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Rejoin in a sentence

1. I will rejoin you later.
2. Then they rejoin the uniforms.
3. That will rejoin your separate parts.
4. Spock gave her $10 and went to rejoin Stu.
5. Not on your Life! Horatio would rejoin.
6. Rejoin the army, and start another revolution.
7. It flew off again to rejoin its winged friends.

8. Though Nerissa longed to rejoin her family, she.
9. Raven saw his opportunity to rejoin the conversation.
10. As we stomped back through the streets to rejoin the.
11. Her pull was strong and I fought the urge to rejoin her.
12. I see that you’ve decided to rejoin the living Evette.
13. Tomorrow they would punch out and rejoin their parent unit.
14. A few years later, however, he sought to rejoin the Jewish.
15. He climbed down the ratlines to rejoin Captain Hamptyn on deck.
16. When one went out the other became restless and hastened to rejoin her.
17. He had strict orders to rejoin his group after the message was delivered.
18. We need to head back toward the van and rejoin with Talaric and his men.
19. Stephens was taken to rejoin the other five candidates who were having a.
20. He wished he could hack thru to the female world and rejoin his partners.
21. Pillsbury, Lambert, and Douglas were too badly wounded to rejoin the crew.
22. When we rejoin her, Julia is still diligently practicing unlocking that lock.
23. Juan, I want you to plan on resigning from the White House and rejoin the.
24. He saw us, raised his hat, picked up the sheep and moved to rejoin his flock.
25. I selected ten of the best camels, and we proceeded along the road, to rejoin.
26. It took two more days for the tumen that was clearing the estuary to rejoin us.
27. Once that body had succumb the spirit would be free to rejoin the other errant.
28. Garcia leaped to the next tile and began his climb out of the valley to rejoin the.
29. The President and First Lady left the library to rejoin their guests at the reception.
30. Once the ship landed, it would be up to her to find her way out and rejoin her people.
31. You’ll rejoin the world as citizens and swear Osbald’s Oath on the Truthstone?
32. When he left the meeting room to rejoin the team, the mood was pretty sour in the room.
33. Guido, as soon as our three officers rejoin the others, you may begin the operation.
34. Angel might have accompanied them, but preferred to rejoin his sweetheart at Talbothays.
35. I call upon you all to recognize that ancient call and to rejoin your ancient family!.
36. Yes, Uther has chosen to return to London, to rejoin the throngs there, she admitted.
37. Let’s get this over with, then, Garcia said, and accelerated his pace to rejoin the.
38. They caught rides and buses to rejoin the PCT farther north, at lower elevations, he told me.
39. Still fuming over Alec's display, Brice attempted to rejoin his lecture from where he left off.
40. In the time that it took Gad to rejoin them, the dust had resolved itself into a small troop of.
41. He felt the urge to rejoin his fellow apostles, but the desire to be by himself was the stronger.
42. I recovered myself, snatched away my hands without looking at him, and almost flew to rejoin her.
43. I reminded her of what that entailed, but she was insistent, and he was not inclined to rejoin me.
44. Two more attempts he made to rejoin the tribe, but on each occasion he was set upon and driven away.
45. I would rejoin them as soon as possible, or if there were any complications, I would send them word.
46. Julie is gone from this world but she will continue to live in my heart until my soul can rejoin her.
47. But before I could rejoin the floating melody of souls, from out of the darkness their leader spoke.
48. I struggled to wake up, to rejoin the world, step back through the curtain I’d drawn around my mind.
49. Well now I shall leave you to plan a mass escape and rejoin your crew as you have much to think about.
50. We’d rejoin the yacht at about sunset, motor out a little, drop anchor and rock to sleep with the waves.
51. Decisions were about to be made as Melissa felt the need to rejoin her career with the Confederation Party.
52. The Warriors understood that the humans were eager to finish their task so they could rejoin their comrades.
53. As and when he would rejoin his wife, she might even remain faithful to him, having had her fun all the while.
54. He found up to rejoin their groups and then called a halt to rest and feed, himself keeping a watch round about.
55. John played two shows before Bruce disobeyed the doctor’s orders to rejoin us at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.
56. With nothing but open moorland visible for leagues, he slowed and carefully selected a short cut to rejoin the track.
