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    1. She wished she could have seen the real thing, not just the dimly-lit base of the tunnel rim and the hewn rock disappearing into the blacker black of the mountainside against the black but star-strewn sky above

    2. Another shuffle forward and I felt the rim of the bucket against my thigh

    3. She wasn't being sensitive enough to that, she was still treating him like a kid from the desert rim on an RNAcid trip

    4. drained, sticky at the rim,

    5. above the rim of the crater, a difference made,

    6. True the other people or ghosts from YingolNeerie chasing them into the wilderness had been a real bother, but Alan himself was still just a human kid, no different than he would have been if he really was raised by fundamentalist hermits on the desert rim

    7. After a while, he straightened his back, coughed a special postman's cough, then when he was ready, looked up, peered over the rim of his glasses and winced

    8. She had the choice of pacing, laying in the hay, or sitting on the rim of the pallet

    9. She could tell that this institution was up on the caldera rim because there was so much sky behind it

    10. It’s a small island, but even a six mile ride in what is essentially a hanging roller coaster thru soaring towers along the crater rim was almost starting to get old when the car took a turn and launched straight out over the crater wall, a thousand feet above the water and a mile from the inner ring island

    11. Belle had spent the morning assembling trays of assorted flowers from beside the meandering overflow that emptied the pond when heavy rains filled it past its rim

    12. appeared along the wall's rim

    13. This was on the old canyon rim, the high ground, and the oldest part of campus

    14. He removed the cover over the hole in the ground and fitted a slim wax ring on top of it, then set the pump shaft neatly onto the rim plate protruding from the hole, and bolted the connection together

    15. It was foamed enough to stay afloat about an inch above the cockpit, and that was full to the rim

    16. The valley rim was rather steep, but the valley itself was wide and flat with a good sized stream at the bottom that lead to the east into a vast forested wilderness

    17. bowl to his lips he looked over the rim and watched as

    18. She had not talked to the people in those cabins on the desert rim and knew little of what they were like

    19. He was thin and smooth, more like a city person than someone from out on the desert rim, but once again, that could be youth

    20. He could see beyond the far mountains across the basin floor to the rim of the world, the rim he had seen from the ship above

    21. She laughed at that, then whispered in his ear while kissing at it, “You mean you’re not used to this out on the desert rim?”

    22. With the rim of his mug hanging at his lip, he stared back at the man's smiling face and said, "Alright

    23. He said it was out by the desert rim and he ran scared til Desa tamed him

    24. They took a quick streetcar to a delicious repast in a tower overlooking East Harbor from the northern rim of the Fastness

    25. Zarko arrived at the palace with the sun making its way over the rim of the horizon

    26. It was a bowl, a golden bowl with ancient etchings tracing the rim

    27. He felt her eyes on him as she looked at him over the rim of her cup

    28. It had a dark, small rim of wood

    29. So we waited as dawn broke and the sun began to poke its rim up above the earth we could here stand to being called and I now had my rifle in my shoulder and was watching the position I had picked out

    30. ” She picked up her mug looked over the top of the rim as she blew on her tea and said

    31. Achhhhh! His stomach fought against it and began churning again and he groped desperately for the edge of the toilet bowl and heaved himself over the rim

    32. ' She looked at him over the rim of her cup

    33. The sky was beginning to darken and they could see the last rim of light in the western sky where the sun was sinking fast below the distant silhouette of trees

    34. We dropped short of it into the grass and crawled forward just to make sure that no Huns were waiting for us in there, we crept up on the hole and peered over the rim of the crater

    35. He frowned at her over the rim of his thick glasses

    36. She sipped daintily at her wine and eyed him shrewdly over the rim of the glass

    37. Fetish sacrifices were conducted separately in the sacred quarter known as Bantama, employing the celebrated execution bowl, a large brass basin some five feet in diameter, ornamented with four small lions around its rim and a space for the victim's neck to rest on the edge

