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    1. "There have been years it would be possible to stay here for Dusksleep up until Garibivlast," he said

    2. "A guy," she replied, "Why else would I ever stay anywhere?"

    3. He could either stay and get overrun or he could run and try to make a break for it

    4. He was due to fly back to NYC that evening, to stay in his flat before joining Tatania for Valentine’s day, but he was sure he could fit in some more pleasurable socialising

    5. stay calm and composed in the mist of chaotic

    6. You can help yourself stay safer by becoming active now – and it’s not difficult or expensive

    7. However we should try and stay away from heavily cushioned walking shoes

    8. There are seven things to keep doing in order to stay young your whole life

    9. Fourth to Eighth Month: Stay on the 50/50 basis

    10. This is the level you want to stay at for the next two months

    11. The more you stay in His

    12. "What's wrong with you! I have to leave! I can't stay forever!"

    13. “Nancy, make sure you stay behind me

    14. "Why don't you stay downstairs, say hello loudly if either of them come up

    15. Stay away from pointed questions about college or career plans; most sixteen-year-olds have not yet decided and resent pestering

    16. The instructor has given up on her, would rather she didn’t stay and wilt the beautiful bouquet he has arranged in his studio

    17. Long-distance grand parenting is challenging, but with care, you can stay in touch

    18. It’s weird but I feel like I should remember more about my dad but it’s only some small things that stay vivid in my head while the rest kind of fades away

    19. But the Inspector is adamant that I should stay

    20. I still stay up late but I don’t have as much trouble getting to sleep

    21. She could use this opportunity to set out across the lake and get back to Kulai, it was less than ten hours across to Dromedia wide open, he might stay out that long

    22. It grudgingly went a little faster and hers sped up to stay with it

    23. It wasn't comfortable, but she could stay there

    24. You can have that perfect show rose grown organically and stay healthy to enjoy it

    25. "I'm sure I can find a child to ride with you," Herndon said, but please, have noonmeal, stay the sleep

    26. Herndon thinks I should stay here, so he's not going to run me back up to the Kassikan in his missile

    27. BobbingTwo would stay with him the longest and wave his eyes at him like he was a keda

    28. I daresay I could find more tenants, but if Dan is going to act like that, they are not likely to stay either … damn! He’s screwed me up again! The bastard!

    29. And stay out of the video arcade,

    30. live and love and stay married

    31. I can’t afford to stay here now

    32. It would have to stay that way

    33. her to stay, let alone be mine

    34. "You need to stay with the kedas," doostEr told him, "and she's up in the Yakhan

    35. And stay away from this Texan

    36. They stay this way for a long moment while the front of the car blazes

    37. When we fill ourselves with Jesus, abide in Him, stay close to Him,

    38. of what our eyes see, in spite of the diagnosis by your doctor, we stay

    39. "Did you ever stay up there in the wind?"

    40. The ground here was rough gravel, they would have a hard time digging scrapes and the top would never stay up, so they only dug into shallow pits

    41. To be patient means to stay strong concerning

    42. The state coroner is paid enough to stay late and show a visiting officer important evidence

    43. stay in my body! My body is a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit! And

    44. Remember, stay in bed

    45. Ricci bristles, tries to stay cool

    46. sure that if you could stay healthy serving the sick and burying the

    47. you will realize that they stay

    48. Although his first impulse was to go to Darklow and shake the small town criminal community into information about a beautiful 19 year old girl with a foreign accent who had been forced into the local sex trade, Melinda's information somehow made him believe that he should stay on course, that all these things were related

    49. I thought I told you to stay in

    50. ‘I hope to stay in this area for some time

    1. “I don’t know about everyone else who’s stayed on, but I left the Militia because I thought it was temporary

    2. I’m guessing the people who stayed thought it was in their best interest or else had nowhere else to go

    3. He acted like he would have stayed in the studio during the zombie attack if it weren’t for the fact that the building next door was on fire

    4. Isa: 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusts in thee

    5. She said she’d have to make me salmon head soup sometime, and against my better judgment, I stayed the next few nights with her

    6. “You’ll find everything you need is there for the numbers to make sense,” Henry continued, when he really should have just stayed quiet

    7. "Then we could have stayed right in the basin

    8. They stayed here for a long and romantic Dusksleep

    9. Then he stayed in the town's only hotel and ate at the same diner as before, which seemed to be the only restaurant in town

    10. They were forced to stop deep in Dawnsleep by ice, but they stayed very warm in that cabin

    11. He stayed calm but let her do the talking, then excused himself to the compost can

    12. She didn't owe him, if she stayed with him on this quest, it was just the hormones she inherited from Tdeshi driving her to it

    13. I was a sort of surrogate mother to her in her teens and we’d stayed in touch … whenever she had a problem she would ring me

    14. ‘Oh Mum! Are you all right? Who was that?’ she said anxiously ‘I wanted to come and see you but Paul said it would be better if I stayed away

    15. The paper boy became slightly more alarmed the longer he stayed with Ackers

    16. No wonder he stayed back at the base; how was anyone supposed to think clearly when they were out in the field with all these distractions?

