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    1. live a life that is not reflecting the advantage or benefits

    2. In human interaction, particularly with relatives, friends and neighbours, one is often required to counsel either for what we consider as the good of the individual or for our common advantage

    3. Human nature is such that he always tries to benefit at the cost of others and in the process if palms have to be greased, it is accepted and in some cases even encouraged to take undue advantage of the loopholes

    4. Monkeys are strongly rooted in the “right side up,” but they have no qualms with using the “upside-down” to their advantage

    5. · The false belief of men to have all the power to take advantage of women’s weaknesses is the root cause of them feeling oppressed and getting angry

    6. One advantage to talking with their eyes is they can talk when their mouth is raised and full

    7. What she chose to reveal was invariably better than the inter-intelligence communiqués where one agency often hid detail from another in order to maintain tactical advantage

    8. Stephen takes advantage of a moment when Liz is not with us to ask how she’d been

    9. So far as concerns congregational obligation, and expedient is that which is in harmony with the Scriptures, in which there is inherent advantage, and which may be

    10. Never let your opponents know when you have the advantage

    1. For what is a man advantaged, if he gains the whole world, and loses himself, or be cast

    2. of experience states that he “absolutely disagrees completely” that local textbook selection is better than statewide selection, because publishers, teachers unions and other organized interests would block out parental interests “Publishers are advantaged by local adoption because they have more personnel” to overwhelm possible criticism

    3. Now, imagine another group, small in number, but advantaged in every way that the

    4. If the combined, more complex, whatnot was more prolific, proficient, efficient, or otherwise advantaged over the whatsits and ynots that it was descended from, it might utilize more available resources and expand in population, causing decline of the whatsits and ynots

    5. There will always be prejudice towards other groups who are perceived to be eg unfairly advantaged or more capable or less capable etc usually without any real foundation and thus the potential for demonstrating poor EI is almost without limit!

    6. Third, dividend receipts may be tax advantaged for shareholders subject to U

    7. When you do find an advantaged business, it is critical for you to determine the strength and staying power of its competitive advantage

    8. A business that has a large set of investment opportunities “inside the moat” has a much higher intrinsic value than a business without competitively advantaged reinvestment opportunities because the former compounds cash flow at a very high rate, whereas the latter is forced to use cash for sub-optimal opportunities

    9. If we're investing in competitively advantaged businesses run by excellent management, we won't go too wrong even if we hold companies trading above our estimate of intrinsic value from time to time

    10. You start to believe advantaged companies should stay that way forever, but the dynamics of markets often work against that and we as investors miss that at our peril

    1. Focus on the advantages of age and expect to be as healthy as you can be

    2. While the above advantages are bound to result in better average performance of the investments, it must be clearly understood that this can neither compete with abnormal appreciation of a few shares nor escape the effect of a bearish market when share prices are lower than their purchase price

    3. They neither of them considered for a moment that I should be lumbered with the backpack – there are advantages to being the only woman in the group

    4. Which are the advantages of using MVC Framework?

    5. compact disks has its advantages

    6. building, that the advantages of customized templates are worth their weight in

    7. But that small minority, as has so often plagued the history of societies from ancient times, were also the wealthy power brokers of the little village, and though the town was small, their wealth had grown immense from the annual advantages taken of the affluent tourist trade dollars

    8. This position has a number of advantages

    9. Being one of the select few at Snuggle's, the lock in few who are mates with the owners, has its advantages; summer barbecues, Christmas parties and informally alcoholic dinner parties

    10. advantages offered by winning his support

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