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    1. It's true according to historical evidence Aruj Barbarossa was the eldest of two pirate brothers and they had ravaged the Mediterranean in the 16th century, but any romantic could have passed the time with such a scrawl

    2. Was he insulted that she’d failed to find some hidden rhythm? Or had she misread a word? Philemon’s scrawl was none too steady

    3. Unfolding the note, Dawn recognised Carolyn’s spidery scrawl and sat on the edge of the bed to read it

    4. legible scrawl that his “partner” was in the hotel at the time of his excursion into the market square during pre-Carnival festivities

    5. 728 seconds you scrawl a quick note on her pad: “She tried to kill one of us

    6. The guard turned the visitors’ book round so he could sign, which he did with an illegible scrawl

    7. None could imitate that bold scrawl

    8. looked again at the scrawl on the scrap of paper

    9. and to scrawl out the initial rough draft of my

    10. 'They could be given crayons and scrawl “MORE SUGAR ON

    11. With gentle fingers he spread the soggy epistle on the kitchen bench then easily deciphered the untidy scrawl

    12. chicken scrawl that passed for handwriting

    13. The writing was more of a scrawl

    14. Annie’s scrawl was only legible if she reduced her writing speed to one word per minute – and sometimes not even then

    15. Google translate spat this out for me to scrawl into cipher:

    16. The lieutenant stared as though hypnotized by the scrawl

    17. Closing her eyes, she remembered the days at the Inn when the author would sit in the kitchen on a quiet evening and scrawl his letters

    18. "He can scrawl his name

    19. To which he replied, "All the doctors and clever scribes in the world will not make sense of the scrawl of his madness; he is a madman full of streaks, full of lucid intervals

    20. "But," said Renee, "this letter, which, after all, is but an anonymous scrawl, is not even

    21. These were the historical memories that Captain Nemo's scrawl sent rushing through my mind

    22. A dying scrawl

    23. It was he who invented that writing, which would pass as a child's scrawl unless you just happened to have the key to it

    24. He could tell by the handwriting, which was the painstaking scrawl of an educated nobleman, rather than the practised script of a clerk

    25. I thought I knew the motives for your disappearance—not only the police, the other one too—and when I got Harry's scrawl I guessed at the rest

    26. A scrawl, really

    27. He hastily opened the letter produced, and was much disturbed to read in Tess's handwriting the sentiments expressed in her last hurried scrawl to him

    28. Amy? Is it?” He stands, slightly breathless, leaning on a stack of boxes, the top one with Magic Marker scrawl: AMY CLOTHES WINTER

    29. The last thing written is in a trailing scrawl of elf-letters: they

    30. What lay there was close to being a half-positive, half-negative scrawl of a horror briefly glimpsed

    31. "You could have thought of that, and imitated an old man's scrawl

    32. " He feverishly examined the four lines imprinted on the blotter, the reversal of the letters converted into an odd scrawl, and he saw no sense in it

    33. Moreover, both of them were sealed with his m onogram in wax and written in the cryptic scrawl that Fermina Daza already recognized as a physician’s handwriting

    34. [In the faded scrawl we can see the race between the occurrence of ideas and their feverish transcription

    35. Knowing that my wife would be terribly anxious, I slipped off my ring and confided it to the Lascar at a moment when no constable was watching me, together with a hurried scrawl, telling her that she had no cause to fear

    36. ‘He can scrawl his name

    37. An hour afterwards the "ouriadnik" brought me my safe-conduct pass, with the scrawl which did duty as Pugatchéf's signature, and told me the Tzar awaited me in his house

    1. As he eats he looks at Ted's scrawled notes and the map of connections in Alex's notebook

    2. It wasn't lit at all, just a badly-flattened chunk of driftwood with the words 'World's Best Yaag' scrawled on it in black paint with a used brush

    3. While he was at it he examined the scrawled entries on the sheet

    4. Two votes a piece and one which had a rude comment scrawled upon it

    5. A huge boulder lay blocking the entrance to the Wild Wood but on it someone had scrawled a note in rock-chalk

    6. The scrawled smiling little face under the name did not look like it was meant to appear malicious, but nevertheless was a bizarre cap to the note

    7. They also wore black coats and trousers with brown leather knee boots, though Carl wore a crimson breastplate and Wil’s was golden, both with black dragons scrawled across the chest

    8. He then stood to gather his sword belt and blade in its dragon scrawled scabbard

    9. He scrawled a note:

    10. ―Sorry, Amelia, it was returned to me with ‗wrong address‘ scrawled across the envelope

    11. “What…?” She could not make sense of it, until she saw scrawled along the

    12. A color photo with the name Tom Reading scrawled across the back was on top

    13. “I have a theory on what Terry was talking about in his poem he scrawled on the bathroom mirror

    14. He stared at the hastily scrawled note with sadness and was

    15. The nerves began to show as his hand scrawled the details

    16. ‘The second coming’, ‘Derek will save us’, were scrawled on

    17. Across the bottom she had scrawled in green ink the words, "Just for you, Wolf

    18. Frankie's scrawled across a whole sheet of notebook paper, and despite her mother's having told her not to count on getting one single thing she seemed convinced all her wishes would be met

    19. face, eschewed all the choices on offer, and scrawled: Selective-apathist-active-

    20. After carefully checking we weren’t being spied on we accepted half a dozen hastily scrawled notes and promised to post them when we arrived back in West Berlin

    21. Someone had scrawled the words, ‘For Neil’, in white chalk underneath

    22. Archaic hieroglyphics were scrawled across the lacquered lid, and, seeking back into his mind for tag-ends of learning, picked up here and there as incidentals of an adventurous life, he spelled them out, and said aloud: 'Akivasha!'

