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Confine en una oración (en ingles)

  1. How can we confine that?
  2. Each nation wishes to confine.
  3. My object is to confine it to Mrs.
  4. I shall here confine myself to plants.
  5. Better still, confine them to a chamber.

  6. Can we confine her to the palace?
  7. I'll confine my remarks to hazards that.
  8. To England send him, or confine him where.
  9. Perhaps I should confine him to the garden.
  10. I confine myself to simpler hikes now as well.
  11. As long as we confine ourselves to interpret.
  12. Today, she said with a sigh, we confine.
  13. He no longer felt the need to confine his online.
  14. Confine your conversation to music; that is what they.
  15. The urge to confine the culture of computer hacking within.

  16. Perhaps it has no boundaries to confine it and neither do we.
  17. If you do make a statement, confine it to the absolute truth.
  18. Religion has seemed to confine behavior rather than inspire it.
  19. Dean, and keep with her; and confine your insolence to her ears.
  20. To the mode of effecting so desirable an object, I shall confine myself.
  21. They effectively confine us to particular universes (within the multiverse).
  22. Child Protective Services will confine you with little terrors your own age.
  23. The dog had been trained to confine his bark to total strangers in the house.
  24. Let us confine ourselves to prayer, when we think that a danger is approaching us.
  25. To think that we could confine God to a particular system of theology is prideful.

  26. Judge for yourself, Signor Aladdin—judge, but do not confine yourself to one trial.
  27. On this topic of locality, I shall confine myself to one or two very plain statements.
  28. You discuss my ideas, and it becomes me to confine myself to combating your arguments.
  29. I confine myself, since Monsieur le Maire desires it, to the question of the gentleman.
  30. Whilst we confine ourselves within the pale of that law, neither has a right to complain.
  31. Now she was afraid that Vronsky might confine himself to simply flirting with her daughter.
  32. Just confine your search to the Old Testament and look for the major New Testament names.
  33. We confine them, we constrict them… they could have been so much that we will never know.
  34. I confine myself to an examination of this resolution, particularly of the first branch of it.
  35. Afterwards, as they dressed, Elizabeth suggested that they confine their love-making to Fridays.
  36. That is, on that day none will confine that poor to fire, but he himself will keep himself to it.
  37. And after all, the attempt to confine our ships would frequently be rendered abortive by storms.
  38. That would be acceptable as long as we confine the talk to Terry Tucker and the Russian Mafia.
  39. As long as they confine their prosecution to evildoers, Jaume said, we don’t have a problem.
  40. I shall confine myself in this paper to the text which heads it, and I shall try to answer three questions.
  41. I will only add now that I have preferred to confine myself to the account given by Alexey Fyodorovitch Karamazov.
  42. If facts did their duty, they would confine themselves to being proofs of the law; facts—it is God who sends them.
  43. So I confine myself to working out at home daily, or whenever I can, and forsake the pain at the dojo in Piccadilly.
  44. Young man, said the judge, I know this is difficult, but please try to confine your answers to the questions.
  45. Before Sygoss had left him and this Galaxy, he had mentioned that time, space and matter would no longer confine him.
  46. The dark spirits rolled in a rickety stretcher, unbuckling the belt like straps that would confine the doomed Reverend.
  47. I shall therefore, at this time, confine myself to observations upon the prevailing currents of air in the state of Ohio.
  48. I won't enlarge on this fact or analyze it here, but confine myself to remarking that this was his attitude at the moment.
  49. Common-stock investment, as we envisage it, will confine itself to issues making exhibits of the kind illustrated by Group C.
  50. Some secrets between siblings should remain that way, undisclosed to the rest of us who are unable to confine our judgments.
  51. François began his account with what happened at the bank, but was abruptly told to confine his statements to the violence.
  52. I meant to speak of the suffering of mankind generally, but we had better confine ourselves to the sufferings of the children.
  53. We do not claim that the portrait herewith presented is probable; we confine ourselves to stating that it resembles the original.
  54. But as it's hardly possible to carry out your idea, we must confine ourselves to an earthly paradise, since that's what they call it.
  55. These considerations do not gainsay the principle that untrained investors should confine themselves to the best regarded enterprises.
  56. My still damp jeans and shorts lay at the foot of the bed and I put them in the bucket in a vain attempt to confine their ill-humours.
  57. We shall confine ourselves to considering the broader lines of reasoning that are involved in the major premises of price forecasting.