    38. At the very centre, where the tips of the claws met, was a small hole surrounded by a rim of tiny crystals and it was these crystals that reflected the sunlight with such intensity

    39. She wrinkled her nose at me over the rim of her glass and it did strange things to the back of my knees

    40. It's one o' them Juicy Coozy things, ain't it?" He rubbed his hand along the rim while I studied the chrome water outlets dotted around the inside, pursing my lips

    41. Finishing his can of beer in one long quaff, he studied me over the rim

    42. The greater part of Sylvia’s life had been spent in Boston, she told Beth later over the rim of her champagne glass

    43. One foot vaguely grabbed with toe and instep at the cockpit’s rim

    44. Suddenly another foot caught the rim, and in a jiffy too quick to believe, Snotty was in the plane

    45. Flowers garlanded the rim of each level

    46. From their elevation on the inside rim, they looked across the crater, and standing on its opposite rim, watching them were a dozen painted figures holding spears and staring

    47. So what happened in the time immediately following their celebration on the rim of the crater? Jaro remembered Bruce popping open the warm champagne

    48. The next morning I followed the canyon rim of the large river southwest

    49. began to climb the rim, wary as they scaled the crumbling path,

    50. We continued to travel along the rim for a few days stopping frequently to look

    1. union, until, just as they began the last violent thrusts of fire rimmed ardour, just as

    2. black rimmed eyes of the widow through a child’s direct but uncomprehending gaze

    3. His eyes were red rimmed and bloodshot

    4. He had thin rimmed

    5. Tom stood to the side, his eyes red rimmed but tearless, obeying his mother’s last wishes

    6. Christine Herold, blonde hair in a bun, with owl rimmed dark sunglasses, and wearing a black dress with small rainbow-colored stars

    7. That afternoon, we found a small cove rimmed with granite cliffs

    8. ” She began to cry in earnest, her red rimmed eyes closing

    9. She had bright blue eyes rimmed

    10. A tabby with beautiful coloring, she had hazel eyes rimmed with gold and medium-length hair

    11. They were quickly spilled onto the rimmed hollow that was the top of his space desk, in his space bedroom

    12. Junya sat down in the back of the rimmed

    13. Eyes rimmed in red, peeked, gaze

    14. His hair was mussed with a section falling over his black rimmed glasses

    15. accompany the old man approached the only gate in a low mud-brick wall that rimmed the

    16. and again, until they were tiny squares of colour, rimmed with a

    17. The cliff surrounded the harbor and a wide, rocky beach rimmed the water

    18. His eyes were glazed and red rimmed, and the grime on his cheeks was streaked with tears

    19. He glared at me, his eyes rimmed with red

    20. We did get footage of Booker Bling Erving, arriving in a gold rimmed Rolls Royce that wowed the crowd

    21. His hair was a mass of curls and he wore thick horn rimmed glasses

    22. Behind the rumbling chariot the dull roar of battle and pursuit faded in the distance; the setting sun rimmed the cliffs with scarlet flame, and the chariot moved into the vast blue shadows floating up out of the east

    23. She pushed up her wire rimmed glasses and began the symposium

    24. Barrett, a short man with black rimmed glasses signalled to his assistant to fetch some water and she left her seat in a flash

    25. The Duma chairman, a small man with a round face, fuzzy, cotton hair and steel rimmed spectacles that kept sliding forward on his nose, sorted out several papers on his desk, then nodded to the Colonel

    26. Her eyes were rimmed in black, her lips pale purple

    27. The long greasy hair and round steel rimmed glasses that sit on a very round dirty face gives him the appearance of never having washed

