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    1. It would certainly be some kind of trick with hidden wicks and special fuel, but he'd seen people spit fire so he figured there would be some way to perform that circus stunt also

    2. The trick is to add 1 cup of the molasses per gallon water after it has sit for a few days

    3. He felt strange, ‘Someone has played a trick on me

    4. ‘The trick is to cope with it without breaking

    5. "Only because he knows what a hothead you are and no I didn't trick you, I tried to stop you coming here, remember? But you wouldn't listen to me

    6. The trick to any transaction was to overcome the initial objection

    7. I’m pretty sure Molly didn’t miss a trick … wouldn’t surprise me if she knew perfectly well where her son spent most of the night … but she was discretion itself

    8. The trick, I thought, was not to antagonise them

    9. Those pills of Doris’s had done the trick, deadening the pains in her head sufficiently for her to sleep

    10. The trick here is to do it fully on without the

    11. The biggest trick was the bucket of water

    12. That was a brilliant trick

    13. They are heavy waxed cotton but should do the trick

    14. different tricks to be performed then move onto another trick

    15. set up the see-saw trick, the ramp and hoop trick, with a ramp

    16. Another trick was where Poopsie and Lardyme would

    17. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers went around the final trick

    18. Catwhiskers set up the trick with 6 ale kegs, even

    19. “I think that would be a trick to far”

    20. No, this ain't no trick!

    21. They will not fall for same trick again

    22. waiting for a trick of the mind,

    23. ’ Betta commented, ‘I think that will have done the trick nicely

    24. In fact, Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick

    25. The trick was to use his ability at a lever that scored yet

    26. That should do the trick, I think, but no, I have under-rated this lady

    27. "So you are Alan, stooping to such a theatrical trick as this?"

    28. The trick doesn’t only

    29. A few drops in her water each morning should do the trick, he thought with a smile

    30. sometimes a useful trick

    31. The trick is in how each link is formed

    32. Terry marked his debut by scoring a magnificent hat trick

    33. He wondered if she really didn’t know or did she think he was trying to trick her? If he had been a victim and was in an area where it might be found, he would want to know something about it

    34. The boy begins by pouring water into the bowl and he has to stand slightly awkwardly to use the microphone while performing his trick at the camping table, but he soon starts to gain confidence

    35. I borrowed that trick from a surveyor I once assisted

    36. That should do the trick

    37. ‘I can’t see that we can force or trick him into

    38. “You broke up with Sally?” she said the words like it was a trick question

    39. brush, some kind of one-handed magic trick with her scrunchy, and Heather was

    40. "So he's keep you medicated, in hopes that the extra rest would do the trick and stop the phenomena

    41. Kaha would sometimes say things that would trick people into the conversations she wanted to film

    42. Helen of Troy also guesses the plot and tries to trick and uncover the Greek men inside the horse by imitating the voices of their wives

    43. But the glow vanished, and he dismissed it as a trick of his mind; the hammer most likely catching the light of mage-fire or a distant lighting strike

    44. 1) Did the rabbit trick the tiger? How?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    45. He thought doing this would have helped him trick her into revealing some information he could use

    46. They tried to trick the system, but darkness has no

    47. Inwardly Brice could sense she was bursting with glee not only because of the trick she played on Tetloan, but also from anticipation, fully expecting to awe the crowd and her instructors with her performance

    48. Why did Glenelle trick her into packing for a week if they were going to YingolNeerie? That was a journey of half a century even in their starship

    49. Whether it was the light of Minos or a trick of his mind, Alec swore that he saw a gleam appear in Solo Ki's dull lifeless eyes

    50. It was the angelic equivalent of the mortal trick of 'hanging up' on someone and just disconnecting their communication link

    1. The little bastard tricked me

    2. You tricked me

    3. Have you ever had an older sibling or a friend that held knowledge over you – “I know something you don’t know?” It is easy to be tricked

