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Risk en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He was at risk too.
  2. Risk no more than 1.
  3. Best not to risk it.
  4. This was a risk he.
  5. Still, it was a risk.

  6. She could not risk it.
  7. So there is no risk.
  8. Could be a fire risk.
  9. It was worth the risk.
  10. They run the risk of.
  11. She was already at risk.
  12. But it was still a risk.
  13. She’d have to risk it.
  14. Weylyn took a huge risk.
  15. It was too great a risk.

  16. You risk the future of.
  17. Any increase in risk or.
  18. These people are at risk.
  19. Or risk, for that matter.
  20. She had to take the risk.
  21. You risk being sold out.
  22. Well, I would not risk it.
  23. Do not risk a third flush.
  24. It’s not worth the risk.
  25. Cost is a function of risk.

  26. At other times, the risk.
  27. You took a big risk there.
  28. In this option, the risk.
  29. She could not risk asking.
  30. You risk the whole of life.
  31. It was an unnecessary risk.
  32. Then all things are at risk.
  33. The risk would be too great.
  34. Why would he risk it?
  35. But he did risk passing out.
  36. He himself could be at risk.
  37. Less risk in their revenue.
  38. It’s one hell of a risk.
  39. It's just not worth the risk.
  40. The risk of stock and stock.
  41. Truman would have to risk it.
  42. Fed-Ex has more economic risk.
  43. Can't risk it, she said.
  44. That he couldn’t risk it.
  45. It was a risk we had to take.
  46. Food isn’t worth the risk.
  47. No immediate risk, he thought.
  48. He was going to just risk it.
  49. That is a risk, she said.
  50. I would have to take the risk.
  51. Wouldn't risk catching a flea.
  52. I can’t risk you little one.
  53. It was a risk worth taking.
  54. Managing risk is our top duty.
  55. Without risk there is nothing.
  56. At any rate he must risk this.
  57. I am willing to take that risk.
  58. It’s just not worth the risk.
  59. Karla-Anna would risk it anyway.
  60. The risk of ectopic pregnancy.
  61. She could not risk getting in.
  62. Maybe it’s not worth the risk.
  63. The big risk was reinfestation.
  64. Which lowers the perceived risk.
  65. We can’t risk being intimate.
  66. But we’d had to take the risk.
  67. We took a big risk and started.
  68. Bank traders have a risk manager.
  69. He was running a risk doing this.
  70. It'll reconcile him to the risk.
  71. We simply cannot put it at risk.
  72. We think the risk is real.
  73. Levels and changes of the risk.
  74. Everything was suddenly at risk.
  75. You know we can’t risk that.
  76. Innocent lives were also at risk.
  77. Raise the Stakes, what's at risk.
  78. But the reward is worth the risk.
  79. There was some risk of collision.
  80. I guess that’s a risk they.
  81. He was, however, taking the risk.
  82. It was a risk, but it worked out.
  83. Risk and Yield Are Incommensurable.
  84. Note on the Concept of Risk.
  85. Should I risk it to walk inside?
  86. They should avoid risk taking too.
  87. Otherwise you risk the recipient.
  88. The future could be at grave risk.
  89. There is nothing without risk and.
  90. But in this case there is a risk.
  91. At the risk of sounding crazy, a.
  92. Banks are not in the risk business.
  93. He simply couldn’t risk having.
  94. Either way, you risk injuring the.
  95. That is, you don’t risk too much.
  96. Risk and reward are all time based.
  97. Underwriters select and price risk.
  98. But they don’t see the risk for.
  99. Any risk that you might try to.
  100. You can remove the risk in two ways.
  1. Also, we are now risking 11.
  2. He was risking his life here.
  3. So in APPL if I’m risking 2.
  4. We’re risking our lives too.
  5. Another attempt meant risking 2.
  6. I was on the point of risking Mr.
  7. In essence we were risking only 0.
  8. Little was worth risking a thumping.
  9. Stop and think what you’re risking.
  10. I’m not risking this to the weather.
  11. That was worth risking everything for.
  12. There is no point in risking more lives.
  13. At 900 shares we were risking $405 or 5.
  14. It’s one thing risking the lives of other.
  15. She’s risking her life for me, Ailia said.