    28. White rimmed her eyes as her nose started to morph, her hands lengthening, her bones crunching

    29. Its eyes were defined with purple irises and gold rimmed pupils

    30. Gunmetal grey to light mauve, white striped haunches, vast liquid eyes, rimmed with flies

    31. his horn rimmed spectacles at the noisy mob of pressman

    32. rimmed the opposite shore

    33. Out of habit, her tongue snuck out and licked at the salt that rimmed the glass

    34. He musta seen him die,” she said, her voice trailing off, her body started to shake as her eyes rimmed with tears

    35. At the foot of high banks rimmed with reeds the river strolled leisurely from the foot of the hill where the children stood to the horizon where blue met green

    36. He also examined the surrounds of the rock pool and his heart sank as he noted the clear rocky perimeter was rimmed by seemingly impenetrable foliage

    37. Massie was put up in this clear ball that was rimmed in steel for some parts, but ultimately made of only glass and was lifted into the air

    38. Glass doors led out to a balcony, which rimmed the outside and looped around the High Schoolers' wing

    39. His dark eyes were bloodshot and red rimmed

    40. In fact it was a huge grinning mouth, with two rows of yellowing tombstone teeth, flecked with saliva and rimmed with purplish lips, the full lips of dissolution, a Sybarite's lips that quivered in excited expectation

    41. and the swastika is its mark, black and rimmed with red…

    42. His sapphire eyes had dulled to grey and were rimmed with red

    43. This is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the membrane that runs on the eyelids, causing swollen red rimmed eyes as well as crusts of pus over the eyelids

    44. When I emerged from the bathroom, it was sitting on a plate, sliced diagonally and rimmed by blue corn tortilla chips and a pickle

    45. On the back was a picture of Haile Selassie, the man Rastafarians thought was God incarnate, rimmed by a red and green and gold swirl

    46. Shelter Cove Resort was a store surrounded by a rustic set of cabins on a wide green lawn that sat on the shore of a big lake called Odell that was rimmed by green forests

    47. Her eyes were rimmed with black and her body seemed coiled, as if prepared for an attack

    48. Ahead on the left loomed a sign rimmed with pentagons of highly reflective plastic: MALO SUERTE DAM

    49. and red rimmed, and misery cried out in every line of her mountainous figure

    50. CLAGGART’S EYES, moist and brown and rimmed with amethyst, were able to grow to a size that made the rest of him seem pitiably small and defenseless, and to project the purest distillate of melancholy—a melancholy from which only Jenny could save him, he would have claimed, had he had the power of speech

    1. (full outfit on my page) she wore a deep v-neck white dress with gold jewels rimming the top

    2. The wildflowers I encountered now were a more common bunch, growing as they did in bright blankets or rimming the shaded edges of the trail

    1. He cocked his head, listening for the tell tale whistle of slipstream and the dark, forbidding rumble of eighteen inch rims, and then smiled

    2. hand on his shoulder, looking down at him from under the rims of her glasses

    3. In her boredom amid attempts to sleep, she had taken to dusting off and polishing the bowl as best as she could and the antique rims shone brilliantly once again

    4. Ben steered his front carriage by positioning his weight from side to side and occasionally tugging at the hand rims on the wheels

    5. Alex shook her head, a few tears squeezing over the rims of her eyelids

    6. “Now, this one here, the seat is being re-upholstered, and the rims are going to get some brand-new tires

    7. rims that would spin, woow, woow, woow! Ha! I remember that fat mother

    8. in a turning motion when she spoke about the man"s rims

    9. His car had 20 inch rims, and he always had two or

    10. There he is in his little green corduroys, his white tennis shirt, his horn rims

    11. His eyes looked like a wolverine’s with horn rims

    12. Discarding the long lances into the mass of men, the horsemen switched to the long cavalry sword that each man carried, to hack and slash at the heads that peeked above the rims of their shields as they rode along the front ranks

    13. Strangely though, the tires still held air although they had slipped through shattered glass and the rims were visibly deformed

