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Remain en una oración (en ingles)

1. I let it remain bare.
2. Now remain in my love.
3. I needed to remain me.
4. He is to remain tied.
5. Let not a shred remain.
6. I had to remain strong.
7. I wish to remain here.

8. They remain by her side.
9. They would remain at a.
10. Remain true to your goal.
11. We have to remain hidden.
12. You will remain in VIP.
13. To remain outside of the.
14. You'll have to remain at.
15. But the sprout will remain.
16. Then I shall also remain.
17. Greta tried to remain calm.
18. And though a tenth remain.
19. They will on earth remain.
20. I remain silent and still.
21. Remain relaxed for a few.
22. The tank would remain full.
23. It had to remain his alone.
24. The clowns remain at large.
25. And does the child remain.
26. Be sure you remain in the.
27. I would have to remain in.
28. Pease, try to remain calm.
29. Without a doubt they remain.
30. But finer ones remain intact.
31. I remain silent during the.
32. Out of 9 children, 5 remain.
33. He did not remain here long.
34. They want to remain unknown.
35. I remain at a safe distance.
36. Q: Does the witness remain?
37. The 25 cadets remain on the.
38. They remain behind the corner.
39. She found excuses to remain.
40. Well, I will remain with you.
1. Stir in the remaining 6.
2. Whisk in the remaining 1.
3. Stir in the remaining syrup.
4. And nothing is remaining old.
5. Of the remaining records I.
6. He turned to his remaining.
7. The remaining stones are a.
8. Remaining true to her late.
9. Remaining open to what comes.
10. Pat the remaining crumbs on.
11. The remaining lines did not.
12. He counted the remaining days.
13. The remaining ten percent is.
14. Just one thing still remaining.
15. We have only moments remaining.
16. Repeat with the remaining eggs.
17. Top with the remaining filling.
18. The remaining stones should be.
19. At the body's remaining so long.
20. Top with the remaining 1/4 cup.
21. Are trying to tel the remaining.
22. Chapter 4 - The Remaining Three.
23. The remaining ships, chased by.
24. Matilde remaining on the cushion.
25. She nodded, eyes remaining closed.
26. Repeat with the remaining prawns.
27. The few remaining will fall soon.
28. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top.
29. He passed through the remaining.
30. Repeat with the remaining pieces.
31. Sprinkle top with the remaining.
32. The time remaining to expiration.
33. Heat remaining oil in a heavy 99.
34. The remaining 8 vowel sounds are:.
35. I counted the ammunition remaining.
36. Any remaining cannons were dealt.
37. Its few remaining teeth pointed up.
38. Cover with remaining crumb mixture.
39. None of the three remaining replied.
40. She drove the remaining miles home.
1. All that remained of the.
2. And yet she remained calm.
3. Soon, only a few remained.
4. It only remained to give.
5. What remained was the idea.
6. All that remained was to.
7. It remained his best line.
8. And as dust have remained.
9. Chait remained on his back.
10. The crowd remained at the.
11. She remained mute and cold.
12. So much remained a mystery.
13. Wiggam and I remained calm.
14. The wood remained in place.
15. The lead remained in place.
16. She remained where she was.
17. It remained in the chamber.
18. But his bow remained strong.
19. Only one more item remained.
20. Both of them remained silent.
21. The plates remained on the.
22. Only a dozen years remained.
23. The man remained still, too.
24. But one other option remained.
25. I remained stunned and still.
26. But my resolve remained stiff.
27. Jazz remained isolated in a.
28. The White House remained mute.
29. Jack remained as calm as ever.
30. Batistuta remained in his bed.
31. But life has remained in the.
32. Unruly remained on the earth.
33. My uncle remained tongue-tied.
1. The remains of the H.
2. He was and remains an.
3. M: Yes, the void remains.
4. That remains to be seen.
5. But the fact remains them.
6. The cause of RA remains.
7. The fact remains that Mr.
8. It remains my prayer for.
9. Only Aaron remains, I in.
10. But the fact remains, it.
11. But the love still remains.
12. And only one task remains.
13. The song remains the same.
14. The truth remains the same.
15. Yet what remains the same?
16. In my mind he remains the.
17. He remains the focal point.
18. Not much of that remains.
19. And your hope remains strong.
20. Nothing remains but one leg.
21. She remains calm and seated.
22. The hydrogen remains a solid.
23. Sadness is all that remains.
24. He found the melted remains.
25. He says his fate remains in.
26. It is what remains when all.
27. Q: What remains to discover?
28. It remains for hours in the.
29. Life indeed remains a mystery.
30. Nothing ever remains the same.
31. It remains pure and unsullied.
32. The fact remains is that you.
33. I had found Jahna’s remains.
34. This still remains true today.
35. My hat goes off, and remains.
36. That remains to be proved….
37. I only know the best remains;.
38. It remains, but very far away.
39. It only remains to fix a price.
40. It only remains for us to ask.

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