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    1. That is why God was responsible for

    2. · Be responsible and accountable for your actions

    3. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    4. I am responsible for you as well as my other children

    5. An attempt to arrive at that which lies back of the form considered, or to reach the idea that is responsible for the form

    6. Neither I, nor the company are responsible for damages incurred from using this manual incorrectly

    7. The information which is available to you in this book, is passed along with the understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, we must not upset the balance of our delicate ecosystem, nor endanger ourselves

    8. The farmer of today is beginning to understand the delicate balance of nature for which he is directly responsible

    9. We are not responsible for any such changes

    10. that reinforced the heavens as imagined by a responsible God

    11. I can’t be responsible when it goes wrong

    12. As he rode off she still held him responsible for the asteroid because he was a spaceman

    13. Smith preferred to consider a thought from a familiar set of view points, rolling it across the heavens like thunder, looking at all those aspects of silence and darkness that reinforced the heavens as imagined by a responsible God

    14. assumption that “I should be” more responsible to other’s

    15. was responsible for cleaning the shop side

    16. These two elements of the skin are the ones responsible in the restoration of the innate moisturising ability of the skin

    17. What are you upset about? You can't hold me responsible for her being a virgin

    18. TONY-LEE: I'm not holding you responsible for her

    19. I'm holding you responsible for your actions

    20. I should've behaved in a more responsible way

    21. But she's also responsible, at least, partly

    22. Berndt is providing all the items we need in the tent (!), sleeping bag and provisions line, though I shall be responsible for my own clothing and personal requirements

    23. "In some ways you're more mature and responsible, but in others you're more naïve

    24. Her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck and his hands cupping her butt helped hold her up but it was his member within her that seemed to be responsible thru a long, laughing, slow-motion ride

    25. "By making yourself useless for your post and by keeping the responsible members of the crew up with your carrying on

    26. We can not escape what runs through our path, but everyone is responsible to carry on walking through individual notion and effort

    27. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction and for a host of other charges, which lead, with a nod and a wink and some party donations, to the minister responsible for such matters making stalking a capital offence

    28. They stand erect, responsible and confident with hands on hips in ankle length skirts and boots of leather, amused by the fashions of the visitors on the quayside

    29. “Models” in a MVC based application are the components of the application that are responsible for maintaining state

    30. “Views” in a MVC based application are the components responsible for displaying the application’s

    31. “Controllers” in a MVC based application are the components responsible for handling end user

    32. View is the first object instantiated in the execution pipeline, which then responsible for passing any

    33. How could she get away with playing the innocent as a respected art historian while being completely responsible for the trafficking of plunder on this scale

    34. But let me say this, if you play this stupid game any longer, well they can't be held responsible if another crazy old lady wanders out in front of a speeding car, now can they? Think about it

    35. Please Maria, never think for one second you were responsible for that heart attack

    36. hits someone, who will be responsible? What if things break? Who will pay?' Ish

    37. ‘Katie, I think you’re my precious daughter and, although you’re very grown up in lots of ways, you’re still only fifteen and I’m responsible for protecting you – even if it’s from yourself at times!’

    38. socially responsible manner, picking issues on which they could

    39. that we have to respect considered debate and responsible protest,

    40. Up until very recently he would have said it was the Brazilian agent that was responsible

    41. responsible in a readily seen way: by appearance

    42. and some party donations, to the minister responsible for such

    43. nice perks and had just been promoted to the responsible role of

    44. responsible sexuality rather than condemning of it

    45. responsible is the person who doesn’t want to be told anything in fear he

    46. responsible,” the most? How do you bring about a greater responsibility

    47. ) He or she is responsible for

    48. Some of them are twelve … how responsible were you at that age? The problem is that kids are just too sexually aware these days and not protected from their own sexuality

    49. He has to find someone else to pay that price, the person responsible for all of this

    50. ” Once Enjteen had a steady job, Kulai didn’t feel responsible for supporting him and his mother, just because they were his mother’s friends

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    responsible responsible for creditworthy dependable trustworthy efficient stable capable trusty honest liable answerable obligated bound blamable censurable