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    1. I got Liz out of the house while the police went in after him but when they brought him out, he made one hell of a racket, calling out to Liz to help him one minute and screaming obscenities at her for being so evil the next

    2. I need to drown out that horrid racket!

    3. Last year, during the regional semi-finals, after a double fault, did he not slam his racket so hard on the ground it broke the frame? You were present at the match?

    4. JOYCE: Did he break the racket?

    5. The air was muggy and dense, then to my astonishment, birdsong - a joyful racket! I looked across at the others

    6. picked up a racket in years

    7. Other donkeys started braying and the racket was deafening in these close quarters

    8. Around that pen was a large space filled with all sorts of men, each holding small pieces of parchment and making a racket

    9. ’ Dave said with a grin, ‘Mike made something of a racket at one point … he always was a noisy drunk

    10. When they went back inside, George again went into the store room followed by his little shadow and fell to making a racket un-crating something shipped to the shop the week before

    11. think there was a tennis racket poking me in the ass

    12. only explain to you that this racket appeared to be coming

    13. racket without, I must have been the loneliest, most


    15. Surrounding him was the racket of drunk, sleazy men and young, hormonal girls

    16. Or they could go to the “Y” and play some racket ball, and this generates a detectable positive reaction

    17. The reason that some timesharing became a racket was that

    18. Another racket the boys worked was to tell clients that prices

    19. But, even though he was short he could make a lot of racket

    20. Passers-by smile indulgently at the racket, remembering that all the

    21. Hence we have every NGO racket and scam known to man operating here with your tax payer money for most do not really have private funding

    22. There were pictures of myself and Lilka when we were one year old and a picture of my father sitting in front of our house with his legs crossed wearing his finest clothes and holding a tennis racket

    23. " I faltered to a stop, wondering how I was going to divert her attention away from the racket on the roof until Uncle Hobart finally made his appearance in the fireplace

    24. War for any other reason is simply a racket

    25. No one could hear it in the racket we were making anyway

    26. A memory of early childhood and the old wreck of a van that her father used to drive - the gear box so worn that it couldn’t be moved without making that self same racket

    27. He was probably praying that some cop hearing the racket would show up and arrest him

    28. Had he been caught? She tried to control her breathing that seemed to be making the racket of a steam engine

    29. "I have something important to say, and I can't say it with that racket in the hall

    30. Instead of a protection racket, it was business insurance

    31. On the third day, the morning was filled with the unmistakable racket of migrating birds

    32. A nurse heard the racket and came out

    33. “On my way here I overheard a racket at the postmaster’s

    34. with my penis, but then I heard a racket coming from Lope’s room

    35. Aimil was the first to understand what the racket was all

    36. "How could anyone hear in this racket?" she asked indignantly

    37. "A protection racket in some ways

    38. "A big kick and a big racket, but the can's hardly touched

    39. The two of us were on such a racket high we even took up squash,

    40. With every high comes a low, though, and we soon lost interest in the racket sports

    41. Luckily for Bryony, her excited cry was drowned by the grinding racket of the Threshing Machine

    42. Down the hall, Sam could hear Jane rumbling, so he went to see what all the racket was about

    43. Could be a protection racket

    44. David yelled back, trying to reach a volume above all the racket

    45. "I just can't sleep with al that racket," one might complain

    46. Rory carefully told his mother all about his investigation of the illegal Drug distribution and sales racket in South Africa – emphasizing the fact that the bulk of the incoming drugs were being brought through Customs, hidden in Heavy Machinery imports, which made all importers in this category, suspect until proven otherwise

    47. "That racket sounds like it

    48. Tennis racket to the head

    49. The owner was carrying a tennis racket and just walked in to Tims cell and smashed him in the head and face with it four or five times as Tim tried to get his barings

    50. ‘Can you switch that off please?’ shouted Jane over the racket

    1. As the communicating door racketed back he lurched through the narrow gap that placed him on the platform

    1. "Oh, God, shut up!" cried Wetherby as his kindling legs thrashed the pedals, racketing round as he leaned into a phantom wind, eyes clenched against an invisible storm, and churned the wheels to a frenzy

