekagnath, who fell while fighting over Zarkog’s lair as a warrior of The Strike Force of the Just Alliance

    32. Despite this whole mess that had beset him, Tony decided to dedicate

    33. So Tony decided to dedicate himself full time to the construction of the orphanage

    34. Athene wondered how people could dedicate years of their lives to worship in such surroundings

    35. dedicate oneself to anything with nothing but JOY is truly one deserving of the finest

    36. Mary started to stay home more often, and dedicate

    37. Emphasis was on developing an ideal citizen of India and the world who would have culture, highest morals and ethics, live a simple life; and dedicate his/her life to regenerate ideal circumstances for everyone’s progress (Sarvodaya) in India

    38. Where they should dedicate a street to bribery,

    39. in the Coast Guard and can rarely dedicate themselves full time

    40. 4- Dedicate all your attention to the

    41. It was only logical to assume she would eventually dedicate them to

    42. dedicate myself to the furtherance of settlement and development on this new world

    43. dedicate their lives organising spiritual tours to all the

    44. I dedicate this chapter to

    45. In a sense I dedicate this piece to my Professor who has proven to me that coming from an

    46. 11 Now are we truly forsaking the lures of the known order of existence while we unreservedly dedicate our quest to the lures of the unknown and unexplored order of the existence of a future life of adventure in the spirit worlds of the higher idealism of divine reality

    47. He required only the twelve and the seventy to dedicate all of their worldly possessions to the common cause

    48. Dedicate your life to teaching your brethren how to love one another, even as I have loved you

    49. Dedicate your life, Simon, to showing how acceptably mortal man may fulfill my injunction concerning the simultaneous recognition of temporal duty to civil powers and spiritual service in the brotherhood of the kingdom

    50. Dedicate your life to the demonstration of that combined human affection and divine dignity of the God-knowing and Son-believing disciple

    1. If your ideal life is living in a way that spending time with your children is everything to you, then you have to create your life in a way that allows you to live a life that is one hundred percent dedicated to your

    2. An activity that brings the young, the middle-aged and the seniors together is much better than a group dedicated only to the interests of the senior citizens, from the point of view of building relationships

    3. dedicated their lives to prepare academically and spiritually for the great work of

    4. the dedicated faithful, knowledgeable men in an unorganized congregation) will

    5. dedicated, biblically qualified men (plural) is left up to the preacher or evangelist

    6. Suffice it to say that he’s dedicated his life to working for Gotte

    7. The catastrophes and failures of colonisation, the disastrous experiments with star drives, all those terrible bug hunts on far away worlds, we survived them all and gave the stars to you, and for what? Thanks? The only thing your masters ever worried about was whether there were enough conditioned and dedicated Barcs available to do the dirty work

    8. Her sole purpose in life seemed to be dedicated to looking down her nose at people, and nowhere was this alarming personality trait more obviously demonstrated than in her reaction to possible suitors

    9. He also can’t forgive me for the times I’ve stepped out on him, but all he wants is for me to be dedicated to his project like he is

    10. Many persons do not feel the need for a day dedicated simply to love and affection and find that

    11. During cleaning it became clear that at some time in the distant past part of the church had been a temple dedicated to Pallas Athena and although it was not unusual for the locals to mix their beliefs, the church authorities were rather embarrassed and the work came to a standstill until it could be determined who would provide funds for the work to continue

    12. If you have been labeled as one of those "nice" guys, don’t listen to this myth! In fact, this article is dedicated to you and the breaking down of this great misconception

    13. The other half of his Hold was dedicated to the study of the sciences of the universe

    14. You were both fervent, dedicated people - you had to be - but, as he grew older I think his conflicts began to take their toll and so his heart grew weaker until, in that dressing room, in that final moment, it gave out and without warning his struggles were over

    15. BloggingeHow, is dedicated to some of the honorable names here that I couldn’t go without mentioning

    16. First, there were the homemakers; these women had children and dedicated themselves to teaching the younger generations

