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    1. He would try keeping quiet until she had at least taken him to a political event, he thought

    2. They were quiet for a time, Jorma worked on his forth cup of this ale, knowing he was going to feel it tomorrow

    3. “You’ll find everything you need is there for the numbers to make sense,” Henry continued, when he really should have just stayed quiet

    4. Brandon fell asleep during a movie he'd never seen called The Quiet Earth

    5. While group singing of 'bhajans' can be done in a suitable place like a temple or a hall in a manner and time that least disturbance is caused to those not involved in it, the individual prayer is necessarily a communion with God best performed in a quiet corner of the house

    6. “We’re supposed to be doing this the quiet way,” she added with a glare

    7. While the fuel was being delivered they had a nice duskmeal and rested at a quiet dock for a few hours

    8. “I never knew my parents because they both passed away when I was young,” Nancy said in a quiet voice

    9. Quiet Control is what you seek

    10. Then it is relatively quiet, and the mind can be more rapidly attuned to the higher states of consciousness

    11. Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic

    12. Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration

    13. He would keep quiet about Narrulla's Tear and believed starships might be possible, but not that they attacked

    14. Remember that Yoga aims to quiet the mind as you exercise the body

    15. He could also understand why Tahlmute wanted this kept quiet

    16. He probably has the second biggest claim to being the rightful owner, but I don't think he will attempt to steal it, but he is one reason I wanted to keep this quiet

    17. I want to keep it quiet from all the Brazilians, especially those in the enclave," Tahlmute said

    18. They were quiet a few more minutes after he was gone

    19. He strolls about, examining the room, which is full of art objects that suggest a quiet sophistication

    20. He seemed satisfied that I was gone quiet and it slid shut again

    21. quiet and, frankly, pretty boring, providing a thin string of tavernas and bars set back

    22. He wanted something different tonight, a place of quiet

    23. leavening purples of dusk and then into the jet black of the quiet cicada hum that calls

    24. I could sense that there was a story corning, so I kept quiet

    25. Everything we had put together, Marianne and I, in our quiet ordinary little lives and our quiet ordinary little home

    26. All is quiet; there is a great peace that surrounds the two

    27. The quiet Mr

    28. He picked up with Christine in his second year … must have been about Easter, I think, she was a quiet girl, intelligent and not particularly pretty

    29. His voice was quiet and flat

    30. ‘No, not at all, I like the quiet – but, of course, I’ve only been here a few weeks

    31. ’ He said quietly smiling as he leads me through a doorway into one of the back sections of the barn, ‘let’s find a quiet corner and spend some time together

    32. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

    33. Indeed, the Persephone standing before me now was the reserved and quiet girl I once knew -and I told her so

    34. At first I was kinda circumspect, yet I found out soon that Denia is a quiet and reasonable woman

    35. Immediately, he questions the quiet house, "Where's Solomon?" and Sabrina answers with the obvious, "They're not here

    36. The room grows quiet so Apollo cries out, "What about Grace and Solomon? Are they safe? Answer me!"

    37. After that everything went deathly quiet

    38. My universe was quiet again, an unholy quiet, as though gravity had flipped out of existence

    39. We both stood there for a moment, Menachem waiting, quiet and still, and me dancing a palsy of relief and joy

    40. People got nervous as it grew more and more quiet

    41. The Countess through her financial foundations and partnerships moved in quiet splendour wherever and whenever she wished

    42. Tonight, though, he fancied quiet and peaceful, which he had to admit was a bit of a departure from the norm

    43. When Son heard the quiet harmony of their

    44. She found Luray was just quiet

    45. That was just enough to stave off the worst of the depression that cutting off yaag could bring, leaving her functioning but with a sad and quiet air

    46. After the soldier sank to his death, all was quiet

    47. “And stay quiet, especially when you are on the main road

    48. It was very quiet and there was little light from a lamp

    49. atop His head, until, when all was quiet,

    50. It was very quiet when she entered

    1. The dragons keening became very loud and the babies quieted

    2. The ruffians quieted and watched as the ladies passed close by; then some made inappropriate remarks just loud enough for the ladies to hear

    3. Johnson’s voice quieted to a pleasant tone, like that of father to his child

    4. "What in the name of the Gods is going on here, Grimgy? I could've sworn that things would've quieted down after last night