  58. Many of these services confine themselves exclusively, or nearly so, to forecasting market movements by various technical methods.
  59. He had been told by his father when he started high school that it was best to confine one’s political viewpoint to family discussions.
  60. I would confine France within her natural boundaries—the Alps, the Pyrenees, and the Rhine—and make her a secondary naval power only.
  61. The early formula could never free itself from the object as a solid thing, and had consequently to confine its attention to beautiful ones.
  62. Yoke: A straight bar fastened to the necks of cattle, to keep them on a desired path; to couple; to join with another; to restrain; to confine.
  63. In addition to the selection and organization of these excerpts, we will confine our contribution to three remarks about Buffett as an investor.
  64. It would be ridiculous to confine the term to its lowest signification; the inapplicability of a formula so constructed would be seen at a glance.
  65. Vidya Suresh, who soared to the kuchipudi heights with her graceful steps, in time, came to confine herself to tend fresh crops of talented dancers.
  66. But what is the writer to do who doesn't want to confine himself to the historical form, and is possessed by a longing for the present ? 'J'o guess.
  67. I was somewhat angered by her behavior and I attempted to confine her to the house, but she apparently found means to sneak out without my knowledge.
  68. Warrior classes, emerging from them, began to drive the nomads from the disputed prime grazing lands and confine them to the less desirable hill country.
  69. Once more the savage yells burst out of the woods, and the leaden hail whistled above the heads of the besieged, as if to confine them to a place where.
  70. Stow made a motion going to confine the pensions allowed by the bill to such as should be disabled in actual service, and spoke in support of his motion.
  71. You are allowed to consume soup or some other substance that is around 200 calories in this interval, but try to confine yourself to the 200 calorie range.
  72. I am much mistaken, if Darnford is not the cause of my master's flight--his keepers assure me, that they have promised to confine him two days longer, and.
  73. The effect that all he told me had upon me I will describe later, in its proper place, and will confine myself now to a few words, in conclusion, about him.
  74. When humans started to develop their own way of thinking, that energy materialized, but it was too ferocious against living creatures so we had to confine it.
  75. When he began to mutter about man's cruelty and woman's helplessness, the justiciary, desiring to help him, asked him to confine himself to the facts of the case.
  76. In order to confine our discussion within the framework of logical reasoning, we shall purposely omit even a condensed summary of the main tenets of chart reading.
  77. She ought to confine her seamen to her own service; or, if that was impracticable, propose such arrangements that she might exercise her right without injury to us.
  78. Yet, that does not paralyze us nor confine us, nor deter us from buying new cars, using other means of transportation to get to our work, nor doing our daily chores.
  79. Leoba has snarled at me many times, in that insolent voice of hers, that ecclesiastical law does not allow me to punish Nuns with death or to confine her indefinitely.
  80. As we agreed to divide the reward should we win, and believing that we five were equal to it, we decided to keep the information and to confine operations to ourselves.
  81. In describing them, I shall confine myself to the district east of the limestone range, intending at some future time to investigate and describe the limestone country.
  82. In the course of the few observations to which I intend to confine myself, it shall be my endeavor to exercise that indulgence towards others which has been extended to me.
  83. If we confine our attention either to the living or to the extinct species of the same class, the series is far less perfect than if we combine both into one general system.
  84. Father Hucheloup had, possibly, been born a chemist, but the fact is that he was a cook; people did not confine themselves to drinking alone in his wine-shop, they also ate.
  85. In briefly reviewing the arguments by which Universalism is supported, we shall pass by those which may be classified as moral, and confine attention to critical considerations.
  86. We will confine ourselves to noting an incident which, though unnoticed by the wedding party, marked the transit from the Rue des Filles-du-Calvaire to the church of Saint-Paul.
  87. I will not here enter on these several cases, but will confine myself to one special difficulty, which at first appeared to me insuperable, and actually fatal to the whole theory.
  88. If you can confine yourself to a maximum of 1000 calories per day and a minimum of 600 calories per day, you will see almost immediate benefits in your energy level and sugar levels.
  89. She confined herself, or tried to confine herself, to the simple, indubitable family misery which must envelop all, if it were indeed a matter of certified guilt and public exposure.
  90. He no longer felt the need to confine his online activities to his bedroom and had spent many a happy evening hour running cables around the house and setting up a new wireless router.
