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    1. you to have without great reward ahead of you

    2. Only with your eyes shall you look, And see the reward of the wicked

    3. knew that someday the reward would come, and she would be

    4. great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before

    5. As about the reward, in this case it is socialization: the integration into a circle of friends, the avoidance of loneliness

    6. Concerning their reward, what could be more alluring than the promise of a blissful “life after death” – even if it is intended only for “a few, chosen ones”?

    7. After a thoroughly enjoyable half hour, debating the relative merits of the various plants on offer, I decide to buy a rather nice little Areca palm … small and neat … just right for the middle of the table; I splash out on a pretty pot to stand it in – my reward for having made a good start at The Laurels

    8. To the non-technical, she was a holy spirit provided by God as a reward for a good mortal life

    9. "You're distracted," Jaseem eventually accused him, "You're not turning into one of those who think we should never enjoy anything aren't you? Not even here in the reward of Paradis?"

    10. So, that was my reward for the hard, specialized and unpaid work of one and a half month: The guru talked to me for ten whole minutes (something unprecedented within the five years in total I have attended Janus), he advised me to wear more modern clothes and nicer glasses, and he made clear that men avoid me because of my high intelligence and strong personality

    11. It is because He has poured out His life unto death that He receives this reward

    12. But note that it isn’t simply that this reward follows that commitment

    13. The reason God grants the reward is because of the Servant’s willingness

    14. life force to the Universe, that in order to reward you for fueling

    15. Universe will spontaneously reward you with the Desires of

    16. There are a number of ways you can reward your customers and followers, not only for following you, but for referral business and for their loyalty

    17. Most companies offer their followers at least some form of a reward; even if it is something small, it is a form of gratitude that you are thankful they are your customer and that they are following you on social media platforms

    18. With this, our view is properly centered to not fret with the things of this life, and to endure patiently until the end when we shall receive reward

    19. On the Friday, their work continued, but as a reward for their

    20. If the ultimate reality and our eternal reward is to be one with God in a way that we are no longer “only human,” then this changes everything

    21. This is the eternal reward

    22. Always try to still the stream of circling thought and these gentle exercises will give you a manifold reward

    23. As a reward for their compassion and generosity, Jake called for two rider candidates from each town

    24. chocolates (at the shop's expense, idiot) for him, a reward for every sixer

    25. and the reward of this faith

    26. ask yourself if the reward exceeds the tolerable contentment of not having it

    27. And his reward would be what he wanted most, the post as new Lord Holder of the mines and armory

    28. greater value to a reward otherwise without value, cast that spell and buy the

    29. reward with enough points

    30. The results could very well reward you

    31. than one, because they have a good reward for their labor

    32. more a reward; for their memory is forgotten

    33. It is a reward for the days and hours spent without hope

    34. “Was there a reward?”

    35. “Was there a reward for bringing in a shonggot victim fitting my description?”

    36. The others were still in the throes of chewing their pencils and scratching through confused responses when the Livingson crew met outside the hall and walked to the ice cream parlor, having previously agreed that that was to be their just reward for at least completing the battery

    37. approached the man with the promise of a rich reward, it

    38. him, behold his reward is with him

    39. See, his reward is with him, and his

    40. This was a reward for you initial prompt partial repayment, but the rest has remained unpaid for 18 weeks, so the interest and principal would be–” he paused while Mr White pulled out a black book from the briefcase on the table

    41. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full

    42. Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and anyone who receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man, will receive a righteous man’s reward

    43. The reward is the fulfillment of the prophecy

    44. It is then that we will truly receive the reward of the prophetic ministry

    45. Jesus has an inheritance and it is you! You are His reward

    46. There is a publication fee and it is traditional that the people in Missing Persons carry a substantial reward

    47. "If the average reward is two coppers, make Alan's reward twelve coppers

    48. The liberal reward of labour, therefore, as it is the necessary effect, so it is the natural symptom of increasing national wealth

    49. The liberal reward of labour, by enabling them to provide better for their children, and consequently to bring up a greater number, naturally tends to widen and extend those limits

    50. If this demand is continually increasing, the reward of labour must necessarily encourage in such a manner the marriage and multiplication of labourers, as may enable them to supply that continually increasing demand by a continually increasing population

