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Rejoin en una oración (en ingles)

1. I will rejoin you later.
2. Then they rejoin the uniforms.
3. That will rejoin your separate parts.
4. Spock gave her $10 and went to rejoin Stu.
5. Not on your Life! Horatio would rejoin.
6. Rejoin the army, and start another revolution.
7. It flew off again to rejoin its winged friends.

8. Though Nerissa longed to rejoin her family, she.
9. Raven saw his opportunity to rejoin the conversation.
10. As we stomped back through the streets to rejoin the.
11. Her pull was strong and I fought the urge to rejoin her.
12. Tomorrow they would punch out and rejoin their parent unit.
13. I see that you’ve decided to rejoin the living Evette.
14. A few years later, however, he sought to rejoin the Jewish.
15. He climbed down the ratlines to rejoin Captain Hamptyn on deck.
16. When one went out the other became restless and hastened to rejoin her.
17. We need to head back toward the van and rejoin with Talaric and his men.
18. He had strict orders to rejoin his group after the message was delivered.
19. He wished he could hack thru to the female world and rejoin his partners.
20. Stephens was taken to rejoin the other five candidates who were having a.
21. Pillsbury, Lambert, and Douglas were too badly wounded to rejoin the crew.
22. When we rejoin her, Julia is still diligently practicing unlocking that lock.
23. Juan, I want you to plan on resigning from the White House and rejoin the.
24. He saw us, raised his hat, picked up the sheep and moved to rejoin his flock.
25. I selected ten of the best camels, and we proceeded along the road, to rejoin.
26. It took two more days for the tumen that was clearing the estuary to rejoin us.
27. Once that body had succumb the spirit would be free to rejoin the other errant.
28. Garcia leaped to the next tile and began his climb out of the valley to rejoin the.
29. The President and First Lady left the library to rejoin their guests at the reception.
30. Once the ship landed, it would be up to her to find her way out and rejoin her people.
31. You’ll rejoin the world as citizens and swear Osbald’s Oath on the Truthstone?
32. Guido, as soon as our three officers rejoin the others, you may begin the operation.
33. When he left the meeting room to rejoin the team, the mood was pretty sour in the room.
34. Angel might have accompanied them, but preferred to rejoin his sweetheart at Talbothays.
35. I call upon you all to recognize that ancient call and to rejoin your ancient family!.
36. Yes, Uther has chosen to return to London, to rejoin the throngs there, she admitted.
37. Let’s get this over with, then, Garcia said, and accelerated his pace to rejoin the.
38. They caught rides and buses to rejoin the PCT farther north, at lower elevations, he told me.
39. Still fuming over Alec's display, Brice attempted to rejoin his lecture from where he left off.
40. In the time that it took Gad to rejoin them, the dust had resolved itself into a small troop of.
1. It was the time of rejoining of our family.
2. Carton rejoining, "Nothing in life!" Darnay rang.
3. Rejoining him by his car where he held the door.
4. At this point if you are rejoining into an existing.
5. Here they are, said Jacob rejoining his mom in the hall.
6. I started thinking about going back west and rejoining my platoon.
7. I started thinking about going back west and rejoining my platoon.
8. The fyrd rode before them since rejoining, although the horse-holders still trailed.
9. He thought about stopping this whole crusade and settling down to a steady job or rejoining the Army.
10. During Rostov’s short stay in Moscow, before rejoining the army, he did not draw closer to Sonya, but rather drifted away from her.
11. During Rostóv’s short stay in Moscow, before rejoining the army, he did not draw closer to Sónya, but rather drifted away from her.
12. What then? What reason did he really have for rejoining the modern world? He couldn’t think of one offhand, but he still had to get back.
13. I will see you over there soon as well lads as some of us are rejoining the Battalion along with some new faces to make it up to strength.
14. He took a few minutes to regain his composure before rejoining the family, slipping back into the kitchen in time to claim his share of bacon and eggs.
15. Our orders, my captain, were to pillage, burn and destroy all concentrations of Hebrews on the way to rejoining the main army under Commander Myserrah.
16. Making a dash by boat toward Australia in hopes of rejoining his unit, he had gotten as far as the Indonesian island of Morotai before his journey ended.