  91. It was not a new weapon at all; just one that the Empire had decided to keep secret and confine to this planet, a move which could end up being the worst tactical mistake of this century.
  92. What is the proposition which he submits? That we shall prohibit from serving in our ships the seamen of Great Britain and other foreign seamen, and confine our crews to our own citizens.
  93. The court, in its infinite wisdom, determined that such practices, (confinement) without first obtaining the consent of that individual……………yes, by all means, confine me!…….
  94. Having assumed his responsibilities, Adam issued orders to remove Nocor’s implant and to permanently confine him at the Station, where he would be subject to close surveillance at all times.
  95. Devine said the girl had always had a very late appointment, after the staff had gone home? After all, it was unlikely that the doctor would confine his amorous activities to the countryside.
  96. As I propose to confine myself to the constitutional question solely, I hope I shall be allowed to take a little broader range on this point, than has been taken by the gentlemen who have preceded me.
  97. If he had required his railroad bonds to meet the same tests that he applied to industrial issues, he would have been compelled to confine his selection to a relatively few of the strongly situated lines.
  98. Paper money may be so regulated as either to confine itself very much to the circulation between the different dealers, or to extend itself likewise to a great part of that between the dealers and the consumers.
  99. Schindler, influenced by Stern, comes to feel sympathy and responsibility for his workers and when the Nazis confine all Jews to a forced labor camp Schindler volunteers to keep his workers confined to the factory.
  100. They could leave out a great deal and confine themselves to a selection of events more or less characteristic of the moral life of the people, of the personal character of the Russian people at the present moment.
  1. The shop is too confining.
  2. Seat belts are not as confining as wheelchairs.
  3. His personal quarters had never felt so confining.
  4. As confining as that world might have been, at least we.
  5. Has his church become so confining and closed off that it no.
  6. Confining him, as Harry turned around with a handgun in his left hand.
  7. Marjie’s fibro had gotten worse, confining her to the house more and more.
  8. And so I trust I may not be reproached, for confining myself to what struck me.
  9. A cocoon is small and confining and desolate and lonely and dark, and it means the.
  10. Then he turned his attention to the one confining them, and stabbed him in the leg.
  11. It may certainly be confining and terribly restricting, but it is not enslavement from without.
  12. Anderson wondered whether she thought he had been instrumental in confining her to a desk because of it.
  13. As on the previous occasion, this speaker made no reference to Socialism, confining himself to other matters.
  14. As Infanta, Montserrat got away with just a modest silver circlet confining her unruly dark-blond dreadlocks.
  15. Pedro, under the influence of less confining sexual norms, started to ask himself questions about his preferences.
  16. This appears to be the only term in the Scriptures which favors the notion of confining hell to a local habitation.
  17. The prodigal perverts it in this manner: By not confining his expense within his income, he encroaches upon his capital.
  18. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that he seems to have had a view of art that was too confining, too intellectual.
  19. It was if someone had slammed a door on her, confining her to a room where there was only agony, no chance of escape or help.
  20. Strapped securely to his chest, he locked the world out, but even the hot confining seat belts couldn't hold her emotions back, once alone in the car.
  21. More satisfactory results are to be obtained, in our opinion, by confining the positive conclusions of the analyst to the following fields of endeavor:.
  22. It is meant to refocus a disturbed client from overly confining himself to problems of his own, arousing concern and understanding to the plight of others.
  23. Still, confining me to the basic principles felt like a real advance, and avoiding cheese, one of my favorite foods was definitely a psychological victory.
  24. Soon the summer holidays that the O’Connor children found sedate and confining came to an end and they almost gladly settled back into their school routine.
  25. By confining myself to handing over the letter, especially in silence, I should have scored at once, putting myself into a position of superiority over Versilov.
  26. The business of fixing and flipping real estate is a great stress reliever because you can get to earn money without confining yourself to a cramped office space.
  27. Feeling for the baggie confining the nurse‘s delicate undergarments Sam nervously kneaded it, finding its redolence overpowering—even though sealed and in his pocket.
  28. The Carthaginians and Romans come next in the history of shipbuilding, confining themselves chiefly to the Mediterranean, and using oars as the principal means of propulsion.
  29. As the story goes, some time ago Larry, a rather rotund patron of one of the restaurants, complained to management that the chairs, all of which had arms, were too confining.
  30. To the extent that it was possible, they tried to stay out of each other’s way, but the train was a confining environment and it was a challenge for both groups all the way east.