57. Your Excellency, we would be very grateful if we could rejoin our companions either at the previous camp or this one.
58. The following day he saw Princess Mary off on her journey to Yaroslávl, and a few days later left to rejoin his regiment.
59. She patted his knee in a strange, awkward way that he realised was her version of affection, and got up to rejoin the others.
60. He is a converted young Nazi; proud of his German heritage and wanting Austria to rejoin Germany as a single ethnic culture.
61. In that case, is there any possibility of Nybar breaking out to the south? Could he retake Rankylyr and rejoin Wyrshym?
62. The wish took possession of her to run after and rejoin him, throw herself into his arms and say to him, It is I; I am yours.
63. He urged me to look about on the island and enjoy its beauty while he was out fishing, then rejoin him the next evening for dinner.
64. There, he would on average work for the next ten hours at the end of which he would rejoin the public throngs to fight his way home.
65. Even if he somehow slips away from Makgrygair, our artillery will be emplaced at Rankylyr when he tries to move south to rejoin Wyrshym.
66. Give up this letter you have brought from Elba, and pass your word you will appear should you be required, and go and rejoin your friends.
67. Carelessly holding in his stallion that was neighing and pawing the ground, eager to rejoin its fellows, he watched his squadron draw nearer.
68. After it split her Totality into a Duality of Everythingness and Nothingness, Formlessness tried to rejoin itself back into an unsplit whole.
69. Then, with one more glance at Leland, he turned his steed again and rode back down the road, at a hard gallop, moving to rejoin the main party.
70. But he still had to struggle to function again and rejoin society, and he and his family were haunted by the blatant discrimination against him.
71. After the short jump to rejoin Saul’s task force, the ships were connected by fiber links and data streamed across from Alexander’s computers.
72. His body language portrayed his emotions with great eloquence, so he simply added; Thank you my friends!, and galloped off to rejoin Equemev.
73. She is still, in the afterlife, playing all the same games she did on earth; and she was hanging around waiting for me to rejoin her and serve her.
74. He then spoke gladly of his intention to rejoin them the moment he had led the advance a few miles toward the Hudson, and immediately took his leave.
75. The Florida could therefore not be delivered to Brazil in satisfaction of the final court order and could not rejoin the ranks of the Confederate Navy.
76. With the advantage of their horses his unit were almost guaranteed safety if they left the field now, he could easily rejoin with the force at the mine.
77. But, before he found the courage to rejoin the others, the group of survivors had already begun their hasty retreat, leaving the cowardly Tetloan behind.
78. In the time that it took Gad to rejoin them, the dust had resolved itself into a small troop of horsemen carrying long thin shafts in an upright position.
79. Also you will have a spot of leave coming so just enjoy it after a few weeks and when the doctor back there says so you will be able to rejoin your unit.
80. Chocolate dripped down his hands and smeared his face, she watched with silent glee as he made the first attempt to rejoin the world that he had shut out.
81. I could not drink the tea that was brought me, and without knowing why, hurriedly I decided to take the evening train for Heidelberg, to rejoin my husband.
82. They came up with a plausible explanation that Grimes would have to swallow, either that or Mophi’s fist, as he was tired but wanted to rejoin his party.
83. My friend would stay some little time at the fall, he said, and would then walk slowly over the hill to Rosenlaui, where I was to rejoin him in the evening.
84. Now thus confined, its fury was spent on the rush south picking up again what its brother had brushed aside in its own rush to rejoin the sea far to the south.
85. After this I scurried up the hill, stopped to douse the fire on look-out point number one, and then ran the rest of the way to the cottage to rejoin the girls.
86. She had a conviction that sooner or later the magnanimity which she persisted in reckoning as a chief ingredient of Clare's character would lead him to rejoin her.
87. On his return to Spain he found his old regiment about to march for Portugal to support Philip's claim to the crown, and utterly penniless now, had no choice but to rejoin it.
88. He wanted to outlive her so that she would never have to mourn that, and then he would live life as carelessly and dangerous as possible so he could rejoin her as fast as naturally possible.
89. That same night, having taken leave of the Minister of War, Bolkonski set off to rejoin the army, not knowing where he would find it and fearing to be captured by the French on the way to Krems.