    17. He was sound asleep and stayed that way as light grew across the land

    18. On the other end of the line, her handler stayed silent

    19. After lunch Herndon paced, waiting for her sister's call, while she and Elond stayed at the patio table and chatted about social theory

    20. He says he left for the rehearsal just after seven and that she was alive then … there is no doubt that he stayed in view of someone the whole time he was at the rehearsal and that Joanna was lying in the garden when he returned home

    21. If Tahlmute had noticed he was glad he didn't get charged that much for the Brazilian crate and set to work on the cargo without having to be told, Taktor probably would have stayed and help unload the cargo also

    22. "Would have stayed with him," Estwig said, "or followed him

    23. After the joy and exaltation of awakening, the Countess stayed true to her

    24. Once the food was done with they stayed sitting at the table to finish the wine,

    25. She stayed his lips with a slender white finger

    26. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her

    27. Ava left communications open and Glenelle stayed behind to keep them in sight

    28. He stayed until she came out of surgery … there was no need for him to do that, you know

    29. My mother’s family came here after being bombed out of Bristol during the war and stayed

    30. I didn't contradict him but I wondered: When we left the seaside the time was 6:30 in the afternoon; how harmful would it have been, if we had stayed for fifteen more minutes? All things considered, I believe yesterday's excursion was one of Alexander's tricks, aiming to keep his disciples in subjection: He doesn't allow them to enjoy anything, so that they don't demand anything

    31. Audacity stayed at dead stop long enough to worry Jordo

    32. A few minutes later we reached the beach “Diamond” but we didn't get out of the car at all; we stayed in, facing the magical rosy-red sunset before us

    33. What stayed his hand wasn’t confidence in his plan

    34. After all the business of the ranch was complete, he stayed up late going over all his old documentation on the shuttlecraft parts one more time and came up empty, as always

    35. After the joy and exaltation of awakening, the Countess stayed true to her upbringing for some years, making the best that she could out of the debilitation and decay around her

    36. She’d stayed seated until it stopped, uncertain and unfamiliar with the motion … yes, the bus had stopped and she’d risen, turned to pick up her bag … walked quickly down the gangway to the door … there’d been footsteps behind her … heavy ones – the men

    37. Son stayed perched on a branch hidden by

    38. Even if they both stayed on, Alan, Desa and Luray were the only winchers aboard, so they had to fill out the crew

    39. She stayed astride him a few minutes afterward, keeping his with hers and caressing his face as she caught her breath

    40. Nobody would get hurt if they stayed on board

    41. ‘It’d probably be safer if you stayed here and travelled up on the day

    42. Kara very sensibly stayed silent until he had worked it out of his system

    43. That night he had stayed awake late

    44. If those girls stayed with him, they won't try to convince him Earth was a drug dream any more

    45. If he stayed with the native women he's served his usefulness as bait by now

    46. He stayed in their study with his pipe

    47. The big ones like the one they tracked stayed out near the ends of the piers because they couldn't get in and out of the spaces between them

    48. In the years they stayed here, they only missed this because they forced themselves to

    49. What would the girls do when they found out he hadn't stayed with them? What could they do? They couldn't come miles back looking for him in the dark, they knew better than that, they knew they'd fall prey to something out here

    50. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers sat on the floor, both stayed

    1. Can a fireman who wants to build a great cavern do that by blasting a solid rock with a fire hose for a week straight, staying up with every bit of energy that he has, holding the hose blasting it at full power

    2. After a while staying with that person

    3. She was staying here and doing her best to masquerade as a native

    4. “But I would have had a much easier job of it if you hadn’t opted to change the mission parameters by staying upstairs to monitor the team that I was already monitoring

    5. She was having a hard time staying awake after twenty eight hours

    6. BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    7. "I hope not, but I was buzzed, I might have told her where I'm staying

    8. "How long are these staying?" Taktor asked

    9. As I was staying with a close friend

    10. "He didn't want me staying with them after I turned three

    11. wife of yours and tell her you’re staying overnight

    12. Local people were staying at home

    13. 100 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    14. 102 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    15. 106 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    16. 108 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    17. 110 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    18. 112 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    19. 116 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    20. 118 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    21. 120 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    22. 122 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    23. 124 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    24. 126 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    25. No doubt he will land when no one is looking also, so there is no sense staying up staring at him

    26. 128 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    27. 130 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    28. 132 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    29. 134 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    30. She could ask, but she guessed Ava was mostly thanking her for keeping an eye on her sister's problem and staying out of the way on hers

    31. 138 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    32. 140 BeinG Healed and StayinG alive

    33. Actually, victims are unable to live without offering their energy to vampires: People who don't really need to work go crazy if they stay unemployed for two months; many women complain that their man exploits or maltreats them, however they don't even think of staying single for more than one week; without a male to serve, they feel useless and unworthy of living

    34. "If the cherries are staying, we’re staying," Rampone said

    35. ‘Tomorrow, but I’m only staying for three days and will be back on Sunday

    36. Needless to say, I am staying in my own single room

    37. Robbie was staying with us, which meant a continuance of that other relationship, the one with his fist and his boot cap, but it was no matter

    38. You are staying in my

    39. Despite the fact Kara knew he was anxious to return to his new wife in Banswell, Berndt insisted on staying at Abery, dogging her every footstep as she battled to come to terms with the fact of JJ’s presence in the house

    40. they would be staying at

    41. The house we are staying in is fairly small and, as a result, Gilla and I are sharing a room

    42. ‘You are staying at the kloster tonight?’