17. Using the primitive and uncomfortable shoulder straps fixed to the box, she shouldered her load and walked out of the armory, rejoining Toramon’s squad.
18. Someone commiserated with me, upon rejoining a group of men currently not involved in the operations at the fuel points, the re-arming points, the briefing rooms.
19. She clapped along with the others to congratulate Pete, but then, before leaving the floor and rejoining the others, she whispered to Than, This can’t be real, can it?
20. Mr Bloom thoroughly acquiesced in the general gist of this though the mystical finesse involved was a bit out of his sublunary depth still he felt bound to enter a demurrer on the head of simple, promptly rejoining:.
21. If that didn’t work the first time, she would consider allowing your bodies to partly re-form, and then encase them in glass or something similar in order to prevent the rest of your matter from rejoining the already consolidated portion.
22. Reinforcements were still pouring out of the Doolittle’s hangar, but these drones were all piloted by players who had already gotten themselves killed once, and most of them would be destroyed a second time within seconds of rejoining the battle.
23. Right, forget the priest for now, he is taking up precious time that we can ill afford, back to the planning, the plan to travel through enemy country at night and rest during the day is a sound tactic, but I must insist that you also leave Toltec land by night in case the Mixtec are patrolling the border country, once on enemy land you will be descending from the plateau to the coastal plain with its tropical forests, you must avoid the farms and any signs of habitation, if you come across any sign of the Mixtec you must take a wide detour, rejoining the route we have agreed will afford you the best chance of evading the Mixtec, at all costs you must avoid any confrontation whatever.
1. The man rejoined his friends.
2. Then I rejoined Ned and Conseil.
3. I rejoined Ned Land and Conseil.
4. Jackson who had rejoined the group.
5. You think so now, rejoined St.
6. Paulo had rejoined the group - Rex.
7. All but one rejoined their companies.
8. The Elf rejoined however as ombudsman.
9. He backed down and rejoined the others.
10. Scarlett had rejoined Maybelle and Mrs.
11. When he rejoined, he quit parties again.
12. I wiped my tears and I rejoined the party.
13. The scout shook his head as he rejoined:.
14. And wherefore? rejoined the physician.
15. Carton, rejoined the other apologetically.
16. DS Burrows rejoined Jane at the front door.
17. Secretary, rejoined the Chief Executive.
18. Soon, we rejoined rapidly-increasing crowds.
19. Those were not his words, rejoined Polemarchus.
20. I found out that Naomi had rejoined her Family.
21. She blew her nose and rejoined her father and.
22. Albert rejoined his mother; she was very pale.
23. Not at all, rejoined the adjutant in dismay.
24. They finally rejoined, each as somber as the next.
25. Alex ran back, grabbed the knife and rejoined them.
26. He rejoined the race, but by then it was too late.
27. For, upon this, he immediately rejoined, that the.
28. No rejoined Pete It was only twenty dollars.
29. Moments later, she rejoined Cloud at the dining table.
30. Why talk nonsense? rejoined voices in the crowd.
31. It was light enough to see well when I rejoined Trent.
32. Wade rejoined Jo whilst the other two continued their.
33. Nicola and Shipra had rejoined him after a vibrant dance.
34. Danny rejoined Jane and the two of them went to the bar.
35. To be sure, rejoined his brother; it would be a.
36. He rejoined Conan, and they renewed the climb in silence.
37. They’re saying the same about you, Thomas rejoined.
38. Yid replied through Oink, who had now rejoined the children.
39. There was another blank silence before her father rejoined:.
40. You know he hates being poked and prodded, Joseph rejoined.
1. Billy rejoins the conversation between his daughter and Maggie Heard.
2. He rejoins the girls' conversation and it’s like he has never been away.
3. Then at verse 4:1, the narrative rejoins the majority style and context of the document that stopped at.
4. Islam believed that human mass production is wealth and a woman who dies in child birth rejoins the warriors who had been killed in a battle.
5. Constable in this—that in the case of Christian believers, the Spirit which he describes as the Spirit of God, becomes, according to him, a distinct individual Spirit of the man, separable from the soul; and he thinks that this 'Spirit,’ with all the attributes of an individual Mind, survives in Paradise till the resurrection, when it rejoins soul and body at the Lord's coming.

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