90. Pte Lamb nice of you to rejoin our little band, I hope you’ve have had a nice rest because you will be working harder than you have ever done now that you are back here with your comrades.
91. That same night, having taken leave of the Minister of War, Bolkónski set off to rejoin the army, not knowing where he would find it and fearing to be captured by the French on the way to Krems.
92. Pon crawled along until he’d rejoined a main tourist tunnel, he came upon a tourist station and, then after a lot of apologising to some angry tour guides, he was escorted to rejoin his tour group.
93. The men streamed out from behind the deep set coves to rejoin the troops and with Barrad now leading the way, they fought their way back for space to reform the original shield-wall behind the Uphrian mass.
94. Stepping outside his office to rejoin my friend, who had waited patiently all this while; it occurred to me that whatever force that may have descended on me while inside our Dean’s office did it as my only escape root.
95. If the soul is not on earth and anything comes forth out of the grave, it could only be the body of flesh; and then the "soul" must come back to rejoin the body, or we would have our dead earthly body resurrected but with no "soul.
96. The man who’d picked them up was only going to take them about twelve miles east, to the junction of the next highway we needed to catch a ride on, which would take us north and then back west to Old Station, where we’d rejoin the PCT.
97. Even to Lindley, who had been with him on the night in question, it did not seem altogether impossible that Lord Farquhart had had time to ride forth, waylay his cousin and rejoin his friends at the inn ere the lady drove into the courtyard.
98. Buck multiplied himself, attacking from all sides, enveloping the herd in a whirlwind of menace, cutting out his victim as fast as it could rejoin its mates, wearing out the patience of creatures preyed upon, which is a lesser patience than that of creatures preying.
99. When Franz had once again set foot on shore, he forgot, for the moment at least, the events which had just passed, while he finished his affairs of pleasure at Florence, and then thought of nothing but how he should rejoin his companion, who was awaiting him at Rome.
100. When furloughs from the rapidly thinning army were denied, these soldiers went home without them, to plow their land and plant their crops, repair their houses and build up ahead, they wrote these men, telling them to rejoin their companies and no questions their fences.
1. It was the time of rejoining of our family.
2. Carton rejoining, "Nothing in life!" Darnay rang.
3. Rejoining him by his car where he held the door.
4. At this point if you are rejoining into an existing.
5. Here they are, said Jacob rejoining his mom in the hall.
6. I started thinking about going back west and rejoining my platoon.
7. I started thinking about going back west and rejoining my platoon.
8. The fyrd rode before them since rejoining, although the horse-holders still trailed.
9. He thought about stopping this whole crusade and settling down to a steady job or rejoining the Army.
10. During Rostov’s short stay in Moscow, before rejoining the army, he did not draw closer to Sonya, but rather drifted away from her.
11. During Rostóv’s short stay in Moscow, before rejoining the army, he did not draw closer to Sónya, but rather drifted away from her.
12. What then? What reason did he really have for rejoining the modern world? He couldn’t think of one offhand, but he still had to get back.
13. I will see you over there soon as well lads as some of us are rejoining the Battalion along with some new faces to make it up to strength.
14. He took a few minutes to regain his composure before rejoining the family, slipping back into the kitchen in time to claim his share of bacon and eggs.
15. Making a dash by boat toward Australia in hopes of rejoining his unit, he had gotten as far as the Indonesian island of Morotai before his journey ended.
16. Our orders, my captain, were to pillage, burn and destroy all concentrations of Hebrews on the way to rejoining the main army under Commander Myserrah.
17. Using the primitive and uncomfortable shoulder straps fixed to the box, she shouldered her load and walked out of the armory, rejoining Toramon’s squad.
18. Someone commiserated with me, upon rejoining a group of men currently not involved in the operations at the fuel points, the re-arming points, the briefing rooms.
19. She clapped along with the others to congratulate Pete, but then, before leaving the floor and rejoining the others, she whispered to Than, This can’t be real, can it?
20. Mr Bloom thoroughly acquiesced in the general gist of this though the mystical finesse involved was a bit out of his sublunary depth still he felt bound to enter a demurrer on the head of simple, promptly rejoining:.
21. If that didn’t work the first time, she would consider allowing your bodies to partly re-form, and then encase them in glass or something similar in order to prevent the rest of your matter from rejoining the already consolidated portion.