    1. I am rewarded with one of Rose’s gentle smiles and a quick grin from the driver

    2. you are rewarded in unlimited ways by the

    3. to be rewarded by a stiff neck and morning dehydration

    4. He tried to recapture some of the spirit and verve of his younger days by dating women in their twenties, but the effort of it all was rarely rewarded

    5. ’ I’m rewarded by groans of ‘do I have to?’ which I ignore as he hauls himself off the bed

    6. Just when her faith was beginning to crack under the intense pressure of wanting, of needing, she was suddenly and wonderfully rewarded

    7. If any of these traumatized young boys managed to survive to adulthood they were rewarded with a commission into Lord Boras’ army

    8. Naria smiled warmly at this small action of the Captain and rewarded his thoughtfulness accordingly

    9. The young man bided his time and was rewarded for his

    10. suddenly and wonderfully rewarded

    11. They were rewarded by

    12. It was endless seconds before they were rewarded, but breathe she did

    13. He looks up at the house; I wave … and am rewarded with a big grin

    14. It was all Harry could do to remain humbly himself and his endurance was well rewarded

    15. If this were a story about a fantastic hero, then Matt would don his perfect mask and perfect cape, run out the door in a flash and announce, ‘step back, innocent civilians! I shall now save the day!’, and then Matt would save the world from certain doom in a most perfect way and be rewarded with millions of dollars and a pool filled with drop-dead perfect gorgeous women, and then go back home to his perfect private tropical island where nothing bad ever happened, except for when it was a chance for Matt to prove how awesome he was and just plain better than everyone else

    16. Abraham rewarded him with a handful of pennies

    17. The three of them must have removed that black sun, and Justice managed to escape out of that hole, and he rewarded them by killing them,” Andrew said

    18. commandment will be rewarded

    19. Waterhouse rewarded the expression of respect by accepting Mr

    20. was rewarded with a group of puzzled faces turned in his

    21. It wasn’t until one day at lunch that my efforts were rewarded

    22. Labour is there so well rewarded, that a numerous family of children, instead of being a burden, is a source of opulence and prosperity to the parents

    23. Those whom he can find, therefore, are very liberally rewarded

    24. Industry, therefore, must be better rewarded, the

    25. Butcher's meat, except in the most thriving countries, or where labour is most highly rewarded, makes but an insignificant part of his subsistence; poultry makes a still smaller part of it, and game no part of it

    26. In France, and even in Scotland, where labour is somewhat better rewarded than in France, the labouring poor seldom eat butcher's meat, except upon holidays, and other extraordinary occasions

    27. Labour, it must be remembered, is the ultimate price which is paid for every thing; and in countries where labour is equally well rewarded, the money price of labour will be in proportion to that of the subsistence of the labourer

    28. “She says we are rewarded

    29. Grateful that I mentioned it to no one, she promptly rewarded me with the promise of a fast ship to take me home once Chloe was recovered

    30. rewarded by the beauty of the landscape

    31. You will be rewarded for Nature leaves no efforts unrecognized

    32. When you keep at it, you’ll be financially rewarded

    33. She had Miklos spread it in her garden, and rewarded him with fresh vegetables

    34. You will be rewarded for the good things you have done for others

    35. To dream of the Ten Commandments suggest that you will be rewarded if you behave and follow the rules

    36. To see a tooth fairy in your dream indicates that you will be rewarded or recognized for your current hardships and difficulties

    37. They were rewarded with good time and had just passed an old fort

    38. The seeker shall be rewarded wisdom

    39. I was rewarded when I found a wicked looking axe behind the counter

    40. She was rewarded by feeling his body stiffen, stiffen even more and then jerk

    41. If the opinion of their own utility could not draw scholars to them, the law neither forced anybody to go to them, nor rewarded anybody for having gone to them

    42. What may be the most perplexing of his sins is the fact that those sins, consisting of insider trading and many other violations of the requirements of stock trading at the time, were rewarded by FDR by appointing Big Bad Joe to head the Securities and Exchange Commission

    43. I kept on going until I cane to a quite part of the battlefield and there I was rewarded I looked through my sight as a flare shot up in the distance and I saw the two of them bending down and relieving corpses of their belongings and shoving them in small packs

    44. " I add that Lyndon Johnson"s „Great Society," which rewarded single mothers and kept fathers out of the home went a long way toward destroying the black American family