  31. In spite of this antiquity, the authorities committed the error of confining in the New Building the most troublesome prisoners, of placing there "the hard cases," as they say in prison parlance.
  32. Instantly the captain ran forward, and in a loud voice commanded his crew to desist from hoisting the cutting-tackles, and at once cast loose the cables and chains confining the whales to the ship.
  33. So he delayed the conquest of these provinces, confining his activities to objectless raids and forays, meeting Amalric's urges for action with all sorts of plausible objections and postponements.
  34. I believed it became me to take higher ground, and without confining myself to the mode best calculated to recover the property, to pursue that which the dignity of the American Government required.
  35. By confining the duties of customs to a few sorts of goods, and by levying those duties according to the excise laws, a much greater saving might probably be made in the annual expense of the customs.
  36. Moreover, the confining of investment demand to a few eligible types of enterprise is likely to make for scarcity, and hence for the acceptance of inferior issues merely because they fall within these groups.
  37. The shoe-maker's occupation is gone, except as he becomes a part of the mechanism of a great factory, not making shoes, but confining himself to the simplest elements of a shoe, cutting uppers or scraping soles.
  38. But, instead of confining ourselves as she had done to this bloodless warfare, we must copy the wise example of her successors, and after our battle of Friedland, he supposed, we also should have our peace of Tilsit.
  39. Compress space even today with a piston in a cylinder and then pump the compressed air into a container and such confining of space will increase the heat by the piston effort to reduce the space brought about in the container.
  40. Into other arts, the division of labour is naturally introduced by the prudence of individuals, who find that they promote their private interest better by confining themselves to a particular trade, than by exercising a great number.
  41. It was quite late, but it had been a confining day for Kennedy who had spent the hours while not working on Carton's case in some of the ceaseless and recondite investigations of his own to which he was always turning his restless mind.
  42. Confining our attention to the sculptures of the frieze, we will examine certain inaccuracies of detail which have hitherto prevailed in the treatment of this important landmark in the history of decorative reliefs of the fourth century.
  43. By confining such commodities to the home market, therefore, it was proposed to discourage the produce, not of Great Britain, but of some foreign countries with which the balance of trade was believed to be unfavourable to Great Britain.
  44. But they lifted him upon the table, and Orastes clothed him in a curious dark velvet robe, splashed with gold stars and crescent moons, and fastened a cloth-of-gold fillet about his temples, confining the black wavy locks that fell to his shoulders.
  45. Thus in the past, at least, there have been persuasive reasons for confining the purchase of industrial bonds and preferred stocks to companies that not only are of major size but also have shown an ability in the past to withstand a serious depression.
  46. For this reason, the investor would seem to gain better protection against adverse developments by confining his industrial selections to companies which meet the two requirements of (1) dominant size and (2) substantial margin of earnings over bond interest.
  47. Maybe she felt more comfortable on shore, off the confining boat, or maybe it was because she was back in her native country where she did not feel like a stranger, a feeling she’d retained throughout her time in Israel despite her rapid rise to a high-level government position.
  48. Learned men, such as Tiele and Spencer, treat religion as a serious matter, understanding by religion the metaphysical doctrine of the universal principle, without suspecting that they have lost sight of religion as a whole by confining their attention entirely to one of its phases.
  49. As for Zinovy Prokofyevitch, having a good heart, he sobbed and shed tears in his remorse, for having frightened Semyon Ivanovitch with all sorts of absurdities, and gathering from the invalid's last words that he was quite poor and needing assistance, he proceeded to get up a subscription for him, confining it for a time to the tenants of the flat.
  50. I’m sure last winter (it was a very severe one, if you recollect, and when it did not snow, it rained and blew), not a creature but the butcher and postman came to the house, from November till February; and I really got quite melancholy with sitting night after night alone; I had Leah in to read to me sometimes; but I don’t think the poor girl liked the task much: she felt it confining.
  51. That minister had unfortunately embraced all the prejudices of the mercantile system, in its nature and essence a system of restraint and regulation, and such as could scarce fail to be agreeable to a laborious and plodding man of business, who had been accustomed to regulate the different departments of public offices, and to establish the necessary checks and controlls for confining each to its proper sphere.
  52. By confining them to the home market, our merchants, it was expected, would not only be enabled to buy them cheaper in the plantations, and consequently to sell them with a better profit at home, but to establish between the plantations and foreign countries an advantageous carrying trade, of which Great Britain was necessarily to be the centre or emporium, as the European country into which those commodities were first to be imported.