    14. Behind him parked in the alleyway was a jet black Rolls Royce with gold rims

    15. Rims was responsible for this

    16. Rims stalked another victim

    17. The Stygians had discarded their bows; helmeted heads bent to the blast, dark eyes glaring over the rims of their shields, they came on in an inexorable surge, striding over their fallen comrades

    18. and loud on the rims

    19. I nodded and followed her, keeping away from the gravel paths, stepping on dormant grass or even the rims of flowerbeds until we stopped at the main house

    20. rims were alive with colours and the creosote bushes and sage

    21. He looks for the familiar face of any other beat cop like himself, who has been shanghaied into this hastily assembled detail, but the high collars of specially ordered urban-flak-vests, and the wide rims of civil defense helmets painted black, cloak the men’s identities in deep shadows

    22. Incredibly the custom made wheels had turned up at literally at the eleventh, well, twelfth hour actually but even though the Swiss-made Sun rims and forty-eight DT spokes made the wheels almost indestructible (we hoped), this would only be the case as long as each one was tensioned properly, and we didn’t crash more than once in every twenty-four hours

    23. It had four doors, was painted a lustrious royal blue and gold and its four wheels had steel coil spring independent suspensions and rubber rims

    24. Harriet, who had reclined her seat, sighed with contentment when the carriage started rolling, the noise of the wheels of the pavement muffled by the rubber rims

    25. If he says that he wants to get new rims for his car or he's thinking about getting a new exhaust, try surprising him with the very thing that he's talking about

    26. eighteen-inch stainless steel rims that were as wide as they were

    27. Marshall tapped the spine of his notebook and stared over the rims of his glasses at the jury

    28. She began searching the canyon’s rims for the pair

    29. traces of the unguents robbed, on the rims of some of the containers

    30. bristles, which sat above the rims of the glasses, there was an extra thick

    31. The wheels had been taken off with the deflated tyres loose around their rims

    32. His coal hot hands and burning fingers tracked steel rims around my breasts, from their valleyed bases to their mountaintops, followed by his conductor’s tongue; teasing and massaging, pulling and tugging on my twin peaks until they were hard and erect like arrow tips

    33. "Not _always_," she said hesitatingly, with a smile that for the first time was propitiating; and the accidents of the pavement making him walk for a few yards in front of her she found herself looking at his back, his high thin shoulders and the rims of his ears, with a startled feeling of entire strangeness

    34. I told him he could sketch me a car with rims and everything

    35. Their eyes were red around the rims and they were clearly afraid

    36. A fuel-injected carburetor, an eight-cylinder boss, and four-and-a quarter-inch cylinders with a heavy-duty air intake manifold on top of thirty-two-inch tires and eighteen-inch stainless steel rims that were as wide as they were tall

    37. Chambers peered over the rims of his glasses

    38. She studied us over the rims of her bifocals

    39. their rims covered with hundreds of eyes annunciating the godly

    40. Spools generally have exposed rims; this is called the palming rim

    41. She had a pink lamp with fluff around its rims of the shade

    42. Gently he grasped the rims of the glasses and slipped them off her face so they didn’t press into her face as she slept

    43. They stayed put thanks to a glue I had put on the metal rims we had fastened them to, which was made of plant resin


    45. Roses, lilies, carnations in particular, looked over the rims of vases and surveyed the bright lives and swift dooms of their artificial relations

    46. Is that it from your liquid rims and wet sands?

    47. The relative thickness of the rims is perhaps designed to express the relative distances of the planets

    48. He filled the jars so full that as he held them by the rims and passed them to their owners part of the contents slopped over and trickled through his fingers

    49. The high colour of his cheeks pushed upwards even to his forehead, where it scattered itself in a few formless patches of pale red; and on his hairless face there scintillated restlessly the polished lenses and the bright gilt rims of the glasses which screened his delicate and restless eyes

    50. He closed his long thin lips an instant but, eager to be on, raised an outspanned hand to his spectacles and, with trembling thumb and ringfinger touching lightly the black rims, steadied them to a new focus

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