    5. they quieted, “but never slept with any man

    6. theater quieted, he turned to face the witness

    7. “Who are you?” She looked familiar now that her hair had quieted and she was no longer shrieking

    8. missing, that disharmony can only be quieted once it is filled

    9. She finally quieted, but it was already too late

    10. As soon as she hit, the world dimmed, quieted, and ultimately disappeared

    11. The news of the dead Thalmor agents had been spreading rapidly and was cheered everywhere it went, though in some places the cheering had to be quieted more so than in others

    12. He walked blindly for close to an hour and then the force of the rain quieted to a gentle mist

    13. Our voices quieted as we heard some of the men praying

    14. Her raised hands quieted the crowd until she could talk above them

    15. When my sobs quieted he moved me away from him

    16. I let out a soft whistle from bushes on the other side of the house as she quieted the dogs with half of a doggie treat each

    17. Their black hearts, imputing their own methods to others, suspected a ruse; they thought they had been betrayed, and the men were going to fall upon them; but their apprehensions were soon quieted when the troops stopped on the edge of the crowd, where they could feast their eyes on that flabby, yellow, but royal countenance

    18. I started to ask her about the morning several times, but she quieted me with sharp looks

    19. The genial tobacco seemed to have quieted his nerves, and

    20. Arriving back at the briefing tent; I looked around the room, and it quieted down

    21. The assembly quieted down a little, although they were pretty subdued to begin with

    22. Finally the studio quieted again as the audience began to settle back into their seats

    23. Sitting close to her friend, viewing together the kingdom of gracious trees, each in its appointed place, her particular ache was quieted

    24. asked Eynochia, mutedly, his voice quieted with empathy

    25. She quieted her engine to better hear a noise

    26. When he hit the water, the harmony was quieted

    27. Finally Orphenn’s eyes opened, and the thrashing quieted, but the sobbing and

    28. 2 Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother: my soul is even as a weaned child

    29. Things quieted down again after that so much so that she wondered if her users had

    30. After about 30 seconds I held up my hand and they quieted down

    31. cried he on me, and spoke to me, saying, see, these that go toward the north country have quieted my spirit in the north country

    32. The crowd around him had quieted, and only their muttered agreements betrayed how strongly his words struck their hearts

    33. The respect he commanded was obvious; his quavering voice quieted the mob

    34. 13 His mother, however, quieted him and sent him to the field where be had been;

    35. trated on entering there, the more his mind quieted and

    36. experiences, and inspiration because the ego is quieted as it slips into sleep, allowing the

    37. 13 His mother however quieted him and sent him to the field where be had been;

    38. Finally the gold dragon held her wings and her hands up for silence, and eventually the crowds quieted

    39. had quieted down and I picked up the knife to put it back into its

    40. At length, the breakfasters quieted down, rushed back to their tables and began to

    41. The crowd quieted and the reporter got his story and picture

    42. stadium, the crowd quieted

    43. The audience quieted immediately and sat

    44. The crowd quieted immediately when George began to sing

    45. The great room quieted and they all waited expectantly for what they knew was

    46. The hubbub that filled the room quieted as he announced:

    47. Again the mob quieted as they digested this latest, but still surged and pushed, if less strenuously

    48. He noticed the chairs matched the table and it quieted the rumblings from those in the spectator’s lounge, filled to capacity

    49. As often I quieted the breath and the restless mind, I beheld the multitudinous waves of creation melt into one lucent sea …’ 4 According to the Surangama Sutra, the ‘disturbing manifestation of an external world’ arises because of ‘defilements’ in the mind

    50. As previously noted, when the Hindu mystic, Yogananda, quieted his breath and his restless mind (probably the ‘discriminating mind’ associated with the dominant left brain), the multitudinous waves of creation melted into a lucent sea

    1. He held his hands up, quieting the crowd

    2. Most of the journey of learning to hear is about being aware that he wants to speak and is speaking, and then quieting ourselves to hear

    3. This might have been one of the chicks that I had held close to my chest, quieting her peeps with my gentle strokes and soft words, putting it to sleep by rocking my hips back and forth, like I had watched Mom do with Jason only a few years before

    4. It can’t be that easy!!! But I can physically feel my mind quieting; it feels like thousands of loud washing machines progressively stopping one after the other

    5. For quieting it what is the

    6. He raised his hand for attention, quieting the inquisitive questions of the minions of the media

    7. 6 The words which Thomas spoke had a quieting effect on all of them

    8. Reaching his horse he paused to ascertain that the blacks were not sneaking after him, and then he climbed into the saddle and stood upright on it, quieting the uneasy steed with a low word