    43. The boy who brought the baggage up this morning is going to be staying here for the time being to care for the ggs

    44. one way of staying healthy

    45. She and John had done the right thing in staying and caring for them

    46. understand she is staying with you, since er, the …' my voice trailed off, unable to complete the sentence

    47. ‘We’re not staying long

    48. “Standard remote instrumentation stuff,” Elmore said, staying at the user interface level

    49. diverse backgrounds and with different hobbies makes for great dates, right? But, it doesn't stop there – the benefits of using an online dating service right are plenty; from not having to dress up for the date as in real life, to spending less money (only internet time) and staying in the

    50. She's turned up out of the blue and is staying on a big yacht down at Dorini

    1. Travis always stays by her side, and I rarely see him anymore, either

    2. Do not use Urea based products! Urea kills the beneficials, and stays in the soil for years

    3. It starts just after seven and he stays there until after it gets dark … every evening …

    4. servant of his stays well out of it

    5. "Kwathwain's deep, the sun swims and stays red down there

    6. The young couple stays together and with a passionate kiss is

    7. "If he stays then I get to stay, too

    8. However, as soon as we reach the threshold at 9:00 o' clock, suddenly Helen stays still as if she were rooted to the spot

    9. He stays until nearly eleven, then rises, reaching for his coat

    10. I hope, for your sake, it stays that way

    11. Nothing in her experience to date had ever taken her to a place like this, although various unfortunate incidents during her working life had resulted in similar stays in the healing facilities on Errd

    12. "I'm sure you heard about our son, there's no way gossip like that stays clean on a ship like this

    13. fingers, but when it is on my clothes it stays

    14. There stays my hand above the ice upon the window

    15. "Unless he stays with those girls, they will certainly know

    16. The builder of boats peaks his cap, stays his hand,

    17. The starship stays in space, it is much bigger than the shuttle, more like the size of Yoonbarla

    18. "The shuttle stays in the air when its going slow because it has powerful fans in it's wings which blow wind and keep them up by the force of that wind

    19. stays breath and hand

    20. The big one stays behind

    21. "No pins," the redhead said, "see these plastic pinch blocks? Just pull a rope thru here and it stays, better than you can belay it, til you pull back this lever here

    22. If luck stays with me she may take me in again, if nothing else, at least til I can find something of my own

    23. Nothing stays the same, not even the weather and probably today it will change

    24. She stays for another half an hour before announcing that she has to go

    25. resolved and the pack stays together

    26. It stays shut, but

    27. If their arm stays strong or

    28. 'Ali stays in Ish's house now, so he will be brought up well anyway

    29. She stays stock still for a moment

    30. “There’s just me and Marsi and she doesn’t sit and gossip with me much, she rarely stays home when she’s off duty

    31. He wants Carol right now, but stays silent, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand

    32. ‘So, assuming that she stays in this condition – what options are there?’ he asked, looking directly at the doctor standing beside him

    33. extended stays in your world,” Bram resumed, “And we know that

    34. The words become a blur in his head, as if they are being sung through a layer of damp gauze, but the melody stays with him

    35. He'll rot if he's stays in there too long

    36. Okay so let me enjoy these few minutes alone I have because soon I will have to pick up my granddaughter Malia over at the childcare center but luckily the day care center stays open for about another hour and a half so I can actually sit here and have a half an hour of uninterrupted dictation which is a miracle anymore

    37. The Church that prays together stays together

    38. We have two pools at Klarrain's but he stays at the one inside and it's so steamy you can hardly move

    39. "I was told by Klarrain of Zhlindu that he stays at the top of this pyramid

    40. He stays there for a year with Circe, ignoring his men’s pleas to return home

    41. Especially since the diner stays put, while the cosmos is in constant motion---Now you see it, now you don't sort of motion

    42. ” she beamed, “It was what the Captain just said that really shredded the one curtain keeping me from seeing the end of this little riddle: 'nothing stays the same'!” For Jista that was it and enough

    43. “Nothing ever stays the same

    44. Such wisdom stays with us in our journey as eternal spiritual beings

    45. The Family Affair ~ The family that lays together, stays together

    46. Everyone stays on the main sledding hill and there is no racing, no bumping of sleds, and no risk taking

    47. and she stays with Dad

    48. So Alice stays

    49. ” replied Lucy, “I just hope it stays up

    50. ‘Of course not,’ Alice replied very readily: ‘but that’s because it stays the same year for such a long time together

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