    2. And over the last hill, shaking out feathers of fiery dust, came the cloud, the thunder, the racketing storm

    3. Her hands were pillows of lead to lie upon, her hands were cement sacks crushing down upon her senseless lap, her ears, faucets in which ran cold winds, and all about her, not looking at her, not noticing, was the bus on its way through towns and fields, over hills and into corn valleys at a great racketing speed, taking her each and every instant one million miles and ten million years away from the familiar

    1. Most of the rackets have been transferred to other interested parties

    2. ran their own rackets within IOS to line their pockets

    3. has also been used to string tennis rackets and used as surgical

    4. Her friend, Miss Alix Pierce added with a smile: “We also play with snow rackets, but have neither igloo houses nor dog sleighs…” Thus ended a

    5. Some were came themselves for good jobs in towns and cities and fell in the traps of sex agents, who were running sex rackets in big towns and big cities

    6. Then agents of different rackets sold her one after another

    7. Axeworth of the Rosenkruentz Diamond, and muscled in on bootlegging rackets all over the Midwest

    8. The punishment shootings and the beatings stopped, and the extortion rackets dried up, and no one went round any more collecting protection money

    9. A second and far more welcome result of this internecine warfare has been the almost total cessation of the many and profitable protection rackets and extortion scams which the terrorists were operating, and an end to punishment shootings and beatings

    10. Earlier victims of protection rackets are now free from the demands once made upon them, and the public at large is now coming to realise that it can lead a near normal life that has been unknown to them for many years

    11. From this point of view rackets are “heavy head” and “light-head” ones;

    12. The simplest possible preliminary experimental test was carried out to establish and clarify some of the basic parameters of the rackets and ball

    13. As the shape, materials and overall design of rackets vary to a large extend then 33

    14. r the rackets the parameters that are

    15. Impact probability, sweet spot and the concept of an effective power region in tennis rackets

    16. rackets in serial production have been reviewed from Head,

    17. What recreational activity not guilty of playing the game of trading lives for minerals? How young the hands forced to vein the ores for titanium rackets, or younger still those holding Made in the USA guns guarding the mines where our championship trophies are stripped from flesh and blood? For what? To reward, to celebrate, to idolize the blood, sweat and tears of our warrior athletes for giving all they got to win the hard fought battle on perfectly trimmed greens and courts

    18. “Game has tamed us from war to races, from weapons to rackets

    19. When I got home I was reminded of the morning’s tragedy as the tennis rackets and balls were ominously staring at me from a corner

    20. wire, and the rackets are likely snow-shoes

    21. together with barbed-wire, and the rackets are

    22. rackets for snow-shoes; but, because it's so unnatural,

    23. such as the banks involvement with crime and the bankers profiting from gamble rackets and drug selling

    24. having tennis rackets stuck on top of its head

    25. What about tennis? Have it played with two rackets instead of one

    26. Paume evolved into jeu de paume and rackets were used

    27. In the society we live in today, many people think that expensive rackets are superior

    28. In fact, you can go for cheaper rackets and still beat players who use state of the art, and ultra-expensive rackets

    29. Also, there are some players who are tricked into buying expensive rackets only to end up selling it or giving it away because they don't like the feel of it

    30. bonelace, and ruffles of the same that served them for wristbands, with four fingers' breadth of the arms exposed to make their hands look longer; in their hands they held rackets of fire; but what amazed me still more was that books, apparently full of wind and rubbish, served them for tennis balls, a strange and marvellous thing; this, however, did not astonish me so much as to observe that, although with players it is usual for the winners to be glad and the losers sorry, there in that game all were growling, all were snarling, and all were cursing one another

    31. A sunburned white kid with a ballcap and a zippered case of tennis rackets shifted from one sneaker to the other, waiting to board

    32. The kid had made off with his rackets, never to be seen again, though Mercer would ever after equate the Manhattan skyline with the smell of English Leather cologne

    33. Laughter and surf and the pock of badminton rackets could be heard from out back; that must have been where everyone was

    34. There ensues a brief argument about whether to head toward the hospital closest to here or continue to the East Side, and an even briefer argument about whether to take a couple of the squash rackets

    35. We haggled over old sewing machines, one-eyed Barbie dolls, wooden tennis rackets, guitars with missing strings, and old Electrolux vacuum cleaners

    36. “You should try one of the charity rackets,” said Jim

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