  53. Should this appeal be promptly answered, the first number of the next volume (already in considerable forwardness,) will be published in the course of the summer; and should men of ability continue to furnish communications, and the public be willing to pay for the work, it is our wish to publish future numbers with greater frequency, and to complete our volumes whenever we are prepared, without confining ourselves to particular periods of time.
  54. You have erred, perhaps, he observed, taking up a glowing cinder with the tongs and lighting with it the long cherry-wood pipe which was wont to replace his clay when he was in a disputatious rather than a meditative mood—you have erred perhaps in attempting to put colour and life into each of your statements instead of confining yourself to the task of placing upon record that severe reasoning from cause to effect which is really the only notable feature about the thing.
  55. How often it happens that for years one sees a family cover themselves over with a conventional cloak of decorum, and preserve the real relations of its members a secret from every eye! How often, too, have I remarked that, the more impenetrable (and therefore the more decorous) is the cloak, the harsher are the relations which it conceals! Yet, once let some unexpected question—often a most trivial one (the colour of a woman’s hair, a visit, a man’s horses, and so forth)—arise in that family circle, and without any visible cause there will also arise an ever-growing difference, until in time the cloak of decorum becomes unequal to confining the quarrel within due bounds, and, to the dismay of the disputants and the astonishment of the auditors, the real and ill-adjusted relations of the family are laid bare, and the cloak, now useless for concealment, is bandied from hand to hand among the contending factions until it serves only to remind one of the years during which it successfully deceived one’s perceptions.