    4. ' Then he tricked me

    5. He is the son of a bitch who tricked her into the van

    6. Tdeshi might have been tricked into an overdose

    7. and tricked her into thinking it was better

    8. “Kaitlyn wouldn't tell me what I wanted to know, so I tricked her

    9. What if there‘s something out there that‘s a lot weirder and cooler than all these things you‘ve tricked yourself into believing in? You could find those things, Sunil

    10. She told me, with some embarrassment, how she tricked Kaitlyn into telling her what her friend had sworn never to tell

    11. If a child is bribed, coerced, tricked, threatened, or forced into any

    12. Zeus was furious at being tricked, of course

    13. To dream that you have been tricked suggests that your plans are about to backfire

    14. She realised too late that she had been tricked

    15. She smiled and thought about how she had tricked her parents, with Keighley’s help by saying she was going to help a school friend with her homework and look after some children

    16. Halon and Saldon relayed their story as briefly as they could and tried to skip over the bit where Latrandura had tricked them and Cruzel entered to trick all of them, but it showed for what it was, sheer gullibility on their part

    17. He said you tricked people into believing lies

    18. So, he’d finally caught on that he was being tricked and now thought he had it under control, still trying to talk his way out of it!

    19. Ze same one that implanted you vit zhose false memories, and tricked you into doing his bidding

    20. And those few women that choose to sign contracts to be paid and used for sex videos often get tricked into signing vague agreements where the movie producer can change the rules whenever he wants so if he tells her to show up to film a sex scene with one guy he can change his mind and have her show up unprepared to be brutally abused and gang raped instead as a means of male entertainment for a different movie or video instead

    21. I laughed as I realized that Andreya had tricked them

    22. When Akito pulled out a charm and began meditating, I began to wonder if he had tricked me into thinking we were going to have fun

    23. The year before she tricked him and he fell so she quickly threw herself to his neck

    24. been tricked by the now dead pair of “wizards

    25. He now knows I tricked him

    26. snowstorm? Sure that her ears had tricked her, she waited, listening

    27. Twenty years in which he met and fell in love with Rachel, but was tricked by Laban into marrying her sister, Leah

    28. The scribe was left alone with one man he could not trust and who had tricked him into doing what he did not wish to, another he could not bring to consciousness, and an army of the dead he could barely bring himself to look on

    29. the fact that the person who had tricked and sold me was from my

    30. The rush of thoughts tricked away with the excess power, but he still remembered the last great understanding he had reached

    31. He cries out and his cries are blended into the screams and wild shouts of the soldiers and prisoners, the men and women he has tricked into this returning

    32. touched, could be deterred by traps, could be tricked and lured

    33. take care of her pain and they tricked her and failed her

    34. When he realized how Parker had tricked him, the coldness left Kirk to be replaced by the white heat of terrible rage

    35. In some versions of the story it was his wife who was deceived into twisting his spell in order to save her children, tricked into believing that he would bring harm to her offspring she sabotaged his magic

    36. "Or maybe they were tricked into lowering the forcefield and they’re both too ashamed to admit it

    37. The current opponent with whom Titus exchanged blows had some skill, the wizards had spent their coin well, but against this Su-Katii he was easily tricked into a premature assault, when Titus feigned a slip on the blood going down on one knee he pushed aside the hammer blow and thrust upwards sending his sword through the guard’s chainmail vest and into his stomach

    38. ' I didn't know any better than, I can't imagine how many people they tricked with that, it was no wonder that all the staff were so miserable

    39. “They tricked you, the pair of them

    40. Two summers ago, Kronos had tricked us to the very edge of the pit and almost pulled us in

    41. Seff tricked us, lied about everything

    42. Feeling tricked and betrayed, he threw it in the dirt and went to bed

    43. I hated being tricked

    44. I felt more tricked and played out than a deck of cards with bent corners

    45. Back at Camp Half-Blood, in my dreams, I was told that a second hero would arrive, one who could be tricked into taking the bolt and the helm the rest of the way-from Ares down to Tartarus

    46. “You tricked me; and after all the years I spent serving you faithfully

    47. be tricked by your prey as I have been tricked today

    48. not be tricked into this for this is not of God's doing

    49. It thinks it owns It, having It; dares not to let It out of sight; would never dream it has been tricked: to watch and keep It safely lost until one’s fate, aligned with Mine, will stir to find It doth exist

