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    1. Without this knowledge it would be questionable if the trade even existed here at all

    2. His loyalty had always been questionable in the past, but his recent actions proved he was an enemy

    3. With the wall intact, the outcome had been questionable, but the wall had fallen under a Magic thought impossible

    4. Am I really Torbin anymore, or just his memories? My consciousness – now questionable

    5. In many people’s minds the Christian Bible - and by that we refer to the Hebrew and Aramaic texts in the Old Testament and the Greek in the New Testament - is just another religious book, containing mythical information that is not verifiable, and questionable tales that are considered by many to be untrustworthy flights of fantasy

    6. ) Thus, when asked by one of his closest aids why he kept on employing a man of questionable loyalty, he responded:

    7. It was questionable, besides, how much influence Jimmy actually had over his environment

    8. questionable pass interference call, managed to get a long field goal

    9. but his own origin was questionable

    10. Word has it that there are people there with guns and that actions of a questionable nature occur after dark

    11. To what purpose may I ask? The American Government has been drawn into a quagmire of warring factions, each of questionable character, for no apparent (political) reason

    12. Provided ample opportunities to self-destruct, that child soon acquires disagreeable habits that, reinforced by common attitudes, establishes the rocky foundations of a society populated by lingering, single-minded adolescents who, guided by their own (―exceptional‖) rules of conduct, acquire self-centered and perhaps anti-social points of view devolving into a collection of interchangeable parts reflecting the questionable character of that society‘s lowest forms that must negatively impact its social, cultural and political institutions including schools, churches, political organizations, judicial system, the news media, corporations, all! A free and open society should never impose arbitrary limits or draw uncertain conclusions as to how an individual should (otherwise) think or act however eccentric or unconventional such attitudes may appear; although that society, by example, should seek to broaden exemplary manners and customs essential to the maintenance of proper form if that society hopes to function effectively

    13. On the other hand, we should also be wary of individuals of questionable character

    14. That poverty may diminish Character is questionable as well as counter arguments that material abundance is likely to enhance it

    15. When a society begins to lose its moral compass or becomes less critical of questionable points of views or unseemly behavior that diminishes an individual‘s intellectual and moral character, however, and when principled and far-sighted judgments(s) become increasingly muddled and uncertain and when that society fails to exercise reasonable discretion by indiscriminately embracing every hare-brained idea for tolerance sake or taking every (novel) proposition at its face value without giving serious thought to the matter and when an individual, lest he or she be perceived as close-minded or confrontational, remains on the sidelines as a casual observer rather than an active participant, such actions or inactions, whatever the case may be, must inevitably usher the moral and intellectual decline of that society

    16. Arguments exploiting ―root causes‖ by advancing false notions based on questionable economic assumptions, rather than devolving moral standards, have gradually promoted our society‘s collective disregard for human life while providing little if any credible solutions to this problem

    17. Destructive or undesirable habits, on the other hand, are conditioned by questionable examples that are often difficult to break because many do not conform to ―normal‖ behavioral patterns

    18. Marginalized communities existing on the (economic) ―fringe,‖ normally consisting of recent emigrants, although many such groups often include native born Americans, who, for a variety of reasons, have been unable to elevate themselves above the ―poverty‖ line, are oftentimes perceived or treated unfairly, as if their present social or economic standing were entirely owing to questionable value structures predisposing many to under achieve

    19. Assumptions by modern revisionists seeking to belie historical traditions, avidly supported by special interests with political axes to grind, however discredited such assumptions oftentimes are, may further promote muddled-headed thinking by ultimately winning the battle of ideas, however questionable their premises, by perpetuating falsehoods that, on the surface, oftentimes appear plausible to variable, ―discerning‖ young minds armed with partial knowledge, but sufficient enough to receive distorted impressions at their face value, rendering many vulnerable to questionable or unlikely propositions that bear little or no resemblance to the truth; advanced by (political and social) deconstructionists alienated from their (hated) customs, offering in exchange, contemporary standards predicated on historical fallacies, deception, inflicted reasoning and ignominious viewpoints

    20. A conscious ―awareness‖ extending beyond the ―imagined‖ limits of its immediate environment is questionable, to say the least