  16. He’d be risking replacement for making a false.
  17. Some of us may hesitate risking 7% of our position.
  18. You’re certainly the only one risking his neck.
  19. He was risking a terrible row with the nuns, he knew.
  20. So if I’m risking 50 cents, I can trade 500 shares.
  21. Just being this close was risking a Romulan encounter.
  22. The trader buys stock D, risking another $1,000 or 2%.
  23. Although at this moment they are risking their careers.
  24. And believe me I have no intention of risking my balls.
  25. So using Tier1, I am risking the same amount of capital.
  26. There was no point in pushing it and risking her brother.
  27. I say stop risking the future for one mishap in the past.
  28. And it is salely by risking life that freedom is obtained.
  29. Risking a quick glance over his shoulder, he spotted the.
  30. David took his stones and boldly faced the giant, risking.
  31. On my Tier1, I am risking 5 percent of my daily loss ($250).
  32. By only risking 1%, I am indifferent to any individual trade.
  33. Myrkvid and we have perils enough without risking the horrors.
  34. I mean, better than risking the destruction of 1111 universes?
  35. Entering now, so far below the neckline, meant risking too much.
  36. But it was risking the failure of our plan to come up here, love.
  37. She got out, risking another trip to the car, and opened the trunk.
  38. Dantes could not understand a man risking his life for such matters.
  39. She would not stop to telephone, wasting time and risking recapture.
  40. Risking a few pecks on her mouth just for the smile I would receive.
  41. So I see no point risking further half-bloods on a ridiculous rescue.
  42. It is worth paying the 5 cents per search, rather than over risking.
  43. She yearns for a love like she once had, but fears risking her heart.
  44. I should be risking $50–100 in SGI to be consistent, and I didn’t.
  45. Ziad thought, I'm not risking our lives on that he stated while.
  46. She called out to me again, and she kept yelling, risking her own safety.
  47. Having approached as much as he dared from the yacht without risking his.
  48. The Riders were drawing in their ring close round the knoll, risking the.
  49. He felt he was adventuring, risking, going to deal with unknown quantities.
  50. I’m not risking her life so that she can have ringside seats to a battle.
  51. The 50 cents you thought you were risking turns into a $2, $5, or $10 loss.
  52. By the end of the week he sees a stock C, and buys it, risking another $1,000.
  53. So, for example, if you have 100 shares of GMCR, and you are risking 60 cents.
  54. This ensures a reward-to-risk ratio of at least 3:1, or risking $1 to make $3.
  55. If your account doubles, why are you still risking the same amount per trade?
  56. Fully realizing that he was risking his post, Reginald faced firmly his minister.
  57. In addition, no one position should be risking more than 2% of TOMIC’s capital.
  58. You can’t even as much as breathe her air without risking endangering yourself.
  59. So in this case you are risking $60 with GMCR, and in Apple you are risking $450.
  60. All those times Tobias scolded me for risking my life, I never took him seriously.
  61. Look for the ones that are easy to collect before risking raiding nests on cliffs.
  62. I had a job to do and I was risking the lives of the pack laying in Padraigs arms.
  63. I kept on dusting and began to think it was actually worth risking a few over-the-.
  64. He wasn't sure if he was more shocked by the fact that she was risking incurring his.
  65. People in rowboats were standing up now, risking a dunking to see what was happening.
  66. A few days later he sees a stock B, and puts on a similar trade, risking another $1,000.
  67. That was one of the reasons he didn’t feel like risking his life on some crazy mission.
  68. But in every case, I recommend not risking more than an 8 percent loss on any given trade.
  69. She couldn’t do this alone without risking exposure, nor did she feel able to ask George.
  70. I stand staring dumbly, then realize my chance to leave without risking exposure is leaving.
  71. As a Doctor, she has chosen to save lives, even to the point of risking her own well being.