  1. I can no longer be confined.
  2. This was confined to children.
  3. That was the confined tunnel.
  4. That's where he's confined to.
  5. Although he had been confined.
  6. Although confined in a cage, I.
  7. The room felt cold and confined.
  8. He confined himself to replying:.
  9. We are confined within that realm.
  10. He wagged his confined finger at her.
  11. She did not want to be in confined.
  12. Stuck in the smelly hold, confined.
  13. His chambers close wherein confined.
  14. Her spirit, confined for so long by.
  15. In the confined space, Tom’s boot.
  16. Nor was the grief confined to America.
  17. Why? She didn’t like being confined.
  18. If a state of living into it is confined.
  19. I was confined to alcoholic sanitariums.
  20. I shall soon be confined; leave him!’.
  21. Is to its distant cavern safe confined;.
  22. The mind has to be confined within the.
  23. We have confined her to Peter for safety.
  24. His answers must be confined to Yes or No.
  25. To me school was confined within four wals.
  26. He has a dread of being in confined spaces.
  27. This man made tidal wave, confined by the.
  28. His footsteps echoed in the confined space.
  29. Gravity may not be confined to 3 dimensions.
  30. We're shut up in a relatively confined area.
  31. Smoke only bothers me in confined spaces.
  32. Commenting on what Sue said about confined.
  33. Fishes, ganoid, now confined to fresh water.
  34. It is unfortunate that you are confined.
  35. The smell was noxious in the confined space.
  36. Their world seemed to be confined within the.
  37. The massacre had not been confined to the sink.
  38. She is handicapped and confined in a hospital.
  39. But the fog wasn’t just confined to the cave.
  40. It keeps you confined for fear of the unknown.
  41. It is the Matrix that keeps your mind confined.
  42. There you will see how my love became confined.
  43. At least we confined our wars to the far south.
  44. The Bishop confined himself to the remark:—.
  45. She confined herself to obeying and pleasing him.
  46. The social scene was not just confined to the pub.
  47. Their role is confined to teaching Islamic culture.
  48. He couldn’t smell a thing in the confined space.
  49. ATM's are not just confined to bank machines either.
  50. A $3,000 account could be confined to two equities.
  51. When they first met, their intimacy was confined to.
  52. And even in his severely confined world he would know.
  53. He was hooked to oxygen and confined to a wheelchair.
  54. The slaves lived out their days confined in the dark.
  55. Thisvalue still persists, but is confined to rather.
  56. He was initially confined to a wheelchair, and many.
  57. Also, don't just be confined to just this book, there.
  58. He struggled in the confined space to get on his knees.
  59. The object falling only holds space that is confined.
  60. His square-cut mane was confined by a circlet of gold.
  61. Yet, this acceleration is not confined to modern times.
  62. The doctor confined Travis to bed for at least two days.
  63. A year ago, I was confined in a prison cell with one.
  64. Colonial architecture is not confined to drinking houses.
  65. The cords that confined her were apparently unbreakable.
  66. He confined himself to the remark, That's a good entry.
  67. Is she forcibly confined until her time of confinement?
  68. Sheepfold: A place where sheep are collected or confined.
  69. It’s a random pattern, and not confined to the Station.
  70. The numerous wild creatures and monsters confined in the.
  71. The reluctance to go home was not confined to wayward men.
  72. A mean opinion of her abilities was not confined to them.
  73. The people confined in it were mainly women and children.
  74. Down here Caleb's confined to a vessel of flesh and bone.
  75. He's confined to work in darkness, outside the law of God.
  76. No, but if it is a soul I still want it found and confined.
  77. Deitus spoke with a swift force, I am here, confined to.
  78. I would be going under guard and confined to a cabin with him.
  79. The length of a recital should be confined to one or one and.
  80. Confined newness is immediate and wears off quickly; invas-.
  81. Can we keep her confined to her room then? Leonid asked.
  82. He is confined within the limitations of his earthly envelope.
  83. They were confined to one of the coastal valleys, the Chillon.
  84. Plus I confined myself to a net calorie intake of 970 calories.
  85. E) Tips for Converting Audiences into Your Confined Spectators.
  86. Although not formally confined to the Grange at all times, the.
  87. The immortality of the dragon is confined in the winged dragon.
  88. He confined himself to hints, but his hints were not understood.
  89. The explosion in that confined space was deafening, disorienting.
  90. In both of the last two zones we were confined to small spaces.
  91. The pair’s problems were not confined to working hours, either.
  92. After being confined for over thirty hours, he and Conseil were.
  93. They are afraid of confined spaces; I could see it in their eyes.
  94. If the problem was confined to villages we could deal with it.
  95. The second story is about Chris, a teenager confined to a wheel-.
  96. It seemed impossible that he had fitted in such a confined space.
  97. Then they (Qurayza) surrendered and the apostle confined them in.
  98. It was spelled with a black magic that burned as well as confined.
  99. The effect of the medicine was violent, and I was confined to my.
  100. Was that reason enough to keep her confined against her will?
  1. There, in the cool confines.
  2. The confines of guilt have been.
  3. To feel alive within the confines.
  4. The forest no longer confines him.
  5. Huff retreated into the confines.
  6. Who's over me? Truth hath no confines.
  7. A man living in the confines of this.
  8. There are literally no confines to it.
  9. In the cramped confines of the car it.
  10. An argument was escalating beyond her confines.
  11. I had no desire to leave the room’s confines.
  12. Guo Yuxia was shook from the confines of her mind.
  13. Within the confines of Carrie’s room, Rose col-.
  14. We live within the confines of a certain field of.
  15. Matt could hear him softly chanting in the confines.
  16. He had too much to do to leave the confines of the.
  17. After an hour he broke free from the confines of the.
  18. However, within those confines, the decision to fund.
  19. Blessing of a race confines in mind and body perfection.
  20. McClure remarked, gazing around the confines of the car.
  21. He paced around the cluttered confines of the squad room.
  22. Then he surveyed the bleak confines of the tiny shelter.
  23. Dan violently battled his confines and, after a lengthy.
