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Chance en una oración (en ingles)

  1. So I took a chance.
  2. When I have a chance.
  3. They had not a chance.
  4. Not a ghost of chance.
  5. How much of a chance.

  6. I still have a chance.
  7. Was it chance that Mr.
  8. I decided to chance it.
  9. He had the chance to.
  10. If there was a chance.
  11. It was a chance in a.
  12. I thank God and Chance.
  13. Give him half a chance.
  14. It was the last chance.
  15. I never got the chance.

  16. Some of this is chance.
  17. I jumped at the chance.
  18. Hah! No chance of that.
  19. Chance has led us well.
  20. A chance to start over.
  21. It was the only chance.
  22. Please give me a chance.
  23. The false has no chance.
  24. He never got the chance.
  25. She had stood no chance.

  26. That chance had gone by.
  27. Maybe this was my chance.
  28. If I had any chance of.
  29. He looked back at Chance.
  30. They then have a chance.
  31. He was their best chance.
  32. And forever has a chance.
  33. It gave her a chance to.
  34. It all depends on chance.
  35. It's not a second chance.
  36. This is your last chance.
  37. You haven't got a chance.
  38. Now, there was no chance.
  39. They never got the chance.
  40. I saw a chance to jump in.
  41. It gives us a chance to.
  42. He didn’t get a chance.
  43. Here was a chance to talk.
  44. The boy never had a chance.
  45. A Moment With A Chance Of.
  46. It might be my chance to.
  47. Nothing is left to chance.
  48. Maybe theres a chance I.
  49. She only needed the chance.
  50. Cindy then sized up Chance.
  51. They don't have a chance.
  52. This way she had a chance.
  53. If… they got that chance.
  54. At least give it a chance.
  55. We hardly had a chance to.
  56. This is our last chance.
  57. It was his last chance ….
  58. They stand a better chance.
  59. I have to take this chance.
  60. This was his chance at last.
  61. The human stands no chance.
  62. She didn’t have a chance.
  63. Chance, drunk to the future.
  64. We have a fighting chance.
  65. I wouldn't take that chance.
  66. You'll have a better chance.
  67. It's the only chance he has.
  68. It was the best chance I had.
  69. Fat chance of that happening.
  70. Have not had the chance to.
  71. God is giving you a chance.
  72. Santa didn't stand a chance.
  73. He has no chance to say more.
  74. He also credits blind chance.
  75. What chance did she have to.
  76. With virtually no chance to.
  77. Though, forever has a chance.
  78. Then there was no chance to.
  79. He won't get a second chance.
  80. You don’t have a chance.
  81. You may never have the chance.
  82. He did not give me a chance.
  83. This must be his only chance.
  84. He was given a second chance.
  85. But this is our only chance.
  86. Do they have a chance?
  87. He could not take the chance.
  88. You had your chance, bitch.
  89. Give her a chance to explain.
  90. Lauderdale to pick up Chance.
  91. But if it was a chance, and Dr.
  92. This could be his only chance.
  93. Any chance she got, she cried.
  94. It's a chance IF they didn't.
  95. It was the only chance he had.
  96. But it’s our only chance.
  97. She had no chance of recovery.
  98. It was the only chance she had.
  99. He didn’t stand a chance.
  100. It’s our best chance anyway.
  1. They’re not invited? asks Devon, chancing a look at the agents.
  2. The Caliph Haroun-al-Raschid, chancing at that moment to open a window in the.
  3. Chancing a glance down at him, she saw his head lower to her pussy and almost screamed.
  4. Chancing a look under the car, he saw a pair of legs headed his way in a shuffling run.
  5. Where is it you travel to my friend? the merchant asked, chancing an innocent line.
  6. Instead of chancing that, he got out a utility knife with a fresh blade, and a 9mm Beretta, and waited.
  7. Chancing it she began using the tips of her fingers, elbows and toes as she edged herself backward toward the rear of the returns desk.
  8. But chancing to slip with his ivory heel, he saw the crushed copper sight-tubes of the quadrant he had the day before dashed to the deck.
  9. He was drawing his hand from his breast; the prisoner chancing to look up in his hurried wonder as he wrote, the hand stopped, closing upon something.
  10. The Warrior had the most candles burning, as might be expected during a tourney; many a knight would have come here to pray for strength and courage before chancing the lists.
  11. But we had not gone perhaps above a hundred yards, when chancing to turn a corner, and looking back as I did so, who should be seen but Elijah following us, though at a distance.
  12. Reckless, inconsiderate acceptance of him; to close with him at the altar, revealing nothing, and chancing discovery; to snatch ripe pleasure before the iron teeth of pain could have time to shut upon.
