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    1. The simple truth that change was endemic in man’s psyche was

    2. The scream buried itself deep inside Lucy, tearing reason and rationale apart as it bit savagely into her psyche

    3. rationale apart as it bit savagely into her psyche

    4. She stood before the mirror for a moment and tried to psyche herself up to performance level


    6. I feared that it had only been a product of my fading psyche, after all

    7. Also I had occasional periods where I felt like I was going crazy and my psyche was under enormous unbearable pressure

    8. To see twins fighting in your dream represent a conflict between the opposites of your psyche

    9. Then there was the way the past would impinge itself onto his psyche, that same uncertainty of his actions pressing in, causing him to question what were perfectly reasonable choices in retrospect

    10. This is why Psyche rarely traveled outside of Temples

    1. At first that sucked, but bit-by-bit he’d gotten psyched about rebuilding

    2. Yet another Midwestern food experience! I was psyched

    3. ” As I say, I was psyched

    4. When he was psyched up and drugged up he was so out of control it scared the living daylights out of AJ, he was a nutter

    5. "Partially to get the patient psyched up for a certain time and instead of the individual waiting for the specific time, he or she is happy to get it over with

    6. Instead, he was simply psyched

    7. ” I told Daveda about the trip and psyched her up, proudly

    8. But the Gautams were all too psyched up by the past of their social plight to come out of the glamorous ditch they had got into

    9. His slack face sported a grin as the psyched up man dug in for this last half mile

    10. thankfully, you’re as psyched as I am

    1. The effect of the destruction, the image of the almost divine Elf condemning them, would be imprinted on the psyches of the escaping Naud ships' crews for all time

    2. While their psyches were marked by this night, they nonetheless fell

    3. death was to them, something in the human psyches seemed to be telling them that by turning on

    4. heard all he could of science and psyches for one day

    5. Adulthood usually slips a protective layer around adolescent psyches, enabling us to go out into the world, earn a living, and compete

    6. And one needs to reckon with the divergent male female psyches and the differing individual natures of men, women as well as children

    7. against women, and women's bodies and psyches bear the s¡;:ars of living under this

    8. that is done to women's bodies and psyches

    9. Some chains are imbedded deep within our psyches and may require the services of a

    10. Francis was convinced that if they were to make contact with any spirits which might be residing there, they would need to calm themselves down and open up their minds and psyches

    1. It is not adequate to motivate ourselves positively, when we are positive, no psyching is necessary

    2. way he was psyching out that girl while she ate? That creeped me

    3. So, this chapter is not about psyching you up to be motivated

    4. Adam could see that he was psyching himself up to tell his story

    5. But in truth, he was psyching himself up for what he had planned for that evening, convincing himself it was the right thing to do

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