    21. The inherent ―right‖ to terminate one‘s (own) life as it relates to vague or questionable notions defining quality of life, introduces yet another dubious precedent as it relates to Choice, especially in rather gray areas where the decision to either perpetuate or curtail an individual‘s life has been proxied (sic) at a time when that individual could not possibly foresee the (uncertain) consequences of such decisions entrusted to the care of family members or friends (concealing underlying motives for authorizing such decisions, perhaps) or where a potential illness at some uncertain point in time or that individual‘s problematical reaction (to that illness) could not possibly be understood in advance; that is to say, until that individual is actually sitting on Death‘s doorstep

    22. (Fat Chance!) No elected official, however, (it gets sticky) should be expected to lend his or her political (or moral) support, to questionable assumptions, however popular, that, from the standpoint of that politician‘s private viewpoints, are considered either unethical or immoral

    23. A car in every garage and a television in every room is the stuff that middle-class dreams are made of! It is questionable, however, in light of diminishing incomes and job displacements precipitated by the emergence of cheap(er) labor from across our borders and the outsourcing of jobs overseas, not to mention a bubbling economy, that American families will be able to sustain its frenzied lifestyles once that bubble bursts

    24. When principles of non-violence are either self-contained or practiced unconditionally under circumstances (otherwise) calling for a measured response, (sound) judgment and common sense appealing to the requirements of a peaceful, well-ordered society that every citizen (otherwise) owes an obligation, and whose conspicuous merits, perhaps laudable in some instances, however questionable at other times, and where (such) natural impulses are routinely rejected, even more remarkably when Property and Person and at times the Nation, are at risk by (anti-social) individuals determined to provoke harm; weighs in the balance, and where (institutional) recourse is problematical or uncertain, an (individual) is required, inasmuch as it lies within that individual‘s capacity to do so, to discourage such annoyances as they may present themselves to that individual as well as that individual‘s family and friends, however contrary to that individual‘s ―nature,‖ lest that individual‘s misplaced pacifism further encourage mischief makers and bullies alike, by providing license to habitually upset the harmony and safety of private and public concerns as it (otherwise) suits their primitive whims

    25. Once the Supreme Court succumbs to external (political) pressures or its own unqualified assumptions of Justice, without regard to legality, that legal body can no longer be properly considered an objective interpreter of our nation‘s laws; its critically-minded reviews and summary conclusions centering on the (penumbral) legality of questionable (historical) assumptions…

    26. ) Adopting conspicuously faulty and (otherwise) self-serving reasoning conveniently side-steps a very important fact; that we all exist in a less than perfect world subject to changing fortunes and other unexpected events that routinely challenge our mettle; and that Nature, however, has its own inestimable manner of compensating each of us with an innate capacity to endure hardships and rise above our present condition however unfavorable or improbable our prospects for a ―better‖ life may appear and that an individual‘s threshold for suffering and privation oftentimes vary in proportion to that individual‘s (mental) endurance and acquired habits in spite of that individual‘s accustomed environment and in any event, such (gratuitous) impressions are problematical at best and should not serve as a litmus test in determining who should or should not be permitted to live or given an equal opportunity to exercise free choice(s) pre-empted by selfish motives indifferent to such rights; motives whose arbitrary designs are (otherwise) impervious to the apparent limits or consequences of questionable solutions whose (hardened) indifference to Life must inevitably diminish the (inherent) value a society confers upon its citizens regardless of their station in life

    27. Whether attempts at bonding ultimately achieve their desired effect(s) is questionable at best

    28. psychoanalysts wanted to establish themselves by offering their questionable help

    29. An individual, irrespective of his or her material status, should be (otherwise) measured by the quality of that individual‘s Character and that ―fundamental‖ arguments of questionable design have less to do with that individual‘s economic standing but that individual‘s moral content, rather, that transcends class distinctions; that is to say, that individual‘s (natural) state of goodness; and that an individual, however rich or poor, may be either meanly disposed or kind and generous in consonance with his or her Nature

    30. questionable activities that are considered potentially harmful to the personal well-being of another individual whether or not they are properly executed with the intent of harming that individual or that may otherwise effect unintended harm, in either case legal precedence or (experience) should carefully consider the feasibility of preempting such decisions to begin with

    31. questionable investigations of preternatural affairs, which started with wild accusations about the wife

    32. The hastening of scholastic mediocrity in America‘s (urban) Public School System is understood by the efforts of (its) soft-headed administrators and educators seeking to promote equality of results at the expense of its brightest students, many of whom are routinely held in check in order to allow their less talented classmates ―sufficient‖ opportunity to play catch-up; oftentimes necessitating a lowering of academic standards for the ―benefit‖ of other students who are intellectually less gifted, thereby promoting false impressions of academic achievement where performance results are (oftentimes) questionable