  13. A person with experience in loading is the safest, if you buy a horse and nobody is there to help you but an older person that never rode in their life, come back later with help instead of chancing an accident.
  14. She was milking Old Pretty thus, and the sun chancing to be on the milking-side, it shone flat upon her pink-gowned form and her white curtain-bonnet, and upon her profile, rendering it keen as a cameo cut from the dun background of the cow.
  15. Sometimes, too, he had experienced the opposite, expressing at last what he liked himself, which he was devising arguments to defend, and, chancing to express it well and genuinely, he had found his opponent at once agreeing and ceasing to dispute his position.
  16. Nevertheless, some there were, who even in the face of these things were ready to give chase to Moby Dick; and a still greater number who, chancing only to hear of him distantly and vaguely, without the specific details of any certain calamity, and without superstitious accompaniments, were sufficiently hardy not to flee from the battle if offered.
  1. I chanced to ask her.
  2. He once chanced to see.
  3. In a glass he chanced to fall.
  4. He fifth who chanced to touch the ear.
  5. He chanced a look at the wall thermometer.
  6. It chanced that one of these trips to the.
  7. The sister chanced to raise her eyes to it.
  8. One day Cosette chanced to say "father" to him.
  9. I chanced a quick look at Joss and his captor.
  10. I wanted it such that I chanced a darker present.
  11. I thanked him and chanced a glance over to Farid.
  12. As Father passed me, I chanced a glare at the door.
  13. She felt his movement and chanced a fear-filled peek.
  14. In the middle of another conversation, he chanced to.
  15. As it chanced, however, the rock had been cut away and.
  16. As I drove us to our destination, I chanced the question.
  17. So it chanced that several companies came together at the.
  18. When they stopped, he chanced a quick look around the taproot.
  19. They chanced a small fire, and she stirred a can of beef stew.
  20. As he moved forward, he chanced to look to the east and froze.
  21. After four years of this life, I chanced to be in the town of K.
  22. Think of the unfortunate Tireseas, who only chanced to see her.
  23. On one of these afternoons four or five unmilked cows chanced to.
  24. As two of his party gathered some ferns, Brokin chanced a quick look.
  25. His respect for rank or fortune was more permanent, though he chanced.
  26. He chanced a quick glance at her as they neared the small group of trees.
  27. He unfolded it, and as he chanced to be near the light, he could read it.
  28. I chanced a glance up at Minzy and saw her mascara running down her cheeks.
  29. Come, the truth will out! It has so chanced that I have often talked to Mr.
  30. She knew that if a policeman chanced to see her he would tell her to move on.
  31. More abandoned colonies and out posts like the one the Enterprise chanced upon.
  32. She chanced to meet the prince in the street, and carried him off to dinner with her.
  33. Kenny lifted his butt off the seat and chanced a glance over his brother’s shoulder.
  34. His quick sidelong glance at her reminded her that she shouldn’t have chanced asking.
  35. It chanced that Marius' solitary strolls led him to this plot of ground, near the water.
  36. It was a vow she saw mirrored in Joel’s eyes, when she chanced to looked over at him.
  37. He had only seen her two or three times, and had only chanced to say a few words to her.
  38. It so chanced that the doubloon of the Pequod was a most wealthy example of these things.
  39. I never chanced to see its kind in any market; it would be the cynosure of all eyes there.
  40. Suddenly she chanced to look at him intently: he laughed a pitiful, helpless little laugh.
  41. He had no doubt that if any one had chanced to be upon his track, they would have lost it.
  42. The next time Heathcliff came my young lady chanced to be feeding some pigeons in the court.
  43. In fact, when he reached the corner and chanced a quick look back, they were still watching.
  44. I only remember that I was strangely perplexed by all that I had chanced to see that morning.
  45. What would happen now? If Lottie began to cry and any one chanced to hear, they were both lost.
  46. Moshe chanced looking up again, as his mind raced, Think! Think in a new way, like the life of.
  47. In the course of his inquiry he was ready to turn for advice to any one whom he chanced to meet.
  48. Had I not chanced to observe of my grandfather praying after the direct I-to-Thou manner, would.
  49. I chanced yesterday in passing to exchange a couple of words with Katerina Ivanovna, poor woman.
  50. I chanced to meet Phillip Connor when he was ten and I was seven; even then I knew I’d marry him.
  51. I chanced my arm and mentioned that I was as randy as a rabbit on viagra, but I was only joking and.
  52. It chanced that the regiment to which Lieutenant Theodule belonged came to perform garrison duty in Paris.
  53. A few days later, it chanced that Jean Valjean was sawing some wood, in his shirt-sleeves, in the corridor.
  54. At her wits end by then, she chanced to see the coverage about the proposed Shanti Sadan in Andhra Prabha.