  72. We had plenty of time to buy shares while risking a very reasonable amount of our position.
  73. The upshot is that you now have £2000 working for you, but you are risking only £1000 of it.
  74. He poured power into them with reckless speed, risking damage to his own brain in the process.
  75. He would have never guessed someone would go to warp in such a confined space, risking certain.
  76. You still need $15,000 of total investment funds even though you are risking only $10,000 worth.
  77. And by risking only a small fraction of our capital on each trade, we can trade for the long run.
  78. You must avoid risking more than 2 percent on a trade the way a recovering alcoholic avoids bars.
  79. Entering around the closing price of the breakout day meant risking more than 7% of our position.
  80. This will throw off your numbers because it’s the same setup, but you are risking more capital.
  81. You’re risking a hell of a lot for your kid to be pumping gas for the rest of his life, I.
  82. As the account balance shrinks, you are risking an ever-smaller percentage of the declining balance.
  83. So instead of opening her mouth and risking the chance of her spilling her secret, she nodded briskly.
  84. A maximum position size may be risking 1% of total trading capital while a normal trade is risking 0.
  85. Both sides started firing various beam weapons, risking friendly fire casualties upon their own fighters.
  86. Buying shares around the closing price of this second breakout still meant risking just 2% of our position.
  87. He wanted to make sure this was what he feared it to be before pummeling the stranger, risking killing him.
  88. Ahmed, well Ahmed found love and was content with what he had in life without risking everything to go back.
  89. What if I should go straight in and march to HIS window?—what if, by risking to his boyish bewilderment a.
  90. If you have always put 2% of your total capital at risk, then that is all you should be risking with options.
  91. Indeed, I would seriously consider risking more than my standard maximum risk and buy a larger position size.
  92. We would be risking about 8% of our position if we were to use the last day rule to place our stop-loss order.
  93. If we had bought shares earlier during the breakout day when prices were higher, we were risking more than 10%.
  94. These are the things that you have to remember on how you can lose those extra pounds without risking your health.
  95. Could she fight, then? She had back at the school, but it might not be worth risking here, so close to the ocean.
  96. If, however, you had been risking 10 percent of the account, you would be down 50 percent and in serious trouble.
  97. Go, go! She had escaped the plague once, of course; but that might have been luck: she was risking her life.
  98. Ah, at such moments one forgets both oneself and one's former failures! This I had gained by risking my very life.
  99. That is, I’m not risking 4 percent of my equity on one trade; I’m risking 4 percent of the price of the stock.
  100. We will have to be ready to fly when we arrive, but it is better than risking contact with the ground as we appear.
  1. You risked a lot this.
  2. He never risked more than 0.
  3. She risked her life without.
  4. She risked a look at the knife.
  5. Joey risked firing the Gunkshot.
  6. Casey risked his life out there.
  7. Indeed, he would've risked his.
  8. She risked another glance at him.
  9. I risked a glance over at Williams.
  10. He risked a glance around the room.
  11. Not now as she had risked all that.
  12. But he risked himself for your men.
  13. He risked his life for our country.
  14. He risked a quick glance at the map.
  15. He has risked all and saved my life.
  16. We risked our liberty by trespassing.
  17. He risked a glance around the corner.
  18. You shouldn’t have risked that for me.
  19. You risked your life just by being there.
  20. But she couldn't have risked leaving Gary.
  21. He would not have risked his life to climb.
  22. We’ve risked our lives to get it this far.
  23. I blushed and sipped then risked another look.
  24. You risked the life of one of your best young.