  24. Which wasn’t more than several feet in the confines of.
  25. A simple message held true within the confines of my mind.
  26. The Penetration through the Confines of Heavens and Earth.
  27. He stalked around the narrow confines of the interview room.
  28. I have grown weary of the confines of this cairn for a time.
  29. Having tired of the confines of the corridor, Jana and the.
  30. It was known directly, to the furthest confines of the crowd.
  31. Only within the confines of the body and the limitations of.
  32. This teacher, in taking her students from the confines of the.
  33. Even if the animal does run away, it'll be within the confines.
  34. The tension and excitement filled the small confines of the lab.
  35. Within the confines of Shastina and directly beneath both of the.
  36. He, who confines himself but to forms, will avail himself nothing.
  37. Torres stood up and approached the confines of her cell as Garcia.
  38. You will not leave the confines of this compound without permission.
  39. Only the FBI can do field work, as you call it, within those confines.
  40. What? Barron’s voice boomed in the close confines of Mort’s.
  41. In the small chamber the air was dry and musty, the confines tight and.
  42. Fishing within the confines of Texas is termed as the big water fishing.
  43. They get abandoned by publishers and are left to the confines of history.
  44. But they weren’t supposed to ever leave the confines of the Iron Tower.
  45. Refuse any or all undesired treatments at any time within the confines of.
  46. A human thinks beyond the confines of his body and considers the rest of us.
  47. There was an echo of humourless laughter within the confines of his own mind.
  48. They’d been banished to the confines of their reservations many years ago.
  49. His own erection was trying to free itself from the confines of his trousers.
  50. Only within the confines of something so dark could something be so beautiful.
  51. He soon left the confines of the channel and entered Frog Lake, his intended.
  52. We can come and go within the confines of the compound, but we can not leave.
  53. Religions today usually concentrate on earthly being, within the confines of.
  54. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe.
  55. AFTER TWO WEEKS TRAVELING in the confines of the small warships to the freight.
  56. This double commitment creates the phenomenon of growing beyond the confines of.
  57. In the confines of the stone shaft, the pistol’s report was like a cannon shot.
  58. He ministered to the Africans within the confines of these oppressive structures.
  59. Buckle up, children, Bill’s voice sounded tinny in the confines of the car.
  60. YOU HAVE A SPY on board! Greg shouted when they returned to the confines of.
  61. Ordinarily transposed arboreal watering holes – strengthened within the confines.
  62. Now, beyond the confines of LeCynic's mind the man would never be thought of again.
  63. Anything outside the confines of an undead coffin does not count and is out of play.
  64. The man took his last step forwards, leaving the confines of the tunnel as he did so.
  65. There probably wasn’t a living guard left anywhere in the confines of the dungeon.
  66. There is no rule that says I cannot do so alone, within the confines of the camp.
  67. There were over 5000 people in attendance, within the small confines of the cemetery.
  68. Marie let the liquor seep down the bottle and into the mythical confines of the flask.
  69. Koke groaned at the realization that he was living within the confines of a fairytale.
  70. But they all do so only within their own narrow confines of specialized self-interest.
  71. Free of the restrictive confines of the group, Jonathan explores the world in search.
  72. The confines of the range may be violated, but violations will usually be short-lived.
  73. Being in the moment gives you the power to see beyond the normal confines of your mind.
  74. So Tom was back in the narrow confines of what had been his whole world for twenty years.
  75. And, the readiness, the ultimate and exalted beingness was just beyond the confines of.
  76. By squeezing nearly most of human energy into the narrow confines of business and greed.
  77. After the passengers were within the confines of the living fortification, the war party.
  78. That lone word seemed to float slowly around the full confines of that pitch black arena.
  79. The observation dome at least gave the sense of being away from the confines of the ship.
  80. Without–Refers to being outside of the confines or boundaries of the symbolized type of.
  81. The poison of legalism is that it confines God to work in a way that I am comfortable with.
  82. They were in the confines of Lezura's room, once more discussing their plans for the future.
  83. And Norah had followed right along in their footsteps within the confines of her own field.
  84. They left the confines of the ancient temple, moving up the game trail that led to their camp.
  85. The O’Connor children felt very enclosed that summer, within the built up confines of Slough.
  86. I spent the next hour exploring the confines of the cave, the tunnels and the labyrinth within.
  87. Far more statistical theory exists than can be provided in the confines of an introductory text.
  88. He indicated a large group of warriors standing within the confines of the old broken down house.
  89. Despite the commotion surrounding us, in the confines of the estate its like nothing ever happened.
  90. Don't get too friendly with those that live outside the confines of the community you now live in.
  91. My brain had reached its capacity for the day, and I needed to be in the safe confines of my house.
  92. Within–Refers to being in the confines or boundaries of the same or related type of knowledge or.
  93. My brother, on the other hand, decided to leave the safe confines and continue fighting with the U.
  94. The other clergy prayed in the private confines of their own chambers, silently…so they could hear.
  95. It burst into a ball of flame inside the confines of the ambulance, followed quickly by the fuel tank.
  96. He had his rabbit twitch going and seemed even more restless than within the confines of The Killing.
  97. Even in the tight confines of the stocking pens, they manage to plot and to distract; to even revolt.
  98. I am not worry about the repercussions of tomorrow because I can only live in the confines of today.
  99. Once out of the confines of the body, your thought process becomes capable of unlimited access in space.
  100. I respect a man who is decisive and follows through - as long as he confines it to his own household.

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