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    1. There is nothing wrong with retiring from a lifelong career, but to cease working in

    2. Some studies suggest that soaking in hot water (such as a hot tub or bath) before retiring to bed can ease the transition into deeper sleep, but it should be done early enough that you are no longer sweating or over-heated

    3. With this sort of mind-set, retiring, changing jobs, or moving to a smaller place are not likely to significantly reduce stress levels – the stress will be there whether it is imposed externally, or whether you have to manufacture it

    4. Then, with the strength of some retiring Hercules,

    5. and the board will soon be retiring that sadistic brute,

    6. After a short but intense period of mourning, the soldier married the old chairman's daughter, which she liked very much because he made her Chief Executive Officer and together they cornered the world's markets in gold and oil, before retiring in their late thirties to live in Antibes and raise a gaggle of spoilt but happy children

    7. world's markets in gold and oil, before retiring in their late thirties

    8. After retiring from the Air Force, I drove a limousine under contract for Conrail, moving train crews from stations to trains, and anywhere needed

    9. He inquired at the desk about the dinner schedules and requested letter paper and envelopes before retiring to his rooms

    10. Rural, retiring, dense little England, and Billy has a real live gun in his pocket

    11. Mandy wasn't retiring by any stretch of the imagination

    12. But I did hear from one of the higher-ups that he is retiring in April and then I might be offered a permanent position

    13. a prayer of thanks before retiring to a nearby Inn

    14. to the retiring age could be reward with the right of

    15. Soon he will have to think about retiring to a life of leisure and enjoying his spoils and grandchildren,” Zarko replied respectfully

    16. Private people, who want to make a fortune, never think of retiring to the remote and poor provinces of the country, but resort either to the capital, or to some of the great commercial towns

    17. “Recalled? Are they retiring you off?”

    18. “Lets not dwell on the past I tell you what shall we have a bite of supper before retiring?” We walked along arm in arm to the tram stop and now I could feel the soreness in my fist but it felt good as everything does when a job has been well done

    19. I had twenty years of honorable service, retiring in 1976 as a Chief Petty Officer

    20. Neither option, consulting or retiring, or a third, being semi-retired and dabbling in real estate, held much appeal

    21. When Ed’s project sells out, I’m thinking of retiring again

    22. In actual history he served two more terms as Senator before retiring in 1880

    23. Truman had been toying with the idea of retiring since meeting Beth – it was beginning to look like this was the right time

    24. Additionally, in view of the recent notoriety of the log barges I currently use,” he said, indicating the log barge references in the notebook, “we will, for safety’s sake, need to discontinue the use of them as well so, with you coming aboard and my associate retiring, there will be a great reshuffling, but I want no interruption of deliveries to our customers

    25. Almost literally at the eleventh hour, the Very Rev Albert Bogle, retiring Moderator of the General Assembly, presented a notice of motion (the one he had prepared earlier) putting forward a new deliverance that has become know as 2(d)

    26. Thanks to a retiring “whistle blower”

    27. increasing at the old rate and this has led to a larger number retiring than are contributing to the system

    28. The income will then not be sufficient to pay those retiring at the

    29. obtain that money or it will be necessary to reduce the payments to those retiring

    30. He was down-scaling his activities in Quebec to merely an office, and retiring to Miami where my mother had grown up

    31. The wall consisted of salient and retiring angles like a sawtooth

    32. I thanked him for it and set it aside so we could chat a bit more before retiring for the night

    33. I told her that I had noticed the line and mentioned that I thought he was retiring

    34. The thought of retiring early is now a distant memory for

    35. Spending most of their lives studying, just before retiring

    36. He slept two nights in a motel, retiring early in the evening and starting driving very early in the morning with calculated resting stops in between

    37. His attitude and conviction is what the military is all about and what the attitude of our government should be! It is the caliber of men like Jay, who is retiring, and others like him that are also leaving the military, that embolden my belief in our future as they openly declare ---- that they are not leaving the service of our country!!

    38. Thanks to a retiring ―whistle blower‖ this was exposed and the six biologists were reassigned to other work – not fired

    39. Department of Energy have initiated research into Light water reactor sustainability which is hoped will lead to allowing extensions of reactor licenses beyond 60 years, in increments of 20 years, provided that safety can be maintained, as the loss in non-CO2-emitting generation capacity by retiring reactors "may serve to challenge U

    40. I ascertained that Ben still worked for NNG/Marine (he had talked of retiring at the end of 2000) because American Shipbuilders’ Association sent him and Dale Banks, as well as other top shipyards’ contracts officials some policy paper on Other Transactions

    41. in charge of deciding which retiring Admirals EB could hire, what they

    42. Turning to her grandmother, he said, “Jesse and I are retiring for the evening, Florence

    43. After retiring, he was on the adjunct faculty of local colleges and mentored troubled kids

    44. Many retiring Roman legionnaires were paid off by being given land grants in the above-mentioned locales

    45. Crutchfield took the assets of the bank from $5 billion to over $250 billion, retiring the year before First Union and Wachovia merged in 2001

    46. His health had been failing a bit, but he had no intention of thinking about retiring

    47. 9 So he who had driven many out of their country perished in a strange land retiring to the Lacedemonians and thinking there to find succour by reason of his kindred: 10 And he who had throw out many unburied had none to mourn for him nor any solemn funerals at all nor tomb with his fathers

    48. In fact, if his former wing commander hadn't recognized his natural leadership abilities and jockeyed him from job to job to get several top block ERs (Efficiency Reports) for the promotion board, he would be retiring now at age 46 with 25 years service as a lieutenant colonel

    49. As I was retiring to my own room the Attaché intercepted me and offered me to sleep

    50. “I am retiring to my chambers for personal meditation,” he said

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