    45. My boss was so happy that he rewarded me with a larger

    46. I was rewarded with the sight of Mother stalking down the sidewalk in my direction

    47. Flintstones’ for a bit, and were rewarded with a rather quick entry by the physician in charge of my case

    48. In its tenets there is no question of doing good here and being rewarded in the next world, and in this respect, it differs greatly from the lowest forms of Hindoo idolatry, for even the Thugs professed to think they would reap a rich posthumous reward for every victim they secured with the sacred noose and pickaxe of Kali

    49. Then their patience was rewarded

    50. The informant should be rewarded financially but you know that if money is his first consideration then you have a bad source that may lie to you to get more money

    1. If it hadn't been for that, their relationship was becoming rewarding

    2. of waking up much more rewarding

    3. The sexual relief with another soul was rewarding in its way, but no better than Ava when she was in the mood

    4. Danny found virtual reality far more rewarding than the unnecessary and irksome chores that comprised all manual forms of familial communication

    5. It was obvious to Alexei that the Queen was rewarding her Captain for his remarkable duties

    6. It is very rewarding feeling I am making a difference to someone and the nuns do such good work there with the poor women

    7. If it is particularly rewarding then learn to be content with it but

    8. 6) Active participation should be rewarding but since it not necessarily is it

    9. exact revenge if he could – rescinding favours or rewarding

    10. It was so very much more satisfying and rewarding than to be held up to public approbation

    11. It was grueling but very rewarding

    12. Harry headed home after the most rewarding turn of events of the day, and that evening instead of the meager portions to which he was habituated, he treated himself to supper out

    13. Caring for the children of their closest friends was quite satisfactory and rewarding enough

    14. I found hosting an international student was a rewarding experience for both families and students

    15. While it hasn't been too rewarding for me so far in the monetary sense; in the sense of meeting a lot of different Saudi Arabian students it's been very rewarding because I have met a great number of students, who are all very nice, more than I was hoping to meet before I actually got a student to live in my house

    16. at the top is as rewarding as this was

    17. I'm living in a nice home with a fine man in a great neighborhood and have two interesting and rewarding careers going

    18. “Did I miss something? When did you go from despising the dark arts to shopping in a store dedicated to it?” Her startled reaction was rewarding

    19. Being able to call upon what she learned in passing through such halls of preservation and ancient knowledge was an impossibly rewarding feeling now, despite everything

    20. Dreaming that you are making a self-sacrifice means that you need to eliminate certain aspects of your life and make time and space for more productive and rewarding experiences

    21. In other words, an autotelic activity is intrinsically rewarding in the present, whereas you usually perform other activities with an eye to future benefit

    22. you will create a rewarding outcome" the

    23. As such, hypnotic regressions may yield very rewarding results to their subjects

    24. have a fulfilling and rewarding life

    25. a rewarding relationship, and a long friendship building out of that

    26. Why is it that movie fare nowadays leaves nothing to the imagination in the realms of sex and violence? It would seem a more rewarding engagement for the viewer to be only nudged toward extrapolating or interpolating his or her own denouement

    27. that they would have a successful and rewarding life on shore

    28. The Community has been held hostage by the custodial promises of Big Government whose convincing arguments have superceded the enterprising values and ideas that many of them would otherwise find appealing, if not economically rewarding, were they not held politically captive by their tempting designs

    29. Although it may be personally rewarding to see one‘s child financially secure, it is equally, (if not more so), important that that child develops into a model citizen, an example for others to follow, a kind and thoughtful human being, considerate of others and of sound (moral) character, an individual who serves his or her family, friends and the community in which he or she lives and works, with distinction

    30. ‖ Competition, properly channeled, was/is intended to be ―ruthless‖, rewarding the talented and industrious above the ordinary and idle

    31. Truly, that Holy Week became for me not only spiritually beneficial and rewarding, but also humanly enjoyable and busy

    32. They think we are rewarding their fearful behavior! That means that they are doing the

    33. rewarding the very thing that we dislike and sometimes ignore the very behavior that

    34. Be certain that you’re acknowledging and rewarding what you do want in a timely

    35. ” He and his supporters claimed the two were rewarding their followers with government offices