  25. Like a fool, Ostedes had risked all for nothing.
  26. Because he had risked his life to save Son, Son.
  27. Sim was not in sight, so she risked the open road.
  28. She loved us and had risked her life to protect us.
  29. Theoton wouldn’t have risked irritating her by.
  30. Eager to learn more, Elowen risked another question.
  31. Women have risked and lost their lives on the Lakes.
  32. He still wanted more, so I risked an outlandish lie.
  33. Hearing the car skidding to a stop, she risked a peek.
  34. I risked one finger and scratched him under the chin.
  35. Miller was gaining ground, and risked a shot himself.
  36. At the entrance, he risked one last glance behind him.
  37. Clara, he said: So you have risked it? Now we have won.
  38. We often risked our lives by sleeping with an electric.
  39. Re-claiming the car, they risked heavy traffic to reach.
  40. He risked the rest of his money over the next two rounds.
  41. She does not want to die; already she has risked too much.
  42. The abnormal road is a casino; risked at every green table.
  43. He risked being seen, but there was nothing to do about it.
  44. Another thing, she never would’ve risked Phyllis’s life.
  45. Most traders want at least $2 of reward for every $1 risked.
  46. Jean Valjean risked a glance round the corner of the street.
  47. In this unknown, every step that he risked might be his last.
  48. They wouldn’t have risked letting her live, Hagan said.
  49. Had he risked the lives of himself and five men to bring her.
  50. You risked your own life to save mine, the child shrugged.
  51. Five minutes in he risked raising his head to check where he was.
  52. Porfiry had shown almost all his cards--of course, he had risked.
  53. To remain where they were risked discovery and again sure murder.
  54. But I want to know if it was something he risked his life for.
  55. I still think she shouldn’t have risked her life for that woman.
  56. Bart had bared his heart and risked all, now it was Robert’s turn.
  57. Perhaps I should have told him and risked that death bug getting upset.
  58. The worst she risked was a good flogging for interfering in his affairs.
  59. She should have taken the route Sicarius had and risked the broken bones.
  60. Perhaps saying this in front of Leonid was reckless, but he had risked.
  61. He risked his life for a piece of paper? Evril was agape at the idea.
  62. To drive the subject further, she risked making more of it than there was.
  63. Surely, the Founders risked prompting a revolution they felt was necessary.
  64. She risked another look at Haven, but instead of seeing disbelief, Haven.
  65. He had not risked, he did not expect, he had not been disappointed, he was.
  66. She risked her life to save me and the others and I won’t abandon her.
  67. Now he lifted up his head and risked a quick peak over the edge of the safe.
  68. But his laughter at last sounded true as a bell, while hers risked hysteria.
  69. Belatedly, she thought it odd he had risked giving the order in front of her.
  70. Roger reflected, since he didn’t know how much that could cost, and risked:.
  71. He risked a glance over his shoulder and saw three small craft on the horizon.
  72. That night Danny risked a drive past of his house to see the press encampment.
  73. I have risked my life many times for this country for no material gain (!!).
  74. She risked a smile but all of a sudden, a heavy feeling cropped up in her chest.
  75. Men who have risked their lives [soul - psukee] for the name of our Lord Jesus.
  76. They were the ones who had risked their lives many times for the sake of others.
  77. She risked a glance in Clayton’s direction and immediately wished she hadn’t.
  78. She knew the consequences if she murdered Father and she risked her life so that.
  79. Carla risked a glance down at the rim of the cave-in, just as Star reached the top.
  80. This was the moment of truth; they might well have risked their lives for nothing.
  81. Paul, men who have risked their lives [psukee] for the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  82. Barnabas and Paul, men who have risked their lives (psukee) for the name of our Lord.