22. Reinforcements were still pouring out of the Doolittle’s hangar, but these drones were all piloted by players who had already gotten themselves killed once, and most of them would be destroyed a second time within seconds of rejoining the battle.
23. Right, forget the priest for now, he is taking up precious time that we can ill afford, back to the planning, the plan to travel through enemy country at night and rest during the day is a sound tactic, but I must insist that you also leave Toltec land by night in case the Mixtec are patrolling the border country, once on enemy land you will be descending from the plateau to the coastal plain with its tropical forests, you must avoid the farms and any signs of habitation, if you come across any sign of the Mixtec you must take a wide detour, rejoining the route we have agreed will afford you the best chance of evading the Mixtec, at all costs you must avoid any confrontation whatever.
1. The man rejoined his friends.
2. Then I rejoined Ned and Conseil.
3. I rejoined Ned Land and Conseil.
4. Jackson who had rejoined the group.
5. You think so now, rejoined St.
6. Paulo had rejoined the group - Rex.
7. All but one rejoined their companies.
8. The Elf rejoined however as ombudsman.
9. Scarlett had rejoined Maybelle and Mrs.
10. He backed down and rejoined the others.
11. When he rejoined, he quit parties again.
12. I wiped my tears and I rejoined the party.
13. The scout shook his head as he rejoined:.
14. DS Burrows rejoined Jane at the front door.
15. And wherefore? rejoined the physician.
16. Secretary, rejoined the Chief Executive.
17. Carton, rejoined the other apologetically.
18. Soon, we rejoined rapidly-increasing crowds.
19. She blew her nose and rejoined her father and.
20. I found out that Naomi had rejoined her Family.
21. Those were not his words, rejoined Polemarchus.
22. Albert rejoined his mother; she was very pale.
23. Not at all, rejoined the adjutant in dismay.
24. They finally rejoined, each as somber as the next.
25. He rejoined the race, but by then it was too late.
26. Alex ran back, grabbed the knife and rejoined them.
27. For, upon this, he immediately rejoined, that the.
28. No rejoined Pete It was only twenty dollars.
29. Why talk nonsense? rejoined voices in the crowd.
30. Moments later, she rejoined Cloud at the dining table.
31. It was light enough to see well when I rejoined Trent.
32. Wade rejoined Jo whilst the other two continued their.
33. Danny rejoined Jane and the two of them went to the bar.
34. Nicola and Shipra had rejoined him after a vibrant dance.
35. He rejoined Conan, and they renewed the climb in silence.
36. To be sure, rejoined his brother; it would be a.
37. They’re saying the same about you, Thomas rejoined.
38. Yid replied through Oink, who had now rejoined the children.
39. There was another blank silence before her father rejoined:.
40. You know he hates being poked and prodded, Joseph rejoined.
41. Only people with problems halted and later rejoined the group.
42. The two casing halves were then rejoined and bolted securely.
43. Meanwhile, Henrietta had rejoined the others in the living room.
44. And they say he’s a skillful commander, rejoined Pierre.
45. South had rejoined the Union, no one in this part of the world.
46. Jim rejoined the group in the middle of the lab, Well he.
47. He had little time to wonder what it meant, as he rejoined them.
48. He rejoined Sim, looking out through a bank of tall glass doors.
49. Good aim! You’ve rung the bell, rejoined the lady, coolly.
50. As he rejoined Midge, he opened the bag and handed Midge a bagel.
51. The younger brother impatiently rejoined, `With twelve o'clock?'.
52. Bisdah ran him through with his sword, and the battle was rejoined.
53. Our skiff rejoined it, took it in tow, and headed to the Nautilus.
54. On the beach, I rejoined Zia, who was brushing ashes out of her hair.
55. What the heck would they find to eat in here? rejoined Helmuth.
56. In due course, Acapipioltzin’s Ordu rejoined us and was put in camp.
57. You won’t believe this, he said, when he rejoined his friends.
58. Where did you get that jacket? asked Marie when he rejoined her.
59. Tony looked up to his father in horror as he walked back and rejoined.
60. Slowly, Da Xiora stepped off the staircase and rejoined her companions.
61. When he had rejoined them, he gave the coffer to one of them to carry.
62. Carton, still drinking the punch, rejoined, "Why should I not approve?".
63. Carton, still drinking the punch, rejoined, "Why should I be astonished?".