    50. Samantha did not want to be tricked and continued cutting the way she was at first

    1. gave off the smell of dirt and nostalgia, tricking Roman’s nose into thinking he was

    2. ” I looked at my darling Rosie and thought the little fucking bastard tricking her like that by using my name I now knew that when I next saw him I would kill him

    3. I was really good at tricking myself into believing that, too -

    4. This is not about reward schemes or tricking someone else into paying for your travels

    5. He is solely interested in maximising the volume of life's pleasures which flow his way by tricking and deceiving other people into handing over their life-values to him

    6. Setne might’ve been tricking me into

    7. Then he planned on tricking us into casting the spel s

    8. She knew Xavier had money stashed because she never really heard of him doing or buying nothing extravagant and he never was seen nowhere tricking or splurging

    9. The largaph repeated it with each foot, finally tricking Lezura with a feint, crouched and swept her feet off the ground

    10. Again I stated my ignorance with regard to tricking the Teoti into believing we had a force of only two thousand able bodied soldiers, at this comment Coatl jumped up and danced around hugging a bemused Jodas, laughing and making an awful fuss

    11. That evil has now reached new heights, with that Jerusalem witch tricking sick and desperate people in coming to her city to be supposedly healed

    12. Tricking you, see

    13. It’s a form of deliberately tricking yourself

    14. with such a cunning heretic, what wrong with tricking him one or two times?”

    15. He wanted so much to believe that she was tricking them, that perhaps she needed to possess someone as the only way of taking physical form

    16. Removing my mask, I graveyard groan with personal repentance, banshee wail with collective grief, and somberly trail a treaty of tears, as I expose us all to the ritualized holiday pornography of tricking strangers for candy and lap-dancing Santa for favors

    17. I’m sorry for hurting you for tricking you into having sex and for

    18. Fingering the watch, he couldn’t help thinking about Reverend Keller returning the gift, while at the same time tricking him into admitting to himself that he needed help if he hoped to resolve the issues of his failed marriage

    19. She now realized the house had felt so empty because this is where they had gone! Suddenly she thought; something was tricking her, hiding

    20. things--he has a way of sort of tricking you into doing

    21. The more she is around the more I become infatuated with her, and the thought of her deliberately tricking me might crush me

    22. But even if it turned out to be that he was only tricking her, she would still have a story at the end of it all

    23. It stops ovulation by tricking the body to believe that ovulation has already occurred

    24. He was proud of his conquest, proud of tricking Edward, and very proud of marrying privately without his mother's consent

    25. The care of dressing and tricking me out for the market was then left

    26. She was tricking him

    27. places and slurs on the courage of the men in the field, but he took pleasure in tricking He not only affronted the town with insinuations of venality on the part of men in high the dignified citizenry into embarrassing situations

    28. It was like tricking the furry little gibbon, distracting it with something shiny so it would sit still

    29. Alec hesitated, then said, “Verity, may I have a word?” He pulled me aside and said, “I’m sorry for tricking you the way we did

    30. He was proud of his conquest, proud of tricking Edward, and very proud of marrying privately without his mother’s consent

    31. A cannibal of a craft, tricking herself forth in the chased bones of her enemies

    1. mind can play tricks with you sometimes

    2. ‘Playing your little tricks off with someone else were you?’

    3. Physical power was one thing, but he had no real idea of what she was capable of, he didn’t know what other tricks she could be hiding

    4. The methods used by spiritual masters so as to break their disciples' Ego are mostly red herrings, sophistry or rhetorical tricks; the listeners seldom oppose to them, because of excessive psychological pressure they are usually subjected to

    5. With their cuteness, tricks, tears, mischief, as well as with their endless demands, they manage to keep their parents always busy -especially their mother

    6. I didn't contradict him but I wondered: When we left the seaside the time was 6:30 in the afternoon; how harmful would it have been, if we had stayed for fifteen more minutes? All things considered, I believe yesterday's excursion was one of Alexander's tricks, aiming to keep his disciples in subjection: He doesn't allow them to enjoy anything, so that they don't demand anything

    7. I smiled and accepted the guru's review – which was nothing more than one of his tricks for breaking Egos

    8. Some hot shot that knows a few user interface tricks

    9. Could my distorted mind be playing tricks on me? Was the ultimate nature of my lunacy to take shape in a world of imagined friends, of odd and sundry voices rattling off the walls of my empty head?