  83. They had become highly intimate in France, when they had risked their lives together.
  84. Barnabas and Paul, men who have risked their lives [psukee] for the name of our Lord.
  85. I salute all of those who have risked much to forge new entities capable of creating.
  86. Instead of rushing Lydia out the door, he had risked exposure by taking care of Claire.
  87. But I was a man, and all I had risked was a Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner bruised ego.
  88. Why have they risked their lives, that bastard Englishman said they weren’t coming.
  89. Bahkmar wondered how long it would be before he risked open defiance as the day drew near.
  90. He even risked singing, something he had never done after his voice changed as a teenager.
  91. I could have not risked leaking this information and so I had to get you out of the house.
  92. She crawled to the aisle--which was strewn with debris--and risked a peek towards the door.
  93. Then he risked a peak: sure enough, the three men were still up there on the diving board!.
  94. You can only throw mud at the men who have risked their lives to open new fields to science.
  95. He straightened his backbone and risked crawling his fingers, to reach Sophia’s edgy hands.
  96. I was eager to see it again – that object I'd fought so hard and risked everything to save.
  97. If you stooped over too far forward, you risked their pitching out of you like billiard-balls.
  98. Tet put his faith in his regenerative abilities and risked a shot while he aimed up the rider.
  99. Evening, it being a night of fine moonshine, risked staying late to walk along the quarterdeck.
  100. It’s the least I can do for the man who risked his life for me, she said, taking his arm.
  1. We know the risks of.
  2. In view of the risks.
  3. Think of the risks, Wil.
  4. The risks are not serious.
  5. There are some risks with.
  6. This can create many risks.
  7. Their risks are much more.
  8. Take your risks with stocks.
  9. Yet, PE also involves risks.
  10. The Factor of Cyclical Risks.
  11. Don’t take any risks, Mark.
  12. It was time not to take risks.
  13. That way all risks are hedged.
  14. These are inherent risks that.
  15. He risks more than you know.
  16. He had known the risks when he.
  17. But he was not taking any risks.
  18. The Power and Risks of Leverage.
  19. To circumvent these risks, most.
  20. Not enough for the risks I take.
  21. There are four risks (hazards):.
  22. Only the risks involved are high.
  23. You take risks - it might not work.
  24. For ConocoPhillips, the risks of.
  25. Trend Trader: What are the risks?
  26. High valuations entail high risks.
  28. In practice, there are many risks.
  29. He was aware of all the risks that.
  30. That is why I take the risks I take.
  31. Take it easy and avoid taking risks.
  32. Mitch calculated the risks involved.
  33. More generic risks associated with.
  34. To the extent that uncovered risks.
  35. The stick would be the risks asso-.
  36. There are risks with either decision.
  37. This creates great risks of ongoing.
  38. Sirus knew the risks when he went in.
  39. It is taking risks that are appropriate.
  40. The pack needed new pups and the risks.
  41. Are there any other risks to consider?
  42. You probably already know the risks of.
  43. But buying shares is about taking risks.
  44. There were risks, yes, but they had to.
  45. Opportunities often masquerade as risks.
  46. He ignored the risks the firm was facing.
  47. With anything, there are risks involved.
  48. They are inclined to take risks as it is.
  49. They lay off the risks onto someone else.
  50. Are the risks of slowing growth greater.
  51. Chapter nine: Reducing Risks to the Buyer.
  52. The risks of having corroded blades also.
  53. We have to take risks or Mark Watney dies.
  54. The potential risks were very high indeed.
  55. There are two types of risks, which are:.
  56. Werner risks a single glance at his sister.
  57. TOMIC must know the risks it is taking on.
  58. What are the key risks the business faces?
  59. What Are the Existential Risks to Bitcoin?
  60. Inflation Risks: Both current and Expected.
  61. You can buy puts to mitigate downside risks.
  62. I had to work out where they saw risks and.
  63. Everything we do comes with risks, Legate.
  64. I then resolved to go up to him at all risks.
  65. What are the risks of holding this position?
  66. Investors know the risks of giving money to.
  67. Given the risks, I’m unwilling to wield it.
  68. The two companies face polarized risks as well.
  69. I realized he referred to the risks of the job.
  70. They may also decide that the risks inherent.
  72. But this was no time to take unnecessary risks.
  73. A market maker must consider a variety of risks.
  74. All of these risks would be reflected by some.
  75. The negative story focuses on biases and risks.
  76. By protecting you, Ishan is taking great risks.
  77. Next, look at the individual risks in the stock.
  78. Options have specific risks that can be measured.
  79. Contemplation : One should take calculated risks.
  80. It carries with it physical and emotional risks.
  81. Legionnaires know the risks, we always have-.
  82. There are several types of risks to be alert for.
  83. However, with any new adventure, there are risks.
  84. You need to weigh the risks associated with each.
  85. French ran the same risks, only with better luck.
  86. Not all of the risks, obviously, I grumbled.
  87. If something happens to you, what are the risks.
  88. As a family, they took enough risks on the track.
  89. We understand the risks that you would undertake.
  90. Additional risks for the buyer are those things.
  91. In combat, bombers even posed risks to one another.
  92. Traders have many risks associated with a position.
  93. Spend time carefully reviewing each of these risks.
  94. For airmen, the risks were impossible to shrug off.
  95. The auction game is not about taking huge risks!.
  96. Plans fail because investors take excessive risks.
  97. With her reputation she can't afford to take risks.
  98. The mandate from the Hall was no unnecessary risks.
  99. I think the dog’s not worth the risks involved.
  100. The most pressing of these risks is the delta risk.

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