    36. For doctors and nurses, this was the hardest and most rewarding ward to work on

    37. Being minimally intrusive, it is clear that God can neither eradicate evil nor even be sure to have it properly punished, while rewarding good in any kind of obvious way

    38. So, for me, it is both challenging and rewarding

    39. Despite all the spiritual teachings, I have always been pragmatic and doubted clairvoyance, and the gift was unexpected but rewarding

    40. In the grander scheme of things, Suzy hadn’t paid him much attention during the last few years unless he was rewarding her or showering her with gifts

    41. It’s a job that is challenging and rewarding and there is always a new challenge

    42. of helping children and adults learn basic education can be very rewarding

    43. to reason that a life review would be most rewarding when one’s effects on others had been

    44. While the insane person considers a life spiritually rewarding that involves sharing, a sane person thinks of him/herself and their choices are based on self-importance

    45. rewarding present to a turbulent past that was decisive in producing that remunerated present

    46. For Roger who loves nature in general and mountains in particular, that sunrise in the Alps was a meaningful and rewarding invitation to appreciate genuine life and all that nature has to offer

    47. He chose to speak about her with nostalgic feelings in their presence, to condemn Agatha and the homosexual therapist for the invasion of their home and the cruel disruption of their secure and rewarding lives, and to shower Chad and Manuel with extra attention to reassure them of his love

    48. Roger did not dare to trust her, at least not yet, for her behavior the last three or four months was still bothering him intensely, though Chad and Manuel’s two weeks rewarding and memorable vacation with him had some pacifying effects

    49. The trip that Roger made with Suni and Carlos in the summer of 1983 was so salutary and rewarding that, when he was interviewed on the radio in Ponferrada, he made the promise to the listening public that he would return every year to his native region of El Bierzo “to recapture his youth”

    50. The first “Semester in Spain”, sponsored by Los Angeles City College, was indeed a positive educational experience and an academically rewarding adventure for the students who chose to take full advantage of the opportunities offered to them during the six-week stay in Salamanca and eleven weeks in Madrid, and a one-week tour of southern Spain

    1. The universe praises and rewards

    2. · Men are transactional leaders; they hand out rewards and punishments

    3. ” He rewards you with healing ac-

    4. The universe rewards those who fuel it and

    5. The more rewards that are offered, and the more opportunities your followers have to earn rewards, the greater the chances are they will continue to follow you through social media platforms

    6. You can offer things such as free trips, gift cards or credit card gift rewards, movie tickets, backstage concert tickets or tickets to their favorite sporting event of the year

    7. Our purposes and our rewards are starkly different

    8. Ten short minutes each day—so very little time to devote to Yoga, but how rich will be the rewards, so rich that I feel convinced that many of you will soon want to get up even earlier to devote yet more time to this healthful study

    9. These are two very different styles of living and both have its rewards

    10. the more rewards life will send your way

    11. “It’s about celebrating the rich rewards of this year’s harvest, about collecting together the combined foods of all of Slump County and coming together to Trouble Valley to partake of a glorious feast with all sorts of delicious food and compare it with all the other tasty foods of New Zealand! My Mansion’s keeping an intake of the Granary where we’re keeping all the food,” Julia said

    12. He has finally passed to his just rewards

    13. indigent people to the learned professions, the rewards of eminent teachers appear to have

    14. That’s why we can’t have these rewards when we do wrong

    15. To see or use a shopping cart in your dream indicates that you are reaping the rewards and benefits of your hard work

    16. To begin life is neither a religion nor a philosphy it is a way of a journey that demands everything you have to give and rewards acordingly but it is important to understand that neither the paths nor rewards is why you act

    17. Motivation can be driven by belief, expected rewards, fear of punishment, personal need, or anything else

    18. The Leader thought greedily of the praise, the rewards, and the sheer power that would soon be due to him

    19. The President announced rewards for citizens who uncovered traitors in Atlantica who would “undermine the security of our nation”

    20. If information was proven correct, rewards would be given to the citizens, including paid scholarships for students to their next level

    21. thinking, but the rewards for being in control of your

    22. Logic was taught first; ontology came in the second place; pneumatology, comprehending the doctrine concerning the nature of the human soul and of the Deity, in the third; in the fourth followed a debased system of moral philosophy, which was considered as immediately connected with the doctrines of pneumatology, with the immortality of the human soul, and with the rewards and punishments which, from the justice of the Deity, were to be expected in a life to come: a short and superficial system of physics usually concluded the course