    17. In the end, the Admiral produced exactly what he promised he would; 600 dedicated fighting robots intent on killing every Ogatu in sight

    18. It is tradition at the club that Wednesday night, the first show night of the week, is dedicated to local talent

    19. In the stillness he could hear the voices of the cooks as they made breakfast for the dedicated wizards that lived in the wings of rooms around him

    20. The task at hand was a full day at the office where he was dedicated to the task of policing the honor of the Kassikan

    21. Life was dedicated to a constant struggle for dominance over others

    22. Kaitlyn helped her to 'tidy up' the little niches and corners dedicated to this or that forebear

    23. “Compelling enough! I have dedicated myself to those disciplines since that first hearing; and I can say, in proper modesty, with some genuine success

    24. “I don’t think I’m that dedicated,” Desa said

    25. (Dedicated to those who have told and lived their stories on the road to recovery and

    26. (Dedicated to those who suffer from post traumatic stress because of abuse)

    27. (dedicated to those who suffer from flash-backs)

    28. This poem is dedicated to my son Matthew, who found it too hard to bear all the

    29. When Solomon dedicated the temple the glory of God came so strong that the priests couldn’t even do their work (1 Kings 8:11)

    30. Dedicated to any mother

    31. And since then I have dedicated my life to you

    32. I nearly got raped by a mondo-mama at a little tape studio over by Fourth Harbor but I wasn't that dedicated to the job

    33. nation truly dedicated to God, yet in the midst of it all Jesus

    34. The sprays of flowers on the fences and hedges that lined the path seemed dedicated to the grief she felt

    35. dedicated to Saint Nazaire

    36. church dedicated to the popular Saint

    37. This pod would be named and dedicated to Victoria

    38. The structure must have once been a magnificent temple dedicated to the powers of the Gate

    39. It is a bust and is dedicated to

    40. them are dedicated to some relatively recent

    41. There are clipping services dedicated to

    42. dedicated to the national heroes, but also to

    43. They were dedicated to the

    44. land dedicated to Poseidon, the God of the

    45. a dedicated team just to handle that

    46. Although the resources are shared, each one is dedicated to one person

    47. For your own dedicated server you will pay more than shared hosting or

    48. dedicated servers, and usually cheaper even than a VPS

    49. “Did I miss something? When did you go from despising the dark arts to shopping in a store dedicated to it?” Her startled reaction was rewarding

    50. dedicated to the first broadcast film

    1. He dedicates a fire there every year

    2. Roger dedicates this poem to him:

    3. He shuns the light, he fights against it, rages against it and dedicates his life to extinguishing it; yet in all this fury, beneath the grime of his iniquity, he himself becomes an albino – as white as snow, as white as starlight

    4. A traditional Muslim clergyman admires the Quran above everything else and dedicates his life to it, even though more often than not he has to work for very low pay

    5. That state is knowledge in which a man dedicates himself wholly to

    6. One hundred nanoteers builds a mouse, a thousand assembles a laptop, a million constructs a computer lab, and a trillion dedicates a Gamegineer Server to their own online Collaborative School of Competitive Design

    7. Homer dedicates 12 out of 24 chapters to describe this process, which is the central theme of the poem

    8. Homer dedicates the other twenty books of his poem to this journey

    9. I,103) and he dedicates at least half of his poem to the description of how they are destroyed

    10. He dedicates one of his hands to re-combing his hair, and the other to re-tucking his shirt

    11. ‘In the service of religion, humanity, and our brothers,’ the gentleman said, his voice growing louder and louder; ‘to this great cause mother Moscow dedicates you with her blessing

    12. Thiers alone dedicates a few eloquent lines to their memory: ‘These wretches had occupied the sacred citadel, having supplied themselves with guns from the arsenal, and fired’ (the wretches) ‘at the French

    13. Often, adventures which Vancouver dedicates three chapters to, these men accounted unworthy of being set down in the ship's common log

    14. Thiers alone dedicates a few eloquent lines to their memory: “These wretches had occupied the sacred citadel, having supplied themselves with guns from the arsenal, and fired” (the wretches) “at the French