    10. "We may have some tricks of our own," he said

    11. to play tricks on people, but when she encounters his ghost

    12. He lifted the rattling bag of tricks, wedging the cracked plastic base

    13. We can teach them the more sophisticated tricks

    14. have agreed to learn some tricks and be part of the show

    15. the new tricks that Trixy and Pixy were teaching them

    16. “We wanted to show you our tricks” Catwhiskers and took the

    17. Catwhiskers had the idea of making obstacles to perform tricks

    18. He remembered the tricks he had done

    19. different tricks to be performed then move onto another trick

    20. space to do his tricks without

    21. He had some tricks up his sleeve he'd learned from carrying freight so he was by far the best to make an estimate of what would fit where

    22. If all the sensor readings that show it are not one of Ava’s tricks

    23. “I know Stevie was doing pro tricks when Yorthops lived up here with Himla

    24. tricks like push-up bras

    25. He backtracked and loitered and did all the tricks used in cinema to shake a tail, but Yugor had stuck thru it til lunch time of Morningday

    26. “It seems time is not done playing tricks on you, my friend

    27. In turn, Harry often made mention of the short-cuts and tricks of construction of which Becky had not been made aware, either due to their novelty, or because they were in fact from Harry's own experiences

    28. I don’t know just yet, maybe it is me being angry and frustrated that is playing tricks on my mind? After all I am in a lower state of consciousness

    29. As they worship Satan they give him power and authority in their realm of the earth in exchange for imitation spiritual power to do cheap tricks

    30. tricks with his senses

    31. When you put ‘re’ and then the subject line, it tricks your customers into

    32. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor for “turning tricks

    33. Carius wanted to write it off as tricks of the lantern light and his own fatigue

    34. To prevent the stock-jobbing tricks which those opposite interests might sometimes occasion, the bank has of late years come to the resolution, to sell at all times bank money for currency at five per cent

    35. The Elf pointed out the functions of each of the controls, the properties and general arrangement of the panels and monitors, their usefulness and a few tricks of the trade as it were to their more arcane applications

    36. Could it have been the tricks of their tired minds? Or was there truly a pair of musically inclined bears before them?

    37. “Just let us satisfy our curiosity then? We may just have a few tricks to share that should spin most situations to your favor

    38. He doesn’t bother playing tricks on anyone who doesn’t strike his fancy in some way

    39. If this didn’t do it, she had a few more tricks

    40. There were too many memories being dragged to the surface, and I wasn't able to prepare myself for the tricks my own mind could play on me

    41. He lounged back in the vast chair, remembering something Deanna had said – how a building, in particular public and commercial establishments use their subliminal tricks to entice customers for a particular purpose: the use of subtle scents to create a conducive mood

    42. Thus, from his „Memories" of 1924:" „For it is by muteness that a dog becomes for one so utterly beyond value; with him, one is at peace where words play no torturing tricks

    43. They left quickly after that, Ray up to his old tricks, same old same old

    44. Re-joining Saldon, they found him showing Flesh’ailer some tricks of the hand with a coin

    45. I say in my book Tricks of Trade - Memories of a Rogue Lawyer do not relax your standards in Africa for there is no need to do so

    46. I deal with it in my other books, Tricks of Trade – Memories of a Rogue Lawyer if you are interested in the shyster ways of scoundrel criminal defenders

    47. Read my (free) book Tricks of Trade - Memories of a Rogue Lawyer, where all of the scams discussed

    48. One of the favourite tricks of the Shooting Range Instructors was to make cadets run and do calisthenics while wearing the masks

    49. They formed wheels and did all sorts of tricks

    50. Their lawyers are not exactly inexperienced and know these tricks

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