    23. The scrawled hand-writing written in haste

    24. to act-out against their will, poetry filled with teenage angst scrawled on

    25. Some had scrawled the counter message “Beware the glassy eyed!” on religious posters

    26. Then he scrawled his signature

    27. He noticed the sheaf of papers across which notes had hastily been scrawled as if in preparation for a trial and the open books stacked atop one another that were references to precedence set long ago, possibly by this esteemed attorney’s renowned grandfather who had served as judge in the area until his death at the start of the First World War some two decades ago

    28. legal jargon that had been scrawled hastily on the paper in Judge Ellis’s

    29. his eyes falling to the hastily scrawled title on the rumpled papers

    30. Across the twelve pages of Corinthians were twelve handwritten quatrains, one per page, scrawled in India ink

    31. For Jim, there was nothing else in the universe other than the scrawled

    32. After looking at what Kasumi had scrawled on it (in Japanese), I grew agitated

    33. Restaurant that he had scrawled on his telephone book years before and

    34. “How many times have you seen or heard of a killer leaving a clue or a note that a number of killings have been committed by the same person? This could be a calling card, in one case literally the Ace of Spades, or an article such as a ribbon tied to the victims, or even more obviously a note or something scrawled on a wall in the victim’s blood! There have been no calling cards, items or any text left to suggest that this is the same killer

    35. I came to at midday, curled on the ground, and saw that Andrei had scrawled, with giant characters of chalk on the cliff-face, the date and time of our next meeting

    36. A hastily scrawled note said simply 'They have kicked me out

    37. One was even scrawled on a sidewalk Locke traveled between bus stops

    38. She scrawled another message; she wanted him to close his eyes to test his balance

    39. Father’s sketchbook, I had scrawled in the top corner, underlined twice and with three question marks

    40. ” If luv grows, Miney frustratingly scrawled her third premise, then ultimate luv is infinite growth

    41. It had Robbie’s name scrawled on it

    42. She’d been thrilled when he’d drawn a huge love heart using a red permanent marker and had scrawled both their names in it

    43. And suppose these books in the course of years have become your religion, your guide, the source of your best thoughts and happiest moments--would you look on placidly while some one scrawled malicious truths between their lines? Oh, you would not

    44. Anita stepped up to the glass and read the words scrawled across the bottom of the screen

    45. Finally he retrieved from the clutter a note with a name and number scrawled across its surface, and handed it across the desk, shoving the phone toward Mitch with his other hand

    46. She felt that it must be covered with great red things, scrawled over with the inscription:

    47. he read, the bold letters scrawled in mud

    48. That explained the little note scrawled across the bookmark

    49. I suspect she had been anticipating a letter covered in childish scribbles or nothing at all—instead she found a note scrawled in magnificent lettering

    50. was scrawled on it in Gavin's handwriting

    1. ’ Sally said, scrawling on the marking sheet

    2. He signed the ‘Time out’ section of the visitors log book, scrawling ‘9

    3. He then changed the ‘visitor’s name’ entry by scrawling over what he’d written so it read as Tim Smith, not Todd Snaithe

    4. Now he laid down the golden stylus with which he had been laboriously scrawling on waxed papyrus, rested his chin on his fist, and fixed his smoldering blue eyes enviously on the man who stood before him

    5. The intensity of the situation drove him to the number 7, the numeral Chance indicated on his nearly illegible scrawling

    6. Brock finished scrawling on the paper, then looked at his customer,

    7. The other two boys were there, scrawling dirty pictures on the steps with hunks of limestone

    8. Barnes grunted; Horne, still scrawling out Earl’s testimony, offered a faint smile

    9. "They have it," he announced a moment later, scrawling the information on the transmitter of the telautograph

    10. “Daddy” in uneven scrawling letters with a picture of two stick figures

    11. Hence the ape-like tricks that he would play me, scrawling in my own hand blasphemies on the pages of my books, burning the letters and destroying the portrait of my father; and indeed, had it not been for his fear of death, he would long ago have ruined himself in order to involve me in the ruin

    1. Empty scrawls and letters punctured into their soft, vain flesh by lazy, fat monks willing to sell their souls for a few dollars

    2. Sitting up suddenly, she reaches for the lamp beside the bed and turns it, grabs the pad and pencil she knew would be there and quickly scrawls a note – Your name is Billy – and places it in an obvious place on the bedside table

    3. The walls seemed to be a non colour; they were bleak with faint scrawls here and there made by fellow prisoners trying to scratch their names with broken fingernails

    4. Long defaced by graffiti the park looked ghostly and eerie in the moonlight, the characteristic scrawls of the artists glaring like ghouls caught out with a torch

    5. " she snatched the clipboard out of Alex's hand and began writing out a phone number in her casual scrawls

    6. between the creatures Elowen perceived marks and scrawls that

    7. The tissues rustled up in the draught, floated softly in the air blue scrawls and under the table came to earth

    8. “So much for your security deposit,” he said nervously, turning to take in the scrawls of black and silver crawling up toward the ceiling

    9. If I was really going to take this on, if I was really going to think about the murders after all these careful years spent doing just the opposite, I needed to be able to look at basic household possessions without panicking: our old metal egg-beater that sounded like sleigh bells when you turned it fast enough, bent knives and forks that had been inside my family’s mouths, a coloring book or two with defined crayoned borders if it was Michelle’s, bored horizontal scrawls if it was mine

    10. the pedestal, were idle scrawls mixed with the foul symbols that the maggot-folk of Mordor used

    11. cast down and broken in pieces, and the old king's head was raised and set in its place once more, still crowned with white and golden flowers: and men laboured to wash and pare away all the foul scrawls that orcs had put upon

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