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    1. Maybe the fact that Luray had asked meant that Desa should acquiesce just to be a friend, but she couldn't help resenting it?

    2. ” He retrieved the staff from there acquiescent hands and strolled leisurely back to the house

    3. When they were well out of earshot, Harry couldn't help but laugh at Kaitlyn's expression, which still had the vestiges of having been falsely accused and with no recourse but to acquiesce

    4. She acquiesced, remembering her husband's admonitions to 'give the young master broad latitudes, he's as noble a man as ever lived

    5. Spelman was thankful for the offer and acquiesced to his daughter's whole-hearted support of the invitation

    6. Gem did her best to bury her smirk, finding the comment to be a polite acquiescence to the fact that Rapheal had bested him

    7. He held out his hand in invitation and as I inwardly acquiesced I felt my crown chakra being given a quick tune up, and a few laser pin pricks later I was on my way

    8. Knowing how stubborn the redhead always had been and no doubt would be now, the Argonian silently acquiesced and ducked into an alley

    9. These days there would be nothing to see if the system was quiescent – it either operated holographically, projected into retinas, or directly mind linked

    10. He simply tied the band around the quiescent device and it became almost weightless

    11. knew when to acquiesce to his Mum and wandered slowly upstairs

    12. ‘Is this fully functional?’ Gerrid asked, gesturing towards the quiescent chamber

    13. The only unresolved problem was in persuading the majority of the population to acquiesce to be placed in a stasis pod, where their body would be frozen, their mind in sleep mode while an enabler program immersed them in an artificial reality (which was about as different to a conventional AR as that would be to a games console)

    14. Abbott and the other officials had wanted to burn his body in the prison crematorium, as they did with actual prisoners, saying they had to keep up the façade, but Millicent had caused such a big fuss that they had to acquiesce to her demands and bury him properly

    15. he was concerned, one supported the Federation or one acquiesced to a future dominated by the

    16. Jhordel was no different from the rest, but even she acquiesced to the

    17. Blanco at once acquiesced, and several hours later the Spanish Cabinet accepted the inevitable, on condition that the garrison should be repatriated

    18. She longed with every fiber of her being to tell Reese, but she acquiesced, pushing away the growing pain in her heart

    19. Sexual preferences do not require the ratification of public opinion whose ―consent‖, in any event, would (merely) constitute formal acquiescence after the fact

    20. Again, I will acquiesce to your wishes

    21. What I find truly remarkable about the servile mindset of politically correct attitudes (which appear to have taken on a life of their own) are the (internal) conflicts that (must) oftentimes arise whenever artificial expressions of a questionable sort inevitably collide with the thoughtful judgments of individuals who, in their private moments, (would) otherwise know better than to acquiesce to affected manners

    22. He willingly acquiesced

    23. But where Buchanan almost guaranteed a long destructive civil war, Johnson guaranteed a destructive peace, one that acquiesced to terrorism

    24. I tried to keep my gaze on his face, but it was dragged downward, across the perfect contours of his chest and belly to the length of his penis, now lying heavy but quiescent in its nest of curls

    25. He had argued against it until Gordon acquiesced, but he’d grumbled about it since, saying it was Truman’s fault that the ring hadn’t been broken when they had the chance

    26. Remis would have to be made acquiescent in this matter, compliant and pliable as the Patriarch believed he was

    27. Not just acquiesce, give up his friends, his family and all that he loved and held dear

    28. He turned quickly on his heel, appearing to accept her look of troubled acquiescence, as well as her move toward self-proclaimed temporary custody of his prisoner

    29. What was not acknowledged was the settlement’s reason for acquiescence in the taking of personal vengeance upon those whose only sin was to be posted as lookouts for the tribe’s winter encampment

    30. The Romans, they feared, would use an uprising, any disturbance of their dictatorial status quo, as they had many times in the past, to upbraid their truculent subjects additionally, in their sullen acquiescence to the rule of this abhorrent “invader

    31. This occurred in quiescence, completely beyond Ardara’s notice, who was

    32. Vera was the prime mover for this evening and Nick acquiesced to her wishes

    33. ” What would the consequences have been, he wonders, had the Pilgrims consulted “Ye Olde Weather Channel” about the climate of New England before they set sail for America back in the year 1620? What if they had shivered on the dock in submissive acquiescence to the forces of nature and sold the Mayflower for kindling wood? The earth as your mother, Steyn snorts, “is eco-babble

    34. After a time any who might still be inclined to protest are worn down to acquiescence one by one through what one observer termed a kind of “slouching fatigue

    35. At the end of the speech, with his knees shaking, Roger stood up and took the speaker to task, pointing out for everyone to hear that the Anglo priests he had maligned were in fact the ones that planned the meeting two years earlier in Miami… There was much commotion, but Roger persisted and made the speaker acquiesce to the truth

    36. It is partially a quiescence of the processes that attend, recognize, and

    37. We do this to convince our hosts of our value, for we truly do hope that they will acquiesce to our request to join their ranks

    38. The noise had also ended as it had done before, and without the thunder of the stampeding herd a quiet had reclaimed the landscape broken only by an occasional sound put forth by a member of the now-quiescent menagerie

    39. Then, gripping the boy’s small fingers and sensing his instinctive acquiescence, he walked through, with what he could only hope was a near-confident stride

    40. The great judges recoiled in terror and acquiesced

    41. Some developed an attitude that was at the same time one of acquiescence and of

    42. The major precondition, according to one group of Harvard researchers, is a ‘nervous system devoid of mental-conceptual activity…in a state of quiescence, alert, awake, but not active

    43. While certain types of meditation appear to have a greater effect on the arousal system… others [have] a greater effect on the quiescent system

    44. in its quiescent state (i

    45. After trying to tough it out most had acquiesced and took the medicine

    46. quiescent principles wherefrom, and not the

    47. quiescent principles wherefrom and not the moving

    48. Fighting the urge as best he could, his body acquiesced to her will

    49. At last the Denizens of Chaos acquiesced to the Gaeans

    50. Jai thought for a moment, then nodded in acquiescence and pulled the swing back as high as his chin

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