    9. The acrid taste of the quieting serpent overpowered him as he felt his teeth against bone but his commitment was total and with the help of the powerful dog the deadly jaws loosened, ripping tortured flesh as they gave up their purchase

    10. “Let me explain it first," Sheila said, quieting the sudden barrage of chatter

    11. quieting the constantly chattering mind

    12. Even though things were quieting down at Ozone, every day brought new information to us that indicated that the 222 Revolution was gaining worldwide momentum

    13. This has been verified by experiments that measure brainwaves, heart rates, and other physical changes that result from deep meditation and quieting of the mind

    14. Probably seeing what was happening, Ivar lunged over to Lucia and held his hand over her mouth, quieting her cries

    15. To the front the main road was busy from 7:30 in the morning quieting after 7 at night

    16. His equanimous passion quieting her spiraling forlornness

    17. Meditation is the prowess of quieting the mind so that you turn aware

    18. But the sun was down at last, dew was falling and quieting the dust, and the final journey to the restaurant car had been made, a journey on which it was Ingeborg who opened the doors and nobody helped anybody at the crossings

    19. The excitement seemed now to have the effect of quieting her unstrung nerves and carrying her through

    20. about Hermann Schmidt were not at all quieting, and though

    21. He stepped under the porch and rested his head against the cold, damp wood of the thick front door, quieting his memories and savoring the moment at hand

    22. form the habit of reading literature that has a quieting power

    23. “Shhh, here he comes,” said Brian, quieting the Frank talk at the table

    24. Age may, no doubt, improve some of the portraits of this class by quieting them in colour and tone

    25. Every initiation carries a quieting, but the final one, which marks the achievement by the being of the state of the Mahatma – the Great Soul – gives a person the greatest possible sense of perfection and joy of the achieved

    26. Rocinante took fright at the noise of the water and of the blows, but quieting him Don Quixote advanced step by step towards the houses, commending himself with all his heart to his lady, imploring her support in that dread pass and enterprise, and on the way commending himself to God, too, not to forget him

    27. Whatever energy Etienne has left goes into quieting the noise in his head

    28. Dilcey, silent too, guided the child’s mouth back, quieting him in her arms as Scarlett listened to the slow scuffing of Mammy’s feet across the back yard

    29. was hard to see her favorite child quieting in Rhett’s arms when she had screamed so The negroes fled, the luckless Lou wailing into her apron

    30. She lay, now and again thumping her heart in tambourine hysteria, then, quieting, the slow sad thoughts of bronze childhood when everything was sun on green trees and sun on water and sun on blonde child hair

    31. She lay, now and again thumping her heart in tambourine hysteria, then, quieting, the slow sad thoughts of bronze childhood when everything was sun on green trees and sun on water and sun on blond child hair

    32. Quieting him with a word of command and a caress, I looked hurriedly through the approaching gloom for a sign of Dejah Thoris, and then, not seeing her, I called her name

    33. But they succeeded somehow in quieting him down

    34. She had worn, all the time that she was quieting her nerves, a look of anxiety into the midst of which would break every now and then the kindest and briefest of whimsical smiles

    35. The universal toleration which the laws of the United States assure to every religious persuasion, will not escape you as an argument for quieting the minds of uninformed individuals, who may entertain fears on that head

    1. And the next few moments the crowd quiets down in hushed awe

    2. The baby quiets down instantly when it finds the familiar nipple of its mother, who now is silently shedding her own river of tears, tears of joy and also tears of guilt

    3. 3 When they had rested two days, Jesus said to his apostles: "On the morrow let us return to Capernaum to tarry and teach while the countryside quiets down

    4. The class settles in and quiets as Mr

    5. Further, this is normally an opportune time to purchase options as volatility often moves to very low levels as the market “quiets down” and moves into this trading range

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    placidity quiet repose serenity tranquility tranquillity silence lull calm calm down quieten still tranquilize tranquillise tranquillize hush pipe down quiesce quiet down placid smooth tranquil unruffled hushed muted subdued restrained quietly pacific peaceable peaceful serene silent motionless unmoved unmoving inconspicuous repressed tasteful unobtrusive calmness peace quietude rest muffle smother mute stop check soothe assuage compose soften pacify