64. Thaen followed Iratus from the cell where they rejoined Bronius Multar and.
65. The sun was reaching toward its zenith by the time they rejoined the others.
66. Groundsel scrambled up the steep slope of the shaft and rejoined Woundwort.
67. He had rejoined 'edkar last' right before they reached The Place Of Gathering.
68. Heaven would show mercy, rejoined Hester, hadst thou but the strength to.
69. A murmur of approbation from the crowd greeted these sentiments; but Owen rejoined:.
70. It is like a pea that has been cut in half, slightly hollowed out, and then rejoined.
71. All the same, Aunt, it is impossible, he rejoined with a sigh, after a short pause.
72. Soon Grungy was disappearing into the basement restaurant, and she’d rejoined Charlie.
73. It will take them a while to get past those seals, Henry said when he rejoined us.
74. I rejoined with my old drunkard friends in the same place in wine shops and their houses.
75. On weekends the six cadets who had arrived together and their partners rejoined as a group.
76. Very beneficial I'd say, rejoined Chloe, my Harold is indeed a man of many talents.
77. But what about the girl we hung? her rejoined, thinking he had The German in a squeeze.
78. Once again he was rejoined with his old company which was but a pittance of its former self.
79. Getting the cue, she rejoined him and without a word stretched out her left hand for his take.
80. As soon as the pair had packed a few things they rejoined The Chief Of Police on the driveway.
81. Benedetto rejoined his associates, and I saw him from a distance point me out to them as a fool.
82. He was answered by the scout; and Chingachgook rejoined, when the other objected to his opinions.
83. We rejoined the rest of our tumen near the southern end of the area controlled by the Wan-ka-pampa.
84. She slung the strap over her shoulder and walked out into the hall just as Mr Jingles rejoined her.
85. Then she rejoined Travis at a wooden table while the naval infantry stood silently in the background.
86. In time, having freshened herself, when she rejoined him, he found it hard to desist from desiring her.
87. Oh, well, I dare say she’d rather be where she is than anywhere else, Ned rejoined, carelessly.
88. Buoyed by that new found feeling, Roopa left the booking counter and rejoined the Raja Raos and Sathyam.
89. Several men expressed their abhorrence of this intolerant attitude of Owen's, but the latter rejoined:.
90. A good man's prayers are golden recompense! rejoined old Roger Chillingworth, as he took his leave.
91. When I rejoined Captain Nemo, I found him leaning silently against a piece of rock and staring at the sky.
92. Major Guighan saluted briskly and rejoined the guards further back, where he relayed the order to continue.
93. Edgar put away his rejoined wand and waded into the center of the pack, drawing the sheepdogs close around.
94. Sherlock Holmes was as good as his word, for about one o'clock he rejoined us in the Colonel's smoking-room.
95. Theodore rejoined us and assured Nezahualcoyotl that Toragana would have the second-best room in the palace.
96. The teens continued home schooling for a few weeks and then rejoined their friends at Star Fire Central High.
97. Wren, Kim and Tracker rejoined Hawk Squadron and assisted in eliminating the few enemy fighters that remained.
98. Eventually Kikthawenund rejoined us and we had a pleasant supper while he regaled us with tales of his adventures.
99. By the time they rejoined us, we had brushed aside another rear guard and were just reaching their latest river line.
100. Thank you for bringing your sister a drink, Lizzie said acidly to Colin, one eyebrow arched, when we rejoined her.
1. Billy rejoins the conversation between his daughter and Maggie Heard.
2. He rejoins the girls' conversation and it’s like he has never been away.
3. Then at verse 4:1, the narrative rejoins the majority style and context of the document that stopped at.
4. Islam believed that human mass production is wealth and a woman who dies in child birth rejoins the warriors who had been killed in a battle.
5. Constable in this—that in the case of Christian believers, the Spirit which he describes as the Spirit of God, becomes, according to him, a distinct individual Spirit of the man, separable from the soul; and he thinks that this 'Spirit,’ with all the attributes of an individual Mind, survives in Paradise till the resurrection, when it rejoins soul and body at the Lord's coming.

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