    23. It is not easy to live in ridicule or to be rejected by friends and family, but if we belong to him, the rewards in the ages to come are unfathomable

    24. entitled to participate in the rewards the voyage would bring

    25. rewards of this journey and of fighting for their homeland, or for a country that needed their help

    26. Although hard work can be a challenge, it totes great rewards, one of the biggies, stress relief

    27. this is the cause of discontent to those who do not participate in the rewards

    28. He was pleased that his patience had brought its own rewards

    29. The rewards will be great

    30. Apparently, the captain had a sweet tooth, or maybe he bribed his men with rewards

    31. Sure as hell did not honour the promised rewards to throw the stone around

    32. The skeptic or nonbeliever, on the other hand, is likely to repudiate the divine ―promises‖ of timeless standards; that is to say, of rewards and punishments, in favor of transitory principles lacking (eternal) assurances and meaning

    33. In this manner, every selfless act may be perceived as the outcome of conditioned designs motivated by a (reciprocal) rewards system that returns love for love

    34. This system of rewards and punishment should not be arbitrary but applied in a consistent manner, rather, on the basis of acceptable standards of behavior

    35. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward(s)

    36. Truth seeks its own inestimable rewards

    37. She never got the logical rewards you would have expected her to get in the new dispensation

    38. Where (the) more accrues in greater proportion from (the) less, so much greater the fall of nature‘s select in proportion to their aptitudes and abilities; however greater the rewards

    39. Promising the guards rewards of the best sleeping chambers and choice of females for all the hard work they had put in, Cherva left to report back to Grindel, smiling broadly as he considered his new position

    40. It would rise again to tempt him with its beguiling promises of wonderful rewards, and all he had to do was listen; listen and let go

    41. while draft dodgers are elevated to higher office…where death is an option…where narrow-minded assumptions routinely dismiss Truth‘s proper standing…where prescriptive authority seeks its (own) rewards rather than the public good…

    42. Neither does it consider Humankind‘s obstinate, however pliant nature that pursues its (own) calling and seeks its (own) rewards in its (own) self-appointed manner

    43. ) However unpleasant the thought, I must allow that possibility as a counterpoise to heavenly rewards

    44. Performing ―good‖ deeds for their own sake because it is good to do so does not address the question: by what conventional standards are such acts of goodness, good to begin with; and assuming that they are, whether the ―Will to Goodness‖ is driven by some inherent factor; that is to say, an (essential) moral goodness that resides within the doer of good deeds or conditioned, rather, by rewards and punishment, reciprocity or perhaps, fear, in which case, such acts of ―goodness‖, sullied by questionable (intent), are motivated, in part, by self-serving designs that are not (inherently) good in themselves

    45. Young as one ―feels‖ contrary to how one really feels, holding fast to youthful designs and illusory impressions, has undermined our human dignity by its failure to properly complete itself in a manner welcoming every changing phase in our lives as a life (maturing) process injecting vitality and new meaning as it passes through each successive stage offering its own unique rewards while preparing it for the uncertain road that lie ahead

    46. Such privations, whether real, imagined (or self-inflicted), for that matter, have (otherwise) proven that industry and time have a way of justifying their own rewards

    47. As a sports fan who came of age in the sixties, I often ask myself, what have become of the Larry Czonka‘s or the Bill Riggins‘ or the Jerry West‘s or Rick Barry‘s, White Athletes who once dominated their respected sports? Is it conceivable that, in a day and age when the financial rewards are exceptionally high, (White‘s) have suddenly lost their competitive spark? Or could it be that many have fallen victim, in their own right, to stereotypical standards that seem to favor skill specific attributes like speed or vertical aptitude above other, less ―remarkable‖ qualities equally essential for performing on a higher level? Will such patterns eventually mandate the same type of protective status for Whites that are presently afforded to African Americans and other racial minorities competing in the public and private sectors? The latter is a stretch, granted

    48. Bestow rewards without regard to rule, issue orders without regard to previous arrangements; and you will be able to handle a whole army as though you had to do with but a single man

    49. This is especially true for the truly gifted who must oftentimes share their hard earned rewards with lesser talents

    50. rewards unless he did what she wanted him to do

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