Oraciones con la palabra "ridiculous"

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Ridiculous en una oración (en ingles)

It was a bit ridiculous.
It was a ridiculous need.
I know I look ridiculous.
This was a ridiculous plan.
It was ridiculous, the kid.
It was ridiculous, some of.
It was, of course, ridiculous.

The very idea was ridiculous.
It was a ridiculous situation.
It would indeed be ridiculous.
The idea is ridiculous, he said.
What a ridiculous waste of ore.
But a food allergy? Ridiculous.
She said I was being ridiculous.
What a ridiculous wooer he was!.
This whole thing was ridiculous.
How supremely ridiculous of Mrs.
The whole thing is ridiculous.
It was too ridiculous for words.
Oh my god, that is ridiculous.
That would be ridiculous, he said.
It is a ridiculous rule, but we.
The ridiculous check was for real.
Yes, does that sound ridiculous?
He told me I was being ridiculous.
The combat training was ridiculous.
I might almost say it's ridiculous.
In a way, it was all so ridiculous.
It was ridiculous, all in his mind.
That was ridiculous in the extreme.
But it was not ridiculous to Grace.
It was a ridiculous gesture, really.
It just seemed so ridiculous to me.
I'm afraid I'm becoming ridiculous.
It was a ridiculous bloody question.
Donn blurted out, That's ridiculous.
It was ridiculous, to say the least.
I ridiculous? No, I would rather die.
His article is absurd and ridiculous.
Put that way, it did sound ridiculous.

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