    33. What I find truly remarkable about the servile mindset of politically correct attitudes (which appear to have taken on a life of their own) are the (internal) conflicts that (must) oftentimes arise whenever artificial expressions of a questionable sort inevitably collide with the thoughtful judgments of individuals who, in their private moments, (would) otherwise know better than to acquiesce to affected manners

    34. destruction! You, as well as other well-informed Christians, are properly aware of the questionable character of men passing themselves off as priests

    35. Response: There is nothing wrong with the Catholic Church but the questionable character, rather, of certain priests entrusted with its care

    36. Reason is subject to a variety of propositions, uncertain assumptions and questionable councils that oftentimes limit its ability to estimate things correctly or by passions likely to promote a corrupting influence on its ability to make rational decisions

    37. ‖ Instead, Evil has acquired a subjective meaning; that is to say, lacking certitude or prone to conventional (or essential) assumptions whose questionable propositions render formal interpretations problematical, if not (morally or ethically) judgmental because of their underlying ―uncertainty,‖ thereby raising the question: what constitutes Good, for that matter? Plato argued that ―which we call evil is merely ignorance and that good is that which everyone desires‖

    38. Whether or not a society has properly fulfilled its moral obligations, however, is questionable in the minds of individuals who believe that that ―society‖ has not gone far enough in fulfilling its intended promises

    39. Reason, unless informed by Faith, however, merely ―apprehends‖ thoughts and ideas proceeding from plausible assumptions designed to inspire confidence in questionable impressions that may appear, but are not necessarily, real

    40. "Yeah, well that's questionable," I countered with a laugh

    41. Performing ―good‖ deeds for their own sake because it is good to do so does not address the question: by what conventional standards are such acts of goodness, good to begin with; and assuming that they are, whether the ―Will to Goodness‖ is driven by some inherent factor; that is to say, an (essential) moral goodness that resides within the doer of good deeds or conditioned, rather, by rewards and punishment, reciprocity or perhaps, fear, in which case, such acts of ―goodness‖, sullied by questionable (intent), are motivated, in part, by self-serving designs that are not (inherently) good in themselves

    42. Substance Abuse has been characterized in some circles a ―victimless‖ crime whose illegality is the result of questionable laws

    43. Nevertheless, we must endeavor to temper and control our passions and emotions that oftentimes occasion questionable ambitions incompatible with the interests and welfare of other people entrusted to our care

    44. Why not simply enforce existing gun laws (already) on the books rather than proposing newer ones whose questionable impact on reducing gun related crimes are likely to produce diminishing results? Such political grandstanding, I suppose, plays well among certain audiences given to theoretical assumptions to critical questions that otherwise require practical solutions

    45. Some had very questionable pasts, including in death squads in dictatorships

    46. His caustic remarks provoked a number of (unformed) thoughts in my mind including but not limited to 1) the boundaries separating treasonous statements from free speech 2) plausible grounds calling for his immediate dismissal 3) the appalling lack of character and common sense conspicuously absent among (so-called) Intellectuals and (dis-engaging) parents (refer to John Walker Lindh) who casually dismiss the questionable attitudes and positions adopted by their children while routinely footing the bill for their college tuitions and 4) more recently, a former relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves (John Rocker) who was sentenced by the court of public opinion to perform community service after making unsavory remarks to a newspaper reporter about Gays and African Americans inconsistent with the (civic) requirements of social and politically correct conventions

    47. This in addition to liberal judges who have routinely used the bench to advance their own private prejudices without the formal consent of the governed; by judicial fiat and questionable constitutional interpretations conforming to their world views

    48. That it has managed to contest and repel any number of assaults by its detractors says less about the resiliency of its defenders, perhaps, than its principle appeal, that all things considered, has superseded the sporadic misplacement of confidence and questionable examples of those (otherwise) entrusted to its care

    49. Recent events embarrassing to the Church should be properly understood as microcosms of the moral failings of an increasingly dysfunctional society that has given free rein to the inherent short-comings of individuals of weak or questionable character rather than the regarded failings of the Church (qua) Church

    50. The political opponents of the present administration might choose to carefully weigh the (uncertain) consequences that are (certain) to arise by lending legitimacy to world leaders whose questionable character and destabilizing military designs should provide thoughtful pause

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