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Silly en una oración (en ingles)

It was silly of you.
Yes, of a silly joke.
I'd be a nice silly to.
Like I said it's silly.
I know it sounds silly.
No, no don't be silly.
I know I’m being silly.

And Bob did a silly thing.
Don't be silly and stupid.
It was just a silly joke.
It is silly that a 1400.
It’d been silly to come.
Then he fucked you silly.
This is a picnic, silly.
This hat is a bit silly.
Dont be silly, my dear.
It was silly of me to cry.
No, that just seemed silly.
Come here, you silly lady.
No, that would be silly.
As the silly filly bolted.
Stop that, you silly boy.
It was silly - and romantic.
I remember a silly question.
Yes, I know I look silly.
But just think how silly!.
My Mother was scared silly.
Of course, you silly man.
It seemed to him a silly one.
It seemed silly even to ask.
Ties are silly aren’t they.
This was silly because Hay.
Sue over such a silly matter.
Silly as it seems, I found.
Don't be silly! I'm healthy.
How very silly the man is.
It was a silly kind of joke.
Don't be silly, she said.
New York? Don’t be silly.
Of course, how silly of me.

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