  55. It was when I was wandering about yesterday, rather delirious, I chanced upon a man who had been run over.
  56. Chance; what a chance; she had chanced to look in; it was like a play; dear me, thought each of the seven.
  57. I've chanced to see it with my own eyes, for in our way of life it's impossible to live without assistance.
  58. About a year and a half ago I chanced for the first time to read Amiel's book, Fragments d'un Journal Intime.
  59. Nothing ever seemed so important to Jesus as the individual human who chanced to be in his immediate presence.
  60. My eyes chanced to light upon the enormous gnarled trunk of the gingko tree which cast its huge branches over us.
  61. And what if they chanced to look in? Did he look drunk? High? Was he? He put on his Mets cap to cover his Mohawk.
  62. No morn had ever chanced upon its greener self as did this morn discover spring in every aspect and every breath.
  63. I have chanced to come across such a hearty man, and we’ve got into conversation, and I’m telling him all.
  64. Now, we note this detail, for the pure satisfaction of being exact, it chanced that the 16th fell on Shrove Tuesday.
  65. Since no zombies were in sight, she chanced opening the passenger side window and lowering the driver’s side an inch.
  66. Soon after this it chanced that the poor widow sent her children to the town to purchase cotton, needles, ribbon, and tape.
  67. Later, in moving toward places of forage, they chanced to pass that awful thing which they’d purposefully avoided earlier.
  68. A few moments later, about three o'clock, Courfeyrac chanced to be passing along the Rue Mouffetard in company with Bossuet.
  69. If by day they chanced to speak one word; by night, dumb men were both, so far as concerned the slightest verbal interchange.
  70. Thereafter the two bowed soberly when they chanced to meet, and occasionally exchanged a casual remark concerning the weather.
  71. At a second stop I met some highly cultivated people of the noble class and while in conversation we chanced to speak of Helium.
  72. The first article my eye chanced upon was a mere wordy elaboration of the brief and vague announcement Monson had put in the Herald.
  73. To make matters worse he chanced to learn of the interview between Katerina Nikolaevna and Versilov two days before the catastrophe.
  74. Bryahnsyn didn’t want to think about what would happen if one of them chanced to find its way into the hole with them by blind luck.
  75. One day, Cosette chanced to look at herself in her mirror, and she said to herself: "Really!" It seemed to her almost that she was pretty.
  76. I chanced to be in a frightful den—I like my dens dirty—it was a dance, so called, and there was a cancan such as I never saw in my day.
  77. I chanced to be in a frightful den--I like my dens dirty--it was a dance, so called, and there was a _cancan_ such as I never saw in my day.
  78. Once he chanced to say, as he was talking to himself, "I think I have him!" Then he remained pensive for three days, and uttered not a word.
  79. Jennings still lower in her estimation; because, through her own weakness, it chanced to prove a source of fresh pain to herself, though Mrs.
  80. We had become habituated to this thought, and at the end of a year there was no longer the mutual embarrassment when our eyes chanced to meet.
  81. But this thought stirred such wrath in me that I believed I should have crushed that "damned" Liza if she had chanced to be near me at the time.
  82. Adrian was surfing his newfound writers community for some good fiction to read when he chanced upon the work of a fellow named Lucas Slaughter.
  83. Sometimes I chanced to meet her on the staircase or in the yard, and she would smile upon me with a smile which seemed to me to be sly and cynical.
  84. It chanced that he had that very morning encountered this unprepossessing stranger on the road between Bras d'Asse and—I have forgotten the name.
  85. The sorrow which he felt was the sorrow which he would have felt in the presence of any other man whom he had chanced to behold stretched out in death.
  86. His conversation with the waiter, an hour ago, chanced to be on the subject of this murder of the Zemarins, and the latter had agreed with him about it.
  87. Half a year ago, however, a party of knights chanced upon the brothel and a certain Ser Morgan Dunstable took a drunken fancy to Ser Glendon’s sister.
  88. Liulfr had chanced to walk by on his way to the Quartermaster when he noticed a somewhat troubled Penelope sneaking strangely around the officer’s tent.
  89. But as she was dancing the last quadrille with one of the tiresome young men whom she could not refuse, she chanced to be vis-a-vis with Vronsky and Anna.
  90. Two weeks ago I was passing this place when I chanced to look back over my shoulder, and about two hundred yards behind me I saw a man, also on a bicycle.
  91. At the same time I chanced on a story in a child's magazine, and by a quite unknown writer, which told of the Easter preparations in a poor widow's family.
  92. Every time he chanced to meet Dolokhov’s handsome insolent eyes, Pierre felt something terrible and monstrous rising in his soul and turned quickly away.
  93. She was first called to observe and approve him farther, by a reflection which Elinor chanced one day to make on the difference between him and his sister.