    1. The members are only allowed to join by dedicating themselves solely to the Lord

    2. Shirley Dibs had worked in the caring business since leaving school, dedicating her life to the comfort of others

    3. This carried on for months on end and suddenly, one day out of the blue, a thought struck me like a ton of bricks – this woman has, amongst others, bought a brand new car and is spending my dad’s money, having the best time of her life and I am ruining my life by dedicating all my thoughts towards my hate to her and she isn’t even aware of it

    4. ▪ Through applying these four powers of purification and dedicating yourself to the path of perfection, you can purify the karma of negative actions and completely transform your life!

    5. Conclude the meditation by dedicating the merit of the meditation

    6. While he was actively involved in religious endeavors, Roger was also dedicating precious time to participate in political discourse in the communities where he lived and worked

    7. 10 And the princes offered for dedicating of the altar in the day that it was anointed, even the princes offered their offering before the altar

    8. 11 And the Lord said to Moses, They shall offer their offering, each prince on his day, for the dedicating of the altar

    9. In dedicating our children to the Lord, this

    10. dedicating himself to him, whereas the

    11. I return to the scene of my former business very soon as my parole ends and I begin my retribution for the stealing of the fruits of my labour by dedicating a song on the album especially to V

    12. Siri decided to switch his skills from the exploitation of climate change, to dedicating his efforts towards minimising, as much as possible at this late stage, the expected catastrophic effects on humanity and the environment on which it depended for survival

    13. "Because they are the furthest removed action for a person living the life they are in, at the point of the receipt of the news: becoming world champions in sport at entirely the wrong age, selling everything to launch a business idea, leaving everything they know to cleave a new life in a foreign country where there is no chance of lapsing back into the ways of Blighty, dedicating their lives to a cause which they feel warrants such a sacrifice with the most incredible, world-changing results

    14. software firm and dedicating their staff to the implementation

    15. blessing to hear a young woman who is dedicating her life to the Lord and sharing her

    16. “The man who acts, dedicating all his actions to God and

    17. “Thus constantly dedicating his Self to God, the immaculate

    18. It is not the mystical feeling of being one with the One and of losing oneself in the oceanic joy this fusion offers, but of completely and humbly dedicating oneself to the creation of secondary beauty, which is the goal of Life

    19. would love to have the possibility of dedicating themselves to bringing their beauty into the

    20. You remember what happened when Solomon finished dedicating the temple to God in prayer: the glory of the Lord came down

    21. The prayer was long, a prayer dedicating the lives of this village to him

    22. In the end, this novel turned out to be a story about friendship, so I’m dedicating it to my friend Margaret Palisi, with whom I share thirty-five years of memories

    23. -- Tricia/Volpe on NBC/CBS dedicating a “people mover” in Morgantown

    24. Their brevity is readily understandable not only because the field has grown since Graham and Dodd published but because the themes sounded throughout their work are inherently applicable to this mode, such that dedicating a chapter to distressed investing as such would have been nearly superfluous

    25. Rising from a little cabin-boy in short clothes of the drabbest drab, to a harpooneer in a broad shad-bellied waistcoat; from that becoming boat-header, chief-mate, and captain, and finally a ship owner; Bildad, as I hinted before, had concluded his adventurous career by wholly retiring from active life at the goodly age of sixty, and dedicating his remaining days to the quiet receiving of his well-earned income

    26. " I have no need to dream and brood now ; it's enough for me, now, that I have you ! I will follow you ! " I said, dedicating myself to him with my whole heart

    27. "Dedicating my energies to the study of the social organisation which is in the future to replace the present condition of things, I've come to the conviction that all makers of social systems from ancient times up to the present year, 187-, have been dreamers, tellers of fairy-tales, fools who contradicted themselves, who understood nothing of natural science and the strange animal called man

    28. It appeared that by dedicating to physical toil eight hours, that half of the day which I had formerly passed in the oppressive state of a struggle with ennui, eight hours remained to me, of which only five of intellectual activity, according to my terms, were necessary to me

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