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Sally en una oración (en ingles)

Sally is a day trader.
Sally was in our class.
Sally sat for a moment.
Sally was a noisy car.
My name is Sally Nolan.
Sally the maid came to me.
No one dared call Sally.

Not Sally, then who is it.
And Sally, my son is a Jew.
Sally sat back on the sofa.
He kidnapped Sally for it.
Lewis chuckled at my sally.
Jo nods, her eyes on Sally.
I’m Sally, by the way.
Sally reached in her purse.
Sally just shook her head.
When Sally left I was alone.
We went where Sally went to.
Sally, you really mean that.
Sally was invited to speak.
Sally was still in trouble.
Sally sat at Joey’s side.
The Aunt Sally bit has stuck.
Sally had crashed hours ago.
I doubt that, Sally said.
Sally was an ambitious sort.
Go on then, Sally said.
She was a sweet girl, Sally.
Pothers and her Maid, Sally.
Luoto gave me Mustang Sally.
I’m glad that I met Sally.
And in it lie a crying Sally.
Sally stood next to the Pinto.
And old Sally Hayes's mother.
Huh? What is it Sally?
Thank you, Sally, he muttered.
Sally – you really mean that.
I hugged Sally, thanking her.
More laughs greeted this sally.
He had left it here for Sally.

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