  94. Two weeks ago I was passing this place, when I chanced to look back over my shoulder, and about two hundred yards behind me I saw a man, also on a bicycle.
  95. Every time he chanced to meet Dólokhov’s handsome insolent eyes, Pierre felt something terrible and monstrous rising in his soul and turned quickly away.
  96. Mason, shivering as some one chanced to open the door, asked for more coal to be put on the fire, which had burnt out its flame, though its mass of cinder.
  97. It chanced that one of these vehicles, which they could only see with difficulty through the thick elms, halted for a moment, then set out again at a gallop.
  98. All at once I remembered that it might be Pilot, who, when the kitchen-door chanced to be left open, not unfrequently found his way up to the threshold of Mr.
  99. I bought this estate, which chanced to be in the market, and I set myself to do a little good with my money, to make up for the way in which I had earned it.
  100. Thereupon, I arranged my clothes as best I could, and summoning a passing hansom, drove to an hotel in Portland Street, the name of which I chanced to remember.
  1. I gave her three chances.
  2. Ciere chances a look back.
  3. We can't take any chances.
  4. Chances are that you will.
  5. My chances are pretty good.
  6. Boys gits all the chances.
  7. In fact, chances are that.
  8. The chances look thin to me.
  9. We have to take our chances.
  10. They were taking no chances.
  11. Chances are very good that.
  12. I’m not taking any chances.
  13. Morgan was taking no chances.
  14. Chances are, it's the former.
  15. He is not taking any chances.
  16. There were no second chances.
  17. Chances are he did it to you.
  18. Because the chances are that.
  19. I couldn’t take any chances.
  20. It’s full of second chances.
  21. Chances are if we sat in one.
  22. Chances are, yes, it would have.
  23. But the chances are against him.
  24. It is a doubling of the chances.
  25. Chances are they didn’t feel.
  26. You couldn’t take any chances.
  27. Chances are, news of the attack.
  28. I had several chances to set my.
  29. I would say our chances are zilch.
  30. I could take no chances with the.
  31. You make the most of the chances.
  32. Is this my last stop? Chances are.
  33. I didn't want to take any chances.
  34. Why was he taking these chances?
  35. Chances are nobody in the entire.
  36. They take big chances like that.
  37. It related to my chances of escape.
  38. He didn't want to take any chances.
  39. Chances are, the terms you may be.
  40. Chances are no one will notice you.
  42. I take my chances with a street war.
  43. Chances are that somewhere in this.
  44. There are remote chances that your.
  45. The chances of discovery were fewer.
  46. Our chances are one in a million.
  47. What are our chances? he asked.
  48. I’m taking my chances on my own.
  49. Woe to him who chances to be there!.
  50. Don’t take any unnecessary chances.
  51. What are the chances of that?
  52. In which case the chances of Takina.
  53. Dont have mercy or take any chances.
  54. Chances are, he’ll probably offer.
  55. We don’t need to take any chances.
  56. In fact the chances are, most won’t.
  57. America is the land of second chances.
  58. He couldn’t risk taking any chances.
  59. I guess I’ll be taking my chances.
  60. The bowman's chances he also disdained.
  61. What were the chances of that?
  62. Therefore, chances are the planetary.
  63. Chances are the rapist will not fight.
  64. A million chances to die and I had not.
  65. But chances are we are not one of them.
  66. Without it I don’t fancy our chances.
  67. What are the chances of meeting—.
  68. His chances of that happening decrease.
  69. We weren’t going to spoil his chances.
  70. Their chances of survival were not good.
  71. You can take no chances with that man.
  72. The chances of hitting the guy….
  73. Your chances for long life are excellent.
  74. Chances are all but the most important.
  75. If you love something, chances are that.
  76. What are the chances you could create a.
  77. I dont want to take any chances with you.
  78. And their chances aren't looking too good.
  79. Chances are, nobody else is doing this!.
  80. I just didn’t want to take any chances.
  81. You only get a certain number of chances.
  82. But, chances are, it isn't going to get.
  83. This squirrel wasn’t taking any chances.
  84. Chances are, those memories involve food.
  85. This way you decrease the chances of an.
  86. Under these situations there are chances.
  87. But how many chances would God give me?
  88. Chances are they will have not got a clue.
  89. Even so, I had plenty of chances to shoot.
  90. Chances are that it’s already priced in.
  91. You may think them tame, but the chances.
  92. He was certainly taking no chances with us.
  93. When you are dating, chances are that the.
  94. Chances are, the next time you see a first.
  95. But the chances of that happening are slim.
  96. This greatly increased chances of reversal.
  97. Yakov thought his chances of reaching his.
  98. However, in the meantime, chances are the.
  99. They were not taking any chances this time.
  100. The world turns on million-to-one chances.

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